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Packers Daily Links: Green Bay, Rest of NFL, Gains Extra Salary-Cap Space

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Packers Daily Links: Green Bay, Rest of NFL, Gains Extra Salary-Cap Space

Multiple reports have the 2013 NFL salary cap being set at $123.9 million, roughly $3.3 million more than anticipated.  But as Tom Silverstein of JSOnline notes, don't expect the Packers to use it in free agency, or at least not heavily. At some point, a boatload of money will go toward giving extensions to linebacker Clay Matthews and quarterback Aaron Rodgers. "The more cap room the Packers can allocate for Rodgers and Matthews this year, the better chance they won't be handcuffed in the future the way so many other teams are," writes Silverstein. "It helps that Thompson keeps his roster full of young, lower-paid players and that the Packers can pay huge cash bonuses that can be spread out over the length of the contract when being counted for cap purposes." The sooner the Packers take care of at least one of these contract extensions, the more clear the salary cap picture will become.

More on the salary cap comes from Lombardi Ave.

Coming off of Donald Driver's Thursday appearance on ESPN2's SportsNation, Bob Wolfley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel spoke to Driver's marketing agent about what's in store for the newly retired wide receiver. "Donald has been approached about appearing in network comedy programs and non-scripted hosting roles," Brian Lammi is quoted as saying. "It is an exciting time for him." According to the article, Driver is scheduled to appear on several ESPN shows sometime in March, though exact details were not provided.

Another look at the newly reinstated Johnny Jolly takes place at

The safety position and prospects at the NFL Combine get some attention at

The annual checkup series continues at Fox Sports Wisconsin with defensive lineman Mike Neal.

Blog posts on the safety position and defensive lineman Ryan Pickett appear at

The NFL Combine is looked at in retrospect at Packer Report.

Video: NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert of discusses recent developments with tight end Jermichael Finely, including the possibility that he could join the Chicago Bears...

Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Rocky70's picture

Cutler to Finley !! Touchdown !!

Come on, TT, make it so.

Beep's picture

Cutler off Finley's hands into Burnett's hands for a pick 6!

Rocky70's picture

Suits me, as long as Finley's gone.

dawg's picture

Sorry-Finley stays one more season,MM adores him, as much as he adores Campen.

calipackfan's picture

Finley will play for the xolos of tijuana.

Stroh's picture


RayA's picture

Finley has been an underachiever his whole career in Green Bay. He can go be an underachiever somewhere else for a while. Yeah he will shoot his mouth off for a while and may have a productive second career somewhere else, but I just can't stand somebody who underachieves and still shoots his mouth off. I really hope it is good by Finley and front load one of the upcoming big contracts.

packeraaron's picture

And by "shoots his mouth off", you mean "answers questions honestly."

cow42's picture

honesty is not always the best policy...

"Honey? Do these jeans make my butt look fat?"

Jamie's picture

So what you're saying is you react to Finley's honest responses like an insecure woman?

I'm only surprised in that you finally admitted it.

cow42's picture

no - the reporter asking the question of finley would have been the woman.
i would have been finley.
i would think before answering.

forget it...
over your head.

Stroh's picture

Your also not Finley cow... So you say what you would do, not what Finley does. Neither is right or wrong just diffent stroke for different folks. Only you don't like that Finley is different from you apparently!

Rocky70's picture

"Shoots off his mouth"
If that's what he posted, that's what he meant. Many use that term in reference to Finley.

Stroh's picture

JUst cuz many people say it doesn't necessarily make it true. Alot of people are misunderstood. Largely I think thats the case w/ Finley.

He said he and Rodgers lacked chemistry at one point in the season. Thats hardly a secret. But alot of fans took at as a shot at Rodgers when it was anything but... It was statement of fact, not an indictment of Rodgers. After that they started meeting weekly and ended the season w/ good chemistry. He also took his share of responsibility in improving that chemistry by saying he had to catch the ball when it was thrown to him. Admitting that he wasnt catching the ball as often as he should have.

Lars's picture

Finley "shoots his mouth off" meaning he's constantly whining about his QB not throwing him the ball enough. And, when Finley's not whining, he has his agent do it. Overpaid, dropsy, TE diva. It's not refreshing at all if you're Aaron Rodgers.

Imagine of Rodgers was as brutally honest and complainy as Finley. The bloggers would love it. He'd pontificate on his not very bright TE having to be pointed where to line up on plays. He'd comment on Finley's pouting and drops and only playing hard when the $8 million is on the line. The missed blocks and playoff chokes.

More salary cap space means AJ Hawk is smiling. No contract restructure.

MarkinMadison's picture

As it stands right now, Finley will be the #2 paid TE in the NFL for 2013 with a cap number of $8.75M, a shade more than Vernon Davis, 3/4 of a M more than Heath Miller, and almost double what Jason Whitten will make. Whitten had 110 catches the the regular season, leading all TEs. Finley tied for #9 with 61 catches in the regular season. Won't take a pay cut? Does he really think he'll get more on the open market? It's not like he's a great blocking TE who can catch. Just the opposite.

I know Finley's number is not that simple. There is guaranteed money. There is signing bonus. There is number of years. There is his youth. There is the fact that Whitten is grossly underpaid. But seriously, is he really worth the $8.75M?

Stroh's picture

Nowadays TE aren't paid to be great blockers. Finley is paid to be a reciever, or maybe more appropriately a recieving threat to some degree.

cow42's picture

$8.75M to be a "receiving threat"... not an actual RECEIVER OF THE FOOTBALL... a "receiving threat".

that's good $ management right there.

Stroh's picture

Well when you have as many as 5 other legitimate threats thats what ALL of them are isn't it?? Jennings would be just another recieving threat on a team loaded with them if you take Finley out and insert Jennings! Some are more a threat than others or in different ways. Either way Finley demands the defense to plan for him in a way they don't other recievers! The truth is that DC's spend alot of time and safeties pay alot of attention, to Finley!

cow42's picture

the question is.... is that worth $8.75M?

you believe so.
i don't. especially considering what better receiving, more complete TE's are being paid.

agree to disagree, i guess.

in the end - i hope you're right. i hope finley blows up this coming season (and if he does - hopefully the Pack will have extended him BEFORE it happened).

MarkinMadison's picture

Let's talk about the whole idea that Finley's numbers are depressed because there are so many great receivers around him.

Look at how the Cowboys spread the ball around last year -

Dez Bryant 92 for 1382 in 16 games.
Jason Witten 110 for 1039 in 16.
Miles Austin 66 for 943 in 15.
Kevin Ogletree 32 for 436 in 15.

Their next two receivers were RBs.

Now compare to the Packers -

Cobb 80 for 954 in 15 games.
Jones 64 for 784 in 16.
Nelson 49 for 745 in 12.
Finley 61 for 667 in 16.
Jennings 36 for 366 in 8.

Jennings wasn't effective in a couple more of the games that he "played." And we all know that the theme this year was the Packers almost never had Cobb/Jones/Nelson and Jennings all available at the same time. Really what that means is that Nelson and Jennings were almost never available at the same time. So, effectively, they played about 112.5% of one season between the two of them.

So look at the numbers. Collectively, the top 5 Packers' receivers produced 3516 yards in 67 games played, or 53 yards/player/game. The Cowboys top four receivers produced more yards (3800) in fewer games played (62) for a better average per player per game (61).

So let's look at oranges to blood oranges, because you can never really get apples to apples in life. With three productive receivers around him Jason Witten caught 110 balls for over 1000 yards. With 3.125 productive receivers around him Finely caught 61 balls for less than 2/3 the yards.

So someone please tell me why it is worth it to keep Finley around as a one year rental at the #2 salary cap number for a TE in the league?

Stroh's picture

Cow.. You seem to think that its worth paying Jennings MORE to be just another recieving threat on a team that has alot of others. Why not pay Finley less to provide that?

cow42's picture

i wouldn't pay jennings either.
where'd you come up with that?

Stroh's picture

I read someone say it on another thread and thought it was you. My apologies if it wasn't. Might have been Rocky, I don't know... But it was one of the commenters who is the most vocal against Finley.

wgbeethree's picture

Finley had a better catch rate than both Gronkowski and V. Davis last year.

Finley had more yards per target than Witten last year.

Finley had both a better catch rate and higher yard per target than J. Graham, Rudolph, and Hernandez last year.

All facts.

Stroh's picture

I guess they have no response to you. Well done!

ArodMoney's picture


MarkinMadison's picture

Finley had a worse catch rate than Tony Gonzalez, Witten, Myers and Keller.

Football Outsiders ranked Finley as the 13th best Tight End in 2012 under their DYAR measurement. Finley would rank 12th under their DVOA measurement.

One-year rental. $8.75M. I don't think that is smart.

packeraaron's picture

What about over his last 8 games?

This is why citing FO or PFF blindly is so dumb. Yes, he was pretty bad over the course of the first half of the season. He was sensational over the course of the second half of the season. Oh - and he also had the most productive year ever for a tight end in the history of the Green Bay Packers.

You don't pay for what a guy has done - you pay for potential/what you expect him to do. Finley is primed for a big, big season.

cow42's picture

"Finley is primed for a big, big season."


how long have people been saying this?

when will people see the light on this guy?

i just don't get it.

i can't count how many times i've watched a Packer game and said.... "man - he sucks".


packeraaron's picture

So you stopped watching after Week 8.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! (rollseyes)

cow42's picture

after week 8 he became COMPETENT.
nothing special.

maybe that's how he fools people... he plays so horribly that when he finally strings a coupe of average games together it makes him look like a superstar.

sorta' like how everyone got all giddy about cedric benson after he ran for a whopping 85 yards. they were just so used to seeing garbage that an average back looked like tony dorsett to them.

MarkinMadison's picture

First of all, the fact that he had the greatest year ever for a Packers TE is irrelevant. It's even misleading considering that it was only good for #9 in the NFL last year. So please don't say it's dumb for me to cite FO or any other stat you want to name if you are going to pull out that one.

The franchise tag number for a TE this year is $6M. The Packers are paying him $8.75M for next year. If he was signed to a multi-year deal I would say, "fine, choke it down." But if you can't sign Finley for the long-term then is he really worth it for next year ONLY, or are the Packers better off investing their money elsewhere?

Third, Finley is a perennial tease. I get that he had a great half season. I get that he may go off next year. But my gut says that he is just as likely to whine if the ball is not thrown his way because he knows this is his money year. And I am not sure at all how he will react once he gets a big fat signing bonus. Are you?

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