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Packers Daily Links: Micah Hyde Works to Overcome Slow 40 Time

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Packers Daily Links: Micah Hyde Works to Overcome Slow 40 Time

In a profile-type feature at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, reporter Tyler Dunne goes in depth on the Packers' recent fifth-round draft choice Micah Hyde, a cornerback from Iowa. Hyde ran a 4.57 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, which dropped his stock, but there are other qualities that help make up for it. "He's a film rat," Iowa defensive coordinator Phil Parker is quoted as saying. "He understands what the offense is trying to do and he's smart enough where he understands the game a little bit. . . . I don't think you can coach that. You can give them ideas and tips and say, 'look for this' and 'look for that,' but I think he had more of a feel for it. And sometimes you say, 'How did he make that play? How was he aware to make that play?' He just has it." I'm reminded of Casey Hayward and his relatively slow 40 time the previous season. He turned out okay. The Packers can only hope they've found the same type of player.

Sixth round draft choice Nate Palmer is profiled by reporter Wes Hodkiewicz over at the Green Bay Press-Gazette, in which the college defensive end from Illinois State talks about making the transition to outside linebacker. “I still have a lot to learn because defensive end is my primary position,” Palmer said. “But I feel like some of the things that I have learned will help me learn, help me adapt, help me get quicker. I know it’s going to be a learning curve, but I’m just ready to get to work.” Palmer steps into a good situation in Green Bay after Erik Walden and Frank Zombo left as free agents this offseason. There's less depth at outside linebacker than other positions on the team, but Palmer still needs to prove himself.

The official website of the Packers and reporter Mike Spofford followed wide receiver Randall Cobb during an offseason strength and conditioning workout, which provided some good behind-the-scenes insight. “I just want to continue to improve, to get stronger, to get more powerful, to get more explosive and build myself up as a player, and build into a leadership role on this team,” Cobb said. “I want to do everything I can to put us in the best position for next season.” At the end of the article it was interesting to read how safety Sean Richardson and tight end Matthew Mulligan were among the top performers in a contest in which players attempted to throw a medicine ball the furthest.

Media outlets made note of the Packers wearing their throwback uniforms this season, including The Wearing of the Green (and Gold), Acme Packing Company,, Packer Report, Fox Sports Wisconsin, Green Bay Press-Gazette, Lombardi Ave. and JSOnline.

The NFC North blog at chimes in on the free agent fortunes of former Packer Charles Woodson, while wonders if Woodson could return to Green Bay.

The quarterback position in Green Bay gets some attention from both JSOnline and Acme Packing Company.

The toe injury of running back Eddie Lacy is scrutinized over at Lombardi Ave.

Speaking of Eddie Lacy, his jersey along with Datone Jones' are now for sale by the Packers Pro Shop.

Fifth round draft choice Josh Boyd is profiled at Packer Report.

Video: The NBC affiliate in Milwaukee gives a quick sneak peek of Aaron Rodgers' appearance in The Office this Thursday...

Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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cow42's picture

be careful using Hayward as a slow-corner success story.
i've been watching highlights of his rookie year lately. that dude is sloooooooow. mark my words - he will have a huge drop off next season. 4 of his 6 picks were garbage throws - right at him.

Point Packer's picture

You don't get that many picks by being lucky. 4 of those 6 picks he was in the right position to make a play.

jeremy's picture

Hayward is a film rat and knows what the QB's tendencies are and is consistently in the right spot.

He had a league leading 43.4% completion percentage.

He did not have a single penalty or allow a touchdown all season.

He is incredibility fluid in the hips and his 20-yeard shuttle is better that Patrick Peterson's.

I'm getting really tired of your negativity. Cheeseheadtv used to be a really great place to talk about the Packers. Some comments positive, some negative, but mostly honest and most of all fun.

Corey - I'd like to ask for a hide comments button. I want to come and read the articles here. But I'm sick of seeing this stuff.

cow42's picture

go watch him play.

i'm not all negative.

here's one for ya - i've watched a ton of harris also... he's really good (one of the reasons why i didn't like the franklin pick - redundant).

Chad Toporski's picture

"i’m not all negative."

He never said you were "all" negative, just that he was getting tired of all the negativity you do spew.

Frankly, I think most people feel this way. As you should know, I would never condone banning someone from posting, but you should be aware of how you are regarded. Whether you care or not, and whether you actually realize it or not, we get sick of seeing the same type of negative responses over and over and over again. There's a difference between being realistic and being pessimistic.

Take that as you will.

jeremy's picture

To be clear, I don't want to ban anyone from posting. Or, to even hide most of cow42's comments. I'm sure I've posted things that were not well received in the past. I would just like people to see some feedback on the quality of what they put here. And also for the group to be able to hide comments that have no other goal but to hijack the conversation based on some self serving need for attention.

Franklin Hillside's picture

It's ironic that when you attempt to make a positive comment, you end up adding a backhanded negative one.

PackerBacker's picture

I disagree with the hide comments button. He is not being derrogatory and he keeps his comments on the Packers. They are his opinions, just like the things you write are yours.
I think he's wrong the majority of the time, but that doesn't mean that we can't have a lively discussion about it. If he were calling people names, I'd agree. But he's just a pessimist. You can't kick somebody out for that.

ted, of bill and ted's picture

my computer has a scroll button. it works pretty well. when you see a troll, just scroll.

and for the record, i get a good laugh reading the responses to cow's response. he has an opinion, he states it, i read it, sometimes i agree (most times i don't), and i move on

and there are just as many times i disagree with things he says as there are times i disagree with 'positive' commenters, like stroh (nothin against you stroh, you just came to mind first)

Stroh's picture

No problem. Lol. I make an impression one way or another dont I?..

ArodMoney's picture

Richard Sherman, Joe Haden, and Brandon Flowers are all just as slow. Not a huge deal.

packeraaron's picture

Ah yes. The obligatory "everything is going to be terrible" comment from cow.

Don't you guys know? THIS is the year the entire thing comes crashing down and the Packers go 4-12. cow just keeps portending doom. He's bound to be right sooner or later...

cow42's picture

6-10, actually.

jim's picture

11-5, at the worst

cow42's picture


Idiot Fan's picture

Ok, how about a deal, and I'll even give you some cushion. Anything better than 8-8 and you go join your kindred spirits over at JSOnline and leave us to our own discussions. 8-8 or worse and we all bask in the amazingness that is Cow and acknowledge that you were right and we were wrong. An injury to #12 nullifies the deal.


cow42's picture

i will consider only if this: "An injury to #12 nullifies the deal." is removed. it's not my fault that they decided not to protect themselves.

Beep's picture

From the great George Will, "The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised."

PackersRS's picture


Not even you believe what you've written.

Mojo's picture

There's still time to enroll Hyde at Don Beebe's "House of Speed".

PackerPete's picture

I'm not sure I would call Casey Hayward slow. He ran a 4.47 at the NFL combine 2012. That's almost identical to what Woodson had (4.44) back in the day. Tramon Williams had a 4.57 at his pro day. And jsut to compare: Tramon had a 4.2 short shuttle and a 6.95 3 cone drill. Hayward had 3.9 and 6.76, so he is faster and quicker than Tramon.
And: Anybody remember Pat Lee, who was drafted for his speed? Turns out at the combine, he was indeed very fast in the 40 (4.35), but short shuttle (4.42) and 3 cone drill (6.88), Hayward is much quicker.
All I want to point out is that Hayward is much quicker than the average corner, and his 40 may be a bit slower, but for covering slot WRs, the 40 time is certainly much less important than the short shuttle.
Hayward was the fastest in the 20 yard shuttle at the 2012 combine, and 2nd fastest at the 60 yard shuttle. Always bugs me that players are considered "slow", but in fact are real quick.

Point Packer's picture

Very god post. Thanks Pete.

jim's picture

great point, pete

cow42's picture

speed helps.
lack of speed hurts.

Mojo's picture

"speed helps" - Well that's good then. As Pete explained Hayward was the fastest and second fastest in the shuttles.

Stroh's picture

Actually he was among the quickest , not fastest. There's a distinct difference. Haywards quickness makes him ideal in the slot. His relative lack of speed and length hurts him as an outside CB.

I know this is an unpopular opinion but i think Hayward has limited upside. He's about as good as he'll ever get IMO. His instincts won't get a lot better. I don't think he'll regress but his stat won't be as good.

ArodMoney's picture

quickness and ball skills over straight line speed any day

cow42's picture

quickness, ball skills, AND straight line speed over quickness and ball skills any day.

PackerBacker's picture

Duh, of course everyone would take straight line speed as well if given a choice. That's not the point they're making. They are saying that he needs quickness in the slot if he's going to make quick anjustments to receivers and still be in position to make plays. We have Shields if you're looking for straight line speed. And here's a shock, he plays on the outside.

Stroh's picture

Quickness in and of itself is more important
than speed.

Jennifer's picture

I would be in favor of banning COWPIE 42, the rest of you guys are respectful and intelligent , he is far from it.

gbfpage's picture

U dont lead the team in passes defensed by being lucky. QBs tried to pick on him cuz he was a rookie and he made them pay. Looked real good every time i watched him. Almost always in good position to defend or pick. Be a stud this year too. Think hyde also surprises this year def beats out bush for playing time

OSUPacker's picture

I would say that the lack of long speed and short arms of Heyward will prevent him from ever being able to play on the perimeter at an elite level. However, his quickness and ball skills should allow him to excel in the slot as he showed in his rookie year. Is he likely to get 6 picks again and not allow a touchdown, probably not. But to say he is going to fall of the face of the earth because he doesn't have elite speed is just ignorant.

cow42's picture

so other than his body type and speed he's good to go.


he's a solid #3 corner.
that's important.
i just don't think he'll ever become a shut down guy.
in fact, i think his first season will end up being his best.
everything went right for him.

only thing that might help him is having tramon on the field... tramon's man will be even more open than his own.

PackerBacker's picture

With current offenses, having a shutdown slot cornerback is imperative.
If he can play well, game in and game out in 2012, why not next year. Your premise is incorrect. It's not like he had 3 or 4 amazing games and then was pathetic the other 12. He was consistently good.
FYI, I like the fact that you can say whatever you want on this forum and I would hope that they don't add a blocker. You aren't derrogatory and keep things about the Packers. For the most part I think you're wrong, but that has nothing to do with it ;)
However, you have to know that comments like this:
" i think his first season will end up being his best. everything went right for him."
are what piss people off, because you have absolutely no way of proving that and it contradicts most of what everyone else in pro-football says.

cow42's picture

i really don't care what people think of my opinion(s).
they're just that - my opinions.

jeremy's picture

So you hang around here tailing every conversation with your opinions because you don't care what people think?

packsmack25's picture

I'm starting to think the trolls here have a vested interest in the success of this blog. It's the Skip Bayless shock jock effect. Say dumb, obviously trolling things, and people just can't help themselves. The trolls are clearly increasing traffic here, whether it's intentional or not.

Denver's picture

Not sure about the 'vested interest' part, but it is clear that cow revels in the attention he gets.
It's a bummer that folks can't resist always replying to his gloom and doom schtick.

packsmack25's picture

Yeah the trolls don't seem to be exclusively posting here, so I wasn't trying to implicate anyone. My point was mostly that they are unknowingly helping the site by drawing more clicks with their antics.

al's picture

hoo is going to be safty then ?

al's picture

i herd brian bring your name up on pod cast hoo is the man for the safty spot ?

packsmack25's picture

I honestly have no idea what you're talking about, Al.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

He puts asses in the seats. I doubt Nagler or Behnke are in a rush to ban him.

#D.N.E. (Do.Not.Engage. Learn it. Love it.)

Chad Toporski's picture

I'd take technique over speed any day. And so would most coaches.

PackerPete's picture

Oh yes. Also remember, we have (or had) all those WRs who when they were drafted "had just LB speed". Yet I don't see James Jones, Jordy Nelson, or Greg Jennings having trouble getting open.
If speed was all that matters then NFL teams would go out and make the fastest 100 meters runners CBs or WRs. Yet that hardly ever works out...

cow42's picture

if all the Packer wr's are so good at getting open, wy does Rodgers have to hang on to the ball for 20 seconds every play (resulting in sack after sack).

i've long thought that Packer wr's have been overrated - specifically nelson and jones. cobb and jennings are able to get open on their own. nelson and jones (and finley) need to be schemed or thrown open.

ArodMoney's picture

I'll give you Jones, but not Jordy. He can torch one on one coverage with his size/speed.

I also believe that the Packers receivers have been overrated but that has more to do with drops and JMikes vast overratedness.

IMO the large sack total came mainly from play calling and Arod. McCarthy had obvious struggles scheming against cover two while Rodgers was extremely hesitant with the ball and rarely tried to make contested throws(the only one he seems to ever try is the seam route).

Lucky953's picture

Charles Johnson: our 7th rnd pick, ran a sub 4.4 40. Not many corners can match that, but you still have to get off the line, run a route, and catch the ball. The QB has to have enough time for that speed to gain a step, and the ball has to be stuck in over a leaping DB. Bob Hayes was " the fastest man on earth", but he's not in the discussion of great WRs. Yes, fast can help, but success is different

California Cheesehead's picture

Back to Hyde, where do y'all see him fit? I mean, we have a lot of depth positions, and as for DB's there are many. Tramon, Shields, House, Hayward, boy named Morgan, McMillain, Richardson, the good doctor. I left Bush out, but that's wishful thinking, as he got that raise, last year.

SO, do you guys think Hyde makes the final roster, as per early thoughts? Practice Squad?

ArodMoney's picture

5th corner and active roster most likely. Groom him as a replacement if Shields and/or Tramon aren't around next year.

PackersRS's picture

I see a guy that is a willing tackler and that is very good at reading receivers and turning when the ball arrives in deep balls.

But I also see a guy that not only is too frail to play S, but also takes wrong angles in the run game.

He's also slow to react in short yardage (not quick enough).

Can't say about deep speed, he was with his guy throughout the vid but I don't know if those guys are fast enough. He did some jamming, but never at the LOS, and I don't know enough about press technique to comment if he was doing well or not. He didn't lose in the vid, though.

Take it with a grail of salt, as it's highlights of 2 games only, and I don't know about the competition.

But from what I see, he'll battle for ST and that's it.

Denver's picture

I don't have very high hopes for him, but here's hoping. I think it would be great if he makes it based on ST's ability. Can always find a place for those guys.
That video was interesting PackersRS. The B1G was a good place to be for a DB last year with the lack of quality QB play, that's for sure.

Stroh's picture

Replacing Bush as ST ace and a better #5 CB hopefully. Saving 2M on cap.

mani2packers's picture

Wow now attacking hayward? So packers are stupid for tying up over 30% cap on Rodgers and Matthews. Hayward sucks. Lacy a bad pic. And franklin a bad pic. Ur right bro. TT cant draft. Only 49ers can draft. I dont think TT has ever drafted a good player. And even if he did. It was totally an accident! Every pic 9ers make is a future HOF.

thedon5's picture

Just give Cow his own weekly/daily article called Curmudgeon Corner or something like that as a reaction to the weekly news. I know I'd read it

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