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Packers claim WR Jawill Davis off waivers from Giants

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Packers claim WR Jawill Davis off waivers from Giants

The Packers capped a busy day in the personnel offices by claiming wide receiver Jawill Davis off of waivers from the New York Giants.

It would appear the Packers are looking to open up the competition at returner, or at least push Trevor Davis to compete to keep the job. 

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shmelbs's picture

Bethune-Cookman? Sounds familiar.... :)

PackfanNY's picture

This guy’s season ended when he dislocated his knee after a game with Titans. Had something like 4 catches for 40 yards for the season. Used mostly as kick returner.

PackfanNY's picture

Left out the injury occurred while dancing in the locker room AFTER the game. Not kidding.

Coldworld's picture

Lol. What a way to dislocate a kneecap. “Horsing around” was the another term reported in the media at the time.

That said, two returners with traditional slot receiver builds signed today between him and Shepherd. Now we have some competition for a job that greatly needs it and the possibility of a PS backup as well perhaps.

“Davis had returned 12 punts for 89 yards and seven kicks for 171 yards in seven games for the Giants this season. He also had four catches for 40 yards as a receiver” at the time of his injury. source

In my view the returning stats are the key ones in terms of potential to make the roster, but hopefully one of these will offer real potential as a slot receiver in future, which I do not believe the incumbent Davis does.

Samson's picture

"Before the 2018 draft, Davis (6-0, 197) ran the 40-yard dash in 4.37 seconds, hit 39″ in the vertical and 10-4 in the broad jump." --- per Zach
..... He's definitely worth a look.

albert999's picture

Pretty strong stats

Rossonero's picture

Sounds like another guy with a high RAS score that Gutekunst seems to like.

Lphill's picture

Competition is good the more the merrier, we want the best out there .

Ryan B Dub's picture

If only he could be another Ryan Grant.

Firstdown's picture

Jawill averaged 7.4 yards per punt return, Davis' career average is 12.1. Jawill's pro day 40 time was 4.43, which translates to a real 4.49 (they hand time at pro days). Trevor Davis is is the top centile of mobility, Jawill is in the bottom centile. Green Bay isn't looking for Davis' replacement, they're looking for his backup.

Jawill's lack of mobility is evident as a receiver, as he had .69 yards of separation from the DBs last year, while Trevor had 2.29 yards of separation in 2017 (tops on the team).

Coldworld's picture

The incumbent Trevor Davis has had availability problems and has been next to invisible as a receiver even in his preseasons. He has also had difficulty making sound decisions on returns. It’s not all about athleticism. Trevor Davis has 8 receptions for 94 yards for his career, which is effectively negligible. Regardless of the separation you cite there is no evidence that he has it as a receiver.

He has never scored a return touchdown and averages 12 yds per punt on 37 returns and 22 per kick on 35. While those are decent averages, that doesn’t account for the several poor decisions to leave or bring out, at least one of which has directly led to an opponent scoring.

By comparison Jawill averaged 7.4 on 12 punt returns and 24 on 7 kick returns. It’s a smaller sample size, but it does give an insight as to the marginal upside of Trevor as a returner. Of course it does not speak fumbles or wrong decisions by either. Ultimately, any receiver upside differential would massively outweigh the difference in these performance records.

Personally, of the three, I suspect Shepherd might be the best all round receiving prospect while being the least known commodity at this point. Since a returner is active, a different body type on some plays increases options for LaFleur in terms of available plays. It also adds game day depth in the event of an injury and the option to throw in a 5 receiver set now and again.

If either Jawill or Shepherd offer something in the slot and a reliable pair of hands with sound decision making I would take that over Davis’ ability to potentially get a few extra yards on a return if he makes a good call and is healthy. Trevor Davis’ marginal contribution to the team thus far has been negligible to negative. It is time to attempt to do better.

If Trevor proves me wrong, wonderful, at least the signings of Jawill and Shepherd have thrown down the gauntlet. He has real competition and the team has sent a message to him. Plus, should Trevor get injured again, we aren’t left with no viable option like last year. Let the competition commence!

porupack's picture

Bam, the gauntlet. You nailed the assessment of TDavis and need for competition, Coldworld.

Coldworld's picture

The figures published at the time for Jawill’s pro day we’re;

40 yard dash (4.37),
225 pound bench press (14),
vertical jump (39)
broad jump (124).

These match with those posted earlier by Savage. You cite 4.43 and then add to that?

Firstdown's picture

I got the 4.43 time from You made me curious what his time really was, so I searched it this morning. Jawill's local paper, the Daytona Beach News-Journal, had a reporter at the pro day, and reported his time at 4.47. Not a bad time, but not 4.37 either.

Tony Pauline, a reporter from, reported in his "Pro Day recap", that Jawill was recorded "as fast" as 4.37. Well, that just means that one person hand timed him at 4.37. Could have been a coach, a reporter, or anybody. I think that's where this 4.37 stuff got started.

Other than that, I can't find any other pro day results published from his workout.

The red flag for me is that he didn't do any of the cones at the pro day. Regardless, it looks like Jawill is an upgrade from our other punt returners, with the exception of Davis, of course.

Coldworld's picture

I got the figures above from a contemporary report of all performances from his pro day. I don’t have the answer to the explanation for the discrepancy.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Just fair catch every time and save the position for depth elsewhere. Also go without a punter (going for it on 4th every time) saving another place on the 53. You’re welcome.

4thand1's picture

4th and 25 from your own 10 yard line, go for it? ok.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

We have to 4th...we have no punter.

porupack's picture

D_in_S teams do; use ST as a way to groom rookie TEs, LBs, Ss, CBs WRs by getting them on the field. Otherwise, yeah. You might save a few positions on the 53 for a 3rd backup somewhere else, or then again....instead of sitting on the bench....let em go in as gunners and returners, and learn to block in space.

I suppose you're being partly facetious, still to which...
why give up chances to move the ball 5 or 10 yards before your offense gets on the field?

Rossonero's picture

I don't know much about Davis, other than what Samson noted about him being a great athlete: "Before the 2018 draft, Davis (6-0, 197) ran the 40-yard dash in 4.37 seconds, hit 39″ in the vertical and 10-4 in the broad jump."

I'm honestly bummed the Packers didn't go after Emmanuel Hall (WR, Missouri). How he went undrafted is beyond me...the Bears picked him up -- smart move. He has blazing speed to stretch the field and would've been an ideal Trevor Davis replacement.

Instead, he'll probably make the Bears roster and replace Taylor Gabriel. I think people thought Drew Lock made him better, whereas I think it was the other way around -- Hall made Lock better.

Coldworld's picture

I don’t know much about Jawill either, but I did find the following in an NFL Draft Report quoted at

“Davis shows good athletic ability for his position, demonstrating the change of direction, balance and body control to not take any false steps getting into his routes. He has sudden quickness and impressive deep speed, building his acceleration nicely, as he shows the body torque to get in and out of his breaks cleanly. He is a quick, short strider with good playing speed for his size, but is better utilized in the short-to-intermediate areas, as he has very good balance running his routes and does a good job of adjusting to the ball in flight.

Davis also has a solid understanding for route building/progression. He comes off the line hard and tries to look fast, using his hands well to attack the center of a defensive back to get a strong push- off for a clean release. ...

Davis displays the moves to elude and it is very difficult to reroute him due to his ability to fend off defenders and protect his body. His speed makes him consistently escape past the press, but if stalled, he lacks the strength to work his way through. He shows good body control through his movements and is surprisingly light on his feet for a player of his size.”

Rossonero's picture

Thanks Coldworld. He sounds like he could play in the slot or on the outside. Also seems like a guy with another high RAS score, like many of our draft picks.

Coldworld's picture

The Giants saw him as a slot. Maybe a tad small for the outside? It never really worked for Cobb when he played there.

rdent's picture

I just hope the 3 WR's GB drafted last year ( Moore, St. Brown and Valdez Scantling) make a year 2 jump, I could see Moore in the slot.

Johnblood27's picture

slot this...

slot that...

This is NOT McCarthys offense.

We are going to see what MLF has in store, but from all reports he will use more TE, run more outside zone and actually attempt to run the ball enough to keep teams honest.

That translates to a lot less slot play and much more 12 and 22 alignments.

Less Slot.

and good riddance to it.

IMO there are far better ways to attack a defense than with an undersized WR who lacks the skills to beat an outside CB in space or at the line.

Lets just move on here people, the old days are long gone and there's a new sheriff in town.

Coldworld's picture

Lol. If that receiver can have some impact as a variant weapon in the slot AND return effectively then I disagree. If you are merely saying that a small slot type isn’t going to be a mainstay of our offense, then I agree.

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