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Packers Calendar: Final Day for Exclusive Negotiating Rights with B.J. Raji, Others

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Packers Calendar: Final Day for Exclusive Negotiating Rights with B.J. Raji, Others

It was reported on Thursday that the Green Bay Packers and defensive lineman B.J. Raji are nearing a deal on a one-year contract that would pay him $4 million.

Such a deal would essentially be a "prove it" contract, which essentially gives Raji a year to play better than his disappointing 2013 season in hopes of raising his value and hitting it big in free agency next year. Likewise, it also gives the Packers another year to figure out how to replace Raji if he doesn't pan out.

No deal has been finalized, however, and there's no guarantee it will, but there's one thing that's for sure: Friday March 7 is the final day for exclusive negotiating rights in the NFL.

Raji and the rest of the Packers' unrestricted free agent class of 17 players can talk only to the Packers until March 8, when a three-day window opens in which they can negotiate with other teams.

Starting March 11, players can start signing with other NFL teams.

If the Packers and Raji don't agree on a deal by Friday, there's a good chance the defensive lineman will at least gauge the interest he receives on the open market before coming back to the Packers if their offer is still on the table.

Raji has to judge the pros and cons of accepting a one-year deal versus going out and trying to sign a multi-year contract that might offer more security but less money than he could make in another year's time.

According to various reports, the Packers have been negotiating to various degrees with fullback John Kuhn and tight end Andrew Quarless, who will also become unrestricted free agents next week.

Also on Friday, the pro day circuit continues and Packers scouts will be in attendance checking out the upcoming rookie class of future pro players.

Among the schools holding pro timing days are Ohio State, Arizona State, Northern Illinois, Arkansas State, Southern Miss, South Alabama, Pittsburg State (Kansas) and Wofford.


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UncleChubb's picture

Hope they keep Kuhn.

ted, of bill and ted's picture

Hope they keep Kuhn and Quarless. And if they do bring back Raji, I hope they put him at nose. If you're gonna give the guy a leg to stand on, at least let him stand where he belongs (which of course, could be the sideline...if he plays like he did last year)

RC Packer Fan's picture

I would like to see them find a way to keep Shields, EDS, Quarless, and I would be fine with resigning Raji.
I would also like to see them bring back Jones and Kuhn.

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

The world won't end as we know it if we lose Kuhn, Jones, Raji, Quarles, and others. Its just you have to replace a lot of people and retraining new people en mass is no picnic.
I see most teams needing to clean house this time of year and the Pack is no exception.
If Raji accepts the contract his clearly indicates he doesn't think much of his worth beyond GB. Which to me translates into he knows how he played the past two years and his numbers aren't good.

Mean Jean's picture

A couple of thoughts. Packers hold on to the underperformers too long. What message does that send to the players? Morgan Burnett thinks I'm good for at least one more year. Clay Matthews wonders why he is busting his ass. Kevin Greene wonders how he is going to turn average players into playmakers.

Somehow TT and MM are being too cute with trying to find players that are going to surprise and amaze. MM talks about putting players in better positions to make plays. Seattle runs one defense and uses talent to make plays.

Stop being cute. Get safeties to play safety and linebackers to play linebacker. Stop taking average and thinking you can get above average results. Go for quality and get them on the field right away.

The current team culture is too soft.

Stroh's picture

Is that you Arloser. Would know you anywhere!

jh9's picture

+1 from me, Mean Jean!

Digital Tucker Hero's picture

there's something getting soft alright, but it's not the football team.

MarkinMadison's picture

A few weeks ago I posted that I hope TT would carefully evaluate the Packers' free agents and compare them to what else is available on the market. And a lot of folks here have criticized TT in the past for overpaying guys like Burnett and Hawk.

Well, it looks like TT agrees. 17 FAs, but only 1 signed (a back-up safety). 6th most cap space in the NFL. Less than 16 draft picks. Guys we thought were priorities to get signed 6 and 12 months ago (Raji and Shields) on the verge of departing. I think the odds of a couple of significant FA pick-ups this year are starting to look pretty good.

Evan's picture

"Guys we thought were priorities to get signed 6 and 12 months ago (Raji and Shields) on the verge of departing."

I think that's premature.

MarkinMadison's picture

I guess that depends on how you define "on the verge." And what is the defintion of "is" anyway?

Jordan's picture

Yeah, hard to say. Remember when Clifton had to meet with Redskins to force TT to pay up? lol

Good thing TT payed up because Clifton had a pretty good year in 2010 and was really good in the final game of that season.

The complete picture won't be known until after draft. But it's fun to speculate.

I'm just glad to not be a Saints fan or Cowboys fan right now and struggling with cap. ;)

Brian Carriveau's picture

That's a blast from the not-so-distant past. Almost forgot about that.

Digital Tucker Hero's picture

That's some interesting reading ..Skin's fans are on top of things at times ... but just change the name and position of any free agent and those posts are identical every year for every team.

After the Packers destroyed the Skins this the end of the half Jones fumbled the ball at the pylon. One of the Skin's blogger's said, "The pylon was the Skin's MVP in the first half."

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