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Packers Draft Cyprien, Bailey During 7-Round Mock Draft

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Packers Draft Cyprien, Bailey During 7-Round Mock Draft

FIU safety Jonathan Cyprien went to the Packers at No. 26 overall.

Over the last week or so, I represented the Green Bay Packers during a seven-round mock draft.

The online draft, known as Mock One, pitted 32 different general managers against one another in an exercise designed to replicate the selection process.

You can check out the entire draft and its content here. Because compensatory picks have not been announced, this run-through did not include them.

Here were my picks for the Packers:

1.26 - Florida International S Jonathan Cyprien

Worked the trade wire to move down, under the assumption that I could move back, pick up an extra mid-round pick and still get Cyprien near the top of the second round. No deal worth taking presented itself, so Cyprien was the selection at No. 26. It was probably a good thing no deal came, because Cyprien wasn't likely to get out of the first round based on discussion with other GMs.

In Cyprien, the Packers get the kind of athletic and instinctive safety that has been missing since the release of Nick Collins. He also adds toughness and speed to the backend of a defense that desperately needs more of both. My only reservation in picking Cyprien was the presence of 2012 fourth-rounder Jerron McMillian, but I feel the FIU safety provides a more complete package alongside Morgan Burnett.

2.25 - West Virginia WR Stedman Bailey

Alabama center Barrett Jones and Stanford tight end Zach Ertz remained on the board here, but Bailey was the easiest pick I made in this draft. Franchise-tagging Greg Jennings at over $10 million has never made sense for the Packers, but taking a Jennings-clone to replace him certainly does. Bailey is exactly that.

Not big (5'10") or track-fast (4.52 40), Bailey wins because he knows how to play the position. He gets separation because of route-running, and his hands are some of this draft's best. Even as a rookie, Bailey can be productive as the team's fourth receiver. GM Ted Thompson has struck gold with second-round receivers, too: Jennings, Nelson and Randall Cobb have each been smart picks between picks 33 and 64.

3.26 - Florida State OLB Brandon Jenkins

Really wanted to address the defensive line with my third pick, but there wasn't a good value on the board. Instead, I rolled the dice with Jenkins, a high-upside edge rusher who was too good to pass up at the end of the third round. A foot injury to start 2012 sapped Jenkins of the potential to be picked much higher.

Although Nick Perry (wrist) will return in 2013, and Dezman Moses flashed as an undrafted rookie, a 3-4 defense can never have enough talented pass rushers. With Perry, Moses and Jenkins, defensive coordinator Dom Capers would have no more excuses opposite Clay Matthews.

4.23 - Michigan State DE William Gholston

Moved up three spots to ensure Gholston landed in Green Bay. The Packers have an obvious need in adding length at defensive end, and the 6'7" Gholston obviously has plenty of it. His 281-pound frame can add plenty of weight too, giving Gholston a chance to be a difference maker as a five-technique in the 3-4 defense.

He also has a nasty streak that some will call "dirty," but maybe such an attribute is needed along an otherwise soft Green Bay defensive line. The Packers will bank on Gholston being closer to the Cardinals' Calais Campbell than Vernon Gholston, the Jets' infamous draft bust and William's cousin.

5.26 - Colorado OT David Bakhtiari

The idea of a pressing need at offensive tackle is debatable, with Bryan Bulaga, Marshall Newhouse, Don Barclay and Derek Sherrod each possessing the potential to start in coming years. But the need for overall depth along the line will be agreeable by most, and taking Bakhtiari helps solve part of that problem.

He has experience at both tackle positions, and a move inside at the next level is still possible. Bahhtiari has also said that NFL teams have inquired about him playing center, too. The NFL Draft Advisory Board gave him a second- to third-round evaluation as an early entry, so this is another value pick.

7.14 - Michigan DE William Campbell

Did some needed wheeling-and-dealing at the end of the draft to acquire more picks. Campbell became the first of three eventual seventh-rounders.

A stand-out at the East-West Shrine Game, Campbell possesses the kind of length (6-5, 80-inch wingspan) and frame (318 lbs.) that is tailor-made to play the five-technique. His size, strength and quickness give him a real chance to stick, especially if Jerel Worthy (ACL) can't make it back for the start of next season.

7.23 - Stony Brook RB Miguel Maysonet

Maysonet isn't a flashy name in this year's running back class, but neither was Alfred Morris last April. While he won't be rushing for 1,600 yards in Green Bay like Morris did during his breakout rookie season in Washington, Maysonet has a comparable skill set. He's decisive yet patient, and the first tackler rarely gets him to the ground.

In my amateur estimation, Maysonet's game might actually have a little Cedric Benson-feel to it. A duo of DuJuan Harris and Maysonet and whatever combination of Alex Green, James Starks and Cedric Benson wins out in training camp could work at running back.

7.25 - Rutgers ILB Steve Beauharnais 

Both Desmond Bishop (hamstring) and D.J. Smith (ACL) are coming back from season-ending injuries, and there's still the possibility of A.J. Hawk getting cut to shave money from the cap.

If everyone is back and healthy for 2013, inside linebacker is a deep position; if not, adding a guy like Beauharnais towards the end of the draft makes sense. As a thumper against the run and sneaky inside blitzer, Beauharnais has reminded some of Bishop.

Zach Kruse is a 24-year-old sports writer who contributes to Cheesehead TV, Bleacher Report and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also covers prep sports for the Dunn Co. News. You can reach him on Twitter @zachkruse2 or by email at [email protected].

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Evan's picture

That strikes me as an excellent draft. Hard to pass up Ertz and Jones in the 2nd, though.

QOTSA1's picture

I'm with Evan on this one. Good draft, but I can't see the Packers passing on Ertz if he is available in the 2nd round.

lmills's picture

Thanks for doing the draft. It's fun to start looking at prospects and where they might fall.

Stroh's picture

God I hope not... Would be extremely disappointed w/ this draft. Don't like Cyprien or Bailey or Gholdson for that matter. Jenkins would be the only one of the top 4 rds that I could get excited about.

I think we need a safety but there are 2 that were left on the board that I would have taken, one in the 1st and another I would take in the 2nd. I don't see WR as a position the Packers address this year. Trying too hard to replace Jennings w/ another Jenning type.

Both of the top 2 picks are major reaches imo.

Zach Kruse's picture

That's what makes the draft great. Everyone has their own opinions.

Evan's picture

"I don’t see WR as a position the Packers address this year."

Gotta disagree with you there. Regardless of who they target, with Jennings and Driver gone and Jones in his final year, I think a WR is a priority within the first 3 rounds.

Stroh's picture

I would put a playmaking ILB, Safety, DL and RB as much more of a priority. If they draft one, I don't have a problem w/ it if he is head and shoulders better than the options and is clearly the BPA.

THEMichaelRose's picture

If there's one thing I will guarantee about this draft, it's that Thompson will take a receiver in the first 3 rounds.
He has a strong history of doing it, even in years where we felt we didn't need them, and it always turns out well.
Now, this season, I think it's safe to say that it's actually a need position. In an offense that loves going 4-wide, you need someone better than Boykin or Ross as your 4th wideout. Especially considering so many fans' desire to get rid of Finley, as well as Jones' likely impending departure.
I give Thompson a lot of credit for keeping this group well-stocked. Because for all the criticism the team has had about its OL, DL, or other spots, at least we've never had to say we weren't giving our franchise quarterback enough weapons to compete, a la Cutler or McNabb.

QOTSA1's picture

I can't understand why people think the Packers don't need a wide receiver in this draft. The Packers are one injury away from having a pretty mediocre receiving group.

Jones will be a free agent next year, and if he has another good season he will probably look to cash in somewhere else during free agency.

Receivers often take a season to develop, so selecting one now should be a priority for the Packers this draft.


Stroh's picture

I'm assuming FInley is back. If he is then w/ Nelson, Jones, Cobb and Finley the Packers have alot of recieving talent. I think Boykin has untapped potential. He tested similar to Jones physically except that he wasn't as strong in the upper body, Tho he is taller. I don't have a problem giving him and Ross a year to see if they step up before assuming they won't.

8BitEra's picture

Jared Cook didn't get tagged like many assumed he would. I'd like to see us dump Finley and his $8M deal and sign Cook on the (relative) cheap, since Finley's to good to take a pay cut.

Cook and Finley have similar builds and are used in similar ways.

dawg's picture

+1 Don't need another Jennings type!
If TT does go receiver, go tall, so Rodgers has a bigger target as he's getting creamed in the back field.:)
Draft needs- Ol, DL, OLB, S, or best available.
Interesting draft yr. for TT, losing Schneider,then McKenzie and now Dorsey.

Zach Kruse's picture

Did Jennings not work out in this offense? Why not target a player similar to him?

Stroh's picture

Sure Jennings worked in the offense. Alot of WR can work in the Packer offense. Reaching for a WR w/ Jenning type skills but not the actual talent of Jennings doesn't make the Packers better. Bailey rated a 3rd, some lower. Get the best talent, not a Jennings-type cuz you miss Jennings.

Zach Kruse's picture

You don't know for certain that Bailey doesn't have the actual talent of Jennings. The worst kind of draft commenter is one that claims to KNOW. I like what I saw of Bailey, and he was the best WR I had on my board. Natural route runner, gets separation despite size, good hands. Could I be wrong? Yeah, absolutely. I just trusted my eyes.

Stroh's picture

I gave a reason why. Bailey is rated as a 3rd and some have him lower. He sounds eerily similar to Jennings, but is rated much lower. Thats not my opinion or me knowing thats going by what the "experts" are rating him. He sounds like a good WR, but he's not rated as a 2nd.

Stroh's picture

So its OK for you to go by "your" board and say he's the best WR but not for someone else. Your no more kknowledge than most other of us commenters please don't act like you know either.

Zach Kruse's picture

No, I didn't say that. I thought you were making your point by claiming to know something you couldn't, which was my mistake. We disagree about Bailey's value based on our own individual research. It's OK.

Stroh's picture

Cool no problem.

packeraaron's picture

Remember though Stroh, where a guy is "ranked" by "experts" means less than zero. Both Jennings and Nick Collins were considered major reaches by the "experts" when they were drafted.

Everything we, the public, read leading up to the draft has minimal correlation to what teams' draft boards actually look like.

Stroh's picture

Jennings wasn't a big reach, he was ranked about 48 overall IIRC. And Thompson got him at 42? Collins was a slight reach but he was listed as a CB by cbs which led to his lower rating. He had outstanding speed, sub 4.4, I don't know why he was ranked at CB, since he played Safety in college. Collins was a reach tho.

Either way my point is I should be able to say where I have guys ranked if the author is. At least I used good sources for it. I understand they aren't always perfectly accurate, but thats all we have to go by. If a writer can say he has someone as the best WR, I should be able to say where I think he fits. Don't you think?

packeraaron's picture

Of course you should.

I just remember Packers fans being up in arms the year they drafted Jennings because the Patriots drafted Chad Jackson - the GREAT Chad Jackson. All the pre-draft buzz had Jackson as some great talent while Jennings was barely mentioned. Packers fans (not talking about you here, obviously) were so upset that the Pats got Jackson and the Pack got some no-name wide receiver out of Central Michigan.

As usual, Ted knew what he was doing, much more so than many public draft "experts."

Stroh's picture

BTW Jenning was rated #56 by NFLdraftscout... CBS... and went #52. NFLdraftscout had Collins 107 overall, but again that was as a CB, not a safety. Again other sites listed him as a CB, Packers took him #51 as a safety. I guess sites figured w/ Collins speed and size at just over 200 that he had to be a CB, not a safety.

8BitEra's picture

IIRC, during that draft, Jennings was recognized by Kiper as probably the best route-runner in the draft and known for YAC. If he's 6'2", that's automatic Top 15 status. Hard to see him being too big a reach in the 2nd, even at 5'10".

packsmack25's picture

Jennings was also drafted slightly before the cottage industry of draft analysis really bloomed into what it is now, so there was a bit less public information out there about him at the time.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Boy, I see Ogletree was there at 26. Did you consider him, or was he off your board?


Zach Kruse's picture

Four-game suspension in 2011, DUI a couple months before the draft...can you really envision Green Bay pulling the trigger on him in the first round? I can't.

Stroh's picture

Its a stretch, but he is a perfect fit for what the Packers need on D. I think the Packers have enough good people in the lockerroom and if they can have Ogletree get a mentor, so to speak w/in the lockerroom you might be able to get him on the straight and narrow. I think Bishop would be a natural for that.

All that said, I do find it unlikely Thompson takes him due to the off-field issues. Sure hope he does, I think Ogletree would help the D immensely.

Derek in CO's picture

If ever there was a place for Ogletree to turn over a new leaf and live the right way, it's in Green Bay, WI. I'd interview the crap out of him and his college coaches, but wouldn't take him off the board.

Evan's picture

"If ever there was a place for Ogletree to turn over a new leaf and live the right way, it’s in Green Bay, WI."

I think there is a lot of truth to that.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Probably not Zach. But the middle of our D would be pretty sick with he and Bishop.

He is going to fall... And someone is going to get a helluva ILB at a bargain rate... That is something that may interest Ted. But, it doesn't matter, he won't be there at 26, guaranteed.

THEMichaelRose's picture

Exactly, he will fall.
Just look at how far Vontaze Burfict fell last year. Before his college season started, based purely on talent, Burfict was a top-10 talent. Seriously.
Going into the draft, he had fallen maybe to the middle rounds. But somehow, he went undrafted, and the Bengals snapped him up, and he started nearly the entire year, and was one of the top defensive rookies.
Now, maybe his character flaws will re-arise later in his career, making his rookie season a fluke. But it's a good example of the type of impact these bad-seed types can have.
Janoris Jenkins is another example, and may be a better comp given Ogletree's current likely 2nd round draft position.

Mojo's picture

Three things I believe are overblown with regard to TT's player procurement. 1) If you're over 30, TT doesn't have a need for you, 2) TT never considers FA's and 3) any kind of character issues and TT won't even consider you. I'd like to address the third one. This is just one of several questionable character guys TT has brought in over the years, but does anybody remember Koren Robinson? Talk about a character risk. Believe me if TT thinks Ogletree is the best option at 26 he will pull the trigger. Not to say anyone wants a doucebag on the team, but I think Ted is more willing to take a risk on "character guys" than you think.

Evan's picture

I think there is a huge difference between signing Koren Robinson to what I have to assume was a cheap, incentive-laden deal and spending a 1st round draft pick on a guy with character issues.

Not that I don't think Ogletree would be a good pick, I just don't think the comparison is apt.

Mojo's picture

You're right Evan, the two situations are different in that regard, but my point is don't necessarily write Ogletree off. Despite the low amount of skin in the game with Robinson, TT did stick his neck out a bit, and certainly didn't write him off strictly on his history. Character is important, but not the deal breaker everyone makes it out to be with TT.

To put it another way, when Zach asks; Can you envision GB pulling the trigger on him(Olgetree)? - my answer is "yes".

Evan's picture

Yeah, I totally agree with your larger point.

Adam's picture

Thoughts if GB drafted DeAndre Hopkins at 26?

dawg's picture

Ogletree is a beast, is he a risk, maybe, but I agree, Bishop would make a good mentor.
Dose he last to 26, doubt it.
I love his play, would fit great in GB.

Ebongreen's picture

That's a reasonable draft. Thanks for participating and sharing with us, Zach.

Seeing the folks on the board, I would have been more interested in Datone Jones at 26 and left safety for later. In round 2 I'd have looked into moving up for Justin Hunter, or down into the third round for TE McDonald or maybe Aaron Dobson. (I like bigger WRs.) The "other" 3rd round would have been where I'd have sought safety help, maybe with another trade down for TJ McDonald. I think Gholston is a very reasonable pick, as is Bakhtiari; I'd have probably looked into one of the 7th round guards (like Hugh Thornton) instead of William Campbell, and late round ILB and RB talent is an excellent plan.

California Cheesehead's picture

Datone Jones is my hopeful in this year's draft.

madmanJack's picture

i would have been all over Brain Schwenke in the 4th. he won't last that long in the real world.

madmanJack's picture

or otherwise known as

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Damn... I want a guy named Brain! His signature move could of course be "the brain" ala "Waiting".

cow42's picture

and then grab a guy named batwing in round 7.

KB's picture

I'm a big fan of Cyprien. Months ago I was telling people I thought he would be a first rd pick when it is all said and done. I think he fits in GB's system better than most the other safeties available. Him and Burnett are both capable of playing FS and SS which is important in Capers 3-4 defense.

I like Bailey but I also like a lot of other 2nd-3rd rd WR prospects. I wouldn't argue against the pick. I'm not a big fan of Jones so I'm glad you passed on him there. Amazing how just a month ago he was being predicted to GB by nearly every packer fan. I just don't see his value as a 1st-2nd rd pick.

Good mock I wouldn't mind one bit to see this as the outcome. I personally hope a DE can be grabbed earlier though.

GRIM's picture

I have to look at Ted's best available history and really go off that. I wouldn't be surprised to see FS Eric Reid out of LSU go 1st round to GNB instead of in the 3rd where he is now on this draft. And, while I think GNB will draft a WR in this draft, i think this is one round too early. I don't see it happening before the 3rd. Especially for a not too big, not too fast kind of guy. BUT if it were to be a receiver, I'd think more along the lines of Allen Keenan out of Cal or Justin Hunter, TEN. Granted, Hunter gets picked up by the vikings in this draft, but as it's all hypothetical, I'd go with either of those receivers in my book. Besides, if there's one thing on the receiving end the Packers don't really have, it's a BIG receiver. Hunter is 6'4. Jennings is 5'11. (not the end all be all of course, but having BIG receiver that's not a TE would be nice for those corner jump balls)

packeraaron's picture

Agree with almost all of this.

Stroh's picture

I like Reid alot. He and Vaccarro I think are about the same, but Vaccarro is probably better if asked to man up on a WR. Both can cover a TE w/o much problem IMO. Vaccarro is likely gone by the time we pick, so if we get Reid at 26, I like that. He would bring a real physical element that our Safeties lack. I still like Ogletree better than Reid tho. Trying to myself off the Ogletree banwagon, but I just can't do it. I Just think he's a perfect fit for our defensive needs. Hope we sign Canty so we don't have to draft a DE early, theres one I like later tho, maybe in the 5th or later, the kid from Samford. Perfect size and a very good athlete, just needs some development.

Evan's picture

I can't pretend know much of anything about either safety prospect, but reading their scouting reports gets me really excited. They also seem to be very similar players. Big, athletic safeties who hit hard, can cover sideline-to-sideline but can get over-aggressive at times.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree too. I don't know alot about the safety's. However I am always skeptical of LSU players. They seem to get rated higher then other players mostly just cuz they play in the SEC. There are alot more busts then booms from LSU players over the years.
From everything I have read on, I would take Cyprien and Vaccarro over reid. Maybe take Reid in the 2nd or 3rd round. But not in the first.

CSS's picture

I've felt there's merit to this statement about LSU players for quite some time, and I don't believe they're overrated as a byproduct of having the SEC brand. Contrast Nick Saban and Les Miles. Feels like Alabama players enter the league coached up and close to their ceiling, you know what you get or are going to get at a pro level with that player. LSU players are a wild-card, not due to the lack of talent or athletic ability, but Les Miles (in my opinion) is a poor coach. Tough to judge the ceiling and floor of his players because Miles has them so poorly prepared.

Les Miles is the SEC version of Mack Brown (Texas). Roster is swimming with athletic ability but it's obvious the kids are poorly coached when they enter an NFL training camp.

Stroh's picture

I don't have a problem w/ taking LSU guys. The school I avoid like the plague is Clemson. They routinely have guys that don't play hard or lack any amout of football intelligence.

Jamie's picture

Not a bad draft, and really like Cyprien, though I'd lean toward adding a physical playmaker to our D-line, and couldn't pass up on Quessenberry in the 4th. The other two are just physical playmakers I Ike in this draft, but need to be more consistent as pros

If it fell this way, I'd probably go...

• Datone Jones - DE
• DJ Swearinger - S
• Kevin Reddick - ILB
• David Quessenberry - OT

Just an alternative opinion. Can't argue with your picks.

Jamie's picture

Correction...gimme Eric Reid in the 2nd rd instead of Swearinger. Didn't realize Reid was still on the board. (Would also agree that Reid might be worthy of a 1st rd grade)

1st - Datone Jones - DE
2nd - Eric Reid - S
3rd - Kevin Reddick - ILB
4th - David Quessenberry - OT

ted, of bill and ted's picture

based off where everyone went, my draft would have been:

1)lemonier (olb)
2)swearinger (s)
3)lattimore (hb)
4)gholston (de)
5)hopkins (k)
6)beauharnais (ilb)
7)brandon kaufman (wr)

my first rounder is a reach, but i have taken an inexplicable liking to lemonier and was scared off by ogletree's character concerns. i feel comfortable enough with our upcoming wr's (boykin and ross, boykin especially) that i would be fine if ted didn't draft any wr's at all and brought in some ufa's to fill the need there. i would also be willing to switch out lattimore for the bpa, if we were to open the checkbook and sign chris ivory. your draft was good though, covered lots of needs and some of your late round guys i really like! (and stole for my own mock lol)

Zach's picture

I would be absolutely thrilled if the draft turns out this way! I've been high on Cyprien for a while now, and Bailey, Jenkins and Gholston would be excellent additions. Bakhtairi would be fantastic as well. Great job!

imfubared's picture

Thanks Zach. Let's not forgot how fun this all is and the varied opinions just add to it. I mean this isn't much else to do until kickoff time next fall.

My take is, this team overall is not talented. They lack play makers at key positions. Take three years and pick the best play makers available you will end up with a solid competitive team. If said play maker fills a need that's gravy. If not, its one need you don't worry about.

Lets get rid of deadwood. There is a ton of it on this team and you can't get rid of them all at once but these are guys holding you down in games by being injury prone or just not quality players. Zombo and Seine are two examples. Starks had his 5 minutes of fame two years ago and has done nada since.

I have Perry, Worthy and Sherrod and possibly Raji being busts and they were all high picks. Can't make those kind of mistakes and stay competitive but if now you have to replace them via the draft, your lsoing ground to your competition. Thus, lets hope the draft gets us a couple of reliable players. The Vike's had two pro bowlers who were rookies last year and should have had three in Smith.

Stroh's picture

You have a really low opinion of the talent and apparently Thompson. Makes you wonder how we wonder how we won a SB and make the playoffs every year. Perry Sherrod Worthy can't be called busts after a few games. That's ridiculous! Raji is at least a good if not better player.

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