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Packers Could Be Bringing Back Brandon Chillar

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Packers Could Be Bringing Back Brandon Chillar

Somehow, I don't think this possibility will be quite as well received by the fan-base as it appears to be by Jarrett Bush.

From Bush's Twitter account:

Brandon chiller I heard signs back to the pack?! Omg watch out baby !

Chillar was released last offseason after injuring his hamstring during a personal workout while the lockout was still in effect. He was also coming off a 2010 season where he was placed on injured reserve due to a shoulder injury. He would not have been able to pass the Packers physical and was let go.

Chillar was originally signed in 2008 to a two-year, $5.2 million contract. He then signed a four-year, $19 million contract that included $7 million over the first year in December 2009. He was due a salary of $2 milion, $300,000 in a roster bonus and $300,000 in a workout bonus last year. Because of the timing of the release, the Packers will be paying him $800,000 this year regardless of whether he signs or not.

He was often used in nickel situations and in various sub packages and was often cited as the Packers' "best coverage linebacker" - which was true only in the sense that he was usually the best of a pretty poor lot. He was always a decent athlete that brought a type of quickness the Packers seemed to lack somewhat last year.

It will be interesting to see if A) Jara decent athleterett Bush knows what's he's talking about and B) what the Packers' plans are for the linebacker.

This would not be the first time general manager Ted Thompson brought back a player he had released previously, having done so by trading for safety Anthony Smith after having released him the previous year.

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Blake's picture

Cool Beans.

3RDi's picture

(in Greg Jennings voice) "Jarrett Bush makin' personnel decisions!"

markinmontana's picture

i think any CHTV fan who names their next kid "Jaradecentathleterett" should win a free draft guide.

packsmack25's picture


PackersRS's picture

My thoughts exactly.

An overrated ILB to compete with another overrated ILB.

François and Williams are 10x better than Chillar. With one full offseason, they might even be better than Hawk.

I also heard we need OT depth. Too bad Schneider took both Barbre and Giacomini. Though, being fair, the fact that both are with the Seahawks probably means it wasn't TT who wanted those guys on the roster to begin with.

bryce's picture

Better than Hawk? Doubtful at best.

PackersRS's picture

That's why I said that he "might", and with a full coached offseason.

BubbaOne's picture

Turning to the draft isn't a viable option for a coverage ILB since this is a poor class for them. It makes sense watching the team's lack of ability to cover from this position to find help somewhere else.

Since Chillar was out of the NFL all of last year TT could probably sign him to a cap friendly contract also makes sense, and fits TT's MO.

I do worry about his 3 shoulder operations..."calling Dr. Pat, Dr Pat."

TedTheSledge's picture

Chillar also would count as a street free agent and not be counted against the Packers free agent losses in the compensatory system for 2013.

BubbaOne's picture

Russ Ball: Hell, we're already paying you $800K this year, so we're offering you a one yr contract at the 7-9 yr veteran minimum of $825K, okay?

Chillar: "SOLD!!!"

bryce's picture

That sounds about right.

cow42's picture

maybe he can play safety.
gotta be better than peprah.

packsmack25's picture

Finally, you direct your ire at the correct player.

Cole's picture

Chillar is terrible in coverage. Anyone who thinks different must have been sky high when they watched him in 09 & 10.

Cole's picture

If this is true, I just don't understand it. Francois showed more in one game than Chillar showed in his whole career, as far as coverage skills go.

PackerAaron's picture

Was that the regular season Giants game when Ballard beat him like a drum, several times? I totally agree that Chillar's coverage prowess is/was overrated, but to make out like Francois is some polished cover man is a big stretch. He flashed, no doubt. But he still has a long ways to go.

Cole's picture

You're right. I'm just frustrated and don't see the point of this move. Who knows if It's actually true though.

Bearmeat's picture

This just in: The Green Bay Packers have only two decent LB's on their roster, and TT is beginning to understand this problem.

IMO bringing back an old/never that good anyway guy is NOT the way to address the issue.

cow42's picture

so with chillar coming back and the news that jones and lattimore will be used more it kinda sounds like the lb position is all fixed...HA!

Bearmeat's picture

Cow -

You do realize that TT/MM have brought the Packers a Super Bowl Championship, 2 NFCCG birts, and 3 Divisional playoff births in the past 5 years right?

I mean, that is better than every single team in the NFL, other than the Giants - who I would argue caught lightning in a bottle the same way twice.

Can you at least make a small attempt to not scorn every single thing the Packers do?

I mean, seriously. You often wreak of Bears/Vikings trollishness.

PackerAaron's picture

Wow. Bear - Cow is allowed to make a joke, which is what it was. Chill.

Bearmeat's picture

Didn't read it as a joke. Now that I reread I see it.

My bad Cow. Apologies.

pkrNboro's picture


pkrNboro's picture

Cow: keep on keeping on.

You're all right by me.

I'm tired of the LB bullshit and want it fixed too. (Tired of missed tackles -- want that fixed, as well. Pad-level: some other time...)

I'm concerned that an effort to sign Chillar indicates that GB is worried about cap space -- which means they're going to keep Clifton, Driver, Woodson, and other high-priced, declining players. I would much rather see Thompson do what the Steelers have done: parting company with past contributors, but future liabilities. And I'm sure the "hey-we-were-15-and-1-last-year" people will start chiming in, but I stand firm in my beliefs.

I'm not trying to speak for "Cow," but my own frustration with the LB corp stems from the big-money, pile-hopping Hawk. I was elated when he was cut, but gabberflasted when he was resigned FOR MORE MONEY.

WTF, over?

sparkyo's picture

One of my best memories of Chillar is him hurdling a running back (I think) for a sack in a big game. Anyone remember the details?

PackerAaron's picture

Click on the "a decent athlete" link in the post ;)

packsmack25's picture

It was cool to watch, but Wolfe is only 5'7" and telegraphed his block attempt. And Chillar never did anything else.

PackerAaron's picture

Here's where I point out that he had a sack against the Jets and you dismiss that play too... :)

packsmack25's picture

Oh no, it was a good play. Just saying, the "athleticism" isn't quite as impressive when you look at what really happened.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

One of my favorite sacks ever. Just a great play against our douchey rivals to the South.

Jake's picture

Great play to watch. But I've seen him try the move again and just look dumb.

Here, at about 0:58 seconds into this video when Clay does what he does you can see Chillar make that stupid jump attempt and get blocked by a running back easily.

PackerAaron's picture

That's why coaches are constantly yelling "Don't leave your feet!" on the sidelines. ;)

Jake's picture

Exactly, it's one of those things that you do once and it works beautifully, but your coach says "okay never do that again". Like closing your eyes and just swinging the bat as hard as you can at a pitch and luckily hitting a home run.

Anyway, a lot of Pack fans saw this play from Chillar and thought he was some big play maker... But we really don't need him.

Mr Green's picture

Could all this be putting up smoke to hide their true intentions for the draft? Mentioning Lattimore and Jones as ILB, rumor of re-signing Chillar another ILB.
This is the time of the year where disinfo and misdirection are put up.
Are we high on a particular linebacker? maybe an inside one like Kuechly or Hightower?
Or is it to make us think we are trying to get a linebacker when in fact we're looking at a corner? a double bluff if you will.

PackerAaron's picture

Agree that this is the time of year that misinformation is rampant. And I know for a fact that they absolutely love Hightower.

But I just can't see "let's leak the info to Jarrett Bush" as part of their strategy...

Sootofan97's picture

Why couldn't Hightower play OLB? They convert DE to OLB... inside to outside should be an easier transition

Bearmeat's picture


It's ALL part of TT's nefarious plan. Leaking info to the most feared ST gunner in the NFL Universe: Jarrett Bush.

I can see it now: Other teams war-rooms will have their nerves completely shot because they just can't get the scary picture of Jarrett Bush saying "We got Chillar back - watch out NFL!" out of their heads. They lose their heads and all draft long snappers in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Good job TT. Well done. (slow clap)

Nononsense's picture

Maybe signing Chillar means they are ready to move on from Hawk and want to cover their bases.

Anyone with eyes can see Hawk is way, way overpaid for his measly production. I was shocked when TT signed him to that contract in the first place.

Thats the only reason I can come up with why they would even think about bringing Chillar back.

greenbowl's picture

if it's true, I say great! He knows the a proven averagish player whom adds to the competition...and he's coming in on the cheap. go pack go!

LACheez's picture

Fitting that Bush announced this... Instead of hating on Jarrett (which most of us kinda stopped doing), we now can all hate on Chillar again. Other than "a type of quickness" - which i do agree with - but i think it's a random quickness that comes only when he is not covering a TE - I don't get what BC brings to the team. Let's draft Burfict instead!!!

wgbeethree's picture

Burfict? I hope that's sarcasm and I'm missing it. He ran a 5.09 forty, got taken out of the game on passing situations in college and his attitude raises more red flags than there are at a Denmark versus Switzerland soccer game. No way is he the answer to any question other than which draft prospect is most likely to be convicted of a felony.

Point Packer's picture

I can't figure out if I love or bitterly despise Jarrett Bush. On one hand, coupling an announcement of Brandon Chillar's reunion with the Packers with a "watch out baby" is kind of endearing and Packer patriotic. On the other, it strengthens by impression of him - mainly based on his on the field antics - "are you out of your frickin mind?".

Zub's picture

What will it hurt to bring back a veteran back to camp? ILB is a problem in my opinion & the Packer's defense can't have to many LBs that can play.

Let him show what he can do during camp, if he is not good enough then he does not make the team.

This is the same guy that Capers did use alot & even earned enough respect with the coaching staff to let Hawk sit the bench for a whole game.

Its worth a look.

gbfpage's picture

CUT HAWK way overpaid and overrated and underachieving. Great guy for community just average on sundays. Insert dj smith fastee and better tacklee for fraction of cost. Better yet trade him for someone or draft pick

Zub's picture

I believe the way Hawk's contract is set up it would not save the Packer's any cap money this year if they cut him, only way is if someone would trade for him which is unlikely.

If the Packers have 4 inside LBs that prove better than Hawk in camp, then you part ways with Hawk. IMO Hawk is just average at best with good leadership & veteran skills to beat out any rookie or 2nd year players.

Yes he is over paid

Lou's picture

Chillar had a knack for late hits on the QB and holding tight ends at the line of scrimmage. Give the opportunities to Lattimore (similar build as Chillar and faster) and So'oto instead.

Justin's picture

Chillar is a joke and I pray we don't bring him back. I almost puked back when they signed him to the ridiculous extension years ago.

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