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Packers Daily Links: Butler Says He's Sick of Favre Drama

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Packers Daily Links: Butler Says He's Sick of Favre Drama

Former Packers safety LeRoy Butler is growing tired from the recent Brett Favre coverage following two recent radio interviews in which Butler's ex-teammate took responsibility for the events that led to his eventual trade back in the summer of 2008. "I'm just sick of hearing about it because every year it seems like everyone's apologizing. Get over it. Either come back, retire the jersey, or be through with it. Or lock him out for 50 years. Whatever just do it," Butler told WISN in Milwaukee. "You got players that would love to be a janitor in that building and they're begging a guy to come back you doesn't necessarily want to come back." More than likely the Packers are moving toward retiring Favre's number during the 2014, so expect at least another year of Favre drama. Hopefully it won't be prolonged beyond that.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy gave Rob Reischel of Packer Report an exclusive and expansive interview published on Wednesday. Among the many topics he addressed was last year's playoff loss to the 49ers. Said McCarthy, "The obvious is we have to take care of the football, and we didn't do that. We had two turnovers and the one was very costly. The second thing is I didn't like the way our team — top to bottom, myself and all the way through — handled the production of their offense. We never stopped them. We didn't slow them down. We can talk about scheme, we can talk about preparation, but ultimately the performance of everybody involved was nowhere near where it needed to be. You look at that, you learn from it. But frankly, we're past that. We're more focused on developing our next team and that's what you have to stay true to. Frankly, I don't want to talk about it anymore." It's basically the same line McCarthy has repeated since the season ended. The reality is, the public expects better playoff performances than those the Packers have put forth the past two seasons. McCarthy isn't on the hot seat, but there's still things that need to be fixed.
More items in the most recent Packer Plus include a feature on rookie David Bakhtiari and a column on the Packers running game.
A decrease in padded practices at training camp is noted at Packer Report. "Of the 20 practices, including Family Night, 15 will be conducted in full pads," writes reporter Bill Huber. "Last year, 17 of the 21 practices were in full pads. In 2011, it was 18 of 21 practices in full pads. In 2010 (back when two-a-days were allowed), it was 20 of 25 practices in full pads. In 2009, it was 19 of 26 in full pads." It's important to note that part of the decrease has been required as part of the NFL's most recent collective bargaining agreement.
A pair of articles on inside linebacker Terrell Manning and the Packers outside linebackers appear at the Press-Gazette.
Cornerback Casey Hayward is named the 20th most important Packer of 2013 at
The upcoming Rookie Symposium is previewed at
Commentary on Aaron Rodgers' desire to cut the Packers' sack total comes from
A blog post on the Packers' recent run of success appears at
An article on rookie running back Eddie Lacy is published at Packer Report.
The top overrated and underrated players in Packers history are named at Lombardi Ave.
Video: Thoughts on the Packers training camp schedule comes from the crew at the Press-Gazette...

Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

"Frankly, I don’t want to talk about it anymore."

Well, Mike, I suggest your team - top to bottom - puts a better product on the field week 1, or you're going to be talking (answering questions) about it all next season. Go out, get a W week 1... Easy Peasy.

hayward4president's picture

I would LOVE to beat the 9ers like a red headed step child. It would feel so good just to embarrass them. I'm sick of all the talks about them. They are beatable just like everyone else.

cow42's picture

i can see it now... they'll spend the entire off season planning for the read option, and Kprnk will come out and THROW for 300+ and 3+.

McCarthy will zig.
Harbaugh will ZAG.

what i'll be interested in seeing is how McCarthy reacts to being down multiple scores.

-will he be able to make a ... you know... in-game adjustment?

-will he maintain balance or will he turn into McChuckit and get Rodgers killed?

the most important game is the Washington game. being 0-2 and having to head out to Cincinnati would not be good.

Stroh's picture

Take away Kaepernicks running and he's an AVERAGE, at best passing QB! Once he starts getting hit every time he does the read option, that'll quickly go the way of the wildgirls play. I would MUCH rather have Wilson throwing than Kaepernick! If he can't run and w/o one WR he's suddenly very beatable!

JakeK's picture

Most pundits & experts rate Colin Kaepernick just behind Rodgers at the QB position in the NFC. These are people who really know football, not blog enthusiasts such as yourself.... Take away his 181 yards rushing in the playoff game last season & what you have is a QB who passed for 263 yards & 2 TDs. About the same as Rodgers.... You really need to involve a few more facts in your posts.

JakeK's picture


What happens if the Pack can somehow put together a rushing attack that produces 150+ yards on say, 25 carries?... The new OL & Green/Lacy/Harris/Franklin will have to jive from Day 1.... The Pack, even with Rodgers, won't win a shootout in SF. Somehow the score needs to be kept low. About 16-13.

cow42's picture

what are the chances of the Packers running for 150 vs the 49ers D in wk 1?


-rookie rb's
-oline in new spots
-throw-first coach
-porous defense creating a need to play catch-up.
-on the road

i'm not even worrying about that game vs the 49ers. that one's done.

the Packers need to make sure they're healthy and ready for Washington wk2.

they can not be 0-2. not with the schedule they have.
not with the division they play in. not in the conference they're in. not with the bye week where it is.

JakeK's picture

The completely revamped OL is what scares me most. Seems like switching Bulaga to LT would have been enough... I've never seen any HC do several moves at once like McCarthy is doing. May take many games or even the entire season to be effective.... Overkill?

hayward4president's picture

Casey is #20? How is the biggest playmaker the defense had in 2012 #20? I'm confused.

Stroh's picture

Did you e en read the article? Its spelled out pretty clearly. Not the best but most important!

Lucky953's picture

LeRoy Butler is a class Homer. Favre should hire him as s consultant

Point Packer's picture

No way he'd do it and yes, Butler is a Grade A homer. And one of the best safeties in the history of the franchise. Love me som LeRoy.

Lou's picture

Butler is dead honest, probably the only reason he is not an assistant coach with the Packers who want a controlled message to the media. For those that saw Larry Wilson play safety in the 60's and early 70's, Butler is the only safety after him that played with that kind of heart and take no prisoner attitude. Had he been able to play 2-3 more seasons he would have made the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Stroh's picture

Yeah that Ronnie Lott guy had no heart. Lmao

Pack66's picture

Leroy's a jackass..liked him as a player...but he runs his mouth too much. If he doesn't to hear about it, then stfu about it. There's ALOT of money to be made on BOTH sides with a merger.

Sounds like Leroy's a little jealous of some FAVRE..

Stroh's picture

I would contend your the JA for not wanting to allowing LeRoy to speak his mind! Would appreciate it if you stfu

Jake's picture

i think just about everyone would appreciate you doing the same.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Where you been hiding JJ? Ya dumsumbitch.

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