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Packers Daily Links: Green Bay Will Face Moss Twice This Year

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Packers Daily Links: Green Bay Will Face Moss Twice This Year

Instead of seeing wide receiver Randy Moss only once this year when the Packers travel to New England in late December, the Packers will face Moss twice as a member of the Minnesota Vikings. Former Packer Matt Bowen writes in National Football Post, "The move makes sense from the Vikings standpoint. Favre needs a true No.1 after the injury to Sidney Rice. All of that talk of Bernard Berrian being the deep ball guy is Minnesota is just that—talk. Moss is still the most legit deep ball threat in the entire league and would completely change how defenses would prepare from a game plan standpoint when playing the Vikings. The playbook expands. An impact player and a wide receiver that will go up and get the ball from Favre—something he is desperately missing right now. A game changer to go along with RB Adrian Peterson in that offensive scheme." Going back to the time Favre wanted Moss to come to Green Bay, this year's games against Minnesota will now take on added meaning.

Analysis of Marshawn Lynch trade:

Ted Thompson was reportedly talking with the Bills. "An NFL source who knew of the trade talks said Thompson was in on the bidding for Lynch," writes Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "The source didn’t know what Thompson offered, but it’s safe to say it wasn’t as much as Seattle, because there were no factors to think 0-4 Buffalo did anything but take the best offer."

Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal goes as far as saying the Packers' Super Bowl wishes went out the window when they didn't trade for Lynch. "When Lynch went from Buffalo to Seattle Tuesday, it's entirely possible the Packers' Super Bowl hopes went with him," writes Oates.

Some think that Thompson dropped the ball when it comes to Lynch. "Lynch, while not an elite player – he’s at about the same level as [Ryan] Grant, in my estimation – would have been someone to lift pressure off [Aaron] Rodgers in ... games, even if he was only used as often as Grant was," writes Chris Lempesis of Ol' Bag of Donuts. "There will be times where we’ll find ourselves wishing Thompson had gotten this done. The sky’s not falling, by any stretch, but it’s certainly a little darker after this."

The Packers' "Safe Ride" program, one players can use when drinking, is featured in an excellent article by Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "We have quite a few players that utilize our Safe Ride program," said Packers director of player development Rob Davis as quoted by Nickel. "Some go to a Bucks game and use the car and aren't drinking. They may use it for a Thursday night dinner in Appleton for the O-line. Nick Barnett will use it, even if he's just going to be minutes from his house, just to be smart about it." According to the article, the players can use the service anywhere in the state of Wisconsin, so it's not just limited to the Green Bay area.

Cornerback Charles Woodson is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. "Woodson is on the cover of this week's Midwest regional edition under the headline, 'New Spirit in Green Bay,'" writes Bob Wolfley of the Journal Sentinel. "Woodson is pictured diving into the end zone to score after intercepting a pass Sunday against the Lions at Lambeau Field." Of course, there will now be references to the Sports Illustrated jinx.

NFL Players Association director DeMarice Smith was in Green Bay for Union-sponsored event on Tuesday, and said the NFL is preparing for a lockout. "Speaking at a tailgate-style fan luncheon a few blocks from Lambeau Field on Tuesday, Smith referred to a recent Sports Business Journal report that said the NFL is requiring banks that lend money to its teams to extend grace periods for loan defaults through the end of the 2011 season in the event of a lockout," writes the Associated Press. Packers players Aaron Rodgers, Mark Tauscher and Brandon Jackson were in attendance in support of the Union-sponsored event.

Aaron Rodgers also reacted to being voted the team's NFLPA Union representative. “That means a lot to me,” Rodgers is quoted as saying by Mike Vandermause of the Press-Gazette. “It means those guys in the locker room respect me enough to allow me to speak for the team.”

About the upcoming opponent:

It doesn't appear as if Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis will play on Sunday against the Packers. "Portis, 29, has looked revived in new coach Mike Shanahan’s zone run scheme -- Portis gained more than 1,500 yards in his first two NFL seasons, with Shanahan in Denver," writes Dougherty. "Unfortunately for the Redskins, Portis (195 yards, 4.0-yard average) probably won’t play Sunday because of a groin injury. He already said this week that he doesn’t think Shanahan will let him suit up after getting hurt last week against Philadelphia, though the Redskins probably will try to leave the matter in doubt until game day."

Meanwhile, there's actually positive news about defensive linemen Albert Haynesworth. “I thought it was, by far, Albert’s best game since I’ve been here,” head coach Mike Shanahan is quoted as saying. “I thought he played very good. Played practically 30 plays, had a couple of holding calls against him, which were difference makers in the game. Just had a lot of effort. I was pleased with his performance.”

The defensive linemen are producing from a statistical standpoint points out Mike Spofford of the Packers official website. "[Cullen] Jenkins has four sacks – a consistent one in each game – while [B.J.] Raji has two," writes Spofford on "That total of six from the unit has almost matched the 6½ the linemen posted last season. With one forced fumble and recovery, the group also is on pace to match or surpass last year’s totals in those categories (four forced, two recoveries)."

Looks like rookie outside linebacker Frank Zombo may get engaged soon. "My girlfriend Jessica and I have been together since I was in the 11th grade," said Zombo in an interview with Jason Wilde of "She’s definitely been with me before all this, and she’s put up with all the stress of football – traveling, not really getting to see her all that much or not getting to see her as much as I should. She’s definitely a keeper. Seven years, that’s a long time. Now that I am getting money, that might be the first thing I do splurge on – a nice little ring for her. She’s been there through the tough and the hard, so she’s definitely a keeper."

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CSS's picture

Yes, the field will be stretched and the playbook expands with Moss. That being said, he still doesn't go over the middle and he's experiencing a downgrade at QB when it comes to deep accuraccy (Brady>Favre by a wide margin). So, will Moss be willing to go up in the air and bail out Favre like Rice did at least a dozen times last year?

Also, this is yet another receiver that Favre has '0' timing with.

Looks like the Vikings doubt Rice is coming back, interesting.

Timing and repetition is far more significant than the press is reporting. Week 8 until he catches significant passes? No denying he will be targeted, but I just can't see productivity until mid-season.

Sidney Rice>Randy Moss - No debate.

MarkinMadison's picture

Agree with the first sentence. Will Moss go over the middle, no? Will he go up down field, uh, yeah, probably better than anyone except Calvin Johnson. Does timing matter? Yes, but more so on precision routes than deep routes. I don't know if it's going to work or if it will salvage Farve, but the Vikings definitely are better than they were yesterday.

cole's picture

So CSS do you think that the vikings will put Sidney Rice on the IR?

CSS's picture

I have no idea. It's a desperate move by the Vikings prior to week 5, don't you think?

Superficially, certainly looks like the Vikings doubt Rice's future availability.

CSS's picture

Moss is a deep threat, I never denied that. Having lived in the MN market and watched every game I can say without doubt or reservation that Sidney Rice was 2nd only to Andre Johnson as a WR last year. No. Doubt.

Some people tried to make the case Favre made Rice. No. Rice was dominate and bailed Favre out of too many throws to count last year. He was amazing...

Tarynfor12's picture

Moss doesn't have to go over the middle,everyone else will and it seems we don't defend that area anyway.Moss just ensures it will be more gapingly open.
If Matthews and anyone else don't slam Favre,0-2 for us against Minn

hyperRevue's picture

And with their o-line, that's more than likely.

keeley2's picture

Wilf has stated more than once this year that they are going "all in" on trying to win a Super Bowl. This to me is just another desperate move by a desperate team to try and catch the brass ring. After this season, the Vikings will be decimated - No Favre, No Pat Williams, 6 others to be unrestricted free agents(including Ryan Longwell, Sidney Rice, Chad Greenway, Ben Leber, Moss, Favre)
The Vikings are missing the point - who's going to protect Favre on those deep routes - their O-line has been anything but stellar this season.

RockinRodgers's picture

Good for the Vikings, but they are still gonna be 2-4 after week 7.

MarkinMadison's picture

Some posters have questioned if Lynch would have been worth it. After all, he was only the 3rd string RB in Buffalo, right? Well in 2007 and 2008 he went for over a 1000 yards, and went to a Pro Bowl. You take Ryan Grant over him any day, but that's not the choice. The choice was trying to get to a Super Bowl this year with a guy who has produced, v. hoping that one of three who have not produced will step up. Glad that TT was trying, but apparently he didn't try hard enough. The Seahawks are going nowhere with or without Lynch, but they were willing to pony up more.

CSS's picture

Side note- How much did Moss want out of NE by not taking a big contract with the Vikings? He's actually playing out his current deal and then open to leave according to reports?

Wow, talk about spite...

lebowski's picture

Ted Thompson must really enjoy getting booed at Fan Fest.

PresidentRaygun's picture

I'm really pulling for Zombo to become a great linebacker. A gem in the rough. ZOMBO.

Also, I'm glad we've got Charles Woodson to cover Randall Moss. If Al Harris isn't too rusty, I think we'll be alright. Rodgers just has to shine.

cole's picture

When is the trade deadline?

PackerAaron's picture

Oct. 19th

PkrNboro's picture

Do you good folks have a laundry list of possible candidates ?

I've heard mention of a Cowboy, or possibly a Panther (NOTE: This weekend will be the last chance to see the Panthers in action, as their bye is the following weekend, 2 days before the deadline)

Might that merit an article ?

keeley2's picture

Dallas - Tashard Choice? Felix Jones? Either one would look great in a Packer uniform.

JerseyCheese's picture

I just find it funny -- Packers know they need help in the running game and don't address it.

ONE DAY LATER -- The Vikings go out and get Randy Moss because they KNOW they need a wide receiver to make a deep playoff push!

I'd hate to say it, but I wish the Packers would be more like the Vikings when it comes to pushing the team over the top!

mel's picture

Couldn't agree more... At least people can't say that wilf didn't try to win it all...

hyperRevue's picture

Ummm....when have the Vikings been "over the top." Favre didn't push them over the top last year. And I doubt Moss will push them over the top this year (he didn't deliver in NE, remember).

Get on your knees and give thanks to whatever god you believe in that the Packers front office isn't like the Vikings.

JerseyCheese's picture

I said they do the right things to push their team over the top. When the Vikings were considered a "a quarterback away" from being a Super Bowl team, they go out and get Favre!

And now, when they need help because Sidney Rice goes down, they get Moss.

Maybe this will backfire, but they are putting the right pieces in place to win NOW!!!

Thompson likes to groom his draft picks to win in the future. But when we are a few pieces away from being a Super Bowl team, why not go out and get a Marshawn Lynch? Or a kick returner so we don't hold our breath everytime the other team kicks off?

hyperRevue's picture

We'll only know that they put the right pieces in place to win now when they, you know, win now. So far their philosophy hasn't worked (neither has TT's, of course). But in the long term, I'd take TT's approach. Putting all your chips in for 1 season is no way to run a team.

The Vikes had to bend over backwards for Favre because they haven't been able to draft and develop a QB of their own. That's a failure of the front office and coaching staff. And when he's gone next year, they're screwed.

CSS's picture

The Vikings will be in salary cap hell when it returns and they are the opposite of a 'youth movement'. It's Super Bowl or bust for them this year. And I can assure you, the bust will be coming quickly with the lack of youth/talent along both lines and the defensive backfield.

Not to mention the precedent they've set now, not only with Favre demonstrating to the youth on their roster (Harvin, Rice, Shainco, Peterson) that you don't need to come to camp or work out to be rewarded with a bump in pay, but now they've brought in the very guy they ran out of town. Hell, he's been run out of every franchise he's played in.

Great precedent. At what cost are they trying to win now? What kind of a franchise (word franchise=longevity, not just the NOW) do you want to be?

bigfog's picture

Yes, because all franchises should sacrifice the future for a shot at glory. Please. Once Favre finally retires, that team's going to fall apart like a house of cards. Just watch.

RickyBobby's picture

i'm 39 and have seen ONE wisconsin pro sports championship (ok 2 but i was only 1 when the bucks won).

my point?...

"F" the future. win NOW.

hyperRevue's picture

I'm glad you're not in charge.

PackersRS's picture

So it's about you then? Glad to know.

You are absolutely crazy.

Idiot Fan's picture

That's still one more than the Vikings have had.

JerseyCheese's picture

Who cares??? If they win a Super Bowl THIS year, do you really think they'll care about the state of the team for the next couple of years? They are putting all of their eggs in one basket, and it might just pay off!

CSS's picture

And they just might implode if it doesn't pay off. There's risk with every move, even more risk when a franchise assumes a series of cascading, desperate decisions when they view the window as 'closing'.

Packers have questions to answer, sure. Vikings just partially answered one of their dozen questions/gaps. We'll see....

PackersRS's picture

Yet the Vikings never win anything.

RickyBobby's picture

Only I want them to win a Super Bowl ASAP?
My bad - I thought a there were a whole bunch of people who would like that.

Sorry for wanting a Super Bowl this year.

hyperRevue's picture

Everyone wants them to win it this year. Most of just disagree with you on the best way to achieve that goal.

RickyBobby's picture

so just "stay the course"?

you guys must know football WAAAYYYYY better than i do (very possible). because i see a team that's talented in some areas and severely deficient in others. why not try to shore up the areas of weakness?

you could argue the line's the problem (not just the rb) but you can't change the whole line. you can change (and improve) the rb.

i guess i don't understand how people can just sit back and wait for something that might happen in the future.

why wouldn't you just try to TAKE what you want RIGHT NOW?

PackersRS's picture

Because of something called Salary Cap. It may not be in place right now, but it will be in the future. And then what? Don't you remember the Sherman years?

mel's picture

The sky is falling cause we don't have a running game and we are playing like we do... Need to gameplan like second half of bears game and spread them out!!!

CSS's picture

While I"m in agreement there needs to be an adjustment in either personnel, use of the personnel or philosophy with the running game/time of possession it feels like people are blaming the competitive games and one loss on the lack of a running game.

From the first 4 games I watched it wasn't the issue. The issue was pre-snap penalties, special teams, defensive adjustments and lack of an alternative pass rusher other than Matthews and Jenkins.

Did I miss something?

PkrNboro's picture

I say Kuhn/Hall in "I" formation, following Sitton. Pound it. Who cares about a break-away? just eat the clock.

Clifton and Tauscher can swap AARP cards and Colledge can get another tattoo.

davyjones's picture

All the talk of now having a deep threat. Question still remains of whether Vikings line is capable of giving Favre time to throw deep...they are not good in pass protection. No question it makes MN a better team, but I'm just sayin'...

CSS's picture

Bingo. Question is, will Capers go into his shell and play dime all game with no pressure against a veteran QB, or will he concede some intermediate to deep attempts against the Vikings but hit Favre really frikin' hard early in the game?

I'm voting for option #2.

RickyBobby's picture

as the packers sit and watch.

dougie smooth's picture

Argue all you want about whether TT made the right or wrong move on Lynch, but I think it's hard to dispute that he manages personnel in a way that will primarily keep the team competitive indefinitely, and only secondarily to win a Superbowl. I'd sure prefer a Superbowl, but it is what it is. You can set your watch to it.

I'm just not sure whether he realizes that Rodgers IS the linchpin of this team and the only truly irreplaceable part of a Superbowl run -- and that he has a finite window to win a ring. There are so many other moving parts and factors that have to line up to get that ring, it would sure be nice if Thompson was willing nudge a few extra things our way when so many other things are already in place THIS season.

Tom's picture

I totally agree. It seems to me that TT is modeling the Packers after the Colts franchise and I'm totally okay with that. So what if Peyton Manning only has 1 ring, that's a team that has won 10+ games for how many seasons now? I'd rather have a team that was perennially in the discussion for best in the league and got to make sporadic runs deep into the playoffs than a team that throws character and commitment to the wind for a brief shot at winning any day.

some guy's picture

This definitely makes Minnesota better but lets be real here. Moss is going to turn 34 this winter. He's past his prime and is not the threat he used to be.

There's no way Kraft/Bellicek let him go for so little unless they think he's expendable.

Rich Beckman's picture

I think turnovers is the problem. Sure the running game sucks and the penalties against the Bears sucked, but the turnovers are what have really hurt.

Flatty's picture

Who cares how old moss is. Thats the problem we need to think in the present. The window for the Packers is now (as is the vikings). Look at the difference Peppers has made in Chicagos defense. The Vikings just got better with Moss, a position of great need for them. The Packers meanwhile with what many of us believe is the best team in the division and a chance to make a run this year sit with a glaring weakness at the RB position and do nothing. I love what TT has done with this squad and i've defended him in the past with his build thru the draft approach but this one is indefensible for so many reasons.

hyperRevue's picture

Not exactly. The window for the Packers is the next 3-5 years (at least). The window for the Vikings is 2010. That's it. It slams shut after this season.

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm not so sure. With all the mentoring that Favre is surely doing with Tarvaris, I'm sure he'll mold him into an amazing QB for next season.

PackersRS's picture

This made my day. Thank you.

Tarvaris = future GREAT Qb.

CSS's picture

Window for the Vikings is now - Yes, they're selling out to win now. that was clear as soon as the Favre circus went to Minnesota.

Window for the Packers is now - No. This is a team capable of contending now and over the next few years.

I understand the frustration, but there's no way you can say the Packers window is limited to this year only. That's clearly the case in MN.

RickyBobby's picture

Every team's window should always be NOW.
Just my opinion.

CSS's picture

Ask the Redskins and Dan Snyder how that perpetual philosophy works out. That franchise has been seven-shades of suck since he made it his personal 'win-now' fantasy football team.

MarkinMadison's picture

Yeah but, I don't think that giving up a 4th and a 5th (or even a 3rd) is exactly killing the future. Not saying you do it all of the time, but you do need to do it sometime.

greenbaypackerbob's picture

Perhaps this is true for the Skins, but the Vikes have made it work (over last 50 years they have won the division more than the Packers) - and that raises doubts about your thesis. Vikes are good at giving themselves opportunities - that may fail at them but they exist. More recently, they've won the division last two yrs running (all way to NFC Champ game last yr while we watched at home).
of course I'm sure you will attempt to convince us with your fancy analysis how good it was for us to loose to the Vikes the last two seasons too.. you know for the future good! go ahead, make our day with that one.
Further, the future GB team is not an absolute either, as to who who will be around in the future ... you presuppose that as absolute as well. We keep waiting for the big TT payoff - what's wrong with now - he's been GM for 5 years? I think you are cushioning all your arguments so you will have an excuse if we fail to win the Division or in the playoffs..

CSS's picture

I give an opinion, nothing else. I tend to back it up with available facts and rarely let emotion get in the way.

You have zero credibility on this board as far as I'm concerned. You've had your own little vendetta against the Packers, leadership and current Rodgers supporters since the Favre trade. You've even attempted to recently belittle Rodgers and prop up the myth of Brett and continue to do so every opportunity you get.

The rest of us are over it, when will you be?

Did I avoid enough 'facny words' for you to understand that?

greenbaypackerbob's picture

No emotion in your last comment for sure... you have your little cry towel out yet...
You only get emotional when folks don't agree with YOUR opinion... all of us have our opinions, yours or mine is just that. You think way to much of yourself. Nothing fancy about that.

CSS's picture

Nope, I'm wrong frequently and acknowledge it.

Your creepy fixation with me is noted. Thanks for stalking.

Flatty's picture

I understand that the packers window is open longer...but how long do we have to wait? I'm tired of waiting on next year and why can't we have it this year and next and beyond???

hyperRevue's picture

It's a delicate balance and I totally get the frustration. Could the Packers have gotten Lynch without mortgaging their future? Probably. Though the 3rd Round pick it would have taken to get him is probably a tad steep, if you ask me. And I tend to agree with Nagler and CSS that the running backs aren't a huge issue. I think TT could be a tad more aggressive in the FA market, getting those 1 or 2 vets in key positions of depth.

But under no circumstances do I look longingly at what the Vikings are doing. Their strategy is a shit show.

Flatty's picture

I agree on the Vikings circus and theres no longing on my part for what they've done overall. I do however think that bringing in a talented player at a position of need was warranted in this specific situation. I don't think this one move would have altered the packers future fortunes. TT has proved adept at gathering picks not to mention the compensatory pick we'll receive next year for Kampman.

hyperRevue's picture

I think that's totally fair. Personally, I'd like to see a move for a pass-rushing compliment to Matthews. That, I think, is a much bigger issue than a running back.

PackersRS's picture

Cullen Jenkins is on pace for 16 sacks. Just sayin.

LACheez's picture

totally agree with the pass-rushing need. single biggest need on the team. our offense is still scoring points...our defense is the problem. if we don't constantly get to the QB, veteran quarterbacks will have all day to throw again - and with burnett out now, we need a compliment to matthews more than ever. i like Zombo, would be nice to have some experience. is anyone available?

FITZCORE1252's picture

Wreaks of desperation. Not to mention their lack of faith that Rice will be able to contribute anytime soon.

I do give them props, they aren't scared to let 'em hang (guess that's what happens when you NEED a new stadium). But it just makes me take a step back and appreciate what we have going for us long term. As far as the philosophical differences between the GBP and the queens go, I'll take ours all day every day.

As CSS stated above "The Vikings will be in salary cap hell when it returns and they are the opposite of a ‘youth movement’. It’s Super Bowl or bust for them this year." Shit like this and what they gave up for Allen will come back to bite them. It could take several years to notice, but it will happen. 2 years from now..."Why does our secondary blow"? "Why didn't we get replacement's for the Williams D-bags"? Why does our QB blow goats"?

They have a 40+ QB, and a WR in his 13th year. They could turn it on this year, but then what (and I think they lose 3 of the next 4 for whatever that's worth).


Flatty's picture

So we are content with the fact the Vikings will be handicapped in the future? While true and it makes me happy that we have someone in TT that takes a much more reasonable approach the Lynch deal made sense for THIS TEAM and seemed reasonable to my untrained eye. The Vikings have no bearing on that.

CSS's picture

Flatty - There's no doubt debate among fans on how to build a Super Bowl roster. I don't think anybody disputes the Moss trade looking (superficially) like it's an updgrade to their roster. People are just rightfully pointing out that the Vikings brass are setting some painful precedents with the youth/talent on their squad when it comes to the culture of the team. I COULD hurt them substantially in the future.

As for GB, there's a crescendo of frustration about the teams offensive approach considering the absence of Grant. It's just in dispute as to what they do moving forward.

Regardless of where you fall in the discussion it lends itself to criticism of TT. The team adjusts and continues to win, all is forgotten. The team loses, and TT will get rightfully demonized.

If nothing else, the shear fact that the Vikings made 'a' move and the Packers appear to be standing pat will have 1/2 of Packer nation up in arms.

Flatty's picture

I wouldn't say I'm up in arms but frustrated like you said. I've defended TT to the hilt (I live in the Twin Cities) and irregardless of what is happening with Minnesota I just think the deal for Lynch made sense.

CSS's picture

No disputing the deal made sense, TT had bid for his services.

For me, it's an interesting high-stakes game of poker. I personally believe the Packers can adjust their game-day philosophy on both sides of the ball and win time of possession and score more points against any opponent.

That being said, they have the Washington and Miami game to play the cards they have, or decide a trade is warrented (the 10/19 deadline). The next two weeks will be telling.

D.D. Driver's picture

Lost is this whole debate is that Lynch isn't really all that good. The dude averaged less than 4 yards a carry last season. He's third string on the Bills for crying out loud.

He definitely ain't worth the 3rd round pick asking price, and if the Packers aren't Super Bowl contenders without Lynch, they ain't Super Bowl contenders with him. Get real. He just isn't good enough to make much a difference.

The Packers can try to find their stride with the guys they've got and if it doesn't work, they have Starks becoming eligible in a few weeks, and if that doesn't work they can bring in dudes from the UFL (Dominic Rhodes, Marcel Shipp, Ahman Green) in late November.

PackerAaron's picture

"Lost is this whole debate is that Lynch isn’t really all that good." - Exactly.

Ruppert's picture

We need to split with Minnesota whether they have Moss or not. If we do that, I think we'll end up winning the division, and of course that means MN would have to come to Lambeau if we meet in the playoffs. Favre can't play in the cold any more.

The only question for us is whether the team lets this leak into their collective psyche or not.

I wonder how Rick Spielman likes working for Favre? Guys, you should try to get him on the show next week and ask him...

PackersRS's picture

Lemme tell you something: every Vikings player that is in contract year is just thrilled with this trade. They will play SO much harder now...

Irish Cheesehead's picture

Who cares? We have 4 receivers better than Moss. There will be a lot of chuck it and pray passes in Minnesota the rest of this season - just what an unprepared over-the-hill QB wants. I don't see it helping them much. If the Pack can get someone that can run the ball, we should roll over them.

Tarynfor12's picture

Amazing how many of those "chuck it and pray" passes get answered in THEIR favor against US.

NoWayJose's picture

Old nemesis, we meet again.

I will never foget being at the playoff game at Lambeau, sitting right in front of Moss when he dropped the moon on us. I can't believe he's back in purple.

But this time, we've got the DPOY. Game on!

DAWG's picture

Just gotta say-Super bowl-let it go!
I've backed TT-MM-BUT, If u can't teach the dog how to hunt, you gotta find a new huntin dawg. TT can't hunt!

CSS's picture

So you're blaming the injuries on the head coach and GM? On the surface this comment makes zero sense.

DAWG's picture

This show's me that this team was never a legit team if injuries a cured.
This shit about Super bowl--YOU better be prepared, or your gonna hear about it!

CSS's picture

Show me any roster, gm or coach in the NFL that's two deep in all those positions. You can't cause it doesn

CSS's picture

Show me any roster, gm or coach in the NFL that's two deep in all those positions. You can't cause it doesnt exist

DAWG's picture

OL-DL-BACKFILD-ST =youngest team in the league. can you say Rison-White-Jackson-Robinson-Wilkerson-Howard-WTF=Super Bowl---Ted?

CSS's picture

Quick - name the backups to those players if Wolfe had the misfortune of early injures at each position.....

DAWG's picture

Smoke your shit, we didn't it-moot point

CSS's picture

Nice non reply to a non point.

DAWG's picture

INJURIES- Edgar Bennet-Doug Evans?

DAWG's picture

Why would I even want to name the back up's to those great players-THEY WERE GREAT!!!!

DAWG's picture

Simons? LB

DAWG's picture

I think Sharper was in there to!

DAWG's picture

That why I say-TT better change his way-he's done good so far-BUT- He's gotta do something that benefits the team!

Shawn's picture

Years ago my grandfather responded to potential talk of Randy Moss, as a Packer with, "I'd rather have a five yard penalty."

greenbaypackerbob's picture

No disrespect to grandpa -- being one myself (Moss IS a prima donna). Unfortunately he accomplished the years after that GB discussion that concluded he was all washed up (I'd take a 5 yard penalty and an argument in the locker room along with that)...! Moss produces and opposing defenses have to take him seriously- and that opens things up...

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