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Packers Calendar: Clowney, Defensive Linemen, Linebackers Work Out at Combine

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Packers Calendar: Clowney, Defensive Linemen, Linebackers Work Out at Combine

South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Photo by Brian Carriveau of

There's only two days left at the NFL Combine, and the Green Bay Packers will have the opportunity to watch defensive linemen and linebackers work out on Monday.

Among them are South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, a freak of an athlete at 6-5 and 266 lbs., who expects to run outrageously fast compared to other players at his position.

"Hopefully, 4.4," said Clowney. "I know I am going to run a low 4.5 if I don’t run a 4.4."

The Packers won't have a sniff of Clowney with the 21st pick in the first round, he'll be off the board long before then, but there are plenty of other defensive linemen and linebackers they'll have their eye on.

Newly re-assigned linebackers coach Winston Moss will be challenged with helping to evaluate all players at his position, both inside and outside after previously focusing on strictly the inside linebackers.

Defensive backs will do the bench press on Monday, but their on-field workout will take place on Tuesday.

Coverage of the Combine takes place live on the NFL Network from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. CT.

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Hank Scorpio's picture

I've got more interest in the LB group and the DL guys. I think a solid early LB gives the defense more bang for the buck than a solid early DL.

The Packers have younger players that are presumably on the upswing along the DL. Not so much at LB. And it is LBs, not DL, that dictate the success or failure of a 3-4

RC Packer Fan's picture

Clowney reportedly has ran unofficially a 4.47 and 4.48.

That's incredible.

Hank Scorpio's picture

He certainly cemented his status as a freakish athlete. Holy smokes is that fast for a 266 lb guy.

RC Packer Fan's picture

6'5 266. 4.53 officially.

Jevon Kearse was once labeled The Freak. Well I think its safe to say that Clowney is the new Freak.

Evan's picture

Is Clowney purely a 4-3 DE? Or is he such a freak that he could play pretty much anywhere, in any system?

Brian Carriveau's picture

We've had discussions about listing him as a 3-4 outside linebacker in our draft guide. Al Bracco brought up Aldon Smith as a comparison. They're not exactly the same, but that might be the best similarity.

WisconsinRob's picture

Clowney said on NFLN coverage on Sunday he'd be ready to play OLB in 3-4, without prompt from Eisen/Mayock.

Doesn't get beyond Atlanta, IMO, regardless

Hank Scorpio's picture

Clowney can probably do anything he sets his mind to doing. He's certainly athletic enough to play outside in a 3-4 or 4-3.

As I understand things from the drafnik industrial complex, the question on Clowney is not so much what he can do but what he will do, if that makes sense.

Stroh's picture

Speed by itself doesn't make him a freak athlete. Its one part of it, but certainly not the whole story. Quickness is THE most important athletic quality in almost any sport. I'm sure Clowney will be able to jump and be strong enough, but his ability to play OLB as more than just a pass rusher will be his quickness. He'll be able to pass rush as a DE or OLB, I don't doubt that, but w/ quickness he can function in any scheme in any capacity. Its what seperates a guy like Matthews from a guy like Perry. Matthews has more than just great speed and pass rush, he has very good quickness. If Clowney shows quickness he'll be able to function as a DE or OLB and in any capacity. I'll be interested to see his 3 cone and shuttle times.

RC Packer Fan's picture

reportedly he ran his first 10 yards in the 40 in 1.5 seconds. The WR's as a whole averaged 1.58 seconds.

The 3 cone will be interesting to see, but running that fast of a 10 yard is amazing. Shows he has very good quickness.

Evan's picture

Related: "Chris Borland first "unofficial" forty: 4.83. 10 yd of 1.62"

Stroh's picture

10 spli is a measure of explosiveness not necesessarily quickness. Kinda like vertical jump

Mojo's picture

Regarding Clowney, none of what he does matters as far as the Packers are concerned. He'll be long gone before we pick. The top five of the draft order is AFC heavy, so he's likely to go there.

Nononsense's picture

Right now my 2 favorite players are Aaron Donald and Kyle Van Noy. Donald ran an unbelievable fast 40 for a guy his size 4.66 at 285 and that is visible on his film. His burst is unreal.

Kyle Van Noy would give us a real instinctive LB who unlike most of our other LBs can cover and make plays in the passing game as well as rush the passer.

Listening to McCarthy talk about the planned changes for the defense, I can't help but get excited. No more trying to find players to fit the 3-4 mold now we can just get good football players regardless of specific scheme fit. Hes talking hybrid front and better use of personnel and that is music to my ears.

Zippy Joe's picture

If only Clowney had Aaron Donald's attitude. I'd rather have a player w/ a chip on his shoulder out to prove he's better than what the "experts" declare. In addition to Donald and Van Noy, I like Skov.

Clowney is coming to the NFL w/ natural abilities, but does he want to be elite or just rich? I'd pass on him and take a guy who will work his butt off to play football and get better by listening to his coaches and teammates.

HUMP's picture

yep zippy, good thing im not making decisions on this, cuz you have to love donald as a kick ass football player,just like borland,but they just dont fit our scheme. but daniels,donald and borland on the field at the same time,you would have to believe the play will be made. let ted figure it out i guess,but mark my words,aaron donald will be in the pro bowl in 3 yrs

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