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Packers Can Be Resourceful In "Weak" FA WR Class

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Packers Can Be Resourceful In "Weak" FA WR Class

-- With much of the talk so far this offseason based around the free agent market for wide receivers being weak, the experience could differ from team-to-team.

That's not to say all of the talk is wrong, either.

The Green Bay Packers signed receiver Davante Adams to a monster $58 million dollar contract extension in December, the Miami Dolphins are on the verge of placing the franchise tag on Jarvis Landry and the Jacksonville Jaguars are reportedly set on doing the same thing with Allen Robinson.

The top trio of feared receivers who were set to hit the free agency market in March aren't going anywhere near it. Thus, leading to the scattering of recognizable and semi-formidable players in free agency set to have new teams in 2018.

Names such as Donte Moncrief, Albert Wilson, Paul Richardson, etc., all offer their own special set of traits that could help uplift a multitude of team's offensive game plans.

One of those names comes to a team like the Packers with Aaron Rodgers as the starting quarterback, and things get a whole lot more interesting.

The Packers are on the brink of making a potential franchise-changing decision depending on whether or not they cut Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb -- or both. An argument can be made for the both of them as to why they should stay and instead play on restructured deals, and arguments could be made for why they shouldn't.

But where some are on one side of the spectrum, common ground can be reached at the epicenter: the Packers need more speed on the field.

Moncrief brings size and speed, Wilson averages more yards per separation than any other receiver in the league for the last two years and Richardson is just a 4.3 speedster with the ability to get vertical. The Packers wouldn't go wrong targeting a cheap deal for any one of those guys.

Another darkhorse option is Marqise Lee from the Jaguars, who has drawn on-field comparisons to former Packers receiver Greg Jennings. He led the Jaguars in receptions in 2017 as well as tied for the team-lead in touchdowns. Pairing him with Rodgers would be able to maximize his potential.

Terrelle Pryor, Eric Decker, Taylor Gabriel, Kendall Wright, Andre Roberts, Matthew Slater, Michael Floyd, Jordan Matthews and John Brown are just some of the other names that are set to test the market. The full list can be found here.

Pairing any of these receivers set to be listed on the free agent wire with Rodgers would maximize their full potential. That's why the Packers are in a better position than a good majority of other teams when it comes to landing offensive free agents: having Rodgers certainly doesn't hurt.

Having a new general manager with a -- evidently -- different philosophy than that of Ted Thompson's doesn't hurt either. Brian Gutekunst's approach may very well differ from that of his predecessor, giving a newfound sense of direction for the Packers to take in free agency, which was often a stagnant time of the year for fans.

For most, the market looks weak with the bigger names already safeguarded by their respective teams. But for the Packers, they could certainly find a gem at a low-cost if it means adding another level of speed to their offensive plans.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV and a contributor/analyst for the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected]

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Bure9620's picture

Not sure I would label the FA WR class as weak. Just because there are no big names that will be overpaid by desperate teams beyond their market value does not mean it's weak. It is good for the Packers as a Moncreif or a John Brown or Jaron Brown would not necessarily break the bank. I am less concerned with 40 times than the ability for a fast player to break press coverage. It really is important a WR can beat press in this isolation route offense. Trevor Davis runs in the 4.3s as does Janis but once a corner gets hands on them they are done, which is one of the reasons neither sees the field. DA is not a burner but one of the best in the league at beating press. Can Brown or Moncreif or Richard win the LOS?

flackcatcher's picture

Like you, I think the 40 time is vastly overrated. This is the NFL where everyone is an elite player at the physical level. What separates those who make it is their ability to mentally learn and grow in the league. Adams has become a good route runner, with his ability to break coverage at the line is amazing. That is always the difference, the ability to gain separation in the breaks. Nelson has it, Cobb has it, and Adams has learn to do it too. Whoever the Packers sign (if they do at all) must have the ability to gain separation on their breaks, or they are worthless, no matter how fast they are.

DD's picture

Flackcatcher: You're kinda right on breaks. They can get separation if they didn't have MM schemes. His schemes are the same with little rubs, slants, end around, misdirection, etc. Hence defenders know what is coming easily and separation is not happening. So, MM is the main PROBLEM!

flackcatcher's picture

I thought for some time now that other teams understood the Packers current offensive scheme. It is dangerous to have every play in your book depending on one player, even if that player is Aaron Rodgers. MM realizes that too, otherwise we would not see the return of Joe Philbin as OC. In 2013 when Rodgers broke his collar bone for the first time, the offense struggled mightily until Matt Flynn was resigned. Because Flynn was not familiar with the current playbook, the Packers reverted to their 2011 style offense. The one McCarthy and Philbin built together. The difference was striking. Packers chose to keep that book though 2014, and we know where that got them. Players make plays, but they need help in getting there. Hopefully, the return of Philbin will take the pressure off Rodgers to be perfect, and let the Packers offensive players make plays.

Nick Perry's picture

I've been on the Richardson bandwagon for months now and think he would be a perfect fit in GB. He's been my #1 wish for the offense at least but with limited cap space I don't know. I would think for them to afford Richardson they'd have to renegotiate not only Nelson but Cobb too. At least if they want to add some other pieces to the team in FA.

Moncrief is an interesting receiver. I remember "Stroh - Desert Pack Fan - Dan Stodola" was really high on Moncrief. Stroh was a piece of work as many of the older posters here know, but the man did have a lot of knowledge about football so maybe with Rodgers Moncrief could really be something. Rodgers does have that ability to make just about any WR look better than he might be so it would be interesting to see what a guy like Moncrief might do in GB. He'd also be cheaper than Richardson I'd imagine so maybe a TE could be added too.

Edit... There's an interesting piece on APC about Moncrief. They mentioned something I hadn't thought about which is some of the new Packers Offensive Coaches would have excellent knowledge of Moncrief first hand having coached him at Indy last year.

RCPackerFan's picture

Lol. Yeah, Stroh... Lol I wonder what Alias he is under now.

Moncrief has dealt with a lot of injuries. But he is a guy that has the skills to be very good. Perhaps if he gets into a new system it would fit his abilities more.
I also wonder what he would do with Rodgers throwing to him.

One of the reasons why Moncrief is a guy to watch is 2 of his former coaches are now in GB. It will be interesting to see if they go after him harder then other teams for that reason?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Another reason is that Moncrief probably wants a prove-it deal (unless some team vastly overpays him of course). There are few places better than GB with AR to show that you're a deep threat: practically no one throws a more accurate deep ball than AR. That means Moncrief might take a bit less or if even choose GB over some other teams.

dobber's picture

He'll be 26 when the season starts, so he could 'gamble' on a two-year deal that would put him back on the market in his prime at 28 with back-to-back ARod fueled seasons behind him.

dobber's picture

"One of the reasons why Moncrief is a guy to watch is 2 of his former coaches are now in GB."

I'd heard rumblings that he wasn't a favorite in Indy with the coaches, but I can't find that reference. If true, the opposite may in that he may shy away from GB to get a clean slate (or GB may show no interest at all).

RCPackerFan's picture

Which very well could be true. I have no idea. And we don't know if it was all of the coaches or some of them.

I just think it will be interesting to see if they would go after him mostly because of Philbin now being here.

If they do, I would assume Philbin really liked him.

dobber's picture

Hostler, his position coach at INdy, moreso than Philbin...

Nick Perry's picture

He posts from time to time on ESPN Milwaukee under his name (Dan Stoloda or something close to that) and he's STILL calling people stupid, dumb, uniformed, clueless, or a moron to name a few. He even told one guy to stop watching football because they had what he was talking about.

LOL...One thread I read he insulted EVERYBODY he made a comment to, every single person! You'd think with age that might get a little better but it hasn't seemed to make a difference for "Stroh".

Jersey Al's picture

Moncrief was my draft crush that year, so I wouldn't mind that at all...

Nick Perry's picture

Really?He may be a great pick up. With Philbin and Hostler both coming from indy they should have a damn good idea if Moncrief could thrive in GB.

For the record my was Allen Robinson. I was absolutely certain Thompson would take Robinson. Adams has been great, especially these last two seasons but you have to wonder what Robinson might have done with Rodgers after what he did in 2014 with Bortles. No matter now, Adams IMO is just going to keep getting better. There won't be a fall-off because he got paid. Watch for his best season in 2018.

RobinsonDavis's picture

When looking at the athletic numbers Moncrief ranks at the top or near the top of most categories for some of the wide receivers discussed. However, chew on last years WR stats. Clearly, based on these alone, Cobb is still among the top at his position. But when looking at outside receivers at 6 foot or greater height, Ryan Grant jumps out. Stats are in the following order -
Player/Separation upon catch/catch percentage per target/YAC per reception/drops per catch.

Cobb 3.7yds 72% 6.6yds 1 drop for every 33 catches
Nelson 2.7 60% 2.2 1/26
Adams 2.8 64% 4.7 1/15
M. Lee 2.7 59% 5.1 1/7
R Grant 2.9 70% 5.1 1/22
J Brown 2.4 39% 2.7 1/31
Watkins 2.5 56% 5.0 Zero drops
Moncrief 2.2 56% 2.9 1/13
Richardson 2.4 55% 2.9 1/7
Gabriel* 3.0 65% 6.5 1/11

Slot Receivers
Wilson 4.1 68% 7.7 1/10
Ellington 2.9 51% 2.3 1/10

These stats can be attributed to a lot of other incidentals, but IMO they bring more clarity to what is out there vs. what we got. If anybody has or had an issue with Adams' drops then Marquis Lee, Richardson, Gabriel, Wilson, and Ellington should be suspect to you, and Watkins and Grant should draw your attention.

If you have complained about separation with Packer receivers then Moncrief, Watkins,and Richardson do not appear to be your type of guys, and your focus should be on Wilson, Grant and Lee (By the way Wilson was #1 in league for WRs, Cobb #2!). I believe catch % is a somewhat similar stat (exception Brown which demonstrates how horrible passing was in AZ). Cobb ranked #5 in the league for WRs at 72%, but for outside receivers, Grant clearly distinguishes himself here.

YAC per reception? For outside receivers you have Grant, Lee, & Watkins, then a big drop-off. Note: I did not include Gabriel in this later discussion as he is 5'8''. But, his stats are impressive as well with the exception of dropped passes.

Point#1 When comparing Packer wideouts vs. available UDFAs, renegotiating a contract may be the best solution.
Point#2 If looking for another outside receiver, Ryan Grant consistently meets or beats current Packer receivers in these statistical areas.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I love stats. Separation isn't one of them. As far as I am concerned, it is an absolutely, completely, totally, useless stat that tells you nothing. You can't even tell if the receiver is bad, decent, pretty good, or elite w that stat.

Cobb hasn't had many drops the last two years. I'd rate that a plus for him. He had bad years in 2012, 2014, along with a terrible year in 2015, but he was a more dynamic receiver then, much better able to run deeper routes.

Cobb's catch % is impressive. Slot WRs should have a good %, but it is still impressive.

YAC is another fairly useless stat. Cobb's YAC is good simply because he doesn't catch many passes more than 5 yards downfield, and very few 10 or more yards downfield, rendering his utility entirely dependent on other receivers clearing out the underneath for him. He has a 9.9 yd/rec average, meaning he catches the average reception a miserable 3.3 yards past the LOS. Comparing Watkins' 5.0 YAC, 15.2 yds/rec, (which means he is catching the ball an impressive 10.2 yards past the LOS) is ludicrous. Moncrief (15.0 yds/rec) and Richardson (16.0) are in no way comparable to Cobb. You're comparing apples to oranges. Do you want a WR who can carry a CB 12 to 15 yards downfield, and give safeties a second thought about living in the box, or don't you? Nelson might not be that guy anymore, Cobb certainly isn't it, and no one on this team is either.

This isn't anti-Cobb. I'm perfectly happy to keep Cobb. I've little doubt he can put up 600 to 750 yards, and has chemistry with AR. But he is worth Edelman money ($5.5M per year) and we need money. One of Cobb or Nelson has to take a big pay cut, and the other has to be cut. I don't care which, myself. If the coaches think Jordy is done as a slot and as a boundary WR, then so be it. I think Jordy is done as a good boundary guy, though he can still putter along there, and I think he can play slot as well as Cobb. If the coaches/FO disagree, I won't second guess them. Otherwise, the first to pony up $3M, $4M, he can stay.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Hope you have had a chance to take a breath TGR. If you look at what I wrote, I am almost completely in agreement with you. This is about contracts! And my point was NOT just regarding Cobb, but the point of OUTSIDE receivers, so not apples and oranges as you put it. If you are going to get rid of somebody and replace them with a free agent (as many have stated), you best know what is available. Especially when the projected rates for these guys are usually underestimated and currently standing at $5-16 million. If the idea is to move on from Randall and put Jordy at slot, you still need an outside receiver. And my point about Cobb as still among the best with respect to these statistics, STANDS....especially at HIS position compared to what is available in free agency. I even split off a couple of the better free-agent slot guys at the bottom for comparison purposes...Apples to apples.

Your point about yards per catch + YAC is very appropriate. And your point about comparison's with other outside receivers is exactly my point, except...not to Cobb, but to Jordy and the available free agent group. What is not acceptable however, is the suggestion by omission that Cobb is the only slot receiver who has other receivers clear out the underneath for him or that run picks. ALL teams do!! And, YES, to answer your belligerent comment, I do want somebody that can stretch the field, but also CATCH the ball.

What concerns me with Watkins and Moncrief is how their own writers are on record about the lack of separation seen in their performance this past year. Was it offensive scheme, defensive scheme against them (in other words DBs playing off, rotating over the top, or pure double teams?), or the player's lack of performance? Who knows, without looking at tape?
What I do know is that we have a number of hometown writers citing some issues with these two.

I also know that we have a QB that gets very miffed when players drop balls or do not get separation causing him to buy time and (god forbid), gets injured while holding on to the ball as long as possible! So yeah, the separation statistic is soft, but when reading articles from the same writers who cover weekly the players of concern and concur about separation issues with those same players, THAT provides support to the stat and reason for concern. My point again is that based on this data set, Ryan Grant may provide a less expensive and more dependable alternative if the Packers decide to go this direction. Regardless, I am still intrigued by Sammy Watkins. Hope you have a good week.

nigrivasilayesrej's picture

Restructure Jordy/Cobb, & use that $ to sign either Richardson (my fav choice), Moncrief, Lee, Wilson, or even Gabriel. Any of these guys would be a welcomed addition of speed to a very slow WR group. I'd be good with an outright cut of Cobb, signing of PR to go opposite DA, & moving Jordy into the full-time slot role. An upgrade at TE must happen as well, regardless of what they do at WR.

dobber's picture

I just don't see Cobb taking a his age he's going to do better if he's cut (absent discussions of guaranteed $$) than he would be likely to do if he reduced his salary by the amount we've been talking about here. And if the Packers can't reduce him by that amount, how much are they really getting back? That, and he reportedly gave the Packers a home-town discount last time 'round, so I don't think he'd respond well to being asked to give more back. I don't think the Packers have the leverage's cut or pay out his deal.

flackcatcher's picture

Cobb and Nelson taken pay cuts are just us fans talking. In reality it makes no sense to ask either player to do that. Cobb, for the reasons you explained, and Nelson is in all likely hood his last (or next to last) year as an NFL player. Either way, the Packers will get the cap space back soon enough.

Cubbygold's picture

Pay cuts make sense for them if they care about more than money. No chance either player is picked up by a competitive team at current or higher salaries. If jordy wants to play his last year or two in Chicago, he could probably make an extra million or two over what GB would pay in a restructured deal. Some players would be attracted to that extra money, but many others would rather have a shot at a SB

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Yeah, that's not great, Flak. I have no interest in wasting another year of AR's career with a boundary receiver who can't get deep and a mediocre slot WR. Need to find some money and upgrade. I've got GB with $13.5M to spend on FAs, minus AR's extension and rollover from 2018 to 2019. Something has to give, and this year, not in 2019.

Tundraboy's picture

Yes. Or another year without a TE.

flackcatcher's picture

Guys, I'm just calling it as I see it. Packers are in a transition year, with both units being rebuilt. For the front office and head coach, asking for pay cuts from respected team leaders may not be worth the trouble. Sometimes it's about the relationships built up and not merely what goes on in the playing field. This is where the short OTA/training camp does hurt teams like the Packers trying to rebuild. As pointed out up and down this thread, the lack of time Rodgers has to build up trust in his WR is extremely small. And a new playbook and new wideouts after a 4 game preseason. Oh yeah, that will work out real well. Pay the men and worry about it next year.

nigrivasilayesrej's picture

It makes no sense to ask either to take a pay cut? Except for the whole creating more cap space in 2018 thing. Neither player has to restructure, but for GB not to ask would be incompetence.

croatpackfan's picture

Jordy said that he is open to talk restructuring his contract as he would like to finish his career as Packers....

carlos's picture

It’d be hard to take a pay cut knowing they’re going to sign someone who plays your position.

Bure9620's picture

Agreed, let's remember he was looking at 11.6-12 mil, no way he restructures at 27, if he is cut Is it really worth the dead money either, $3 mil? Let him play out the year, he can create separation.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Well, 2018 isn't a lost cause, but a lot of things have to go well. If we keep Jordy and Cobb, probably our offense looks like the first half of 2016, not the last half where Nelson regained his elite status averaging 99 yds/game and we went on a 6 game winning streak. So we need someone to play RG and RT at something above half-assed level. Maybe Gute finds a TE who can either block or receive, at least one or the other. Bakh stays healthy and Bulaga returns for the playoffs. Offense will be okay, if not the dominant force it has been at times. On D, Clark, Daniels, Martinez, King and Randall stay healthy, CM3 and Perry (for once) stay healthy, and we get a 2nd year jump from King, and Josh Jones to offset the loss of one of our guys that provides surplus value, Burnett. Then Gute nails the draft to fill in the positions that are still weak, probably CB, OLB, OL, TE, Safety, slot WR, boundary WR, and depth at ILB. Piece of cake. If you stand pat, the risk is another year of AR's career unfulfilled.

DD's picture

Nigri: Your absolutely correct I feel.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I suspect Dobber is correct. Cobb won't take a pay cut. He probably can get 4 yrs/$22M+ with $8M or $10M guaranteed. Why should he risk playing a year for $5M or $6M? Of course, GB could extend him to that deal.

A new $2M proration ($8M SB), plus the old $3.25M, plus a $1M base = $6.25M cap for 2018, cap savings of $6.5M, and Cobb takes home $9M in 2018. Only issue here is whether Cobb wants to call Gute's bluff.

Handsback's picture

Thinking through the process, which receivers on the roster need to be cut and replaced? Nelson and Cobb are mentioned the most and mainly because of their pricetag. What are the chances of that happening? Not very....because last year means nothing because the Packer's didn't have a QB that could get them the ball. Will they stay for less money? Probably, but you can never tell what a player thinks of his position and capability until you start that negotiation. Besides, what current reserve player could replace those two? I would state none of the backups are ready to replace either Cobb or Nelson.

So what we are looking at are wideouts that are FA that could come in and either replace Nelson and Cobb or replace some of the backups. I suspect we will find that replacing either Davis/Janis/ put any name here.... will be more expensive than what they have right now.

So pick a FA wideout that's going to start and be useful on STs and be somewhat cheap is the issue. I would like Green Bay to sign John Brown from AZ. Do I think he would push one of the three out this year? No, but his presence in a 4-wide lineup would call for an adjustment for any defense. The question then becomes who do you cut in order to bring him on? Again Janis or Davis comes to mind, but unless Brown can do return duty or gunner on punt/kickoff teams...he might not fit.
So my opinion is you need another good WR, but he has to fit into the roster and a pure WR may not make it.

dobber's picture

"So my opinion is you need another good WR, but he has to fit into the roster and a pure WR may not make it."

This is a good point. I would argue the Packers kept extra WR the last couple seasons because Janis really wasn't a WR. His day job is ST gunner and he moonlights on rare occasions as a WR. Even if Janis re-signs, is he really a WR? If the Packers go out and get two pure WR this off-season, it may just mean that the designated ST players call other positions "home" assuming Janis walks and Davis/Clark/Allison are cut. Interesting piece today on Janis and Davis as ST players in JSOnline...

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Cut Cobb
Keep Nelson

4thand1's picture

How much chemistry can you build with new WRs? AR , Nelson and Cobb have been together for a long time and AR trusts them. AR never plays in pre season so he'd have to work in practice and starting the first game of the year to figure out new guys. New guys have to learn a new playbook, terminology , and audibles called by AR. So any new wr's are going to have to smart right out of the gate.

Cubbygold's picture

It's a valid point, but one that always exists. It's probably not a good idea to have new WRs every year, but being afraid of a change for this reason would lead you to never upgrade the position. That's how teams get stale. In the same way you could argue that increased talent and competition could push current guys to play better.

I think your point is a reason why a vet WR may be a better fit than a rookie. Though I'd be in favor of one of each.

cuervo's picture

"How much chemistry can you build with new WRs"

They're professionals, that a bad excuse to keep overpaid mediocre players. The Eagles just won a superbowl with a completely revamped WR group. If the Packers can't duplicate the same thing, they need a new coaching staff.

246toothpicks's picture

I don't want any part of a WR with an injury history like Moncrief despite his age and physical traits. We've had enough of that.

stockholder's picture

I don't see any FA- Wrs coming on any deal. Get it through your Heads. Why would anyone want to sit behind Nelson,Cobb, and Adams. The routes are to much for anyone to handle in a short time now. Adams took 4 yrs. You saw the development of Jared, Allison, Janis,Davis, McCaffery and several others really Fail. Were stuck until they draft new Bodies. The cap can't handle a CB,TE,WRs, and a Guard. Your idea is crap. You can't draft Wrs when you want a CB, Pass Rusher,OLs. Damn add up the sub Total.

dobber's picture


worztik's picture

And quit hiding my glasses and making all that noise!!!!

Finwiz's picture

I agree - too many other needs on defense to worry about a WR before the 4th-5th round.

4thand1's picture

lets just punt

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I'd suggest if we get a couple of million from Jordy, but pay Cobb his full salary, short of Gute nailing the draft and/or hitting big on a FA, we've punted for 2018.

worztik's picture

We need to make sure we get our next franchise QB in this draft!!! Then the young WRs will be able to develop alongside of him!!! Like it or not, we are in a semi “rebuilding” phase but, no one wants to mention that “word”. What percentage of a team’s roster can be second tier in the overall picture of the NFL??? Ten, fifteen, twenty or twenty five or more? I don’t know that answer. How many players on the Packers are top tier? We are rebuilding and anyone that doesn’t realize it is being an ostrich (although ostriches don’t really hide their heads in the sand!) and need to see the big picture! Except for a very few positions, who will be the starting RG, RT, TE, WR 2&3, OLB, ILB, CB, safety, KR, PR and, although not a starter, back up QB! This is a fun site to prognosticate on but, down deep, if even in your own mind, keep in mind how TT has decimated this team!!! It should be classified as a crime!!! Just whinin’...

stockholder's picture

We need to make sure we get our next franchise QB in this draft!!! Ok Who do You Want. Remember were picking 14. No Trading. To many needs. No Trading
Picks or FAs; Lets use RG /RT Spriggs and Murphy. Use TE- Kendricks, R.Rodgers resigns. WR 2 and 3. What rds.? OLB. /edge Rusher Your take? ILB. Doubt it! CB - Who ? If Josh Jackson runs 4.4, he'll go before #14. S - Doubt James runs 4.4 , packers Pass. (40 times are the best measurement for downfield speed. ) And you don't want a DL picked. So let's see your mock on who, and where you draft a QB & back -up?

worztik's picture

Sounds as if I may have hit a nerve... I have no clue what players will be available when we pick. I defer to the commenters on this site, who closely follow all the college prospects, to calculate whom will be available and when!!! I’m not smart enough to do that! I just don’t think the odds are very good for finding another Brady in the 6th or even a Garrapolo in the 2nd! I’m not Billy B. I do realize what teams that pick 1-5 have to give up to get in that position, either trade wise or record wise! We are in a position to get a top notch QB this year and I hope we don’t draft at #14 for a long while from now!!! Sure a QB could end up being a bust... I think Justin Harrell was like a 16th pick and how’d that work out? I don’t know what the “braintrust” will do... I’m just expressing my opinion as a LONG TIME Packer fan that DOES remember the Dilwegs and Tagees and the Hundleys and I’m just sayin’... don’t dismiss a QB outright in the first round!!! Maybe Kirk Baumgartner can be our back up??? What day you???

worztik's picture

What say you???

stockholder's picture

No nerve here. Just for fun. Your picks- #1 Josh Allen QB Wyoming, #2 Sam Hubbard edge Ohio State, #3 Kemoko Turray OLB Rutgers, #4 Tony Brown Cb Alabama, #5 Daurice Fountain WR N.IOWA Shrine bowl MVP, #6 Quadree Henderson WR/KR Pitts. #7 JT Barrett QB Ohio st. I think you would fit OLs in the comp. picks.

worztik's picture

I likey!!!!

OrganLeroy's picture

Yes, you do have to dismiss a QB @ 14 outright, PERIOD! It's ridiculous and it won't happen.

worztik's picture

I wonder if that’s what was said when TT drafted AROD in the first when Favre was still viable???

stockholder's picture

At some point the Packers have to replace Hundley. Josh just dropped from Kipers top 10. I like Rudolph too. Cbs Has him in the top 10. But I think you like Hundley. We have to Replace Burnett. So I made a draft for you. And kept in mind your cuts to Nelson and Cobb. 1. Vida VEA DT WASH. 2. Justin Reed FS Stanford, 3. Micheal Gallop WR , 4. Cedric Wilson WR Boise state, 5. Christopher Herndon TE Mia.FL, 6. Royce Freeman RB Oregon, 7. JT Barrett QB Ohio st. Just for fun pre-combine.

Packer Fan's picture

Lots of articles on this already. Restructure Nelson to get more cap space. Attempt to restructure Cobb too. If he doesn't resign, cut him. Clear up more cap space. Yes, sign Moncrief because Philbin knows how to use him. Montgomery will be the new Cobb for slot and hybrid RB. Keep Janis for special teams and create a few special plays for him. Then draft a future WR in 2nd or 3rd rounds. Allison can be a fill-in. Clark needs more development on the practice squad

DD's picture

Packers Fan: agree with most of your points. Except use Nelson and Ty in the slot rotation. Cobb too if he and Nelson restructure. Get two good route running burner receivers to complement Adams! Davies is expendable I feel. Keep Janis at his pay salary. Also, cut all our TE's and get a tall and fast TE through FA and one or two in the draft.

lou's picture

The key guy to lean on in drafting a WR is Ted Thompson, look at his picks, Jennings/Nelson/Jones/Cobb/Adams along with Montgomery and even "Abby" who had the talent but could not stay healthy. If he had half that success drafting on the other side of the ball he would still be the GM.

carlos's picture

Seeing Janis’s salary I think I’d keep him.

stockholder's picture

True but A-Rod won't throw to him. Someone else will.

carlos's picture

You’re right, Stockholder, but when he did look his way good things happened. The law of averages says the more you go to him the bigger chance for a big play. I think he could beat press coverage-especially after you see what he puts up with on special teams.

carlos's picture

Hard to find a guy who will work so diligently on special teams. He’s probably on every unit except maybe field goals and extra points.

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"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. "
"The Bears still suck!"
"I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious."