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Packers Daily Links: Lions' Tulloch Questions Jennings

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Packers Daily Links: Lions' Tulloch Questions Jennings

Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch took to Twitter to question recent comments made by Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings on the NFL Network. On the show "Total Access," Jennings said the Lions have to keep their composure. From Ndaukong Suh's stomp to Jim Schwartz's criticism of Mike McCarthy to the Lions' six arrests this season to Titus Young's punching a teammate, it would appear Jennings has a point. "Jennings does have a basis to talk about the Lions, having seen first hand that the Lions’ inability to keep their composure cost them when the Packers won at Detroit on Thanksgiving," writes Michael David Smith of "When it comes to maintaining their composure, Jennings has a lot less reason to worry about his own team than Tulloch has to worry about his own team." Jennings answered the question on the NFL Network in general terms without specific criticism. To be upset over what Jennings said just comes off as petty.

More on Stephen Tulloch and Greg Jennings can be found at, and the Detroit Free Press.

Big changes are on the horizon within the Lambeau Field Atrium, according to a report from Richard Ryman of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. Plans include moving the Packers Hall of Fame to the second floor, Curly's Pub to the first floor and expanding the Packers Pro Shop. "At one time the Packers contemplated moving the Pro Shop to the east parking lot, but Murphy said Tuesday current thinking is to keep everything in the existing Atrium," writes Ryman. "He said they hope to announce plans by the end of the year, and possibly sooner." It's reported that one of the goals of the project would be to raise local income, which doesn't have to be shared with other NFL teams. Approval must come from the stadium district, though it's doubtful that there will be any roadblocks.

Former Packers cornerback Craig Newsome is profiled in a feature by Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "He embraced the game's warrior mentality and paid for it," writes Dunne. "After leaving the game with a broken back in 1999, Newsome's life became what his wife, Tara, labels 'a tornado of hell.' Just 28 years old, Newsome was deemed physically disabled by Social Security. Three discs in his lower back were shattered and two surgeries didn't fix it." It's a haunting story about Newsome who was depressed and addicted to pain killers, especially in light of what other former NFL players like Junior Seau have gone through. But it's also a story with a beacon of light at the end. Highly suggested reading.

Wide receiver Donald Driver responded to recent statements about wanting to play the next two seasons in an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal. "We're going to go year to year and then see what happens," said Driver. "If I feel good after this season, then I'll continue to play. If i don't, I'm going to put the cleats on the shelf and walk away." The question remains whether that includes playing for another team, however.

Another profile is done on Packers cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt Jr. who talks about battling dyslexia with Lori Nickel of the Journal Sentinel.

Former Packers coach Mike Holmgren talks with Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette in advance of his Packers Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Curly's Pub inside Lambeau Field had their grand re-opening this past weekend.

Former Packers linebacker Nick Barnett talked about a possible return to football by former teammate Nick Collins with Wes Hodkiewicz at

Former Packers wide receiver Walter Stanley talked to the Packers official website.

The most important Packers of 2012 series continues by Jason Wilde of with Tramon Williams at 11 and Jordy Nelson at 10.

 Packer Report continues its training camp and roster countdown series.

A look at Aaron Rodgers' contract and a preview of the Packers-Seahawks game also appears at Packer Report.

The tight end position is previewed pre-training camp by Fox Sports Wisconsin.

Packerpedia questions whether Aaron Rodgers is underutilized.

Predicting the roster at the safety position is Acme Packing Company.

Utilizing Randall Cobb on the reverse is a topic discussed at

A look ahead to the 2013 offseason is forecasted by Principles and Policy.

Video: Footage from the grand re-opening at Curly's Pub comes from the Press-Gazette as diners eat a new menu item, "The Lambeau Heap"...

Brian Carriveau is a writer for Cheesehead TV. To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Ebongreen's picture

I suppose Tulloch isn't quite … "there" … enough to realize that, by responding in such a way, he's proving Greg's point? When a guy criticizes you for losing your composure, and you lose your composure over the criticism, uh...

Dum da dum dum… and I'm not just talking music clips. Jeepers.

MarkinMadison's picture

Honestly, what the h#$%^ else is Jennings supposed to say about the Lions that wouldn't be pure bulletin board material? That their secondary is weak? Does anyone outside of Ford Field really think the Lions are IN control of themselves?

PackersRS's picture

Tullock questions Jennings questioning the Lions' composture in a question proposed by NFL Network about the question marks of each team.

It's the offseason. I, for one, am glad this is the extent of the Packers' exposure in the media at this time.

MarkinMadison's picture

LOL. Well done sir.

Evan's picture

I always loved Craig Newsome as a kid (I guess teenager would be more accurate). That was really a great/eye-opening read. I can't believe he only played 4 years.

packsmack25's picture

Can you warn us if it's a PFT link? I don't want to support that site in any way.

Evan's picture

How come?

packsmack25's picture

Same reason I don't visit TMZ or anything like that. It's smut, not sports.

Evan's picture


I'm not familiar at all with PFT.

Spiderpack's picture

It really is trash. They twist at least half the headlines to attract attention. VERY poor journalism. Here's my comments when I saw their Headline about both sets of Jennings' comments: . . . Nevermind, they have removed my comment on both threads, along with at least 2 other people's comments I remember reading those days . . . WOW! It wasn't vulgar or anything like that, just direct. I guess this means they know they are shitty.

PackersRS's picture

Say what you want, but they're usually right, particularly about off-field incidents, such as car accidents etc...

packsmack25's picture

I don't watch football because I want to know about the personal lives of other people. I watch it because I admire their athletic talents. I don't need to know about car accidents or arrests or anything like that. And PFT has no filter and no accountability. They'll post rumors that have zero truth and not bat an eye. And Florio is just like Cowherd or Bayless. He's a troll who never admits he's wrong.

Jamie's picture

PFffffft IS usually right when reporting 'facts', which in that case I would expect fact reporting to always be right. (see erroneous report of Terry Bradshaw's death).

Sadly, the POS glory hound running that site doesn't report much in the way of facts anymore (compared to spin). It appears he takes every non-story and decides if he can apply a hypothetical 'worst-case' angle that will potentially create a story and thus buzz. He will then often times take that angle and apply his own 'holier than thou' moral judgement to create an even bigger uproar (see ARod / lady with cancer story).

I also believe 1000% that he at some point made a deal with the devil and began fabricating some of his sources to lend credibility to his dreamt up angles. Something that could never be proven, which is why I believe the dirt-bag does it and how he gets away with it.

I look forward to the day he's burned all of his bridges and is left afloat on his own giant floating turd.

PackersRS's picture

Just to get it straight, I visit PFT a lot. They're usually the first source of non-packers news.

But I follow this 2 rules:

1) Always take the news with a grain of salt, expecting other sources to confirm it first.

2) Never read any of the commentary, specially if it's Florio writing.

It's a useful site in their format, but I agree with anything bad anyone has to say about it.

Spiderpack's picture

RS, you are a great guy-always hitting the nail on the head, but don't tell me you haven't realized PFT massively twists & spins headlines. Remember how they pinned up ARodge for not signing that lady's autograph late late one night in the airport when the truth was evident on the video that he probably didn't see her? He tried to trash our guy early in his career when we all know he's the farthest thing from that kind of guy.

PackersRS's picture
packsmack25's picture

HA! I never heard about that. That's great.

RayRhodes88's picture

Last time I checked Greg Jennings was from Michigan, so technically that is "his" team.

IowaPackFan's picture

Nobody cares what Tulloch thinks. No one asked him; they asked Jennings of his opinion and he gave it.

Sounds like the Lions have some ego issues if Tulloch is going to make such an issue out of something so benign.

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