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Packers Daily Links: Cullen Jenkins Attends Court Hearing

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Packers Daily Links: Cullen Jenkins Attends Court Hearing

The annual Packers Pro Shop tent sale runs today from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Lambeau Field parking lot featuring cheap deals and game-worn merchandise. Also, both Donald Driver and Mark Tauscher will be signing autographs at Waukesha Sportscards in Waukesha, Wis. this afternoon...

Free agent defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins attended yesterday's court hearing at the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis in the ongoing Brady vs. the NFL case. "The show of support by more than 20 NFL players -- including Cullen Jenkins, whose contract I negotiated four years ago and is now a free agent -- was impressive and notable, although I don't think it will sway any of the judges," writes former Packers front office executive Andrew Brandt for the National Football Post. As a free agent, Jenkins' fate is affected perhaps more than most by the league's labor battle.

Another free agent, Korey Hall, is hosting a football camp in Boise, Id. in late June. "He said hosting the third annual Korey Hall Football Camp June 29 in Glenns Ferry is a way to give kids from smaller communities and schools a chance to be trained by players with college and professional experience," reports Mike Christensen of Idaho's Times-News. The deadline for registration is June 10.

C.D. Angeli of Tundra Vision wrote a lengthy column explaining why he thinks Ted Thompson is a better general manager than Ron Wolf. "I criticized Thompson's approach to building a team," writes Angeli. "I questioned the draft-only mentality, the eschewing of free agents, and the proclivity to sign people off the street...rather than invest a draft pick in trade for known value.  And I thought I was right." Angeli goes onto say how he was wrong. A majority of Packers fans felt the same way. And if they deny it, they're lying.

The prospects of players coming off injured reserve is examined by Bill Huber for Fox Sports Wisconsin. "With eight players who started at least one game ending the season on injured reserve and 10 draft picks added to the equation, the Packers will have plenty of iron on the Ray Nitschke practice field whenever training camp begins," writes Huber. What follows are profiles on eight players that have started games for the Packers.

The Packers explain their new website,

A few of the unheralded players on the Packers' 80-man roster are profiled at

Total Packers piggybacks on the TMZ report of Clay Matthews' single status.

The promotion of Eliot Wolf is covered by, the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Associated Press and Packer Update.

Brian Carriveau is the editor of the Maple Street Press Packers Annual. To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Oppy's picture

"A majority of Packers fans felt the same way. And if they deny it, they're lying."

I deny it.

And I'm not lying.

Brian Carriveau's picture

I acknowledge that a minority exists. I'd like to think I'm a part of it too. But I think we're far outnumbered.

WoodyG's picture

Ref TT's approach to building a team ....

" A majority of Packers fans felt the same way. And if they deny it, they're lying. "

You couldn't be more wrong, especially using the term "majority" .... Myself & most people I know were thrilled when it was evident that TT was going to build the team primarily through the draft & eschew free-agency ..... After the Sherman Fiasco as GM, a return to building the team via the draft was the preferred approach by many fans .... The only question about TT ..... Was he a good enough 'talent evaluator' to make it work?? ...

This is why many Pack Fans were especially thrilled with SB 45 ..... It's called vindication ..... But you are right in one assertion .... Most of the early "TT Trashers" are still lying ....

PackersRS's picture

I've been on board with TT's philosophy since day 1.

I may have disagreed with some of his moves (specially not getting decent CB help when Harris went down in 09) but always thought building through the draft was the right way.

So I agree. Majority was misused. Certainly, a lot of people disagreed with him, but I don't agree it was the majority.

Brian Carriveau's picture

I guess I didn't mean for my "majority" comment to apply strictly to his philosophy of building through the draft, but rather in reference to Thompson's criticisms as a whole. I definitely see why you see that, and that's my fault.

But think back to the Brett Favre fiasco. I think when you add up all the criticisms of Thompson, those who stood by him through thick and thin were in the minority.

PackersRS's picture

I still don't agree...

Those who stood by him, I think it was a very substantial section of the fanbase.

Those who agreed with almost every move, those who never questioned him, then yeah, those were few, and I'm not one of them.

Maybe we're in the same page here and I'm not smart enough to recognize it, Brian. Maybe we're just discussing semantics in here. If that's the case, my ramblings should be disconsidered...

Brian Carriveau's picture

I think it's definitely my haste to sum up a very involved topic in one paragraph. I get where you're coming from. Let's just say, I agree with a lot of what C.D. wrote.

packeraaron's picture

" Myself & most people I know were thrilled when it was evident that TT was going to build the team primarily through the draft & eschew free-agency"

You were def on different message boards and talking to different Packer fans than I was around 2006 - 2008.

WoodyG's picture

I'm talking real-life, not message boards ..... Friends, relatives, neighbors, etc .... Not people hiding behind various message board IDs ....

Although it is true that the 'TT Trashers' thrived on blogs & forums ..... Most have quietly snuck back on board the train .... And are they ever quiet now .....

No more gay assertions or albino jokes ..... Even Pack66 has little to say anymore ......

PackersRS's picture

Lol. That guy was hilarious. He had multiple IDs all over the internet. And the dumb idiot always posted the exact same messages...

Oppy's picture

I can only speak of my own experience, but personally I always felt I was fighting an uphill battle when I was supporting TT's general philosophies on roster management.

Perhaps it was a case of a vocal minority, but it seemed to me that people I encountered both out in the real world and in virtual spaces were mostly angry that older, over paid players were being displaced, they were angry that the Packers weren't paying top dollar to bring in random Free agents, they were constantly claiming the roster was filled with no-name bums, and they were outraged that the team dare show a stiff upper lip and a solid back bone in the face of the Favre fiasco.

McCarthy was a no name bum hired to coach a team filled with unheard of draft picks who were picked up by trading back and no name bum street free agents.

I could go on.

Yeah, I agree with Brian, from my experiences, that I would classify the number of fans leery of TT and his ways was in the majority. That's coming from a guy in SE Wisconsin. And I can tell you the locals in GB only seemed to be more distrusting of the GM that tightened down the screws on information exchange between the public and the team they owned.

Don't know what it's like out there in the rest of the world, but definitely was pretty cold shoulder seemingly most Pack fans gave TT around these parts.

Nononsense's picture

I have always been a TT supporter/defender from the day he was hired. I admit to being frustrated with him from time to time and I didn't always agree with him but I never criticized him publicly for anything he did or didn't do.

I do remember being in the minority though at least on the Packer Report forums. I constantly defended him over there from many rabid fans especially during the Favre fiasco. So many personal attacks and just downright hate for the man.

There are still folks out there that won't give them man an ounce of credit for this teams success, which is ridiculous. If your a Packer Report guy the name Hyatt should ring a bell in that regard.

So yeah I would say that a majority of fans on the internet were anti TT at one point or another over the years. I am sure that number has dwindled since the Pack won the SB but their will always be a few holdouts who refuse to give the man credit for this teams rise back to greatness. I say screw em.

MarkinMadison's picture

Guilty. Not lying. Not ashamed either.

First of all, if CM3 goes down, or if Sam Shields and a host of other guys at OLB, DB and other positions had failed to step up then no one is apologizing to TT for anything right now. Is this a Super Bowl Champion, or a team that was one game away from missing the play-offs? The answer is both.

Second, I don't disagree with TT's basic approach, but I'm not on board with the way he makes his trigger decisions on trades - based upon what was reported. The decisions to pass on Marshawn Lynch and Randy Moss illustrate the problem. It's not that TT didn't think that those guys were worth getting; reportedly in both cases the price was just one round too steep. Either he's worth having on your roster or he's not. If you have doubts, stay out. If you don't, then get him.

Third, I would have liked to have seen an impact free agent on the defensive side of the ball, or in the backfield. Not necessarily a superstar, but a solid starter. But the truth is that quality opportunities have been proven to be few and far between. Wolf was in a different era. Grabbing Farve, and signing White were huge opportunities that he saw and took advantage of, not to mention a host of other solid starters like Santana Dotson. Yes, in the current environment this is a team that has a better chance to win multiple championships. But I'm not ready to crown TT over Wolf just yet - I'd like to see another ring before we go that far.

WoodyG's picture

I hear what you're saying ..... However, it's easy to force your argument in just about any direction ....

GB finished 2010 at 14-6 ..... All six losses were by 4 points or less including 2 in OT ..... One could easily contend that without the high injury count, GB may very well have lost only a game or 2 all season ....

I look at the 2010 SB win as kinda like a gift given prematurely ..... GB is still on the rise .... All you have to do is count the blue-chip playmakers on the 53 .... No NFL team can come close ...

PackersRS's picture

"First of all, if CM3 goes down, or if Sam Shields and a host of other guys at OLB, DB and other positions had failed to step up then no one is apologizing to TT for anything right now. Is this a Super Bowl Champion, or a team that was one game away from missing the play-offs? The answer is both."

If 15 players don't go down, this is a 14-2 team. Specially if Grant and Finley stay healthy.

2 can play this game. Bottom line, coulda shoulda woulda TT build a team that just won a SB and is poised to win more.

Oppy's picture

Agree with this statement 100%.

I don't mean to pick on MarkinMadison- everyone is entitled to their opinion- but the angle he's taking is very typical of those who are not on board with TT's direction.

That is, when things don't go well because of poor player performance or injury, it's TT's fault. When things do go well because of sound performance or lack of injury (per: "if CM3 goes down, or if Sam Shields and a host of other guys at OLB, DB and other positions had failed to step up") it's -IN SPITE OF- TT's efforts.

Again, everyone's entitled to their opinions, but this is the type of catch-22 mentality that has run rampant with many of those who aren't thrilled with TT's job.

While I understand, and to an extent agree with, the notion that this team almost didn't make the play offs is a red flag, PackersRS makes an excellent point: 15 players DID go down, and we went ahead and won a super bowl. EVERYONE in the NFL is amazed with that stat. This team must be doing something right.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think if you read the second two points you'll see I'm not down on his general direction. I don't think that anyone can really argue against a draft-first mentality given what has happened over the last 12 years. There are plenty of teams (i.e. the Redskins, Vikings, etc.)that have tried to just buy a fix, and it never works. But before we get too high on TT's execution and approach to FAs, let's see some more hardware. The first point is just saying flat out that if a few balls had bounced the other way, we're not having the same conversation.

WoodyG's picture

Next year at this time your quote may very well be ....

" Before we get too high on TT’s execution and approach to FAs, let’s see if the Pack can actually win 3 SBs in a row. " ..... LOL.

PackersRS's picture

Well, they're the only ones that ever did... twice actually.

Oppy's picture

I just need to point out that when all is said and done, TT's approach to free agency has netted as many Super Bowl victories as Ron Wolf's approach had. There is more than one way to skin a cat, I guess.

As far as a few balls bouncing this way or that changing the fortunes of the team... with extremely rare exception that is a universal truth for every super bowl winning team. Does Pittsburgh make it to the Superbowl if Pouncy is a bust? If Harrison or Roethlisberger go on IR just before the play offs?

Again, the Packers had 15 balls not bounce their way just from an injury standpoint, and there's a number of 4-point balls that bounced the wrong way too.. Remember, those balls bounce both ways. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the season and that the what ifs and doubts you have about how it happened didn't overshadow the accomplishment. I think the grass is always greener mindset may be at work here.

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