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Packers Daily Links: Jennings Not Confident He'll Be with Packers Next Season

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Packers Daily Links: Jennings Not Confident He'll Be with Packers Next Season

Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings made a slew of media appearances on the team's day off on Tuesday and made it clear that he didn't want to receive the franchise tag during the offseason. When asked if he thought he would remain with the Packers next season on the Double Coverage podcast with Steve Wyche and Mark Kriegel, Jennings responded, “An educated guess? My educated guess, I’m going to lean to the ‘no’ side of it. That’s my educated guess, my personal educated guess." Jennings added that he would like to be back with the Packers and that it would basically come down to a financial decision. It's difficult to look into the crystal ball with Jennings, but I'll say this, if the Packers release Finley, that frees up more money that could be used to sign Jennings. Whether that will be enough money is still unseen.

Greg Jennings also talked to the NFL Network's NFL AM, Dan Patrick Show, ESPN's Mike and Mike and The Herd, touching on a few other subjects.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is holding out hope that Greg Jennings will return to the Packers in 2013, as he said on his weekly radio show on the ESPN Radio affiliate in Milwaukee on Tuesday.

Aaron Rodgers talked about what he describes as a twisted ankle in last Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears. “It’s OK. It’s all right,” Rodgers is quoted as saying at “I have pretty strong ankles. I’ve sprained my ankles a number of times over the years; I played basketball most of my childhood. One thing that I’ve sworn by … I haven’t taped my ankles in (about) nine years. I swear by it. I firmly believe … that when you tape the ankle joint the pressure goes up your leg to the next joint, so the knee obviously undertakes more of the pounding when you lock up that ankle joint. (So) I’ve not worn tape on my ankles my entire NFL career. I believe it helps you strengthen those ankles and so when you do have a twist like I had, which was pretty significant in the game, here I am a couple days later and there’s no doubt that I’ll play Sunday.” That's good news. Rodgers has a history of being pretty durable.

Aaron Rodgers also took the blame for a hit absorbed from Julius Peppers on Sunday.

Plans were announced for a monument being built in Green Bay marking the beginning of the Packers Heritage Trail at the corner of Cherry Street and North Washington Street. "The monument would include two 27-foot-tall standards shaped like a goalpost, along with statues of legends Paul Hornung and Johnny Blood, and glass walls etched with images of Packers glory," writes Scott Cooper Williams of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. The goalposts are expected to be lit up in green and gold in the evening. Sounds very cool.

More on the new monument comes from Fox 11.

In addition to the upcoming free agent status of Greg Jennings, Donald Driver will be a free agent at season's end too. Driver talked to Fox Sports Wisconsin about what the future holds. "That all depends," Driver is quoted as saying by reporter Paul Imig. "It all depends on what happens. No one has a crystal ball. I don't know if I'll sign back here. I don't know if they're going to offer me a contract. I'm just not sure. Now I'm just going to have as much fun as I'm having this year and hope we can get back to the Super Bowl and I contribute as much as possible to make sure that we get there." It's difficult to envision Driver being back in a Packers uniform next season, but he'll always be remembered for being a Packers, that's for sure.

This week's Packer Plus publication has items on James Jones leading the NFL in touchdowns, the performance of the Packers defense, Mason Crosby's struggles, a column by Tyler Dunne on Tramon Williams, another column by Wayne Larrivee on the Packers-Bears rivalry, a Q&A with Mike Ditka and a preview of the Packers-Titans game.

The changing practice of making late-season contract extensions is studied by Pete Dougherty of the Press-Gazette.

Scouting reports on the Tennessee Titans appear at the Journal Sentinel and the Press-Gazette.

The 2012 rookie class is looked at by Lori Nickel of the Journal Sentinel.

The Packers are ranked sixth in the NFL in the AP's Pro32 poll.

James Jones' impact this season is analyzed by NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert at

Mike McCarthy answers fan questions in his weekly Tuesdays with McCarthy feature at the Packers official website.

The ongoing saga with Mason Crosby is touched upon at the Press-Gazette and Pro Football Weekly.

Packer Report takes a look at Randall Cobb and his potentially record-setting season.

Video: Packers legend LeRoy Butler breaks down some Xs and Os in his weekly segment at JSOnline...

Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and an editor at Cheesehead TV. To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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hayward4president's picture

All the talent we have is almost unfair.

PackerBacker's picture

Damn straight.

Derek's picture

I don't think Jennings returns, because I'm sure he'll want more money than Ted wants to pay. Personally, I think Jennings' small size and increased rate of injuries the last few years make him too big a risk. I'm totally fine with Jordy, Jones, Cobb, Boykin, and maybe another draft pick. But without a doubt, get rid of Finley and Saturday.

Tony's picture

I wish they could instantly be replaced with Barrett Jones and Tyler Eifert...

Derek's picture

ha ha. I'd take a ham sandwich and a six pack for them.

PackerBacker's picture

Hypothetical, would you guys stay in Green Bay with ARod throwing the rock for less $ (probably significantly less), or would you go to another inferior team for the extra millions you might earn and maybe not have as much success due to a more poor passer?

YOu look at teams like the J.E.T.S. the other night and wonder why a receiver would want to even go there.

Obviously, there is a wide range in between where he can still earn good money and have success, but what do you think?

PackerBacker's picture

Who do you think is enjoying this season more, Larry Fitzgerald, or Randal Cobb?

Rocky70's picture

R.Cobb is making $729,000 for season 2012.
L. Fitz is making $13,250,000 for season 2012.

I have a feeling that Fitz smiles everyday.

PackerBacker's picture

Yeah, but I didn't say who is enjoying their olympic size pool more, I said who's enjoying the season more. Who's enjoying going to work every day.

Evan's picture

Fitzgerald strikes me as the sort of player who is probably miserable being stuck in the situation he's in, despite his huge contract.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think it depends on how much less $ you are talking about. With the Packers presumably wanting to sign CM3, Raji and Rodgers, the offer Jennings might get from the Packers could be significantly less than someone else - like the Vikings - might be willing to pay a top receiver like Jennings. Within say, 20% of guaranteed money and 20% of potential money I think a player would be smart to think about the enjoyment level (although many do not). If you are talking much larger than that then I think most people are going to go with the money.

Tarynfor12's picture

Jennings has set a price and he seems or has it appearing that it's not open for negociation.He has had a nice stay in GB,won a Sb and played with two great its about financial security.Don't expect a home town discount,this Packer is packing it in with Green Bay.
Draft and Develope...We'll be fine without him.

calipackfan's picture

Why doesn't he tape his ankles and his knees.

Jamie's picture want him to play with dislocated hips??

Point Packer's picture

This is a real tough call, but in the end I likely see Jennings going elsewhere. I think the injury and Cobb's emergence sealed it. Finley's late season production combined with opposing team's pattern of playing cover 2, lends itself to a potential for Finely to be back next year. I really don't see anyone on at the TE spot able to make up for his absence, at this point.

I see Jennings being let go and the Pack drafting a WR on the front end of the draft, hopefully along-side a slough of O-lineman.

hayward4president's picture

I agree with the Finley comments ...mostly cause I would kill some homeless person if we could get Eiffert. That kid is a beast. But with Jennings I don't see him sticking around either. If he were to end up with Minnesota,Steelers,Bears, Cowboys or any of the other teams I hate I dunno how I could possibly handle it....And Jets could offer him 100 million and I'd bet he'd still pass

PackerBacker's picture

I'd think that within a few million he'll have his pick of a few teams to go with. I know if I was him I'd pick a team like Seattle over the Jets or Vikings any day.

Brooklyn81's picture

Jennings will be a panther

Evan's picture


Idiot Fan's picture

Bears for sure.

mudduckcheesehead's picture

Everyone should go on over to the ESPN page and read Wayne Drehs' piece on Chuck Pagano.

Not a Packer story, just a damn good story.

Mojo's picture

They need to do something with CWoods contract. If they could free up most of that money, I would be in favor using it to keep Jennings. If he refuses, I would seriously consider releasing him altogether, unless they take a steep cap hit for doing so.

According to this article: the Packers and other teams can't anticipate a much larger cap in the next few years to bail them out. So it's either restructure or cut some current players with large contracts, or witness other valued players leave (see Scott Wells).

The more I think about it, if the cap stays near where it currently is for the next few years, there is no way the Packers can keep Jennings, Finley and others if they offer ARod and CM3 market deals. Kind of sucks the better teams are forced to liquidate some of their more valued players. This is why having a GM who restocks through the draft is so important.

Evan's picture

I'd bet pretty much anything Woodson won't be a Packer next season.

Derek's picture

Yeah, he seems like the kind of guy to restructure for less money to win more. He wants one more ring.....

Evan's picture

I think he'd have to take a MASSIVE pay cut to stick around. Look at how well the secondary has been playing without him.

Don't get me wrong - I love Woodson as much as the next guy. But he's probably the 4th or 5th best CB on the team right now. Maybe he moves to safety full-time? I suppose. But McMillan and Doc Jennings have been playing well and will hopefully continue to mature and improve.

trvs's picture

Doc Jennings, I like that.

Evan's picture

Right? I love it. I can't take credit for it though.

Cole's picture

Jennings, Driver, Finley, and Woodson will all be playing elsewhere next season if not retire.

hayward4president's picture

I just saw a mock draft where we got Eiffert. That's all I want for Christmas! Well that and another SB.

cow42's picture

Jennings negotiating through the media kinda pisses me off.
if it was Finley talking to national media outlets about how he doubts he'll be back... right in the middle of a playoff push, fans would be having hernias. but Jennings is lovable and has a nice smile so he gets a pass.

didn't he do something like this in the past? maybe i'm thinning of someone else. i seem to remember getting upset at him for talking about something he shouldn't have been during a time that he shouldn't have been.

as for Driver - dude, you're the only one who DOESN'T have a crystal ball. is he the most wasted roster spot in the NFL? hell - even Crosby's more useful.

Point Packer's picture

Another in a long line of stupid comments.

Judging Driver's on the field production as his only benefit sounds like someone who doesn't understand locker-room dynamics or marketing or sports in general. Driver is not only one of the most popular Packers, he's one of the more popular players in NFL. Period. Letting him go before this season would have been a black-eye to the Packer's organization on two different fronts. Popular locker room guys breed a health locker-room. And a heathy locker room in the ego driven NFL is a luxury many teams do not have. The team not trashing Crosby is a testament to the leadership at both the coaching and player level. DD surely contributes to this dynamic.

Secondly, if Greg Jennings were the first person in the NFL to utilize the media as a bargaining tool, I'd be pissed, but he's not. This tactic is all too common in today's NFL. Not a big deal. Not a distraction. It will continue to be a non-story till the off-season.

cow42's picture

i call "BS".
fans would have cared about Driver getting cut for exactly 2 seconds.

3 games into the season and the name Donald Driver would be the furthest thing from anyone's mind.

and do you really think that this team would have a worse record if it didn't have DD in the locker room? really?

just stop it.

as for Jennings - you're exactly right... he's using a big platform to help him negotiate. other athletes do it... and it annoys me when they do it as well.

fans (at least this one) don't want to hear about your contract situation. would Rodgers talk about it... i don't think so... he'd give a politically correct answer and deflect praise onto someone else... JUST LIKE HE DID WHEN HE GOT ASKED $ QUESTIONS RIGHT AFTER BREES GOT HIS MEGA-DEAL.

you know what, Greg? - start getting open... might change the Packers' opinion on the matter.

Evan's picture

Oh my god.

I agree. 100%. With Cow.

A) Well, 95%. I don't think Jennings is "negotiating" through the media, but you're absolutely right that if Finley made that comment Packer fans would be losing their minds.

B) Driver is absolutely a wasted roster space. Yes, he provides great veteran leadership, but so does Rodgers, Jennings, Nelson, Kuhn, Woodson, Pickett and probably half a dozen other players. This team is not lacking in veteran leadership. If that's all Driver is good for this season, then it's been a total waste.

Rocky70's picture

@ Point Packer

All cow42 did was express his opinion. Just because you look at the situation a little different doesn't make his comments "stupid". In fact, he may be closer to the truth than you.

Some of you 'newer' posters need to clean up your posts (vulgarity) & remember that you have no more inside info than anyone else.

Tommyboy's picture

So....and to be clear, I'm just asking. Saying "stupid" and "pissed" = bad. Saying "BS" = okay.

Also, as long as I don't call a person stupid, pointed sarcasm and condescending attitudes are okay? I was just reading your comments about Crosby on another part of the site. I'm asking because I was recently called a "CHTV lackey" for suggesting that presentation of an argument counted.

And cow, just in case you're reading this, none of what I'm saying above is directed at you. Seriously, as far as I'm concerned we're cool. And to be honest, Rocky, I don't have a major beef with you either, but I am admittedly a little confused.

Point Packer's picture


"Some of you ‘newer’ posters need to clean up your posts (vulgarity) & remember that you have no more inside info than anyone else."

Yes, and the number of generations my family has ties to in my little Wisconsin home-town also makes me right on every occasion.

I'll stop using the term "stupid" the day Cow stops telling me how much the Packers suck.

cow42's picture

they do kinda suck.

i guess my expectations were just too high from the start.

1 playoff win (which would be an accomplishment for this group) just isn't what i was looking for coming into the season.

it is what it is, i guess.

Evan's picture

I may be in the minority, but I really hope the Packers don't cut ties with Finley this off-season. His issues appear to be 100% mental but he's put together 4 or 5 solid games in a row. For one more year, I think he's worth betting on.

To say nothing of the fact that cutting him and then maybe letting Jennings go seems like a lot of offensive talent walking out the door. Taylor and Smith haven't really shown anything in their second seasons and who knows if Quarless will ever be the same.

Sure, they could draft Eifert, but then other more pressing needs (C, OT, DL) get pushed further down.

It strikes me as unnecessarily creating another hole on the roster.

PackerBacker's picture

I'd agree with this. I would rather see Finley stay than Jennings.

I think the things he does for the offense, even when he isn't getting the ball make him a huge asset.

ted, of bill and ted's picture

i agree, if finley keeps playing like he has the past few weeks, i would like to see him back next year...provided he spends his offseason practicing his blocking lol

trvs's picture

I agree, I wish Greg would just keep his mouth shut and play the game. Too many Old Spice commercials and dudes head is swelling up. No doubt he is a top 10 receiver, but honestly this year is making him look awfully expendable. Will another qb make jennings perform as well? Who knows, but if you want to get paid, then prove it.

I have been pretty upset with Finley's drops, but the dude is still a "threat" to opposing offenses. I think we should keep him around, unless Quarless and Williams are 100% healthy and dominating. He seems to be turning the corner away from the "yotto" mentality, but that could all change with a first down.

If Green Bay wins a SB, I wouldn't be surprised if Driver and Woodson retire. Woodson could continue to play safety for the Packers, but Driver has a slim chance of playing for another team.

But what do I know. Go Packers!

Steven's picture


Chad Toporski's picture

Honesty is such a lonely word. Shame on Greg Jennings for answering a question by the media.

Tell us what we want to hear, not what you actually think! But don't you dare refuse to commment... that's even worse!

cow42's picture


you're being sarcastic - i know.
but this is what i really believe.

just shut up and play.
don't even go on the damn shows.

he's being selfish.
putting his contract wants before the team.
putting his post-playing aspirations before the team.


marcopo's picture

I'm sick of Jennings boo hooing his future as a Packer every interview he gets. We should be talking playoffs. It's simple. He wants a huge score? I understand that. Bye, Greg, good luck. He wants to stay a Packer? Budget a way to live on 7 or 8 million a year. If he's worth that.

cow42's picture


talking playoffs would be nice.
instead it's jennings or finley or crosby.


Fish/Crane's picture

All this hot stove league talk....I can't wait for the season to get here...

hayward4president's picture

Would be funny to see Greg have a monster game on Sunday after all this talk...I just think AR has gotten too used to his new favorites...JJ and Cobb. Fine by me.....a wins a win. Then again he did attempt that td pass to Greg.

NoWayJose's picture

Crazy to see bitterness directed towards Greg Jennings. Guy's done nothing for us but be one of the best Packer receivers of all time. A class act all the way.

God forbid he make some cash in the offseason shooting a few commercials -- or acknowledge the possibility that he might play elsewhere in response to direct questions from the media.

GJ is the man. That is all.

cow42's picture

WAS the man.

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