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Packers Daily Links: Chillar Injury More Serious Than Most Knew

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Packers Daily Links: Chillar Injury More Serious Than Most Knew

There's a possibility that linebacker Brandon Chillar's injury is worse than most people outside the organization knew. The Green Bay Press-Gazette's Rob Demovsky spoke to Chillar's agent and got the inside scoop. “I hope it isn’t season-ending, don’t think it is, but I’m not going to rule out that it’s not possible,” Chillar's agent, Jim Ivler said. “By Wednesday, we’ll probably have a better idea.” If, by chance, the Packers lose Chillar, they're losing out in much needed speed from the inside linebacker position.

Safety Morgan Burnett is out for the season with a torn ACL. But before Charlie Peprah is just inserted into the starting lineup, Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says defensive coordinator Dom Capers may look outside the proverbial box. "Capers is going to start looking at various combinations of players the way he did when he came up his 'Psycho' and 'Big Okie' packages," writes Silverstein. "Both were born of personnel dilemmas that required some creativity, a place Capers finds himself heading into the Washington game." Using Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson in some sort of hybrid position are listed as possibilities.

Jordy Nelson will be used on kickoff return against Washington confirmed special teams coordinator Shawn Slocum. But the team may consider other options according to the head coach. "[Mike] McCarthy said he would 'definitely consider' starting cornerback Tramon Williams, who is already the team’s punt returner; little-used cornerback Pat Lee, who suffered a knee injury returning a kickoff during the 2009 preseason finale at Tennessee; and recently added running back Dimitri Nance, who was active against the Lions but did not play a snap from scrimmage while seeing limited special teams action," writes Jason Wilde of I would be surprised if someone else didn't get a chance. It's also noteworthy that Brandon Jackson was not part of McCarthy's list of options.

Video review was conducted by Cliff Christl and Eric Baranczyk of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, and they found out that the run blocking was pretty stellar on Sunday, especially on the last drive. "The Packers ran the ball on 10 of 12 plays on their final possession with John Kuhn carrying seven times for 34 yards," according to the article. "On all seven of Kuhn’s runs, the Packers lined up in an I-formation and those are the type of running plays that best suit him. And give Kuhn credit -- he ran hard. But the key to the drive was the blocking as the Packers ran behind their workhorses. Guard Josh Sitton and center Scott Wells did a nice job on Detroit’s two tackles, and fullback Korey Hall did a nice job on the linebackers." I'd throw Mark Tauscher and Tom Crabtree in there as well as two players who really helped the ground game.

Offensive coordinator Joe Philbin pointed out some interesting statistics, according to Demovsky. "In the offensive meeting on Monday, Philbin pointed out that through four games this season, the offense has scored more points than it did a year ago at the same point in the season, have cut down on their sacks by 75 percent and are better on third downs," writes Demovsky. The statistic on sacks is of particular attention given that the Packers gave up 51 sacks last season.

An opportunity was perhaps missed by the Packers special teams this past Sunday. "The Packers failed to put a returner in place on Jason Hanson's 55-yard field goal attempt just before halftime," writes Kevin Seifert,'s NFC North blogger. "Hanson's kick fell nearly 10 yards short, meaning a returner would have had a chance to get his hands on the ball." Of course, you may remember that Tramon Williams scored on a punt from a field goal formation years prior.

One nugget of depth chart knowledge is brought to you by Kareem Copeland of the Press-Gazette. "[Cornerbacks coach Joe] Whitt said [Brandon] Underwood is still working his way back and is currently last on the depth chart behind Pat Lee," writes Copeland.

Mike McCarthy responded to quarterback Aaron Rodgers' critique of the gameplan on Monday during his press conference. "McCarthy said he and quarterback Aaron Rodgers are on the same page, one day after Rodgers offered a polite but pointed public critique of the team's game plan in the wake of Sunday's narrow victory over the Detroit Lions," writes the Associated Press.

The Packers voted for union decertification, also reports the Associated Press.

Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel pointed out some less than desirable statistics.

Staying positive is John Rehor of Green Bay Packer Nation.

Packer Chatters' Adam Czech reminds us that the Packers are 3-1.

Packergeeks touches on the Rodgers' gameplan situation.

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FITZCORE1252's picture

As far as injuries go, when it rains it pours. Hopefully this storm has passed.


hyperRevue's picture

Does anyone else cover their eyes whenever Tramon Williams fields a punt? I hate having him back there.

jack in jersey city's picture

it's either him, woodson, or our #1 running back brandon jackson. i think they should throw pat lee back there since he is a bust at CB

hyperRevue's picture

Those are really the only options? Lee or Underwood or Bush or Nance or Swain can't do it? (Honestly asking.)

andrew's picture

technically you can throw anyone back there... i dunno why we are so worried about it... i dont think we have a hester on the team.. just throw someone back there and hope they can get a few yards
as long as they dont fumble it all the time who cares

hyperRevue's picture

My concern is not with finding a Hester on the team but with exposing Williams, the best CB on the team at the moment, to unnecessary injury risk.

If Williams were Hester-like back there, I'd understand it. But he hasn't shown much of anything returning kicks to warrant the risk.

jack in jersey city's picture

those were the guys that mccarthy mentioned in his presser yesterday

jack in jersey city's picture

i think he mentioned dmitri nance's name as well. we shall see!

hoogus's picture

Jackson is more durable than Pat Lee. I nominate Jackson.

lars's picture

Re: Chillar: Not to worry; all the AJ Hawk fans have assured us of their hero's blazing speed, prodigious production and passionate intensity at ILB.

CSS's picture

Funny thing is, the people that are supposedly castigated as A.J. Hawk ‘fans’ are the completely rational commenter’s. They aren’t in love with Hawk by any means, but recognize him for what he is: steady, doesn’t miss time (plays through injury) and assignment sure (limited mental gaffes).

There’s not a single supposed ‘fan’ that props him up as the #5 overall pick we originally thought he was. The supposed ‘fans’ you reference pretty much tell it like it is:

‘Hawk is what he is, and he’s the best option on the roster. He’s an average to slightly above average NFL linebacker, nothing more.’ They also realize he’s not on next year’s roster, at least not at that compensation level.

I find it’s the other contingents that are boorish and annoying. You know, the people that go to the extreme right of the discussion and say he flat out sucks, either stated or implied through sarcasm. Now if I could only find an example of one of those exaggerated posts that contribute nothing to the discussion……

andrew's picture

also.. u dont look up your stats very well.. aj hawks 40 time and agility times when he did the combine.. were faster than chillars... both of them were faster.. by a decent margin...

hawk is a hesitant runner doesnt wanna get beat takes a second to long to react to situations which makes him appear slow...

Brian Carriveau's picture

Many would argue that Hawk has lost a step, if not several steps, since college. The Combine was a long time ago for Hawk.

andrew's picture

potentially true.. i honestly think he just hesitates tho.. he doesnt want to make mistakes.. i feel like if u tested his 40 it might be a hair slower but generally the same...

would be interesting to test

CSS's picture

It's not his hesitation, it's how he's played the game either on his own valition or via coaching. Linebackers need to play the game north and south. You get vertical and establish the point of attacke at or near the line of scrimmage.

Hawk plays the game latterally. I don't know if they ask him to 'stay home' and contain, or he simply plays a conservative game. Either way, he doesn't attack the ball or line of scrimmage. He's average....

NoWayJose's picture

I think Hawk is a prime example of why we should evaluate combine times with caution.

He may (have) tested fast, but the guy does not play fast. For whatever reason.

CSS's picture

The NFL did evaluate it, and they scrutinize top 20 picks even more due to the contractual obligations in the slotting system. At the time, Hawk was a consensus top 10 pick among NFL scouts. He was a miss by all the guys that do this for a living, it happens.

NoWayJose's picture

I agree. I think the thing we all missed on was his instincts, not his physical ability. In the draft, many of us thought that Hawk was a "football player." Had those instincts and intangibles that made him a natural linebacker. Tough kid, played for OSU, would aggressive and have a nose for the ball.

It hasn't turned out that way, in my opinion. He plays slowly and tentatively. He is not as instinctice as we thought, even if he was just as fast. Just another reason that speed doesn't tell us everything.

jack in jersey city's picture

maybe this is a good thing. now teddy can see the quality of depth he has acquired for his team

andrew's picture

... TT doesnt really acquire depth... at any position.. you can look anywhere we arent really DEEP.. you could say we are at the o line.. but thats only because our two tackles are going to retire this year or next year for tauscher...

are we deep at corner?... kind of... lots of bodies.. but not a lot of talent we look good in a dime package once harris comes back tho..

are we deep at safety? yes.. but we have two injuries at the position already..
we are not deep by any means at linebacker.. chillar was our "coverage specialist".. bishop has little to no talent at all..
we have zombo and poppinga.. and jones who would probably be the one to get a look at going in to cover faster guys.. (i honestly dont know if jones can cover or not)
so if someone else gets hurt at linebacker we are pretty much effed

so we really arent deep at all.. TT picks up lots of undrafted guys he thinks he can turn into players.. none of which are ready to play at this point

CSS's picture

Every NFL team are having a depth crisis right now. It's shocking that we're in week 5 and so many teams are beat up.

Colts have no safeties or DL; Patriots are lucky ST bailed them out with the scrubs at RB; Cowboys OL and defensive backfield are suffering more than the Packers; Falcons/Saints defense are limping already....

Name the team, they're in the same position as the Packers in terms of health and depth. TT's philosophy has little to do with it at this point.

davyjones's picture

Thank you, CSS for being a voice of reason.

hyperRevue's picture

Picking 5th in 2006, it was really only between Hawk or Vernon Davis. Davis is great, though it took him a few years to fully develop. But I'd rather have Finley now than Davis.

2006 was not a great draft, especially high first rounders.

hyperRevue's picture

Oops. Wrong spot.

Mikey C's picture

Check out my blog i talk about the NFC North a lot think you guys might like it just put Mikey C's Daily Dip into google

davyjones's picture

This just in--Indy safety Melvin Bullitt injures shoulder and is out for year...Colts destined to finish 8-8 and calls mount for Bill Polian's head.

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