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Packers Daily Links: Speculation Says Jones Sought Starter's Money

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Packers Daily Links: Speculation Says Jones Sought Starter's Money

On Thursday, the Green Bay Packers announced they had re-signed linebacker Brad Jones. According to Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Jones, 26, likely sought starter's money. Or, in other words, there's a good chance Jones signed for as much - if not more - than the $3.6 million per year Hawk is now making on his restructured deal." The report indicated that nine teams expressed interest in Jones, and four of them entered contract negotiations with him. Where Jones fits into the Packers' defense may depend on the recovery by Desmond Bishop and D.J. Smith from injury. Regardless, Jones would be one of the better special teams players on the Packers even if he doesn't see much time on defense moving forward.


More on Brad Jones comes from, Green Bay Press-Gazette and Fox Sports Wisconsin. Blog commentary comes from, Lombardi Ave. and Acme Packing Company.

The next phase of construction is currently taking place at Lambeau Field. "Crews are now tearing up the steps at the Oneida Nation gate on the east side of the stadium," according to Fox 11 in Green Bay. The plan is to make the Oneida Nation gate wider and more prominent, the gate that leads from the stadium to Ray Nitschke Field. This area gets a lot of foot traffic during training camp, including the Packers players who ride children's bikes to practice.

Former Packers player Gilbert Brown delivered an anti-bullying message Wednesday at Greendale High School in a suburb near Milwaukee. "Brown encouraged students to help each other speak up about bullying. He said his weight was a target of bullying when he was growing up." Video is included in this report.

Fox Sports Wisconsin takes a look back to when the Packers sold turf from Lambeau Field back in 1997. My parents have a box of this somewhere.

A couple blog posts at discuss Jermichael Finley's contact and speculate about a closing window for competitiveness in Green Bay.

Packer Report has its daily pro day tour.

Video: Jason Wilde of shares video from Mike McCarthy's interview at the NFL owners meetings this week...

Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Evan's picture

3 years, $11.75 million?!? That seems like a ton of money. Hell, Steven Jackson got 3/12.

I bleed Green More's picture

I am shocked what was TT thinking man I would signed for half that amount.

jeremy's picture

Yeah well he would be a Titan then. And, they would have a new player that ProFootabllFocus graded as a top ten ILB last year. Does that fit into your little fantasy world?

TT let the market set Jones price and then gave him a fair deal.

jeremy's picture

If they need guys 230-250 for ST, it makes much more sense to have a bunch of LB's than a bunch of TE's.

Stroh's picture

He's getting pd a little too much IMO. But Bush is pd similarly as a ST ace and Jones is another great ST guy who also might have a chance to be a starter, moreso than Bush. I guessed he would be around the 2.5M area. He deserved over 2M based on his play last year and his ST play.

lmills's picture

This seems about right. He is probably going to be starting to begin the year because Bishop and Smith will not be %100 in training camp and who knows if they'll be ready for the season. I also think that people were too harsh on him last year. It was his first year at ILB and he was our 3rd stringer! Everyone complains that Hawk can't cover and that he's always a step late. Well, Jones is much more athletic then Hawk and he's the type of athletic linebacker we need. I'm not saying he's the next Navorro Bowman, but I think he's better then people give him credit for. Give him this off season to get more familiar with the position and i think he'll be fine.

Cole's picture

All but assures we won't take ogletree or brown. He deserves that kind of money though. He was our best lb last year outside of clay. This almost assures they'll cut hawk next year.

Now we need to shore up the DL and S in the draft. Phillip Thomas or Datone Jones is my guess, unless someone special falls. Man what if Jarvis Jones somehow fell to us after his atrocious pro day? That would be awesome.

jeremy's picture

Same 40 time as Dezmon Moses. I never once thought Moses was to slow to play.

Derek in CO's picture

I think Bishop and Jones are the starters, with Hawk and DJ Smith as the backups. I would still look hard for an ILB in the draft though. Having Jones back and Hawk restructuring allows us to look for OLB or DL rather than ILB so quickly now.

jeremy's picture

I think Jones will start in Nickel. Let Hawk get beat up defending the run. Hawks play not spectacular, but he's one tough guy.

Stroh's picture

They're still paying Hawk bout 5M. They arent paying him that much to sit on the bench that's for damn sure. Hawk and Bishop will start unless Bishops hammy isn't recovered. The. Jones or preferably Manning will start opposite Hawk.

cow42's picture

first round pick will be a S or a DL.
(or they'll trade down - which would be difficult)
book it.

lmills's picture

Completely agree.

Denver's picture

That's what I'm now hoping as well, Cow, since the Pack has thoroughly stockpiled the ILB position.
And guess I'm in the minority on Jones. I would have let him go somewhere else and used that $$ elsewhere.

jmac34's picture

I could see Lacey being the pick too

Mojo's picture

This is significant money. Wonder what it tells us about the status of Bishop and Smith injury wise. Smith is certain to end on the PUP list, but maybe Bishop isn't as far along as we think. Else, it's way to much to spend on a ST guy, especially since they resigned Francois. I get they feeling they like Jones more than Smith (there's a Smith & Jones joke in there somewhere) and would go to Jones first even if Smith were completely healthy.

MarkinMadison's picture

+1. Anyone who is crossing ILB off the draft list has not considered the fact that TT knows a lot more about the recoveries of Bishop and Smith than we do. Keeping Jones was a need, but it may not have filled the need(s) at the position. It could very well be Jones & Hawk starting on opening day.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Yes. ILB is still very much a possibility high in the draft, no way Jones gets this deal if Ted feels good about Bishop and Smith. We may not be as deep here as people think.


trvs's picture

You have to throw Terrell Manning in the mix for ILB. A full off-season will allow the team to evaluate his talent. I believe McCarthy said that Smith would be pressed to make it back right away, probably going to PUP.

Jones is our most versatile LB right now. He has experience on the outside and the inside. Plus he can rip it up on ST. That is way more beneficial than Hawks leadership skills. I hope Bishop is ready to go at camp, so he can take the leading role.

Also, with Walden gone, I wouldn't be surprised if Jones and Moses split time on the outside. Allows Dom to get everyone out there.

Stroh's picture

Think they'll draft an OLB fir depth and leave Jones at ILB. I don't see Jones at OLB going forward unless emergency.

Drealyn Williams's picture

ILB high on the list? I'd say a DL is high. With Lattimore,Manning and Francois developing I doubt TT goes high -- unless a top prospect drops. I also don't think a Safety is top need. Some people tend to forget McMillian/Jennings were 1st year starters.

Stroh's picture

Neither McMillan or Jennings did a thing to show they're the safety of the future either. Would still look at safety. Need an OLB that's where we need depth. Plenty of options at ILB but need depth and talent outside now.

Drealyn Williams's picture

McMillian damn sure showed signs in that Seahawks game. Funny how Jennings did as well (although we know he was better off just knocking the ball either up and out of bounds or down). Either way,they're still young. Replacing him/them with a rookie wouldn't make much difference - if any. Year 2 is usually the biggest jump/growth in a player's career. I wouldn't mind seeing 2 DL's go in either rounds 1-3.

Stroh's picture

I would say theres at least 2 safeties that if drafted would be an immediate upgrade from both McMillan and Jennings. Each of them is basically 1/2 of an excellent Safety, but each struggles badly in the other 1/2 of the game. Put them both together and you have a very good starter. Too bad thats not possible. McMillan was getting on the field consistently early in the season, then saw very little of the field as the year went on cuz he struggled so badly.

ArodMoney's picture

Looking over this deal again and seeing all the Packers contracts. If this means the end to any Packer, I'm afraid it might be Dez Bishop.

Bishops very expendable cap wise and he had an absolutely AWFUL injury for a football player. A torn hamstring can take away all explosiveness, especially at his age(will be 29).

I REALLY hope this is not the case because he is a beast in the middle. Just think TT may have done this to hedge his bets on Dez Bish.

Just bummed myself out

TPain's picture

Draft Jesse Williams or John Jenkins in the first, Sio Moore or Cyprien in the second, Aaron Dobson or Travis Kelce/Jordan Reed in the third, and Christine Michael or mike gillisee or Le veon bell in the fourth. There you go Ted. Pay me later bro. Out.

Drealyn Williams's picture

I like the LeVon Bell pick,but I doubt he lasts past late 2nd-mid 3rd

Stroh's picture

Whats to like about Bell? I don't see it and I bet he goes in the 4th, maybe later. Sure is big, too bad he doesn't play to his size and has poor vision needed for the NFL game. Watched alot of Big 10 and he never impressed me.

I would completely pass on Bell.

Drealyn Williams's picture

What's to like about Bell? He's a bruiser,he's very quick and agile,he has pretty decent hands and he's an every down back. I know the Packers don't need an every down back,but you never with the RBs we have now. Oh yea,did I mention his pass blocking? Something the Pack do often.

Stroh's picture

I can think of a few others I would rather have than him. Start w/ Lacy, Ball, Micheal. Vision is extremely important and Bell doesn't have it and consistently runs up his OL backs instead of cutting off the blocks. Size alone doesn't cut it... Bell lacks vision and instincts which are about as important if not more, than speed and size.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Where are you getting this from? He lacks vision? You must have a different Bell in mind. He's probably the most patient. Isn't Ball with the handful of concussions? Lacy is a first rounder. The Pack will not take a RB that high. Michael has injury and character issues.

Stroh's picture

Like I said I watch alot of Big10 football. I'm a huge Badger fan and a friend that I watch alot of football w/ is a huge Nebraska fan. Bell is an ok prospect and has a place in the NFL, but he misses running lanes and runs into blockers regularly.

Backed up by this at "Sub par vision prevents him from seeing cut back lines and sees him running up the back of his lead blocker too often."

Where do you get yours from? BTW in the Packers zone blocking scheme seeing cutback lanes is vital to being a productive RB.

Stroh's picture

Oh... I don't consided Lacy a 1st round pick, but a 2nd. Ball had one concussion from an off field attack, not from the football field and Michaels issues are well documented and why he's likely available in the 3rd or 4th.

Other than that I agree, Thompson is very unlikely to use a 1st round pick on a RB.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Funny how I see Bucky Brooks from (and NFL Network) wrote,”I’m about to let you in on a little secret that is circulating through scouting circles following the NFL Scouting Combine: Michigan State’s Le’Veon Bell is the best running back in the 2013 NFL Draft, and it’s not even close.” Also (in the same story),”Bell not only runs with a similar gait (Steven Jackson), but he displays the patience and vision to excel in a zone-based scheme.” So…where do we go from here???

Stroh's picture

Guess we'll see... Its not uncommon for different scouts to have different opinions. I'll trust what I've seen and you'll trust what you've seen. Not just printed but from actually watching. I wasn't too impressed w/ him.

On a different note, I think Bucky Brooks worked as a scout for the Packers for a couple years. Be interesting to see if they take him over Lacy or Ball.

Drealyn Williams's picture

I'd take Lacy over Bell,but I just doubt Lacy falls that far into the 2nd. And I damn sure wouldn't take ANY RB in the 1st. This year's DL class is deep.

Stroh's picture

I agree the DL is a deep class but if you look closely, IMO, its all 43 DT and edge rushers (OLB for the Pack). Matthews and Perry are going to be given every opportunity to be the edge rushers, so you can rule that out of consideration in the 1st. I think they need to draft an OLB for depth in the mid rounds. All the other DL are better 43 DT, than 34 DE, or NT and we have Pickett and Raji at NT. Hankins, Williams et al aren't very well suited for 34 DE. I would look for a developmental 34 DE later in the 3-5 rounds.

2 share owner's picture

Hey Stroh, how many of Bell's games did you watch? just curious

Stroh's picture

Probably 8 or more over past 2 years. Why?

Brooklyn81's picture

Cyprien will be gone late 2nd

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