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Packers Daily Links: Finley Says He Couldn't Take a Pay Cut

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Packers Daily Links: Finley Says He Couldn't Take a Pay Cut

Shared by Josina Anderson of ESPN through a social media outlet, she quotes tight end Jermichael Finley as saying the Packers have not approached him to take less money. Finley went on to say, "I'd have to walk for sure, meaning I couldn't take a pay cut. Maybe I'd restructure if it's a deal that I like and it makes sense, but I'm not the guy that's just going to sign anything and let anything pass. I'm not that guy. Other than that, taking a pay cut or restructuring doesn't sound good to me at this time. I like my deal. I start training in Minneapolis tomorrow and I'm more inspired than ever to start next season off right and be the tight end I know I can be. It's all business at the end of the day. I just love what I do." Finley can't be blamed for taking less money. He might not make $8 million per year if he were released, but there will definitely be interest on the free agent market. I still contend the Packers should attempt to trade Finley. I just don't know how much interest there is from other teams in acquiring a player with a one-year contract for a substantial sum of money.

More on Jermichael Finley comes from and JSOnline.

Now that suspended Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly is to be reinstated by the NFL, attention turns to whether the Packers would welcome him back. The Packers retain his rights under a one-year restricted free agent tender he signed back in 2010. "Once Jolly is reinstated, the Packers can have conversations with his agent about restructuring his contract," writes Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "If the Packers did take him back, it's likely it would be on a minimum-wage contract." As long as Jolly were agree to a lesser contact, I don't see any reason why the Packers wouldn't give him a shot. Under a restructured contract, he can take part in the entire offseason program and training camp before the Packers would have to make a decision about keeping him on their roster in September. They could always cut him and be no worse off.

More on Johnny Jolly comes from Acme Packing Company, the Green Bay Press-Gazette, and Fox Sports Wisconsin.

The Packers have reportedly hired the nephew of former Green Bay defensive lineman Santana Dotson as an area scout. "Alonzo Dotson, who was a defensive end for Oklahoma University from 2003-07, joined the Packers’ scouting staff at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis last week," writes Pete Dougherty of the Press-Gazette. The article doesn't say which area of the country Dotson will scout, but he has ties to the southern part of the country in Houston in addition to Oklahoma.

Winners and losers from the NFL Combine are listed at the Journal Sentinel.

The potential of Cullen Jenkins joining the Packers is touched upon at Packer Report.

The cornerbacks are analyzed over at, as is head coach Mike McCarthy.

Whether the Packers will place the franchise tag on Greg Jennings is explored at

Video: A pair of rare autographed photos were donated to the Packers Hall of Fame, as Fox 11 in Green Bay reports...

Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Tarynfor12's picture

I mentioned before that this senario with Finley and TT is a who blinks first kind.IMO,TT isn't convinced of Finleys progress as MM seemed to infer with his play the last 6-7 weeks of the season.

Many will say that Finleys injuries held him back but,his play coming back from the injuries while having Rodgers as your QB makes it hard for TT to keep him at $8 mill or even justify resigning/restructuring/ a long term deal with him based on his progress to date.

Will other teams be interested sure,but the Packers cannot create a roster based on what he or any other player might do elsewere but what he or any other player will do here in Green Bay.

Is Finley a must Finley leaving hurt to some degree..yes..would Finleys' leaving be the end all for the Packers playoff and SB

I have been a strong advocate of letting Finley walk and didn't want him resigned last time and still feel we will not ever get what was hoped or expected from him and why I wouldn't expect TT to continue hoping or expecting Finley to blink first to make his stay here longer.

The recent trade of Alex Smith to KC for this years 2nd and another mid rd pick next year does however,keep alive the belief that there are still some who wish to be ripped off willingly and perhaps this is what TT is still looking for in the case of Finley.

Evan's picture

"The recent trade of Alex Smith to KC for this years 2nd and another mid rd pick next year does however,keep alive the belief that there are still some who wish to be ripped off willingly..."

Ha...that's a fair point. I still think no one would give up anything higher than a 4th for him.

madtork's picture

Might be time to take that 4th and move on. If you can find a partner. Tough one for the silver fox.

cow42's picture

...and the 49'ers just keep getting better.

Chad Toporski's picture

That's the part that irritates me the most about this trade. KC gave up WAY too much for Smith, and now San Fran has the top 2nd round pick to use.


Evan's picture

That does suck.

BUT...on the flip side...I think there is an argument to be made that with a running QB like Kaepernick, losing a backup of Smith's caliber could come to haunt the 49ers...wishful thinking, but it's something.

Evan's picture

And another thing this trade put into perspective for me is how lucky Packer fans are that we haven't been forced to chase after these second-rate retreads at QB.

Trading the 34th pick for Alex Smith? Now people are saying the Cardinals might be interested in Matt Cassel? The Jets are interested in bringing in Brady Quinn? What a nightmare.

Chad Toporski's picture

I've always wondered what TT would have done had he come to the Packers without Brett Favre. Would it have been his philosophy to secure a QB around which to build the team?

Al's picture

I would agree what trading Smith could haunt the 49ers. They are basically going all-in on a QB that is likely to get injured frequently due to his playing style. Not to mention that he has not even started an entire season. It is not all that unlikely that he could not totally be a different player next year.

Stroh's picture

Samr was said bout Vick, same bout Newton. Nothing changed... they aren't any different than Kap or RG3 for that matter. Try again...

CSS's picture

Guys guys guys.....None of this matters, remember? It's all a 'fart in the wind' unless you're holding the Lombardi. Until that happens, San Francisco sucks like everybody else. At least, that's the way I was told to measure the Packers seasons.

cow42's picture

one team lost in the Super Bowl and is still getting better.

one team has shown a consistently steady decline in talent over the last three (counting this upcoming season) years.

which roster would you take right now?

which team is better right now?

which team will be better next season?

which team will be better in 2014?

the answer is clear.

face it - the Packers need to rebuild.
cut the dead weight and start over.

here's who you keep...




the rest are fodder...
either too old, too bad, or too injured to keep.

Evan's picture

Can't we at least wait and see what they do with their extra draft picks before we anoint them? Or is the 2013 season just a formality now, like the 2012 playoffs were?

cow42's picture

yeah - they'll use their extra picks to get revis.

even better.

let's get real, guys.... the Pack has a TON of holes... too many to be fixed in one offseason.

it's gonna take a while to get back to contender status.

Rocky70's picture

@cow42 ---- Stop it !!
You're making too much sense.
Take the 'brown pill'. It has been known to help kick-start your "homer genes".

GB's best chance to return to an elite status is when both MM & TT are gone. Hopefully, AR will still be around.

Jay's picture

I can't reply to any of cow's of Rocky's comments but this one, so I'll leave it here.

The NFL is not static. Teams that are good one year regress the next. It happened with GB; it will happen in SF. SF looks great now, flushed with picks to do whatever they want to do with them and very few serious holes to fill. But there are plenty of questions. Will COlin Kaepernick continue his meteoric rise, or will he regress? Do we think that the NFL will be permanently upended by a college concept? I don't think that's plausible. Maybe they make some great picks in the draft; maybe they pick some duds. Maybe they trade them for Revis, who is a huge question mark coming off an ACL. Meanwhile, their team is getting older; injuries are inevitable.

Let me put it to you this way, cow: I'll grant you that this instant, SF is better than GB, but the season isn't being played now. You want to claim right now that the 49er's will be better in the next football season (2014). Go back and see how projections 2 years ahead have fared. There is absolutely no justification to believe that SF will necessarily sustain their level of success. That answer is far from clear.

packeraaron's picture

Stop talking sense Jay. cow and Rocky don't speak the language.

cow42's picture

they are building a dynasty.
they have the best offensive line in football.
they have the best defensive front 7 in football.
they have an inspiring and creative coach.
they have an aggressive front office.
they have a stud quarterback who has gotten to a SB in his second year in the league - he is only going to get better. he is going to change the game.

that team, and that quarterback, and that coach will win MULTIPLE SB's over the next 4-5 years.

Stroh's picture

Just like they won the SB this year... Wait, what? Oh they didn't win the SB?! Damn how can that be, they are a dynasty already.

What happens if Justin Smith is a shadow of himself next year like he was end of this year at age 34. They're losing Goldson who is an important piece in the secondary. WHat happens if they suffer significant injuries to a couple of key starters like the Packers did last year and in '10? Kapernick could easily regress or get his ACL taken out like RG3 and Gore is at the point where RB face a sharp decline. Any or all of the above are very possible.

Lets not call them a dynasty just yet. I'm not even certain if the Packers were completely healthy, which SF mostly was that they are better than the Packers.

cow42's picture

stroh -

i'm looking at the two teams with my eyes.
you're looking at them with your heart.

Stroh's picture

Cow... Are you saying that Perry, Bulaga, Sherrod (3 1st round picks btw), Bishop, Benson, Nelson, Woodson couldn't have gotten the Packers another win and the game in GB? Cuz if that game is played in GB and with all those players healthy the Packers couldn't have beaten SF? I think thats a very real possibility!

I'm being as real as it gets! Your the ever-hating Sorta fan. Hope you have fun living w/ all your negativity! I'm too old to think w/ my heart!

cow42's picture

first of all - SF wins that game no matter where it's played.

sherrod - he woulda been on the bench (because in your fantasy scenario bulaga's back)

perry - stop it with this guy. he's a 4/3 def end. as soon as his contract's up he'll be running out of town. he can't and doesn't want to play linebacker.

benson would not have mattered because MM wouldn't have run the ball anyhow.

nelson DID play and wasn't a factor

woodson isn't as good as the guys who were playing in his place

this team needs to cut bait on a bunch of guys. they can't get hung up paying too much for players they hope will improve or are worried about replacing.

admit that they are 3 years or so away from acquiring and developing the players they're going to need to get back to contender status.

while watching the team last year did you REALLY consider them a SB contender?

i mean REALLY believe it.

not WANTING them to be... BELIEVING them to be.

be honest.

CSS's picture

Look at the SB champion Ravens roster and tell anybody that knows their depth chart they're a deeper, better roster than Green Bay. You would be a liar or trolling to say they are. Also, Ozzie is a great GM and deserves credit for the Super Bowl. But good lord has he whiffed in the first few rounds recently. One lucky hail-mary and a year-long under 60% completion rate QB getting hot.

But the Packers are in decline...

Al's picture

Did this turn into a 49er fan room? How can you say their "stud" QB will only get better? How would you know that? Cam Newton had the best rookie season ever but did he "only get better" in his 2nd year?.... I dont think so. What about Sam Bradford and Matt Cassel? Plenty of QBs show a lot of promise early on and then never get a whole lot better. He's got a long way to go before hes the next A Rodgers.

cow42's picture

i believe he will change the game of football.
i believe he already has.

cow42's picture

css -
are you telling me you would take the Packers' roster over the Ravens'?

that's crazy.

CSS's picture

Proof positive you have 0.00 understanding of the league, cow.

cow42's picture

the only position that i'd give a nod towards the Packers on is QB.


CSS's picture

0.00, flounder

cow42's picture

maybe corner.

qb - pack
ol - balt
rb - balt
te - balt
wr - push
dl - balt
lb - balt
s - balt
cb - pack
st - balt

i think most people would agree that's pretty accurate.

Rocky70's picture

@ cow42
There are quite a few Pack Forums (right now) having discussions similar to these. Some of these dudes (here) need to check them out abit. There are quite a few fans posting who actually make you look pretty tame.

Sorry to say it but (here) you're talking to the under-18 crowd, soccer players, homers & the inexperienced uninformed fan. (Seems all too obvious)

Stroh's picture

LMFAO cow! You clearly don't know football. Kapernick has not nor will he change football. The read option and QBs like him will quit running it in a yr or 2. What you fail to understand is, when he lines up in that formation teams will send the LB after the QB. When he fakes the D will start hitting him at EVERY opportunity. Teams will quit running it when the franchise QB has to pick himself up. They'll get sick of the franchise QB getting hit so often! Consider that football lesson 001. There'll be more coming!

cow42's picture

i didn't say the read option would change the game.
i said Kapernick would.

go watch the game again.

the read option didn't kill the Packers as much as Kapernick's throwing and taking off on scrambles (when all receivers and defensive backs were downfield) did.

he throws dimes.
he's smart.
if no one's open - he runs... and he's faster than all linebackers and most defensive backs.

like i said... he will change the game.
the league better hope his accuracy was a fluke... because if it stays what it is (or, God forbid, improves) he will be un-defendable.
think LeBron James.

AND he plays behind the best OL in football.
AND he plays for a creative coach who knows how to...

plan for big games
call a game
adjust during a game

...unlike our coach

Stroh's picture

Cow... Regarding Kapernick, in what way exactly has he changed the game of football? Alot of QB's w/ same skills as Kapernick have come before him and failed to change the game. Same was said bout Vick, same bout Newton. Nothing changed… they aren’t any different than Kap or RG3 for that matter. Try again…

Feel free to answer the question...

cow42's picture

he's bigger than vick.
he's smarter than newton.

he's got a perfect team set up around him for what he does.

I bleed Green More's picture

Say bye bye tool man.

djbonney138's picture

Finley says he won't take a pay cut...weird.

Evan's picture

Would you take a paycut from your job?

djbonney138's picture

If I said something like I want to remain a Packer for life, I would take a pay cut. Oh yeah and if I were a Green Bay packer instead of a bar manager I would take a pay cut.

Evan's picture

I call BS...but to each their own.

No one forced TT to give Finley this contract. It is a business and there is no reason Finley should take a pay cut just because. He did say he would be open to restructuring, which is generally how these things work.

djbonney138's picture

Let me be clear, I have no problem w/ Finley not wanting to take a pay cut. My problem is saying he wants to be a Packer for life and then refusing to take a pay cut. He may like being a Packer for life on his terms but if he really wanted to be a Packer for life, he would do whatever was asked of him for the greater good of the team.

Evan's picture

That's fair, I think.

And I do think it's pretty much impossible to put yourself in the mind of an athlete. You or I could say we'd play for the Packers for nothing and probably mean it. We just love the team so much. But professional athletes aren't fans. Their only allegiance to a team is the paycheck.

THEMichaelRose's picture

It's a fair point if you live in Naivetown, which isn't a place.

Mojo's picture

I agree with Evan to a point. A player certainly isn't go to have the allegiance that we as fans do, but there are quite a number of former GB players (actually too numerous to mention) who still care what goes on in Titletown and probably openly root for the green and gold to do well. Even a number of players who have gone on to other teams still have a warm sport for GB (like Kampman, Harris, Jenkins etc.) And there have been players who have restructured for the good of the team(LeRoy e.g.) But I do understand the mercenary part of it, and that we shouldn't always expect someone with roots across the country to have the same affection for our club as we do. But regardless of their sentiment the should always want to win and not just collect a paycheck.

Regarding Finley, I think I would say just what he did. No one forced the Pack to make this deal. I however, would definitely be open to a multiyear restructure that could be beneficial to both of us if I were him.

Tarynfor12's picture

That's not a fair question.

Football players taking a pay cut still has them making a lot of money.We mere fans,would be asked to take a pay cut more likely to help guarantee employment..period.

Besides,getting another job elsewhere in the real world (for equal or more money) is far harder to do than in the football world as proven daily by the assinine happenings in the league.

Evan's picture

I think it's perfectly fair.

Regardless of how the dollar figures translate to "the real world," it's still the guy's profession and he has a contract that both sides agreed to. Now if the Packers don't want to pay that anymore, that's their right. But it's just as much Finley's right to say no. Just like Woodson would have said.

If my company, which is healthy and profitable, asked me to cut my pay in half because they regretted the contract they gave me, I'd say no.

Tarynfor12's picture

The contract is for what is expected to come from you for the money agreed.
If you haven't achieved the expectations that your company paid you for and was asked to take a pay cut,would you still say no?
Are you so sure you will get another offer at equal or more money elsewhere when you have shown and are seen by others as an under achiever like Finley?Would you not more likely take the pay cut to maintain employment to prove otherwise?
The difference is Finley is more apt to get hired fast and make millions,you are more apt to collect unemployment before you get hired at the same level of pay and status elsewhere if at all.This isn't directed to you on a personal level,just and overview for those outside of the football player employment.

Evan's picture

"Are you so sure you will get another offer at equal or more money elsewhere when you have shown and are seen by others as an under achiever like Finley?"

That's obviously the risk for Finley/hypothetical me.

My only real point is that I don't think we have any right/place to criticize someone for not being willing to accept a pay cut, whether they're making $8 million a year or $9/hour. We view football as fans, we're loyal to our teams and we expect the players to be the same. But they're not and never will be, with very rare exceptions.

Evan's picture

Also, you say "We mere fans would be asked to take a pay cut more likely to help guarantee employment..."

But isn't that exactly what theoretically would be happening with Finley too? Take a pay cut or we're going to cut you?

Derek in CO's picture

Then Jermichael Finley can hit the bricks.

NoWayJose's picture

Finley's stance on his paycheck is his prerogative. And this comment is not a big deal.

But, for god's sake, does this guy ever just respond "No Comment"????

Like it or not, his media interactions are one of the reasons that the Packers are waffling on him. If he had decent management, they would have told him to just smile and say he was excited to be back when fielding contract questions this offseason. It's not that hard.

Stroh's picture

You just said the comment he made was no big deal. Then you go on and make it a big deal. Do you see anything contradicory? If its not a big deal why care if he said what he did? Shouldn't he be allowed to say anything as long as its "no big deal"?

NoWayJose's picture

The comment is not a big deal. Nothing shocking about the content of what he said or that he said he said it. It shouldn't affect the Packers decision.

But I don't see how it has a positive effect on anything to say it. Why not just stop commenting on your contract when you've been down the "controversial comment" road so many damn times? I don't get it. Why not just avoid even these minor dust-ups (i.e. these "not a big deal" incidents)?

Stroh's picture

Finley just doesn't have a filter. Someone asks him a question and he asnwers it honestly. no filter.. no consideration to fan reaction... just unadulterated honesty.

I appreciate that in people. Probably becuz I'm the same way.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think the whole point of having this heavier 2nd year in a two-year deal was to motivate Finley to produce in year 1. If he did, he'd get his money. If he didn't the Packers could cut bait knowing that it was good riddance. Finley muddied the waters by having a good 2nd half last season, but a lousy first half. So what are the Packers going to get out of him long-term? Will he stay hungry and motivated to improve after he gets a big contract? There is nothing about the guy that says, "yes" to me. He'll play well this year for the Packers because he is playing for a contract, but do you want him around long-term? That's why I keep saying put him on a incentive-laden long-term deal, or trade him.

Stroh's picture

They just pd him 7M he's going up to 8M. Not that big a jump. If he gets another contract it means he performed well enough to earn another. He's already near top of TE oay scale. I don't see a TE contract suddenly going to 12M or something ridiculous.

mark's picture

even with Finley's good play in the 2nd half of last year, was it ever great? like, $8 million great? ask yourself, did he impact games like Rob Gronkowski or did he impact games like Kyle Rudolph?

and here's another thing to consider, if he does come back, he'll be playing for his next contract. meaning, he'll want the ball. nothing wrong with that, all receivers want the ball. but if history is any judge, finley will pout, make a stink and go about this in all the wrong ways. his agent, and god knows who else, will be in his ear all year long.

the more I think about this, the more I think--if we can get a 3rd--it's time to cut and run.

I wonder how much Martellus Bennett would cost?

Evan's picture

I wish we could break out Finley's stats from week 8 on and compare them to other TEs.

I can't find any stats site that let's you isolate stats like that.

CSS's picture

There's a head-to-head comparison:

Otherwise, pro football reference is a good site, just can't get side by side comparison.

Evan's picture

Thanks. I wish there was an option "FROM WEEK #" and "TO WEEK #"

The biggest red flag for me with Finley is his lack of TDs. Those tend to fluctuate from season to season (he did have 8 in 2011), though. Maybe he's not getting open, maybe Rodgers isn't finding him, but, either way, he needs to have more than 2.

CSS's picture

It's anecdotal, but I would be willing to bet Finley has received far fewer red-zone targets compared to Gonzalez, Rudolph or Gronkowski. Ponder and Ryan almost use their TE's like a red-zone crutch, Rodgers never has.

cow42's picture

of those 8 he had 3 in one game against a bears' defense that got slaughtered by tight ends all season.

i know those td's still count, but that game does inflate his numbers a bit.

he's just not that good.

not that it'll happen - and i'm not even suggesting it - but pitta's better... there are a lot of tight ends just as good if not better than finley.


and i don't think he's gonna go somewhere else and "blow up". i honestly believe this guy is exactly what he appears to be.

i'm so tired of people talking about this guy like he's got these outlandish gifts.

he sure looks the part... it just doesn't translate. i can't remember the last time i saw him run away from someone.

CSS's picture

Please link to any commenter in the last year making a case that Finley has 'outlandish gifts.'

MarkinMadison's picture

Maybe #12 does not crutch on him in the red zone as much as some other TEs because he just does not line up correctly and run his routes correctly. The game in the red zone is just that much quicker because the field is compressed. If you're throwing a ball to a window before your guy is there, who you throwing to? A guy like Jennings who you can count on to be there, or a guy like Finley, who lines up wrong? And then there is the drop rate that he had a problem with until the second half of this season. Throw it to Jones (who solved his dropsies at the beginning of the year). Throw it to Jennings or Cobb (who know their plays and run their routes). Throw it to Nelson if you need a tall boy. Why throw it to Finley when you have all of these other options?

Evan's picture

All of that is certainly possible.

But he did have 8 TDs in 2011, good for #3 among TEs behind Gronk and Graham.

(FYI, I forgot Nelson had 15 TDs that year. Damn.)

cow42's picture

css -

you know what i mean.
everything written about the guy always includes some sort of reference to his being such an outstanding athlete and what a "matchup nightmare" he is.

... that's all i meant.

mark's picture

The more I watch Gavin Escobar the more I like him.

madtork's picture

He reminds me of Sharper.. When he was good he was great, but when he was bad it cost games. Both love the mic and the sound of their voice. He is most likely gone and most likely will go on to have a good career. If he stays and plays well great, he won't be the first to be overpaid. If you can get cap help and a 4th take it. But then who do pick on?

Tundraboy's picture

Finley is staying for the year, If Quarless is healthy that should be the fire he needs, and if Finley craps out he can walk then.

imfubared's picture

My take is the Pack have to have someone. If not him then you waste a draft pick

imfubared's picture

This guy is not an 8 million man. He is just a so so TE. They gave him what three years and he was good in one of those three

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