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Packers Daily Links: Grant Doesn't Show on Monday for Lions Visit

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Packers Daily Links: Grant Doesn't Show on Monday for Lions Visit

There appears to be some confusion regarding current free agent running back Ryan Grant who spent the past five seasons with the Packers. "After reports surfaced last week that Grant would visit the Lions' facility in Allen Park on Monday, he never showed up," writes Anwar Richardson of "It is unclear if Grant met Detroit's coaching staff on Sunday instead of Monday or if the trip was canceled." There's a chance Grant could still sign with the Packers. Perhaps that's the reason he may not have visited the Lions on Monday, but those odds appear increasingly slim. All we can do is wait for more information about this puzzling story.

Packers defensive lineman Tony Hargrove was reportedly instructed to deny the existence of the New Orleans Saints' bounty program to the NFL. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports obtained the signed declaration Hargrove submitted to the NFL, and shared the details in a report. "Hargrove, in the declaration, says (Saints former defensive coordinator Gregg) Williams then said he was going to deny the existence of any bounty system, and that both Williams and (assistant Joe) Vitt instructed him to do the same," writes Cole. "Williams, according to Hargrove, also said: 'Those [expletives at the NFL] have been trying to get me for years' and if all the Saints 'stay on the same page, this will blow over.'"

The implications involved in Tony Hargrove's declaration are confusing, but Mike Florio of reads between the lines. "At no point in the declaration does Hargrove admit to any knowledge of the existence of a bounty program.  Indeed, at no point does Hargrove claim that he was told to say anything different from what he would have otherwise said, without coaching.

"In other words, Hargrove never says he was told to lie.  Instead, he says he was told what to say, without commenting on whether he believed what he was told to say to be the truth." It's becoming increasingly hard to believe there will not be some long, drawn out legal battle here. At some point, however, Hargrove will be asked whether or not he knew the existence of a bounty program.

To make things even more complicated, Joe Vitt adamantly denied Hargrove's claims to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. "At no time did I ever tell Anthony Hargrove to lie or deny the existence (of the alleged bounty program)," Vitt is quoted as saying. "He can say whatever he wants to say. It just didn't happen." This whole bounty issue is going to get uglier before it gets better.

More on Tony Hargrove's declaration comes from, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, JSOnline, Green Bay Press-Gazette, Fox Sports Wisconsin, the Associated Press, and Packer Report.

In related news, Tony Hargrove has also reserved his right to appeal the NFL's suspension, but that in itself is another complicated issue. "According to ESPN’s Andrew Brandt, a former Packers executive, Hargrove, (Scott) Fujita and (Will) Smith filed a 'Reservation of Rights' to Goodell, meaning they reserve their rights to appeal but don't recognize Goodell's authority to preside over the appeal; thus no appeal hearing," writes Jason Wilde of It's anyone's guess as to when these issues will be resolved.

More on Tony Hargrove's appeal appears at JSOnline.

A distinction is made by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in regards to news that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun have joined forces in opening a theme restaurant in the Milwaukee area. "Rodgers and Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun have signed licensing agreements with SURG restaurant group for a restaurant in Brookfield," writes Carol Deptolla. The article later states that one of the owners of SURG declined to say whether Rodgers and Braun have ownership stakes in the restaurant.

In more Aaron Rodgers news, the Packers quarterback will reportedly accept a resolution on Wednesday making the date of 12/12/12 Aaron Rodgers Day in the state of Wisconsin. "Rep. (Garey) Bies was the lead author of Assembly Joint Resolution 108, which was passed unanimously earlier this year by both houses of the State Legislature," writes Jason Wilde.

A few more promotions in the Packers scouting department were reported by Bob McGinn at JSOnline. "Sources said Jon-Eric Sullivan, 35, will move from scouting the Midlands to scouting the vital Southeast region,  which had been covered by Brian Gutekunst. Richmond Williams, 28, will shift from combine scout to Highsmith's former area, which was the Southwest," writes McGinn. The Packers would still appear to be in the market for a couple new scouts to take over for those that have departed.

Next week's Packer Tailgate Tour is a topic of conversation among Packers players at JSOnline and the team's official website.

Wide receiver Donald Driver's performance on Monday's episode of Dancing With The Stars is recapped at the Press-Gazette and Packers official website.

Videos of Donald Driver doing the tango and the jive on Monday are posted at

Tryout wide receiver Marcus Rivers talks about his relationship with running back James Starks at JSOnline.

The Press-Gazette reminds that quarterback Graham Harrell is eligible to participate in this weekend's rookie orientation camp.

A scouting report on newly drafted cornerback Casey Hayward is provided at Packer Report.

A column on the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes and tight end Tom Crabtree's participation is written by Kris Burke at

A look at holes on the Packers roster is done at Fox Sports Wisconsin.

Video: Fox 11 in Green Bay interviews undrafted free agent and Green Bay Southwest alum Drew Vanderlin...

Brian Carriveau is a writer for Cheesehead TV. To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Evan's picture

I think I'm in the minority, but I'd really like the Pack to bring Grant back. While I think the combo of Starks, Green and Saine can get it done, I would feel more comfortable if someone with an established track record were added to the mix.

Also, the frozen screencap of that video makes me uncomfortable. Gumby wrists.

djbonney138's picture

I don't want to see Grant go either. I think he still has some gas in the tank.

packsmack25's picture

He is the first person I followed on Twitter, so I hope he stays for that reason only. Don't see it happening though.

murphy's picture

Cleans are awesome. I wish I was that flexible.

packsmack25's picture

Maybe this WILL drag into the season, giving us Hargrove for 4 games until Neal comes back. That is, assuming either of them are better than the rookies in the first place.

Lars's picture

Waaaay too much time/energy spent on Hargrove. He's never played a down in Green bay and is a toss-up to make the team, anyway, following the drafting of Worthy and Daniels.

Soap opera off-season stuff and nothing more. Hope he isn't allowed to become a distraction as we enter camp and the regular season.

Besides the headline implies the story would be about Grant, not another yawner Hargrove.

pkrNboro's picture

I agree with you, Lars.

However, Hargrove would fill a critical void:

PackersRS's picture

But whose time? No one in the Packers organization is doing anything, I don't think. It's his own lawyers/NFLPA.

All the Packers have to do is see what he brings, how much better he is than the other guys vowing for the spot, and make a decision. Just like they do in everyone else's case.

The only difference is that they'll have to take into account the result of the appeal, which will probably be judged before the roster cuts.

And there's the possibility that, like in the Starcaps case, the league will lift the ban in case of a lawsuit.

All in all, I doubt TT wasn't prepared for a possible suspension. Maybe not for 8 games, but they knew what they were getting when they signed him.

So, I don't see the possible distraction. It will be for fans, and the media will surely keep us posted, but as far as the front office and the team is concerned, this is not a distraction.

cow42's picture

if they sign grant the offense will barely notice.
if they don't sign grant the offense will barely notice.

there are 100's of grants.

if hargrove plays the defense will barely notice.
if hargrove doesn't play the defense will barely notice.

there are 100's of hargroves.

the only important Packers are...

the rest are interchangeable.

hopefully hayward, house, shields mccmillian, smith, daniels, lang, newhouse move into the above list.

PackersRS's picture

Telling Hargrove to "play dumb" isn't exactly the same as telling him to lie or deny it...

Evan's picture

Not "exactly" the same thing, maybe, but the intention is the same - obstruction.

PackersRS's picture

I'm just trying to explain his rationale, as it's evident he's full of it.

In the same article there's this tidbit:

"Vitt also reiterated what he said last month, insisting that Saints players were never taught to target players from opposing teams with an intent to injure."

Again, he's kind of right. I'd bet the term injury was never used, nor that it was explicitly said.

MarkinMadison's picture

Yes it is. I don't think that is even a close question in this context. It's a bit complicated to use this analogy because of the unique structure of the league, but if a VP at your company asks if your supervisor has been cheating on his productivity reports and you just, "play dumb," because he asked you to and you get caught, plan to just box up your stuff.

PackersRS's picture

Again, explaining his rationale only, not saying it's right, nor that this exempts him of perjury. But it does give him a chance.

The analogy doesn't apply, it's not me explaining, it's the vp.

His appeal is still in course, right? He couldn't outright say to the press that he and the coaching staff were at fault, could he?

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