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Packers Daily Links: Finley Places Chemistry Burden on Rodgers

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Packers Daily Links: Finley Places Chemistry Burden on Rodgers

Packers tight end Jermichael Finley talked during the offseason about not having "chemistry" with Aaron Rodgers. After being hurt his past week in Indianapolis and his status still uncertain for the upcoming Texans game, Finley returned to the chemistry issue in an interview Wednesday with Jason Wilde of and placed the burden on his quarterback. “Not good enough at all," Finley said about his chemistry with Rodgers. "Something to be worked on, and try to work on it as much as I can, try to talk to him as much as I can, but like I said it takes two people.” Perhaps it's a case of Finley not being aware of what he's saying, but ignorance isn't an excuse. Now into Finley's fifth year in the NFL, he's no longer worth the time and effort of developing any longer. Between his comments, his drops and now his injury, it's time to make D.J. Williams and the rest of the tight ends a much bigger part of the Packers offense.

More on Jermichael Finley comes from JSOnline, and

First-round draft pick Nick Perry was reportedly fined $15,000 for his tackle on Colts quarterback Andrew Luck this past week when he was penalized for hitting with the crown of his helmet. "He seemed surprised by the amount of the fine, especially considering it wasn’t a helmet-to-helmet hit," writes Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "The fine was nearly twice what defensive lineman B.J. Raji received last week ($7,875) for throwing a punch against the New Orleans Saints." Perry said he plans to appeal the fine. I can't speak to the amount of the fine, but I agree with the penalty and don't mind that Perry was fined. He was basically unblocked and had all the time in the world to lower his aiming point and make a form tackle with his shoulder and place his helmet to the side of Luck. This is the new world of the NFL and players must conform.

More on Nick Perry comes from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Packer Report.

After placing running back Cedric Benson on the injured reserve/designated for return list, the Packers are moving forward with their plans to replace Benson. "Coach Mike McCarthy said (Alex) Green will be the starter Sunday night at Houston because he’s the only one of the three with any snaps from scrimmage this season," writes Pete Dougherty of the Press-Gazette. "But the job of primary runner will end up with whichever back is playing best in any given game." James Starks has not been active for a single game yet this season as he's nursed a turf toe injury, but he will be part of the Packers offense going forward, as will Brandon Saine to a limited extent. I think McCarthy will be a man of his word and go with the hot hand. If either Green or Starks rips off a run over 10 yards, they'll be in line to see more playing time.

More on Alex Green and the running back situation in Green Bay comes from Fox Sports Wisconsin, and the Journal Sentinel.

The Packers offensive linemen talked about wanting to keep running the football in an article by Tom Silverstein of the Journal Sentinel.

Linebacker Clay Matthews reiterated his stance on his perception that the NFL has a double standard of protecting offensive players while neglecting the safety of defensive players. Matthews spoke to Houston reporters on Wednesday in advance of the upcoming game against the Texans and spoke about the recent season-ending injury to his former college teammate, Brian Cushing at USC. "I think it’s anybody’s nightmare," Matthews is quoted as saying at JSOnline. "I think anytime you suffer a knee injury or the dreaded ACL that you’ll have to have surgery on is difficult because it’s a long recovery process and it is something that can be avoided. I know a lot of emphasis had been put on head protection and head trauma, but we can’t neglect other injuries that are major contributors of people falling out of games and missing the remainder of seasons.”

More on Clay Matthews comes from

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers talked about his play this season with reporters on Wednesday. More appears at the Press-Gazette, Packer Report, Packers official website and Fox Sports Wisconsin.

More on the Packers placing Cedric Benson on injured reserve comes from Packer Report, Associated Press, Fox Sports Wisconsin and JSOnline.

Defensive lineman B.J. Raji talked about his ankle injury in an article at but said little and said he's taking it day by day.

Former Penn State player Andrew Quarless reacted to news that Jerry Sandusky received his prison sentence.

Cheesehead TV's own Zach Kruse says the Packers offense needs to evolve in his weekly column at JSOnline.

Former Packers safety Matt Bowen breaks down over at the National Football Post what went wrong with the Packers defense in giving up the game-winning touchdown this past Sunday to Reggie Wayne.

The challenge of facing Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt is taken on by Pete Dougherty.

Hypothesizing that Bryan Bulaga's knee injury may have affected his play is Adam Czech of

Video: The Press-Gazette crew previews the Texans game in their latest Insiders episode...

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MarkinMadison's picture

I don't think that Finley's comments in context were as bad as when summarized. (Emphasis on "as bad" - they were still not smart comments for him to make.) I'm no Finley apologist - far from it, but I think he was staying true to form. He was asked a set of questions and he answered them honestly.

I understand the penalty against Perry, but I think the rules are a bit out of whack. There was no helmet-to-helmet contact. I suppose it was like what we called "spearing" back in the day, but I don't think he had his head lowered to that degree. I don't like the fine.

A_Lerxst_in_Packerland's picture

I've rewatched the Perry hit several times and I just don't see the penalty. And it's beyond ridiculous calling Luck a "defenseless player". (Nice indictment of his O-line!)

The fine is even worse - they had the chance to review the play and got it even wronger. (Is that a word? Is now!) I agree with Vic Ketchman at - if I were the charity that receives that money I'd give it back to Nick.

SpartaChris's picture

I agree it's time to be done with Finley and work on developing DJ Williams. Williams made several good grabs against Indy and showed more promise than we've seen from Finley in a long time.

MarkinMadison's picture

Agreed. I gave up on Finley a while ago. I'm no fan of receivers with high drop rates. James Jones is trending up. Finely is trending down.

Jamie's picture

So Jones started out good (no drop issues early in his career), then you gave up on him, and are now back in his corner. Do you quit most things that temporarily don't go your way?

MarkinMadison's picture

"Do you quit most things that temporarily don’t go your way?"

Wow. Way to get personal Jamie. I thought we were talking football.

On to football. I think Mr. Jones had drops issues for several years. Over a three year span he was one of the best at dropping the ball in the league. I would not call that temporary. I salute him for getting better. That does not mean I'm in his corner.

CSS's picture

If chemistry were an issue, wouldn't there be a lack of targets? At this point, it feels like Rodgers targets Finley to the offenses detriment at times.

I wonder if Finley understands the word chemistry in this case. From the outside, sure looks more like concentration than chemistry, and Finley can only help himself in that department.

CSS's picture

Now that Jason Wilde reads the quote in full context it's puzzling as hell. So Finley takes responsibility for the drops, says the offense needs to step up and do a better job of supporting Rodgers in game (honest and fair concessions, by the way) then he goes all, 'it takes two to tango' on the quote.

He demonstrates maturity on the front end with the, 'I need to do better' concession, followed by a really ill advised intimation of, 'it's not entirely my fault.'

I don't get Finley. Shows a physical dedication to the game and plays hard, but certainly looks like he's mentally soft.

buckyor's picture

I read this as him saying it's a responsibility that he, Rodgers, and really the rest of the O share. He could probably be clearer on this, but I think people infer things with regard to Finley because they really just don't like him.

CSS's picture

Well, he took responsibility along with the entire offense in not supporting Rodgers enough. But he's clearly attributing his lack of production partially on his relationship with Rodgers.

I'm trying to infer as little as possible. The guy is really dissected too much, some of it being pretty unfair. That being said, the dissection and inference disappear when he starts producing to the level of his athletic ability. While I think that's both fair and unfair the kid needs a good filter at this point. He's going to respond to questions, which he should, but a filter would help the perception.

Jeff's picture

Hey Finley...let me help you out with a little formula:

chemistry with QB = QB throwing you the ball + you catching it

Of the variables on the right side of the equation, which one is missing??

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Shop him. Jump at a seventh rounder.


calipackfan's picture

Finley is weird

woodson4president's picture

Nobody has ever been more excited about a player than i was when we drafted finley. When he came out he was awesome and made amazing plays,but seriously what has he done lately other than i saw him pancake a guy a few wks ago. It sucks to say it but lets move on. You said it right Jones is movin up and Finley keeps suckin! I like DJ!

chris's picture

It's not chemistry with Finley its dropped passes. When you have 8-10 balls hit you in the hands each game the chemistry is there he just can't catch plain and simple. No more excuses.

wgbeethree's picture

In Finley's defense "chemistry" is how well two people work together. Of course "it takes two people" for that to improve. Maybe not the most tactfully said but the simple truth. The title is at best an overexaggeration and at worst disingenuous and intentionally bias. Finley bashing is cheap and easy hits nowadays.

Tarynfor12's picture

I have for two years stated that Finley is not nor will be who all too many believe him to be or become.

I have recently said,he is more a detriment than a benefit to this offense and team as a whole.

I was against signing him even to a two year deal and he knew this was his chance to enable him a bigger pay day and he can't and won't...over hyped,overrated.

However,there will still be those who scream and chant for him the second he catches a ball for a two yd gain and goes down immediately...yeah...he's great,a freak, pay him more!!!!!

Enrico Caruso's picture

Can we please, please, please just admit Finley is not the answer? Dropped balls, brittle health, an big stupid mouth mean he's just not worth it. A diva without a cause.

I am completely serious when I say, cut him and move on.

woodson4president's picture

Aaron cant throw it and catch it for him.

packsmack25's picture

Jeeze. Week 17 can't get here soon enough. That's when no one on earth will be talking about any of the crap that's being talked about this week, and instead the stories will be about our playoff seeding/opponents.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Bless you Smack.

Jake's picture

Packsmack your optimism has been a breath of fresh air on here. I'd love to hear your opinion on how the Texans game is gonna shape up, seeing as how most people seem to think it's an automatic L. I'm actually pretty optimistic about it myself.

packsmack25's picture

I think Aaron will come out on a mission(it's on turf), the run defense will stymie Foster, and Tramon will absolutely lock-down on Johnson. I can see Daniels having a big day against DJ/AJ, but I think Aaron has a much, much bigger day. He won't be as tormented by Watt, because he will move the pocket and will shift to find clear passing lanes. Sanchez is awful at both of those things(and most things), which is why Watt had a block party last week. I see the Packers winning this one 35-27 or something similar.

Evan's picture

I've been one of the biggest Finley apologists but, man, I'm really getting to the end of my rope.

And it has nothing to do with comments like this. I really don't care what athletes have to say (Chris Kluwe being the primary exception - he's awesome).

He just needs to get out of his own head and start producing. It's always something. If it's not a drop, then he gets tripped up by the turf. Or he's not lined up properly.

Bearmeat's picture

I hate what Kluwe says. He's offensive and a total jerk.

Dude needs to figure out that he is not the center of the universe. SO glad he's not our Punter

Oppy's picture

Evan, I can appreciate your comments on the subject- very level headed and you are talking facts that pertain to performance.

IMO, too many fans make base their impressions on the soap opera the media portrays instead of the play on the field.

Fish/Crane's picture

"If Green or Starks rips off a run of over ten yards" they'll be enshrined in the Packer Hall of Fame- or it will be called back for holding.

tundraboy's picture

Little competition may get the message across. Like DJ and how is Qaurless doing?

Rich Beckman's picture

Maybe Finley thinks Rodgers should spray the ball with stickum before he throws it.

some guy's picture

"He was basically unblocked and had all the time in the world to lower his aiming point and make a form tackle with his shoulder and place his helmet to the side of Luck. This is the new world of the NFL and players must conform"

You're kidding right? Anyone who's played sports beyond middle school knows how fast the game is when you're not sitting on a couch. Perry could have hit him 6 inches lower sure. but don't get all crazy and say he should have considered it more in the two steps before he crushed Luck. that's silly

Barutan Seijin's picture

This is just pot-stirring.

I doubt Jay Cutler has much "chemistry" with anyone, but the Bears are still 4-1. Say Cutler had more "chemistry" with his coordinator or receivers or o-line. Would the Bears have won one more game? Don't think so; he'd still be just as sacked by Clay Matthews.

This is the kind of fingerpointing & scapegoating that circulate around losing teams. It's a symptom, not a cause.

jrunde10's picture

I don't think Perry should have had to tackle Luck with his shoulder. Luck is basically Big Ben but more mobile. An adjustment to the right may help Luck get free. Perry may have led with his helmet, but that's too strict of a interpretation of the rule. The real rule he broke was hitting the quarterback too hard. It's an unspoken rule with referees now. If the hit makes people go, "OHH!", you flag it. NFL is in CYA mode.

Spiderpack's picture

I don't think Finley placed the chemistry burden on Rodgers whatsoever. It's amazing that anyone would spin it that way. I do, however, feel that JMike has become a nearly incureable head-case. Nearly.

Darrin's picture

Finley is the most overrated TE in the league. Not that he isn't good, but he's not even in the top 10. When was the last time he caught the ball, broke a tackle, and gained yards after the catch? Watch the film. For all his 'size' and 'athleticism' he doesn't nothing out of the ordinary that a dozen or more TE's in the league can do. Shouldn't it be difficult for a corner to bring him down? Isn't he supposed to be a 'match up' nightmare for LB's? I don't see any of it. If he manages to catch the ball, he just plows ahead and goes down as soon as he's touched. Hell, Tom Crabtree can do that (no offense to Tom). The only thing more fragile than his body is his ego. If Quarless doesn't blow out his knee, he's the first string TE right now.

dawg's picture

With Benson out, we are going to have to utilize the TE's more, go to a short passing game, plus I think that helps w/ getting the offense going.
Finley needs to shut up and play his game, if he still has one.

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