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Packers Daily Links: Rodgers Won't Come Back Until He's Ready

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Packers Daily Links: Rodgers Won't Come Back Until He's Ready

After missing two consecutive starts and most of a third game with a broken collarbone, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers discussed his potential for return on a Monday appearance on "Packers Live" with Larry McCarren, airing on NBC 26 in Green Bay. “I’m going to be back when I’m ready, when there’s a very low risk of re-injuring that,” Rodgers is quoted as saying by Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “Obviously if you have another blow like I had, displacement of the collarbone could be three to five months of rehab. That’s not what we want. At the same time, we’re 5-5 and might need a little jolt here at some point.” With head coach Mike McCarthy already naming Scott Tolzien the starter for the upcoming Vikings game, it would appear the best-case scenario would be for Rodgers to return in time for the big Thanksgiving Day matchup with the Detroit Lions.

More on Aaron Rodgers comes from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and

More on the decision to start Scott Tolzien appears at Packer Report, and

An analysis of Scott Tolzien as a backup quarterback appears at and

Defensive miscues in the loss to the Giants are explained by coordinator Dom Capers. “I liked all the things we did in the game except the way we played the switch route,” Capers is quoted as saying by Rob Demovsky of “And three of their big plays came off of that.” Safeties Morgan Burnett, M.D. Jennings and cornerback Micah Hyde were all victimized by lapses in coverage while guarding receivers running switch routes on Sunday.

More on the defensive problems comes from JSOnline.

Tight end Jermichael Finley took time to call a high school player that suffered a similar injury to his, a bruised spinal cord.

Weekly post-game analysis comes from Bob McGinn of the Journal Sentinel, Cliff Christl and Eric Baranczyk of the Press-Gazette and Paul Imig of

Teams have been loading the box against the run without Aaron Rodgers in the game, as explained at

The recent play of safety Morgan Burnett is criticized in the notebook section of the Press-Gazette.

Playmakers wanted, reads the headline of an article at Packer Report.

Critical of Mike McCarthy's playcalling is "Jersey" Al Bracco at

Make sure to check out tickets to every Packers home game at Lambeau Field.

Video: T.J. Lang was John Kuhn's guest on Clubhouse Live on Monday...

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keeley2's picture

Man, I'm really hoping MM is just being coy and is privately getting Aaron ready to start this coming Sunday against the queens. Another loss and it might not matter when Rodgers comes back. Of course, it is the Vikings.

Evan's picture

I agree - Sunday is a must-win. But if they can't beat the Vikings with Tolzien (I'd take him over whatever garbage QB the Vikes start), they don't deserve to win the division/make the playoffs.

THEMichaelRose's picture

Right. Good thing this is the Lambeau matchup and not in the Metrodome. I like our chances.

RG's picture

He will not be playing this week and probably not Thanksgiving. If he plays Thanksgiving, he would have to practice next Tuesday. That would be 22 days from when he broke his collar bone. Almost certainly not happening.

The Packers are going to have to win this week and by miracle win on Thanksgiving without Rodgers. A tall task. Then they may have to win out to make the playoffs. 10-6 may make the playoffs but the Packers would probably lose a tiebreaker at 10-6 unless they beat Detroit.

mike's picture

those mean ole switch routes will get you every time.

IowaPackFan's picture

I don't understand how our secondary can't figure them out. How hard of a concept is the switch route? Do we just have dumb DBs?

Mojo's picture

Always felt intelligence and cohesiveness were more important than pure athletic ability in the secondary.

The "handing off" of a receiver to another player is always risky it you ask me. It requires at least two different people to see the play the same way and then react properly to their assignments in a split second. If even one guy gets confused, it can be a disaster. It becomes even more dicey when you've got people playing back there who barely know each other. That's why a good steady pass-rush covers up a multitude of sins.

Cow42's picture

Funny how other teams are able to do this.

The Pack? They've had this problem forever.

Derek in CO's picture

I really liked that piece by Jersey Al and agreed with most of it. Check it out.

L's picture

If the Thanksgiving game is on the early side for Rodger's return - I'd hope the team defaults to the cautious side and sits him that week as well with the hope he returns the following week. I saw encouraging things from S.Tolzien this last week and I think as long as the defense eliminates the big mistakes, plays with better discipline on the D-line and the O-line pass protects better (more specifically the RT) we're completely capable of winning these next two games even without A.Rodgers; I'd rather have him back when he's able to actually absorb some hits which frankly will happen during a game. No need to jeopardize the future of "the franchise" going into next season just because the team can't get a win or wins without him this season.

Evan's picture

Thanksgiving is always a tough game, no matter who plays at QB for either team. I'm hopeful Rodgers will be ready by then - I do think the season will depend on it - but, yeah, if he's still at a high-risk of further injury, then it's not worth it.

THEMichaelRose's picture

"no matter who plays at QB for either team"

I wonder if you're referencing Mike McMahon.

Fish crane's picture

Gulp. Unstoppable. Him and switch routes a lethal combo

Evan's picture


Bart's picture

If I thought that we had a realistic chance of going to the SB if we make the playoffs I would go all out with Rodgers and maybe take a chance. However, given the play of the defense, I don't see how we win 3 games in the postseason with or without Rodgers. Seattle, Carolina, SF and NO would all more than likely beat the Packers. Therefore, don't take a chance with Arod and let the chips fall where they may.

Marlow's picture

Yes. One only has to look at RGIII to see what happens when a player comes back too quickly. It's foolish to sacrifice the future for a possible win in the present.

Cow42's picture

Amazing how quickly those teams caught up to, passed, and then lapped the Packers.

Man that window sure doesn't stay open long.

This next draft better be a doozie.

Idiot Fan's picture

I agree that we don't want to jeopardize the future, but if recent history has taught us anything it's that you just need to make the playoffs and get hot. At this point last year the Ravens looked very mediocre; at this point in 2011 the Giants looked very mediocre (they were about to get completely blown out by the Saints); and at this point in 2010, the Packers were not looking like champions. We just need to get in and get healthy, then anything can happen...

Point Packer's picture

Jersey Al's MM play-calling piece is worth a quick read. It truly cannot be understated how unbelievably predictable the Packers offense is.

some guy's picture

its not going to get fixed with Capers or the other d coaches.

The name is Pat Narduzzi. if you want a good defense, he's your guy.

and yes, MM's playcalling is bad. its so obvious the play out to the TE in the flat is going to be called 4 times a game.

I pray to god Philbin gets canned and comes back.

Idiot Fan's picture

Every team has a playbook and repeats plays from week to week and within a game.

Nerd's picture

It's clear this team has the mentality that they "can't win without Aaron."

Mike certainly seems to have this mentality. We saw how running Lacy into a stacked box of 9 defenders worked out. Also how consistently throwing 1 yard passes into that stacked box worked out.

Makes me long for the days when Mike and Aaron would throw into triple coverage DEEP.

Bottom line is, they will err on the side of risk here. If Aaron re-injures the bone, he'll be out for the year. But the team (and staff) are apparently giving up without him ANYWAY. So you have to hurry him back.

Either way, he'll be back next season. But only if they rush him back will we have a shot THIS season.

The bone will have to be nearly completely healed. He'll have to be able to take sacks and hits, but they're not gonna wait until they're mathematically eliminated.

Nerd's picture

Here are a couple other factors.

1: That Lions game, OF COURSE has to come on a short week, which gives a few fewer days to heal.

2: The Lions are known cheap shot artists. Will anyone on our team have the sack to stand up to Suh and Fairly to protect our QB?

Evan's picture

" Will anyone on our team have the sack to stand up to Suh and Fairly to protect our QB?"

I have no doubt Sitton, Lang or EDS would in a second.

Nerd's picture

Where were they when Brandon Merriweather was spearing our guys?

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

I dont see Rodgers playing against Detroit. Its a Thursday game (so not long from now) against a really aggressive (and dirty) DL on hard turf. Just dont see that as the game he comes back

Longshanks's picture

I agree Andrew. Here's what I see happening. Tolzein will win this game against MN as MM finally realizes he needs to just let Tolzein air it out for the first time instead of playing this conservative bend but don't win shit he's been doing the last two weeks.

Tolzein AND THE REST OF THE TEAM takes that confidence into Detroit and Tolzein wins AGAIN two weeks in a row and saves the season. Rodgers then returns after Detroit, the Packers do make the playoffs. I see this happening clear as day.


Cow42's picture

Zero chance of this.

Point Packer's picture

"Airing it out" = 6 INT day for Tolzien.

Not a folk hero now, won't be after the Detroit game.

Longshanks's picture

Give me a break!! You wouldn't know talent if it bit you in the ass. I can't wait to see what all the negative Nancy's say when Tolzein get his first two wins against MN and Detroit. You and Cow will disappear forever.


Nerd's picture

Telegraphing 1 yard passes into the "9 in the box" defense=6 INTs.

Tolzien was 6 for 6 on passes of 15 or more yards. Not coincidentally.

Longshanks's picture

Thank you Nerd!! Not to mention Tolzein has the 4th most passing yards in NFL history for his first two games. NFL History!! I'd say we might have someone special as our backup to Rodgers.


Cow42's picture

Hey Longshanks...

Pretty sure you predicted the Pack to beat NYG.
Do I remember that you said Tolzien would "Look like Bart Starr"?

Good call, bro.

Evan's picture


Trolls trolling trolls, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

Longshanks's picture

"Do I remember that you said Tolzien would “Look like Bart Starr”?

Yeah Cow, I did think he would LOOK like Bart Starr. The problem is he didn't shave his mustache. I didn't know it was grow a mustache for your prostate month so no, he didn't look like Starr.

I do predict a victory for the Packers this week. Not sure who Tolzein is going to look like. Probably more like Troy Aikman with a beard.

Cow, did you shave your ass for colon week?


Mojo's picture

It was just a matter of time before Cow and Shanks found each other.

ted, of bill and ted's picture

a million times +1, lmao

Point Packer's picture

A match made in moron heaven.

The funny things is that Longshanks actually credits Cow for his interest in CHTV. And in early posts actually praises him for his "honest assessments".

Mind-blowing stuff. Can't make this up.

JJB's picture

Every game without #12 is going to be a L. Def won't step up so AP will go for 200 again.

Cow42's picture


KurtMc's picture

Tolzien can help. His play isn't the issue. The play calling is. Al hit it on the nose. We all know the Giants were going to load the box. MM failed adjust.

I'd almost like #12 NOT to come back until next year. Trash DOm and get something going!

Agree, that now Seattle, Carolina, SF and NO, whoever gets the wild card, IF we would make the playoff's will wipe us.

Go Pack

Cow42's picture

Problem is...

I don't even think a good draft + getting guys healthy over the off season = catching up to any of the teams you listed.

This rebuild is gonna take some time.

Hope Rodgers is still playing at a high level 4 - 5 years from now.

RunAndHyde's picture

4 or 5 years from no? You are not just a are a cry baby.

PackerPete's picture

I disagree. As hard as I am on Tolzien, this team was 5-2 before #12 got injured. Once he was out, other Ds loaded the box, and we don't have anybody at QB and have the team score enough. With #12 healthy, this team would be 8-2 or 7-3 at the worst. Getting Cobb back makes the O even better! So no, what the O needs for next year is a TE, a WR (I'll assume JJ will leave in FA), and an upgrade at C over EDS. Assuming Harris will be back at RB, Bulaga and Sherrod finally healthy, this will be a good O. The only reason they'll not make the playoffs this year is subpar QB play as long as #12 is out.

The D needs major help, especially at S, but with this O this is not a rebuilding project.

Nerd's picture

When you've got 9 in the box, what QB is going to be successful with short passes and running plays?

Tolzien has shown he can hit guys deep. This loss was on Mike, not Scott.

RunAndHyde's picture

If they don't change the game plan for this Sunday...we deserve a Loss.

Steven's picture

Look her cow, your milk is always bitter now. Your predictions make you look like a clown, when rodgers got hurt you were the only one without a frown. And for that reason its time to put you down. So goodbye cow, ill see you next time, hopefully then your opinions will be worth more than a dime. ... lol sorry rhyming mood

4thand1's picture

WTF, the doom and gloom is so deep with some people its hilarious. If this team stayed healthy from the start they would be one of the favorites to win it all. Some people think the Pack has to rebuild. I'm sure glad they're not running things. Newsflash, Aaron Rodgers isn't the only significant injury. A stud tight end in the draft and a hard hitting safety( who can actually tackle.)Then BAP the rest of the way. By then Tolzien will be a very dependable back up. He's as good as a lot of shitty starting qb's right now.

Cow42's picture

The Packers need...

-tight end
-wide receiver
-dlinemen (Pick and Raji will be gone)
-2 corners (Williams is gone, Hyde is too slow)
-2 safeties
-a pass rushing OLB
-a starting level ILB

That right there, my friends, is a re-build waiting to happen.

WKUPackFan's picture

Let's take a shot at examing what GB might do if the above were a legitimate scenario. The task is slightly more speculatory than normal in that there will probably be a new DC. Capers' contract expires and he is 63. He'll retire, or become a special consultant with another team.

-TE: Quarless, Bostick, Taylor back. GB sees something in AQ or he would have been gone by now. No. 4 draft pick.
-WR: JJ back for a reasonable deal. No. 2 or 3 pick.
- DL: Pick and Jolly back for reasonable deals. Datone assumes major load. Possible No. pick again, especially NT.
-CB: Hayward, House, Shields (possibly franchised) back. TWill likely gone. One or two late round picks. Possible high mid level FA signing.
-S: Burnett is counted on and continues to improve despite recent hiccup. Hyde attempts move to S. Yes, his move there in college was apparently unsuccessful. However, his skills are too good not to try, and he does appear to be too slow for a pro DB. S is not an optimum first round pick position, no. 2 or 3 pick. The timing seems right for TT to make an out of character mid high level FA signing at S or DB.
-OLB: Perry is counted on for solid to breakout year. New 3-4 variations counted on to increase QB pressure. Neal completes transition, becomes rotational/specialty player (if affordable). 1 or 2 late round picks.
-ILB: No changes. High draft pick in 2014.

Not exhaustive, but enough for mere speculation. Not a major rebuild to remain in the top 6-7 teams for years come either.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Thanks Pack Fan. Agree that roster can fixed or at least greatly improved in one year. Don't necessarily agree on all the positions, but your scenario is not unreasonable. I would like a situational cover ILB like Chillar was a few years ago. Please don't pay Raji 8 million. He isn't worth the $6.59 cap space he takes now.

Nerd's picture

These last three losses were NOT about having guys injured.

They were breakdowns due to lack of coordination on both offense and defense.

4thand1's picture

I'm starting to think some of these idiot fans would be happier if the Packers sucked for the last 5 years and finally made the playoffs.

Fish crane's picture

You gotta have faith. George Michael.

Think of the joy if the packers get back off the floor and take it all. This is an opportunity for the greatest season ever. You just can't know otherwise.

Cow42's picture

Stupid comment.

This team may not win another game and you're talking "best season ever".


Calf21's picture

So much hate for the team you love. Weird.

4thand1's picture

HA HA, it just keeps getting better. Its football, there will be ups and downs. No team is going to win it all every year. 11 different teams have made it to the SB from the NFC the last 12 years with the Giants going twice. Parity my friends. If Peyton Manning, Brees, Brady, go down they won't win the SB. Just make the playoffs. TT has put together a playoff caliber team 4 years running and only losing Rodgers has hurt their chances this year. WTF else could anyone ask for.

Evan's picture

Hey's that Kaepernick revolution coming along? Changing the game, huh?

Evan's picture

QB rating 12 pts higher than Tolzien'

Cow42's picture

He will win more SB's than Rodgers.

Rodgers' run is over.

The talent around him keeps getting worse.

Evan's picture

haha...I love it.

Revolutionizing the position! Changing the game! He's Jake Locker with a soul patch.

Fish crane's picture

He's never played any team sport not even for an inning or a play. It I just dawned on me and makes it easy to understand how quick he is to bail. He has no clue of something those of us who have played the game know.
You can get on a roll.

Evan's picture

You know, I made this comparison last night mostly on a whim, based on this season's QB rating...but taking their careers to date as a whole, it's pretty striking.

17 starts in 3 years, 59.1%, 3,651 yards, 21 TDs,
10 INTs, 7.7 ypa, 13 ypc, 140 ypg, 89.4 rating.

18 starts in 3 years, 57.2%, 3,974 yards, 22 TDs,
15 INTs, 7.1 ypa, 12.3 ypc, 172.8 ypg, 81.1 rating

packeraaron's picture

Oh that's right. Cow's big "Kap is the new hotness, Rodgers is over" nonsense. Had forgotten about that. Effing hilarious.

Longshanks's picture

Agree 4th and one!! Before the Bears game I honestly had Green Bay ranked as the no. 1 team in the NFL. They had that running game hitting on all cylinders combined with Rodgers and a good defense. They were going to roll on to the playoffs.

Obviously Rodgers going down has made them look average and alot of fans are jumping ship. As you said any elite starting qb goes down and their team is fucked until they get back.

There is no "rebuilding". That's just that idiot Cow saying that. They are one of the youngest teams in the league. When or if Rodgers comes back they'll be fine. Until then we need to root for Tolzein who in my opinion is getting better and better and will bust out in this game against MN. Can't wait!!


Walty's picture

Am I the only one who remembers that Cow admitted he comes on here posting like an idiot because it's some superstition for him?

I also find this annoying but all of you responding to him as if he really believes all of these things are wasting your time.

Evan's picture

I remember and usually ignore him. But his prediction that Kap would revolutionize the game popped into my head and I couldn't resist.

Nerd's picture

Tell you what.

If Tolzien comes out and WINS this game against the Queens, Aaron could theoretically conceivably sit for one more week, no?

Detroit is a huge tiebreaker for us, if it comes to that. But we've beaten them already this year.

I think that if both Mike and Dom pull their heads out, we can beat the Queens with Tolzien.

Then again, I thought that about the Giants too.

Longshanks's picture

Hey, shit happens Nerd. JPP made a once in a lifetime play on defense that changed the game in the Giants favor. Had he not done that I have no doubt Tolzein scores on that drive and we win that game. MM called a piss poor play on that one.

The guy was hitting EVERYTHING deep and MM calls a pansy quick throw to Quarless. JPP knew it was coming before he snapped it. Tolzein was a sitting duck.

MM will make up for it this week. Expect a pass heavy game from MM this week. Put the pedal to the fucking medal is what he's going to do. No more run run pass punt. It will be pass pass run this time. If you are going to lose you might as well lose playing aggressive. Conservative on offense has gotten us no where.


RC Packer Fan's picture

The opening couple of drives were horrible. Run, run, pass.

I expect this weeks opening drive to be a lot more pass heavy to start. I don't think he will be as predictable with his play calling.

I think they will take a deep shot right away in the first few plays of the game, to try and loosen up the defense, especially if they are stacking the box.

Longshanks's picture

I agree RC. He has to open it up this time and right away. He has try to win this game playing aggressively from the get go. The only way I see McCarthy staying conservative offensively is if Adrian Peterson isn't playing but I am pretty sure he will be playing as he typically plays his best games against us.


Nerd's picture

Apete has nothing to do with our offense.

But if Mike WANTS to win, it will be apparent this week.

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