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Packers Daily Links: Vacation On Revis Island

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Packers Daily Links: Vacation On Revis Island

If the Green Bay Packers are nervous about squaring off against Darelle Revis, they're not showing it. In an interview with Jason Wilde of ESPNWisconsin Greg Jennings said, "Someone’s going to win; someone’s going to lose. It’ll probably go a little both ways. It’ll be interesting,” Jennings said. “(It’ll be like) Trick-or-treat. I’m not even bringing a bucket. We’re coming with pillowcases. We’re trying to take as much candy home as possible. We’re all trying to come back with smiles. You can’t come home with no candy. Revis Island. Shhhh.” I've never seen Jennings be so cheeky.

Darelle Revis and the tough Jets defense is featured in an article by Gary D'Amato of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "The Jets take pride in their identity as an attacking defense and are confident that when they bring pressure Revis and Cromartie will win their matchups," writes D'Amato. "They're not going to sit back in Cover-2 all game." There's reason to think the Packers could have success against a pressure-man defense like the Jets. The Packers have struggled against Cover-2 this season, and it may be a relief not to see as much of that on Sunday. One key will be for the pass protection to keep Aaron Rodgers upright.

The inevitable connection between Charles Woodson and Darelle Revis is given attention by Bill Huber of Packer Report. The comparisons between the two go back to last year when Woodson won Defensive Player of the Year voting. "Jets coach Rex Ryan pressed voters to select Revis for the award last year," writes Huber. "While speaking in glowing terms about Woodson on Wednesday, he hardly backed off his stance that his man is the best cornerback in the NFL." The debate rages on.

The Packers have a pretty good young cornerback of their own in Tramon Williams who's featured in article by the Associated Press, presumably Chris Jenkins. "Packers cornerback Tramon Williams keeps making big impressions with his coaches, and his development bodes well for a franchise that's been missing depth at the position," according to the article. Williams is starting to get some national attention. I heard he's going to be on the Jim Rome radio show today.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is compared to Aaron Rodgers by the New York bureau of the Associated Press. "They're both from California, played in the Pac-10, share the same agent and were first-round draft picks a few years apart. They're also the only quarterbacks -- for now -- who can say they replaced Brett Favre," according to the article. They've also been largely successful in their young careers in the NFL. It will be important to watch which one can avoid turnovers this weekend.

The Jets have the top record in the AFC at 5-1, tied with the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. "Interestingly, all three of those AFC teams have matchups Sunday with opponents that were supposed to be the class of the NFC," according to an article at Packer Report. "The Jets-Packers tilt in the early afternoon will give way to Patriots-Minnesota Vikings in the late afternoon, then Steelers-New Orleans Saints at night." Whichever conference can win the that best-of-three "series" will be getting a lot of attention on Monday morning.

How the three new linebackers are adapting to Green Bay is given some consideration by Tom Fanning of the Packers official website. Among the information in the article appearing at was this: "Wilhelm said he expects to spend a lot of time going over the defensive system in more detail with inside linebackers coach Winston Moss during the Packers’ bye week, which comes after the Nov. 7 contest against Dallas, but the immediate focus for him is special teams." Wilhelm said he's been practicing with several first-string special teams units, which should indicate he'll play this Sunday.

Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal calls for running back Brandon Jackson to get the ball more often. "After starting slowly in Grant's absence and even falling behind fullback-turned-halfback John Kuhn for a while, Jackson has used his increased workload to become a more instinctive, decisive runner," writes Oates. "McCarthy said the coaches are doing a better job of tailoring runs for the backs and that the run-blocking unit has improved each week, but it is undeniable that in recent games Jackson looks better with the ball under his arm than he ever has in Green Bay."

Aaron Rodgers is a fan of Rex Ryan writes Jason Wilde of ESPNWisconsin.

The Bucky Channel covers the injured reserve list and the players replacing them.

The Packers' play calling is a work in progress says Michael Davidsen of Green Bay Packer Nation.

Ol' Bag of Donuts says the time for the offense to emerge is now.

The Packers' injury situation is held up as an example why there shouldn't be an 18-game NFL schedule by Zach Kruse of Bleacher Report.

Yesterday's practice report is provided by Gary D'Amato of the Journal Sentinel.

Will Blackmon has been signed by the New York Giants.

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davyjones's picture

One thing that will be interesting to note against this defense is the number of dropped passes by Packer WR's. This doesn't seem to be a D where we can miss opportunities. We've had our share of drops this year and let's hope they are all out of our system.

hyperRevue's picture

Agreed. If the Packers play smart, flawless football (limit the penalties, limit the drops, no turnovers), they can and should win.

ONeill's picture

Limit the drops and penalties while eliminating turnovers and we should be able to beat not only New York, but Atlanta, New England and everyone else as well.

And to think we could do it with 2nd and 3rd stringers. I couldn't think of a better argument against the Ted Thompson bashers.

bogmon's picture

Seems like Week 8 is usually the point in the season when our coach really knows what he's'got' as far as personel and overall performance level of each player in a specific role.
McCarthy is obviously handicapped a bit with the flip-flopping roster due to injury; he now has enough film on all his players to make confident choices in very specific situations.

I believe that Brandon Jackson has slowly proven what his skill set brings to the table (agreed Aaron?).
He has infinitely more confidence NOW hitting gaps; running screens; and tearin' up yardage than he did 4 weeks ago.
McCarthy will have no problem getting him more touches this coming game and it might just be a crafty strategy in order to throw the Jets off at first given the limited role he has had to this point in the season.

ONeill's picture

Run blocking has been significantly better as well. Some of the holes Jackson had to run through on Sunday were unbelievable. Of course, Jackson has really improved too. It seems like he's getting more decisive and gaining better running vision.

ONeill's picture

Also, I think McCarthy has been calling more effective running plays for our offense. We're a pass first team (especially with Grant out) and thus the delay has been working really well.

hyperRevue's picture

Aside from those quick draws to Kuhn, of course.

Ruppert's picture

We have to figure out a way to contain the Jets' running game. We can't have them getting 5-6 yards a pop and consuming 10 minutes a drive. If we can force punts and get a decent number of possessions, I think we can score some points. If we force 3rd and medium to long, I think Sanchez will make mistakes. I'm not a real big fan of his.

On offense, of course we have to handle all that defensive pressure, especially eliminating turnovers. It's going to be a heck of a test for Aaron Rodgers, and the media is going to jump on whatever he does in this game, good or bad.

I'm curious to see what McCarthy does as far as screens/rollouts/bootlegs/moving the pocket. He's such a gameplanner, I have to think we'll see a lot of that kind of stuff.

lebowski's picture

Between this Jets game, and future games at Minny and against the Falcons, Patriots and Giants, we're going to need to win one or two where the other team is favored. 8-8 might be enough to win this bad division, but there's little room for error now.

fish's picture

I think Cromartie is better than Revis, but they can lock up Jennings all they want, there's four other receivers who can catch balls. Probably not going to be a deep pass game either since most of the time Rodgers can't make those throws anyways.

davyjones's picture

It may be stating the obvious in terms of "playing a complete game", blah, blah, blah, but check out the stats in 2nd half scoring. Packers average 10.85 pts per game in the 2nd half and 3.42Pts in just the 4th Q. That is fairly anemic. I don't know what the explanation is for it, but it seems that 2nd half (and specifically 4th Q) scoring needs to pick up. In 4 of the 7 games so far this year, Packers have been shut in in the 4th Q.
Any thoughts on why this is?

lebowski's picture

They are a mediocre football team right now.

davyjones's picture

My gut says there is more to it than that. If it was merely that they were a mediocre team, the overall scoring would certainly be affected, but this seems to be specific to 2nd half. Perhaps other teams making adjustments that we don't? I'm thinking it's as much coaching/schemes as talent.

Ruppert's picture

One thing that sticks out to me with the 4th quarter is the fact that we have had a lead after 3 quarters in every game but one--Miami. And we did put up 10 in the 4th quarter of that game. We only had a 3 point lead against Chicago, and we did put up 7 in that 4th quarter. The rest of the games, we went into the 4th with a 4-point lead, or greater, and couldn't hang on.

The O isn't executing very well in the 4th. And that's on the players for sure. But we all know how McCarthy makes the damndest playcalls when we get a lead. IMO, McCarthy has to do a better job of calling plays with a lead, especially late.

Ruppert's picture

Correction: "...couldn't hang on in the losses, and couldn't/didn't try to score in the wins."

bogmon's picture

This past Minnesota game is the first time all year that they played with tenacity and a sense of urgency the entire game.

If Coach calls it more like that the rest of the way, then I think they have something.

The staff needs to adopt the mentality of a mid-level college programs trying to make a statement against the big dogs.
Foot to the floor on both sides of the ball for 60 minutes will win these games...
None of this...maintain the lead/ holding pattern bullshit.

bogmon's picture

They rank right at 12 and up in all major statistical categories.
That is mediocre individually, but when you combine their overall level of play at all positions they are actually well above 'mediocre'....

A couple more scores and they look much better record wise...

They are pulling it together.

If Green Bay gets blown out by NY then I change my tune, but if...ahem...WHEN they win it's a whole new season.

davyjones's picture

I'm kinda with you on this. That big old doink off the upright at the end of regulation against Wash. looms large & is what separates them from the best record in the NFC...and they have by no means played anywhere near to what the are capable of--at least offensively (defensively, they have actually over-achieved.)

RickyBobby's picture

I am deathly afraid of Dustin Keller in this game.
While Holmes and Edwards aren't top 5 guys, they're good enough where we're going to have to have c-wood on one of them. that leaves either a nickle or an lb on keller... not good.

This would be a GREAT game for a-har to come back.

I think the offense will benefit from concentrating on getting the ball out quick. That's how they should always be playing.

Going to be a great game.


remember - the "ups" and "downs" are what make the game so exciting.

I love football.

CSS's picture

It's interesting when you talk about the lack of offensive output this year (especially in the 4th quarter) compared to the prior year.

Packers ran 443 plays through the first 7 games last year. This year, only 393. That's a full game's worth of touches (opportunities) fewer than last season.

Take away the Dolphins 4th quarter (outlier) and opponents have run 122 4th quarter plays to the Packers 95.

'Feels' like the bend but don't break defense employed by Capers at the end of games is helping teams sustain game ending drives in tight games. Capers really doesn't have the bodies, so I understand the philosophy.

That being said, I would almost rather see him blitz and risk either being exposed or getting to the opposing QB. Why? Because you have a high octane offense predicated on getting touches and they simply aren't compared to the opponent. Part of that is on McCarthy and Rodgers, they need to sustain drives, convert on 3rd down and keep the defense off the field.

My 2 cents - When you have a high-powered offense, maximizing your touches is crucial. Those 50 fewer touches this year compared to the same point last year is HUGE. I advocate for a change in the defensive approach to maximize offensive touches and get your limping/injured backup defense off the field.

Just a thought.....

davyjones's picture

Some fascinating points brought up, CSS.
Certainly a good share of the onus for sustaining drives fall on AR & MM, but it certainly helps when there are 2 penalties instead of 18 and when WR's are catching balls they are suppose to catch. Probobly not fair to say it's all on QB & HC when there were 10 other guys making some bonehead mistakes.

Great analysis on 4th Q touches--thanks!

CSS's picture

Accepted penalties count towards the official play count. I understand what you're saying, penalties help sustain drives that could have otherwise ended the oppositions possession. That beings said, it's still a disturbing trend for a potential playoff team whose identity and strength going forward really is the offense.

All the credit in the world to what the currrent personnel and Capers are doing, but I just wonder if it's time for a subtle change in philosophy?

CSS's picture

Shoulds say - 'Accepted penalties DON'T count towards the official play count'.

bogmon's picture

This kinda jives with what I have been sayin'about being more aggressive, but I never noticed the lack of 4th quarter plays.

This further emphasizes my thoughts on being aggressive all 4 quarters...
Makes sense to pressure and blitz in the fourth...if you get a sack/pick/stop...mission accomplished.

If you give up a big play...well? It gets yer offense back on the field sooner with more time to go to work.

What would you rather see: a 6 minute drive on the D that goes for a score? OR
They do it in 2 minutes and you get the ball back in Rodgers hands?

It's more like a college football mentality and I believe ,with the roster depleted the way that it is, they need to play fast; aggressive and all out on every series.

Chris's picture

Why is it to me that the only choice seem to be blitz or drop everyone into coverage? Can you not rush 4 guys, put pressure on the QB and OLine and still play good coverage? Why does this concept get thrown out of the window at the end of the game?
I say: Surprise the opponent. You can bet on the Jets knowing the Packers tendencies in the 4th quarter with the lead, so if that happens, Capers should go unconventional. Rush 4, play bump and run, next play play Cover-2, whatever, just surprise the opponent. Heck, Sanchez is a 2nd year QB who was handing the ball off last year most of the time. He can still be rattled. I really hope Capers notices that and is not too busy trying to figure out to get 11 healthy bodies on the field.

CSS's picture

We agree on the same thing in principal. I threw in the term 'blitz', but I'm not advocating for constant traditional blitzing. Just begging the question: "should Capers take more risks, regardless of the defensive play he employees?"

bogmon's picture


Morli's picture

While I was arguing with myself, wether there is enough "blitzing-ability" on the D#, I was wondering about the following:
Are safetyblitzes really rare in Capers' scheme, or does my memory fail?
I can recall very few blitzes by Collins(the TD by Miami was result of one), who is one heck of an athlete and should be getting to the QB in time.
And Burnett or Peprah really haven't blitzed at all, if I'm correct.

CSS's picture

Not that they're 'rare in Capers system', I would just imagine he has serious reservations about sending Collins and leaving the 3rd - 5th string safety back to read-and-react all while providing support for either Sheilds, Lee, Bush or Underwood when they're in nickle.

He plays to his personnel. Woodson won MVP because he's so saavy and dangerous at/around the line of scrimmage, not really due to his coverage ability. Capers will always opt to put Woodson in that position and play his all-pro safety deep.

It was the inverse (personnel wise) with Leroy Butler. He was the dangerous one at/near the line of scrimmage.

Chris's picture

I would not blitz my best cover and ballhawking safety (Collins) unless I have absolutely no other option. Capars usually sends the nickelback or a MLB to blitz. I can rarely remember him sending the house, it's max 6 rusher.

Chad's picture

Spot on CSS.

The system is basically what the Steelers use, and the personnel LeBeau has available opens up the safety for blitzing better. (Really, how can you NOT blitz at least once a game with Polamalu?)

The Packers, on the other hand, have that depth and talent at the CB position, namely in Woodson (and a little in Williams).

RickyBobby's picture

I love this site.

The columns and comments are second to none.

90% + of the stuff I read on here is well thought out, intelligently written, level headed, and still passionate.

It's like having a Packer conversation with a bunch of people who are just like me ONLY SMARTER!

bogmon's picture

This is a great subcommunity of Packers' fans.

Aaron and Corey must be so proud of their baby...she's growin' up so fast.

davyjones's picture

It really is fabulous! Kinda nice when Todd's not here & we can just focus on football.

Oppy's picture

Packers are gay, A-"ROD" is a dookie-face.

Oppy's picture

Just thought I'd dumb it down a bit so the site could conform more to the norm.

davyjones's picture

Ok, NOW Todd can come back and feel at home.

aussiepacker's picture

Totally agree Ricky B. I check out this sight daily from the other side of the world and have learnt more about football in the past 18 months from this site than i could have immagined. It has pretty much become a addiction.

FITZCORE1252's picture

What up Aussie? Did you see Brock get his face split open???

aussiepacker's picture

Shit yeah bro, was in shock for days how easy he got beat up.

davyjones's picture

Anyone else impressed with Jennings' attitude?? I think a little swagger from Packers would be a good over the Jets this week will help. With all the crap talked by Jets, they seem a little over rated and Jennings is an elite receiver who should hold his own against any DB in the league.

davyjones's picture

Revis Island vs. The Island of Misfit Toys

If they can come back from NY with a win, I really think something very, very good will be in the offing. It'll be this rag-tag bunch of misfits on D that have been duct taped together with this US against The World mentality. The players will totally have to be buying into the system, because no matter who plugs in next--it works! I've just got a feeling that we are on the verge of witnessing something extraordinary.

I can't presume to know what MM thinks, but I can't help but think what he was doing with that 2nd 4th and 1 against the Vikes was saying,"we're not only going to beat you, but we're going to beat you at your strong point. We aren't going after your weakness, we're going to punch you in the mouth and hit you right where you are strongest. If we can beat you where you're strongest, we gotcha tonite & in the rematch in a month". The Jets strength is their D backfield. Revis and Cromartie might hold down Jennings & Driver (tho they'll get their share), but whose going to stop Jones and Jordy? If the line holds up and AR is getting it out quick, there is no reason we can't take their biggest strength away.

FITZCORE1252's picture

FYI - Tramon was on Jim Rome's radio show this morning, good interview. Can probably find it online somewhere.

As for Revis, I wish Finley was around, if you recall he pretty much said he wanted Revis several months ago. Would have loved to see that.


NickGBP's picture

If we had Finley this game is no contest. Finley man on man on a safety or LB with their blitz scheme means HUGE gains.

davyjones's picture

That just means an OPPORTUNITY for Quarless to have a breakout game...or Lee even. He looked fairly athletic last week. We should have some hungry, hungry guys giving great effort trying to prove they belong.

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