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Packers Daily Links: Rodgers Wants to See Favre's Number Retired

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Packers Daily Links: Rodgers Wants to See Favre's Number Retired

In an appearance on radio's Jim Rome Show on Wednesday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers used the words "healing process" in regards to the franchise's fractured relationship with Brett Favre. “(I’m) excited about the chance to see him again and get his number retired here before he goes into Canton,” Rodgers is quoted as saying by Wes Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. Favre is eligible for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016, and it's probably inevitable that the Packers retire his number before that time.

More on Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre appears at,, and the podcast of the interview at

Aaron Rodgers also had more to say on the Packers wide receivers at JSOnline and the offensive line at

Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly spoke to WBAY-TV in Green Bay following his graduation from a drug treatment program in Houston on Wednesday. "I don't know anyone who sat out three years and was able to go back to the same team," Jolly is quoted as saying by reporter Chris Roth. "I met with the Packers a couple of weeks ago. They understand my situation and they are willing to be there for me, so I'm just doing everything I can to be in shape and do everything I need to do for my team. They have been there, and I'm going up there to do my best to show them what they want to see this year. So I'll be doing everything in my power to get ready." Jolly is expected to join the Packers for Organized Team Activities beginning next week. With plenty of depth on the Packers defensive line, however, Jolly is going to find a tough road to make the team's roster.

More on Johnny Jolly appears at the Press-Gazette,,, JSOnline and

Cornerback Tramon Williams recently talked about taking over a leadership role in the Packers secondary now that Charles Woodson is gone, going so far as buying a Star Wars Yoda t-shirt. "We know that when Charles was here, he had that role," Williams is quoted as saying by Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "He was the leader of this group. He taught us things. And I'm going to keep that alive — I'm going to keep that alive. I'm going to come out and do the same thing. The younger guys usually come to me for things anyway. So whatever they need, I'm going to try to get those guys up to speed to play." Williams' personal trainer said the cornerback's shoulder has re-gained its full range of motion and is ready for a Pro Bowl season. We'll see.

More on Tramon Williams comes from Packer Report.

Articles on the restructured Packers offensive line appear at Fox Sports Wisconsin and Associated Press.

Attention on the Packers wide receivers comes from the team's official website and

The youth amongst the Packers' starters is analyzed over at Acme Packing Company.

An 11th wide receiver was added to the Packers' roster on Wednesday, a roster move noted at and JSOnline.

Items on Sam Shields and J.C. Tretter appear at Lombardi Ave.

Video: Former Packers wide receiver Donald Driver visited a school in Grafton, Wis. on Wednesday...

Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Point Packer's picture

I grew up with Brett, idolized him and I hope I'm at Lambeau for the game they retire his number so I can boo louder than I've every boo'ed before.

Great player, but at the end of the day, to me, he'll never be a great Packer. Donald Driver and Charles Woodson did far less statistically, but are much higher on the pedestal than "the dong slinger."

redlights's picture

Starting 290+ consecutive games puts him pretty high on the pedestal to me.

Frankly, I think he's an arsh; but to boo a man with that kind of accomplishment is childish. I understand that we all have our weaknesses in life, but he also overcame Vicoden addiction; I bet that that's harder than anything that you've conquered in your life. Because if you've conquered worse, you'd be above booing.

Tony's picture

I see both sides to this. Personally, the guy is a dick. But as far as what he meant to the Packers, especially during my early years watching the team, it helps ease the pain of going to Minnesota. I won't shun people for booing the guy, but I'll applaud him because of what he did on the field.

Point Packer's picture

His efforts to successfully overcome Vicodin addiction have absolutely ZERO role in his jersey being retired. Given that, your comment is ridiculously out of context.

But since you're attempting to bolster the Favre's character, lets talk about the picture of his manhood that he sent to that New York Jets cheerleader. Or how about the persistant and all about confirmed reports of his consistent cheating on his wife. Oh and then his "graceful departure" from the Packers. Yeah, that one, the one where he never addressed or thanked the Packer fan-base for their continued support during his time in GB. Support that persevered through his Vicodin addiction, his interception addiction and his wife's bout with cancer. The same wife he cheated on god knows how many times.

So no, I am not above booing Brett Favre. But if I'm given the chance, it will have nothing to do with his character and everything to do with his two year love affair with the Vikings.

Tarynfor12's picture

Sounds like you're going to lose a lot of money on the bet that Favre won't be Enshrined in Green Bay.

Please share any other betting ideas..I like making easy money.

redlights's picture

When all is said and done, is someone a positive contribution to our world or negative? And to what extent?

Anyone is free to boo, but it just shows shallowness. I think spouse cheating is despicable, but I also know that there are innumerable factors that occur in a marriage, and those that sustain, even if imperfect, are strong in charactor. Isn't that what we want to see in the Ring?

You were, I'm sure, irreparably harmed by the sexting and the success he had in Minny. Sexting is childish, but so are other things. Going to Minny? Oh my! The humanity!!!

Get with reality.

Point Packer's picture

Once again, my insistence on booing Favre has nothing to do with his contribution to humanity one way or the other and everything to do with his two years as a Viking. Two years that he spent trying to stick it to the Packer fans. Sure, he was really trying to stick it to Ted, but his actions during the time-period and the lead-up to his departure, just don't make him great in my eyes. And I idolized the guy through my youth.

I understand many others disagree with that and I'm 100% positive his jersey will be retired.

You are probably one of those Packer fans that jumped ship with Bert when he went to the Vikings and cheered on the Purple and Gold during those two seasons. Probably purchased one of those hideous Packer/Jet/Viking Favre jersey's. The worst kind of Packer fan.

redlights's picture


No, I fully supported TT in that decision and couldn't understand the venom from either side.

My theory was if #4 stayed, Arodg would be in Minny a year later. To me that would have REALLY stuck it to TT.

razor's picture

I feel the same way and totally agree!

djbonney138's picture

I am really pulling for Jolly. If he can stay clean and win his spot back it would be a huge example for those dealing with addiction problems. Good Luck sir!

will's picture

I do not understand the need of some to retire his number. Was he a good player for the Packers, yes. Did he end up being good for the organization, no. Using the term "packer people" he certainly is not one and that alone should end any attempt to retire his number. Does anyone think he gives a rip if the Packers retire his number...I think not. Let him fade away...please.

Evan's picture

"Did he end up being good for the organization, no."

Think of him what you will, but that's idiotic.

Tony's picture

Agree with Evan here. He's a HUGE chunk of the reason the team is where it is today. Imagine the last 20 years of Packers football without him. See: Jacksonville Jaguars

Mojo's picture

It's a little disingenuous to assume the Pack would have sucked without Brent. Do I think he helped make them better? Sure. But who's to say they wouldn't have had success with other QB's at the helm as long as Wolf and TT were surrounding them with talent. Keep in mind, in his sixteen years as the Packers starter they only won one SB. And ARod probably would have been the starter a few years earlier. I heard he's pretty good.

Evan's picture

No one knows if the Packers would have sucked or been even better if they didn't have Favre - maybe they would have won multiple Super Bowls with Brunell or Hasselbeck. Or maybe none.

All we know for sure is what Favre brought to Green Bay. He along with Wolf and Holmgren resurrected this franchise. And to dismiss what he did is, as I said, idiotic. You can think he's a piece of shit while still acknowledging all the good he did for the Packers.

"And ARod probably would have been the starter a few years earlier."

But who is to say ARod would be as good as he is now if he got thrust into the starting role earlier.

redlights's picture

Aside from the ton of money, Reggie stated #4 was a big reason to come to GB.

#4 didn't have the greatest of WR's.

Terrific defense? Yes. Super Bowl w/o #4? No.

As I said before, I think that personally he's an arsh. Do we want to take Gregg off because he was arguably a dirty coach?

Let's quit trying to be bigger dicks than #4. Take the high road, admit that he was an outstanding contributor to the franchise, and retire the number and put it on the Ring.

razor's picture

Agree! Agree! Agree!

Ranch Tooth's picture

They should officially retire #5 before they think about retiring #4.

will's picture

You need to learn to read and comprehend before you call someone an idiot. I said did he END UP benefiting the he did not (understand now grasshopper?). He dragged the organization through nasty crap that was all his own making. In my book that trumps what he did prior, he's not a good person now, and he wasn't during most of his tenure here. He was a good quarterback.

mark in montana's picture

I think "he was a good quarterback" is all the reason to welcome him back into the Packer family eventually, despite his personality. Packers history is full of drunks, gamblers, and probable assholes- even among the players we admire most. Hell, I can detect a few personality flaws in Aaron Rodgers that would not make me want to hang out with him- it won't stop me from liking him in the context of football fandom.

pooch's picture

Life is short people,bury the hatchet,you all have skeletons in the closet your just not a public figure.Brett brought 15 great years to G. B and maybe 4-5 crappy ones after,be humble and cheer,grudges are for losers

Point Packer's picture

"grudges are for losers" - See Brett Favre.

Jamie's picture

Agree. There is one person holding this thing up...........BERT!!!

dawg's picture

Retire him as a Packer? sure, someday.
In the ring of honor, NO!
I believe Wolf had more to do with
bringing this franchise together than anybody
else! Period!
Put Wolf in the ring!
Great player? yes, great person? No!
He would tarnish the ring!

I bleed Green More's picture

It sure shows how we all hate the Vikings, I remember the 60s I hated them at that time. It also shows that people take football very seriously and their team. If Favre could have just taken 2 yrs off his stats this would all be better but its not.

cow42's picture

i will never forget the "Thanks Ted" jersey.

Point Packer's picture

And for the record, I like Deanna Favre about as much as I like her husband.

mark's picture

We'll see what Brett says during the ceremony, but I think he owes Packer fans, and most especially, Aaron Rodgers, something along the lines of, "I'm sorry for the drama. Thank you for the support." I doubt he'll be big enough to go there, but in a perfect world, he would.

But even without an apology, I think Evan kind of said it here: "You can think he’s a piece of shit while still acknowledging all the good he did for the Packers."

Mickey's picture

Many great Packers had to go on and play or coach for other teams to elongate their careers. Starting with Lombardi,Taylor,Adderley,White, Freeman and more. What better way to stick it to the Queens than to have him retire a Packer.

dawg's picture

I understand the younger generation of this wonderful franchise wanting to retire the only QB they have ever known-#4.
BUT- Deanna's THANKS TED Jersey, on MNF.
BF Playoff loss to the Bears- Urlacher -Beat the PACKERS, to the obvious BF run to the queens to shove it to Ted and the PACKER nation.
To text a Detroit payer how to play GB. and worst of all to send a text of his private
Johnson to someone she trusts?
Say what you want about the players past and how they left, BUT yes, he's the best!?
PACKERS have 94 yrs of tradition, keepit that way!

Stroh's picture

Rambling and nonsensical... I can't tell if you are a favre fanatic or a favre hater. Try completing full sentences for a change.

dawg's picture

Making points alone the way, figure it out!
Thought this was a fan blog, not an English major!

dawg's picture

On your comment, you never played one game of organized football have ya!
carry on!

Stroh's picture

Yeah I did, whats it matter? How does that relate to you not being able to form a coherent sentence much less thought?

dawg's picture

Stroh--The queens are looking for a larger fan base, you'd fit right in.

Stroh's picture

Actually I think everyone here would say you fit far better as the queens fan. All you do is whine like a school girl about how bad things are. I was born in GB, at Bellin Hospital, went to Lombardi Jr High (now middle school) and graduated college at UWGB, so my loyalties are unquestioned!

dawg's picture

What it matters is that you attack the fan base--for me not being able to form a coherent sentence much less a thought?Wow dude, you got issues!
YOU started this shit-read the forum!

Stroh's picture

It wasn't an attack. Just said I can't make heads or tails from an incoherent comment. When you don't finish sentences/thoughts its kinda hard to determine what your sayin. Is it really that difficult to put a coherent sentence/thought together? Seriously had no idea where you stood or what you were trying to say. How is that an attack? Don't be so sensitive. Sheesh

PackersRS's picture

It's PR. Since the messy divorce, bringing Favre back has always been a problematic approach, marketing-wise. He did have a large following of his own, but Favre alienated a lot of Packers fans (no need to look further than some comments here). So linking his image to the franchise could have a negative effect. In comes Rodgers. Altough not 100%, having Rodgers endorse this return serves to ease the friction and generate positive response from the fanbase.

Though it is PR, this whole process, since Rodgers started to get in contact with Favre and try to intermediate both sides, shows a pretty big leap in maturity from QB1.

Which will make Rodgers a better player. In turn, it will make the Packers a better team on the field.

And that's what's really important here.

dawg's picture

RS--Well said and agree!
And like you said, Rodgers trying to intermediate both sides shows a big leap in maturity in QB12, will make the Packers a better franchise! Gotta respect that!
Favre has to do his part also, and show his true colors to the nation for this to actually happen.
He's gonna take a few to the chin, as did Rodgers and TT, but if he wants it, he's gotta step into the ring and show this is what he wants!
Next move? Favre.

Fish . Crane's picture

i think rodgers is reffering to his cell phone number

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