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Packers Daily Links: Jennings Takes Out Full-Page Newspaper Ads to Thank Fans

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Packers Daily Links: Jennings Takes Out Full-Page Newspaper Ads to Thank Fans

Former Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings took out a full-page advertisement in the local Green Bay Press-Gazette to thank Packers fans after signing with the rival Minnesota Vikings in free agency. Zach Heilprin of took a picture of the ad and posted it to social media...

Jennings also took out an ad in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
More on Greg Jennings comes from the Press-Gazette, and JSOnline.

At the NFL owners meeting, Indianapolis Colts head coach was asked about signing former Packer Erik Walden despite his mediocre to below average production. “You look at his whole body of work,” Pagano is quoted as saying by Rob Demovsky of the Press-Gazette. “We could find tape of every player in the National Football League where they had a bad play here or there, or they had a bad game and say ‘OK, he’s not a fit for us.’ But we look at the entire body of work, not just one game.” It's rather humorous that Pagano needed to confirm that he indeed watched film of Walden in the Packers' division round loss to the 49ers.

More on Erik Walden comes from and JSOnline.

In the never-ending discussion about the next contract Aaron Rodgers signs, Tom Silverstein of the Journal Sentinel talked to an anonymous NFL agent who actually suggested the Packers wait another offseason to offer Rodgers a contract extension. "This was the deal he wanted," the agent is quoted as saying. "They stepped up and took care of him. If they wait, it frees up more money for other things. If I'm the Packers I'd wait until next off-season." I think it would be wise for the Packers to meet Rodgers halfway and sign him to an extension at midseason in 2013, that way only part of his contract goes toward the 2013 salary cap.

More on money matters comes from the Press-Gazette and

Peter King of Sports Illustrated criticized the Packers decision not to offer free agent running back Steven Jackson more money. "This year, Thompson made offers to two good free agent players, wideout Greg Jennings and running back Steven Jackson," writes King in his weekly MMQB column. "But the Vikings nabbed Jennings for about 25 percent more than Green Bay wanted to spend. And Atlanta got Jackson. This is a move I think Green Bay will regret. Atlanta is paying $8.25 million in the next two years; I feel pretty certain he'll make it that far with the Falcons. There is no question in my mind that Jackson is worth that for a team that is desperate to run the ball better. Put it another way: Is Jackson worth 2.6 percent of the Packers' salary cap in 2013? I think so. But I'm not the one to make the call." It's difficult to say how much this factored into the decision, but it's worth noting that by signing Jackson, the Packers would very likely lose a compensatory draft choice next season. Many people would argue that signing Jackson is worth more than a late-round draft choice anyway.

One of the new proposed rule changes in the NFL is an extension of the PUP-list window, which Kevin Seifert of thinks could have an impact on the Packers in the immediate future because of the injury to Jerel Worthy.

Two rule changes were approved at the NFL owners meeting on Tuesday as Tom Silverstein points out at JSOnline.

One rule that has yet to be approved is one that would penalize ball carriers for striking a defender with his helmet. The Journal Sentinel and JSOnline have the story.

Mike McCarthy's offseason plans are laid out in a story by Kevin Seifert.

In a storyline previously touched upon by Bob McGinn of the Journal Sentinel, and the Press-Gazette investigate the Packers' toughness or lack thereof.

Joe Philbin shares his feelings about working with Mike Sherman in a blog post at

Defending the read-option is a topic discussed in blog posts at and Lombardi Ave.

The Packers were in attendance at pro day workouts at Florida State and Rutgers, as pointed out by and Packer Report.

The annual checkup series continues at Fox Sports Wisconsin with defensive lineman Jerel Worthy.

An NFL Draft profile of Aaron Rodgers' brother Jordan Rodgers appears at

Changes to the Pro Bowl have been discussed, as noted at Lombardi Ave.

Video: Rob Demovsky of the Press-Gazette gives his take on issues popping up at the NFL owners meetings...

Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Derek in CO's picture

Thanks @GregJennings! #BeGreedy #Dontsuck #Dontbeadouch #Usuck #VikingsSuck #Ponderthrowslikeagirl

Crefan's picture

I couldn't have said it better myself.

MarkinMadison's picture

Jennings takes out a full-page ad and thanks the fans. It seems to be what classy players recognize they should do. What I would expect from him, and I'm sure his agent was happy about it from a marketing standpoint as well.

James's picture

Yes, classy players do that. Greg Jennings wasn't one of them. He isn't classy or very good. He's efforting and buying his way into a very cheap history. The truth is, GJ, good luck to you. We didn't need you, and the Vikings don't either. You're a two year wonder that will be dealt with when you are on the sidelines. Here's the news......check me out.......5 years from one will remember him for anything. Have fun Vikings.

packeraaron's picture

Bitter, party of one? Your table is ready.

Evan's picture

The ball-carrier leading with his helmet rule is curious.

On one hand, there is no question that all these safety rules unfairly target defensive players and something should be done about that. But on the other hand, I don't see any way refs are going to be able to call this consistently and accurately.

trvs's picture

I think the headline is pretty distasteful for a "thank you packer nation" goodbye. He is rejoicing his decision to take more money and leave the Packers by saying its sweet for him and bitter for everyone else.

Personally I am over this dude, but this ad just pushed him even further out my realm of true Packer players. I get it, he wanted to grow his personal legacy beyond GB. I am totally cool with this, but dude come on... The Vikings? Take your money and run, but dont let this shitty piece of paper think you did us Packer fans a solid. Good Riddance and lets rejoice the new season without this distraction.

Now I am done...

Evan's picture

Dude, I really think you need to get a grip.

He's not saying it's sweet for him and bitter for everyone else. How you read that from "A Bittersweet Farewell" is beyond me.

While I'm sure he's thrilled he was able to cash in (as all NFL players dream of), I have no doubt that leaving the only NFL team he's ever known is a bittersweet experience for him.

trvs's picture

Yeah you are probably right, but for someone who works in advertising and a conspiracy theorist, this just seems like something he needed to do for the GJ85 brand.

The whole situation just seems too sweet for him, and the ad doesn't make me think he is bitter about it at all. I'm not buying what he is selling and I should probably get back to work.

Stroh's picture

U should give up being a conspiracy theorist.

Lars's picture

C'mon. He didn't have to do the ad and I spent years in advertising as well. It doesn't matter if he didn't write or compose the ad. It doesn't really matter if he meant it, either. The fact is he did it: Just as Al Harris and Kampman did upon leaving.

Would somebody please post the ad Favre bought for the fans when he left for Minnesota?

Lou's picture

I though Kampmann's add was the classiest I have seen, he referred to moving back to Green Bay to raise his boys. Pound for pound he was the best DE when he played with his hand down against the run in addition to being their best pass rusher. Harris was genuinely happy that the Packers acquired him and made him a starter after years as a sub with the Eagles, great that he got a coaching job with the Chief's (look out for Andy Reid's team next year), I think House can be another Harris, similar build and style of play. Jennings far exceeded expectations as a #2 pick, made the play of the game in the Super Bowl win and was a solid citizen. I did think putting his home up for sale even after receiving an $8M offer from the Packers was a poke in the eye however, maybe the commercial success has made his head bigger (sniffing too much Old Spice). If only Thompson could hit on D-Lineman in the draft as he has WR's (Jennings - Jones - Nelson - Cobb) we would be in better shape.

dawg's picture

I think GJ was being honest in his add, just as he said earlier, he needed to be the #1 WR. on his team, and saw that Jones, Jordy and Cobb had passed him by, and of course the money thingy.
Hey, wish em luck, but not to much in a viqueens kinda way!

mike's picture

favre must be his mentor.

MarkinMadison's picture

Maybe #4 told him to be smart and thank the fans. There is not one word in Jennings' ad that bothers me. I think it was well done.

dawg's picture

In letting go of GJ:

GREEN BAY PACKERS just doin business.

Nononsense's picture

I have no hard feelings toward Jennings at all and I appreciate his effort here with the articles. Its not his fault that the Vikings were the only team to come close to his asking price.

Good luck with your new team 85, except when you play the Pack.

Favre was a different story altogether, he signed with the Vikings mainly out of spite and he made that abundantly clear. Its not like he didn't have other suitors.

don's picture

MR.JENNINGS did your other sister BRETT tell you to do it this way??????

I bleed Green More's picture

Sure new this was all coming when he went purple. It brings out the worst in us fans when we see purple.

dawg's picture

Mr. GJ, may your days as a queen be as you hoped!
My problem, as you said Greg, IT-- will be more meaningful when you play the Pack!
DB's, here's your chance to hand out snot bubbles to Mr. GJ.
He wants to hand it to you DB's, Man up???

dawg's picture

This team needs some attitude! San Fran style!!

hayward4president's picture

This team needs Elvis!

Beep's picture

I cannot believe how scorned some of you are because Jennings left. It was a classy move to say thanks to the fans and the organization.
I'm glad he maximized his offer and best wishes to him having Ponder throw bounce passes his way next year.
If you want to hate someone, hate the Vikings for consistently poaching in the division.
The NFL salary cap and revenue sharing are the main reasons the Packers are still around and can thrive, so unfortunately, losing some players is part of the game.

Fish/Crane's picture

A young man comes to Green Bay, works hard and becomes a star. The system that created him keeps rolling and the star goes to another team without such a system and he makes a great payday.

This is something to celebrate as Packer fans...and for good people who make good. Thanks GJ for he too knows the score.

- SOme comments remind me of what Jesse Jackson used to say....If people saw me walking on water ...many would say, "Jesse can't swim."

-Oh and as far as going to the as if you care whether you work at GM or Ford- if the pay is better...much much better.

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