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Packers Daily Links: Team Hasn't Discussed Franchise Tag With Crosby

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Packers Daily Links: Team Hasn't Discussed Franchise Tag With Crosby

The most likely candidate to receive the franchise or transition tag from the Green Bay Packers is kicker Mason Crosby. But... "Crosby’s agent said he’s had no contact with the Packers since the end of the season, so he has no indication whether they’re considering using the tag on his client," writes Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. Dougherty also spoke with defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins, who also hasn't spoken with the team and doesn't think he'll be tagged.

Packers assistant coaches Winston Moss and Darren Perry are still candidates to become the Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator, according to Bill Huber of Packer Report. "Packers safeties coach Darren Perry and inside linebackers coach Winston Moss had been linked to the Arizona job, and both names have been mentioned in Oakland," writes Huber. "Perry coached the Raiders’ secondary in 2007 and 2008 before joining the Packers in 2009; Moss played for the Raiders from 2001 through 2004 and interviewed to be the Raiders’ head coach in 2009 but owner Al Davis decided to remove the 'interim' tag from Tom Cable," writes Huber.

A group of Super Bowl-winning Packers rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange yesterday. "Cornerback Charles Woodson and running backs Ryan Grant and John Kuhn of the Green Bay Packers did the honors Wednesday afternoon in lower Manhattan," according to the Associated Press. "The Packers won Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25."

NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert of points out that Mel Kiper has the Packers selecting Georgia outside linebacker Justin Houston in his mock draft. "If he is as good of a playmaker as advertised, Houston would make a nice bookend for Packers linebacker Clay Matthews," writes Seifert. "The Packers never had a full-time starter at the position in 2010." Outside linebacker stands as one of the Packers' biggest needs entering 2011.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers reportedly checked out Las Vegas over the weekend. "Rodgers, who was joined by Packers linebacker Matt Wilhelm, caught Terry Fator’s show at The Mirage, stopped by N9NE Steakhouse in the Palms and then went upstairs to Moon, where he joined Jersey Shore’s Pauly D in the VIP area," writes Monty McMahon at Total Packers. You can check out Rodgers posing for a picture with Pauly D over at Total Packers.

As unrealistic as it might be, Eric Huber of Packer Report wonders if Donald Driver could fill the role of player/coach for the Packers with their open wide receivers coaching position. "What if someday he were offered a spot on the coaching staff as a wide receivers coach?" asks Huber. "Would he be well-received and successful? Could he do it part-time while still playing? And would he have the same kind of impact coaching as he had playing?" Huber answers in the affirmative to all these questions, but the idea of a player/coach in the NFL is pretty impractical. Could Driver be a coach someday? Sure. But for now, he still has to focus on playing.

Acme Packing Company takes at the wide receiver position heading into the 2011 season.

An interview with Colin Cowherd is posted at JSOnline's Packers blog.

Jayme Joers of Packers Lounge recounts meeting Bob Harlan after the Super Bowl.

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packsmack25's picture

I doubt they go OLB in the first round, as they already have a dynamic pass-rusher and won the Super Bowl without a bookend. I am thinking they go DB or trade down and snag a WR in round 2.

Vrog's picture

I know Ted always goes Best Available Athlete but I think a playmaking OLB is the number one priority

packeraaron's picture

Everyone said that last year - and he didn't draft one at all.

hyperRevue's picture

In years past, I would toil over mock drafts and scouting reports, trying to determine who I thought was the guy the Packers just HAD to pick (from Koren Robinson to O'Brien Schofield to Myron Rolle). No more of that. It's comforting now to just sit back and let Ted do his thing, having the utmost confidence in his ability. In Ted We Trust.

PackersRS's picture

Not at all true.

There wasn't a clear cut #1 priority last year. People were torn between OLB, CB and OT.

TT did grab that OT, though probably desire met opportunity as Bulaga could very well be the best player left on TT's board.

hyperRevue's picture

Maybe not "#1 Priority" - I'd say that was OT last year - but everyone said it was a big, top-3 priority.

packsmack25's picture

Why would it be the #1 priority? Between Jones, Zombo, and Walden, they'll believe they have a good enough answer. Having 2 play-makers at OLB is a luxury, not a priority. With Clay, all you need is for the other OLB to be solid. I'm not saying they won't draft a guy at that position, I just don't think they'll draft one with an early pick.

I bet Ted goes with another big body if he stays in the spot, and if he doesn't, he trades down for a pass catcher or a DB.

hyperRevue's picture

I must admit the Driver as WR coach though crossed my mind, but I thought it was too crazy to bring up.

Ceallaigh_k's picture

I've also wondered about grooming Tauscher to take on a coaching role with the OL. Glad to know I'm not the only one thinking of players transitioning to coaches.

Chad Toporski's picture

Packers have to draft at least one OL. I see that position as their top priority right now.

LB is definitely needed, but I personally think Jones, Zombo, and Walden have shown that they are capable of handling OLB if no one else can be found.

hyperRevue's picture

All 3 are capable, sure (though we really have no idea what Jones brings to the table yet). But I look at the Steelers with Harrison and Woodley, two absolute studs, and I definitely get envious. I think the OLB could use a definite upgrade. Also consider that if they lose Jenkins, the pass rush will take a hit.

Walden and Zombo are going to be great back-ups next year.

PkrNboro's picture

I agree, Chad...
...but that likely means it won't happen ;)

With the concussions, I think Rodgers has to be protected and an oLine selection could favorably impact the running game -- reducing pressure on Rodgers, defense, and special teams.

Clifton will be 35(!) when play resumes -- the surgeries will catch up eventually. While younger, Wells likely won't last as long -- being somewhat undersized (albeit with a big heart). Colledge is a great guy -- but about every other play he gets walked back to the QB.

A new face on the oLine, plus Lang and McDonald, would bode well for Packers. Especially considering that Capers can make do with anything, but that, uh, er, may not be the case with Campen.

Jordan's picture

Honestly, I think we'll be much scarier if we keep the current stable of three very decent OLB's opposite clay. Each have very distinct strengths and don't cost much. In lieu of spending big 1st rd money on OLB, i submit that we should keep Cullen Jenkins any way we can, imagine Cullen, BJ, and Mike Neal as a D-line on a pass rushing down. Send CM3 with that group and we have high probability of a sack or at least pressure. Tell me if you disagree.

hyperRevue's picture

I think the ideal situation would be to keep Cullen, sure. But I think there is a less than 1% chance of that happening - the Packers simply won't pay what he's very likely to get on the open market. He'd have to accept a hefty home-town discount.

That said, drafting an OLB high does not mean the Packers are going to get rid of Jones, Zombo or Walden.

WoodyG's picture

If Jones goes & with DD only getting older, WR could be an issue ..... I see GB & TT looking to kill 2 birds with one stone with the 32nd pick or somehow moving up in the 2nd to choose ......

Torrey Smith .... KR/WR from Maryland ..... 6'1" - 205 ..... 4.37 40 ....

" He's always been a great kick returner, but this has been his most complete season. He has 65 catches for 1,065 yards, has set a school record with 12 touchdown receptions, and is a threat to go the distance every time he touches the ball. "

Plus .... "Described by head coach Ralph Friedgen as "God created a perfect person" due to Smith's humility and dedication, as well as his athletic talents. Graduated in December with a degree in criminology and criminal justice. "

hyperRevue's picture

I'm sold. ha!

I do really hope they keep Jones. He's a TT guy, so thee is hope.

But, Jones or no Jones, I think a KR/WR is a clear need.

Tarynfor 12's picture

If Bulaga is the next LT after Chad then the OL must be a RT with the same probability to start as Bulaga had to do if Chad goes down.
If that guy isn't there or it takes too much to go up for(RT not LT),then I see OLB first.
Depending on TTs sense of Jenkins path and Jollys physical situation(?) if he needs time then PUP maybe way for him,then a DL moves up the in the need.
WR,IMO is a strong need but not first two picks,and I like this kid from Fla,Atlantic-Lester Jean.Could be a sleeper and good fit.

PkrNboro's picture

Tarynfor 12,

"Jollys physical situation(?) if he needs time then PUP"

I hope you mean "Neal" ? I'm thinking all Jolly needs to do is quit drinking "sizzurp"


You mentioned lack of depth and I'll throw out that it's unlikely the Packers keep Spitz. I'm not sure where I read it, but I think he's had surgery to fuse vertebrae. I think that is similar to the Harrell situation. IMO, there's just too much stress on the line, to have a surgically-repaired back in the picture.

Tarynfor 12's picture

I was talking Jolly but put Neal into it also,out a year and the fact that camp may be very short and IDK what kind of shape he's in or out of but if he isn't play ready what can we do PUP,CUT,PS(?).
Also I said OL is the need first if the guy is there and how far up we go to get him,w/o ruining a chance for decent DL or OLB depending on status of the above.

PkrNboro's picture

I appreciate the efforts of CHTV to stay on top of the CBA situation...
...but for me, it's similar to the Troy-Aikman/playoff-scenario situation:
it gives me "tired head"


but for an unsophisticated comment, here goes:

With all of the blackouts, and favorable government subsidies of stadiums, the PSLs, tickets, concession ripoffs -- and all other ways, big and small, that stiffs the fan, you (the NFL) OWE us (the fans) two things:
(1) play on under the "previous" rules, until you can get your shit together and cobble together "new" rules -- and do this forever more.
(2) under no circumstances, offer the fans another "starred" or "asterisked" season, where the record books will have some qualifier -- that basically says that there wasn't NFL football played that season.

jbovegas73's picture

My friend is a pastry chef at Nove (at the Palms) and is a huge Packers fan. Rodgers was at the bar and (I'm assuming) was told by the bartender that a fan works in the back. Aaron was led to the kitchen and met my friend, shook, his hand, briefly chatted & signed his hat.

How fricking cool is that? He could have said, "Oh, that's nice" ... but no. He took the time to go say 'Hi' to a fan.

Aaron Rodgers is truly a man of the people.

BTW, yes, I am insanely jealous. But it might be best that he didn't come to my work, because I'm sure I would have cried and made a fool of myself.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Is that where he was hangin with Pauly D? Can't believe I asked that... But I gotsta admit, Pauly's definitely the coolest of those fuggin gibronies.


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