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Packers Daily Links: Green Bay Sees Lattimore at South Carolina Pro Day

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Packers Daily Links: Green Bay Sees Lattimore at South Carolina Pro Day

Marcus Lattimore, the talented but injury-prone running back from South Carolina, received cheers from teammates, coaches and talent evaluators after his pro day workout on Wednesday, less than six months after knee surgery. "He did step-ups, box jumps, deep-knee bends, forward and backward lunges and one-legged balancing drills while holding weights for a group that included Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals, the only head coach at the workouts," according to the Associated Press. While the Packers didn't send head coach Mike McCarthy to South Carolina, they were represented at the workout. Debate will continue until the NFL Draft whether the Packers might be interested in Lattimore, but it likely rests upon the MRI results the Packers received during the NFL Combine back in Februrary.

More on Marcus Lattimore comes from JSOnline.

Free agent safety Michael Huff signed with the Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday, ending any possibility of the Packers would do so. It's debatable how much interest the Packers had to begin with, according to Tom Silverstein at JSOnline. "The Packers get tossed into the discussion regularly with some free agents and it's not even clear the team has interest since they never talk about any of their plans," writes Silverstein. "If an agent wants to use the Packers to boost his leverage, he can certainly do so, but every other club knows GM Ted Thompson is not going to spend much on a free agent." Look for the Packers to address the safety position at some point during the NFL Draft.

More on Michael Huff comes from JSOnline, Acme Packing Company and Lombardi Ave.

When news came out of Cleveland that the Browns were interested in listening to trade offers for quarterback Colt McCoy, speculation turned to whether the Packers might be interested. It wasn't been the first time McCoy to Green Bay speculation existed. "Going back to the summer of 2012 – it was when the Packers had lost backup quarterback Matt Flynn to the Seahawks and their recently promoted second string QB Graham Harrell was playing like crap," writes Raymond Rivard of Lombardi Ave. "It was an August night – Aug. 16, to be exact - at Lambeau Field when the Cleveland Browns came to town and embarrassed the Packers 35-10. Many expected McCoy to walk across the field to the Packers’ sideline and don a Green Bay uniform." While the Packers might have interest in signing McCoy to a contract with little guaranteed money if he were released, chances are nil that they'd trade for McCoy.

A speculative article appears at Fox Sports Wisconsin about who might fill return duties in Green Bay if Randall Cobb does not.

The contract situation of Aaron Rodgers is analyzed in depth over at

Blog posts on the backup quarterback position in Green Bay and the team's salary cap space appear at Lombardi Ave.

This year's draft class of running backs is a topic covered at the Packers official website.

Newly signed kicker Giorgio Tavecchio gets some attention over at Acme Packing Company.

Packer Report has its daily pro day tour post and another on USC wide receiver Robert Woods.

Video: NBC 26 in Green Bay interviews Wayne Larrivee about radio broadcast partner Larry McCarren...

Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Evan's picture

I still feel like McCoy has never been given a fair shake. Surrounded by probably the worst offensive talent in the league, he put up respectable numbers in his first few years. Kid is only 26.

Tony's picture

I'd love to get him, but I'd like him for the price of on the house.

Brooklyn81's picture

I'd rather wait until after the draft and hope we Ger Jordan Rodgers

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

If Lattimore's MRI cheked out, I'd love to grab him in the 3rd, or, preferably the 4th. He's got skills, and a couple of backs have shown that devastating college knee injuries aren't necessarily a pro death knell.

I'd also like to see McCOY brought in for as close to the price Tony mentioned as possible. He would be a backup that could win one or two games in a pinch. Harrell has done nothing to show he could do the same.


Evan's picture

Agreed. Though I imagine a team like Arizona or Oakland would be a little more desperate. McCoy in Arizona might actually have a chance of working. He'd be a huge upgrade, at the very least.

Stroh's picture

McCoy doesn't fit in AZ or Oak. Both teams like to throw downfield. He doesn't have the arm strength.

redlights's picture

I see GB going UDFA at QB; then if Coleman can get past Harrell, the camp arm goes practice squad. If something happens to ARodg or Coleman, Harrell will be still on the street.

After reading the "must-read" on the cap at; I'm thinking that ARodg will have a blockbuster deal on par with Reggie White. Not in terms of money, but on impact. Start by understanding that Reggie, arguably the greatest FA signing of all time, took up about 12% of the cap when he played. Now explain (!) to ARodg that the team, and frankly, rank/file players across the league are best served by not giving more than say, 18% of the team's cap to any one player. Give Rodgers a base of $13M; with incentives of $1M for each playoff win ($2M for SB). If the TEAM wins it all, ARodg banks $17-18M; if not, less. This shows everyone's willingness to win, by allowing some money to be left for other key players and depth. If Rodgers goes for $22M; he'll be surrounded by even less talent than now, and the playoffs become a goal instead of the trophy.

Another thing to take into account is the assumption that Arodg is starter for life. Let's look at non-unlikely scenario's: another concussion or a joint injury (shoulder, ankle). It is not impossible that an injury could not only wipe out a season, but render him to be a shell of himself. Just another reason to structure a contract predicated on winning playoff games.

Of course, Arodg has to look out for number one, but given the man's heart; I can easily see this contract being about setting the bar for all teams to leave a little more for the average player. Now THAT'S a legacy!

Stroh's picture

Rodgers has been GROSSLY underpaid for 2 or 3 yrs now. The Packers MUST bring his pay to 20M+ otherwise they look bad. Any concept that he should take lees for the team is at best wishful thinking or plain naive.

cow42's picture

i 100% agree.
pay the man.
it's not 12's job to manage the payroll.

once you've got a guy on your roster making $25 mil, you can't make very many mistakes regarding player contracts.

another hawk, finley, or kuhn contract will be difficult to overcome.

can't be overpaying stiffs.

jmac34's picture

Finely only hurts this year. he is off the books after the year is over. Hate Hawks contract before and after the pay cut

redlights's picture

I don't spend a ton of time on college fb, but was thinking of a draft that went:

1-Margus Hunt DE (maybe we could trade down with Buffalo for their 2&3's.

2-Cyprien S

3-RB or WR - Montee Ball, anyone?

4-OLB - need depth

5-OLine - always draft one

6- TE - think one year on PS, then replace Finley.

7- RB or WR

I didn't account for the comp pick and will never claim to have the kind of knowlege like many other posters here.

cow42's picture

i think cyprien will go before hunt.
i don't like ball at all. if he wasn't from wisco, Packer fans wouldn't even bring him up.

i like the positions you're looking at.

Brian Carriveau's picture

I can't see the Packers investing a first-round pick on a 26 year old player. I like Hunt too, just not in the first round.

And I also think Cyprien will be gone not only by the time the Packers pick in the second round, but in the first round.

Beep's picture

FWIW, McShay and ESPN aren't hot on Cyprien because he lacks instinct. They have him going to the 49ers at 61. Packers taking Swearinger outta South Carolina at 55.

Stroh's picture

Packers/Thompson like safeties w speed and range neither of which Cyprien has. Burnett Collins McMillan even Richardson. Cross off cyprien.

Brian Carriveau's picture

I don't know where that is coming from. In three years of analyzing safeties, Cyprien has the best range I've seen.

cow42's picture

cyprien is the best safety in the draft.
stroh - you may want to go back and watch him more.
kids got range.

Stroh's picture

Every Safety Thompson has drafted had elite speed and range for a safety. Burnett, Collins, McMillan, Richardson all run under 4.5 40. This is looking at Packers/Thompson history nothing else. I like a Safety that plays physically, but have to have top end speed. Eric Reid runs a 4.5 so he's the most likely safety in the 1st or 2nd. on Cyprien... "Doesn’t have elite range" and "Lacks elite change of direction and quickness in man coverage". Answers any questions about what Safeties Thompson might draft.

Capers likes interchangable Safeties, so another FS type like Burnett or Collins is most likely. Reid is fast and his dad was a college sprinter. Look at Safeties that run low 4.5 or less 40's.

jmac34's picture

I want Cyprien in the first if he is there

Evan's picture

I do too - but that opinion is based on very little actual knowledge.

Packattack88's picture

You don't want Hunt in the 1st. He doesn't play with good technique consistantly. He especially has issues with leverage which will take him time to overcome. He's also 25.

Stroh's picture

Hunt should go to a 43 team. He more Jared Allen than Richard Seymour!

ted, of bill and ted's picture

who's the te the packers had on the p-squad this past year...bostic maybe? has there been any buzz on him this offseason?

redlights's picture

I used to watch the PS more; but two years ago, GB signed those two WR's to contracts, and they didn't even make the 53. Not even sure they played anywhere last year; obviously didn't hit their potential.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Bob McGinn goes out of his way to mention him whenever writing about the tight ends.

ted, of bill and ted's picture


Denver's picture

Not sure I could bear to watch Lattimore possibly explode his knee again in any uniform let alone a Packer one.
Wish the kid the best of luck, though.

Lars's picture

Agree. He's already had two devastating knee injuries. Lots of hype here but the Packers already have 4 injury prone running backs in green, Saine Starks and Benson. Why add another? Tall, upright running stye tells you it's not if but when he gets hurt again.

It's too bad because he's a high character guy fighting the odds, but GB should pass on this one.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Total Access had a piece about Lattimore today... I'm officially a fan of his, no matter where he plays. Hope he has a great career.

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