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Packers Calendar: Aaron Rodgers to Talk About His Injury Situation

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Packers Calendar: Aaron Rodgers to Talk About His Injury Situation

When Aaron Rodgers is fully healthy and everything is status quo, he meets with the local media inside the Packers locker room one day a week on Wednesdays.

Since his injury has thrown everything out of whack, however, the schedule has changed.

Rodgers will reportedly meet with the media on Thursday instead of his typical Wednesday, in which he'll discuss his ongoing injury situation.

There's not much new to report on the Rodgers front with basically the same set of circumstances playing out as a week ago. Rodgers isn't medically cleared for action but he has taken part in practice on a limited basis and is sharing snaps with Matt Flynn.

With evaluation days scheduled for Wednesdays and Fridays, it makes sense that Rodgers won't be cleared until Friday at the earliest. Even then, there are no guarantees.

Before the Packers hit the practice field on Thursday, head coach Mike McCarthy will make his weekly appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio (satellite radio) on at 10:15 a.m. CT.

He'll be talking to one of his former players and Packers preseason announcer Rich Gannon along with Bruce Murray on the SiriusXM Blitz, and as usual, it's a good bet he'll once again be asked about Rodgers.

In the evening hours, Packers wide receiver James Jones will make his weekly appearance on 101.1 FM WIXX in Green Bay for 1 on 1 with the Boys from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. CT.

The show can be streamed live online at and through the station's USTREAM video player.

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Archie's picture

If Rodgers can't go this week and we lose, then I am all for shutting AROD down for the year and looking ahead to the off-season FA acquisitions of that ass-clown GM of ours. Will he stay stubborn or will he go get us some decent defensive players. Right now our two S and our two ILB are pitiful. Lattimore should be out there starting and playing every down. Only an ass-clown would start Hawk/Jones. Each is barely back-up worthy. Let Raji go and apply that money and Finley's money ($15 MM combined) and get yourself a marquee defensive players or at least two damn good ones. Most teams are up against the salary cap, giving GB an advantage this time around. Use it for God's sake and stope wasting AROD's best years with a paper tiger defense. Big Ben rips us apart this week w/o AROD. Steeler defense is not what it used to be but it is far cry from DAL/ATL.

cLowNEY42's picture

I agree with all of this except all the "ass-clown" stuff. That's just annoying.

So sick of this "will he be cleared?" crap.

Just put him on IR, already.

John's picture

Healing time varies. Live with that for god's sake sheesh

GrnMachine's picture

WRONG. At the very least, it convinces teams to gameplan for aaron rodgers. The cowboys and the falcons actually admitted they were gameplanning for him. Btw Clowney(COW)42, shunned you shall be, once Aaron and Cobb are back and we make a real run at this thing. You should consider revoking your own Packer Fanhood if we win the Super Bowl. Its the only "honorable" thing for you to do at this point.

cLowNEY42's picture







packeraaron's picture

You posted something similar after the Lions game in 2010.

Bwhahahahah indeed.

GrnMachine's picture

That far fetched?!? Really?!? Forgetting 2010 much?!?

I bet you were the guy who had us missing the playoffs due to a rpugh start and all the injuries. Offensively this team is much better than the 2010 year, with the addition of cobb and lacy and a better o-line.

Pardon me if I think having the best quarterback in the league gives u at least a chance at a superbowl. For god sakes, he went 15-1 with the worst defense in the league. Our defense has actually been playing well lately, considering we couldn't get off the fucking field with flynn! We were ranked third against run before Aaron Rodgers went down trolltits, btw. And we beat the seahawks last season in Seattle. I fear no team.

And again, are you kidding me?!? Its fucking AAARROONN ROODDGGGEERRSS.

Norman's picture

You don't even have to go back to 2010. Last year the 10-6 Ravens, who lost to the Texans 43-13 (yes, the same Texans who were a year away from securing the top pick in the draft), won the Super Bowl. And the year before that, the 9-7 Giants beat the 15-1 top seeded team (can't seem to recall who that team was for some reason) at their house on the way to the Super Bowl title. So there's plenty of recent precedent for a team sneaking into the playoffs, getting healthy and hot at the right time, and winning it all. Who will be that team this year? Hell, maybe the Cowboys for all we know. But maybe the Packers. Or maybe they'll lose this weekend and be eliminated, who knows. But to imply it's ridiculous to even think it could happen, well that's just ignoring recent history. I do think it will be tough for anyone to go into Seattle and win, but it can be done. As much as I love Russell Wilson (and hate everyone else on that team), he's in just his second year (doesn't play like it, I know) and may end up playing like a second year player at some point in the playoffs. It's single elimination, anything can happen.

Sir Cheese's picture

Cow predicted a 6-10 season, with a healthy Rodgers , Cobb, and Finley. We have already exceeded his prediction, while being decimated with injuries! He also said our team had no chance if Rodgers ever went down, wrong again. I hope we win out so we can play your Niners at Lambeau Cow

jeremy's picture

I remember Cow posting about how he hated the Lacy pick as well. OOPS, totally wrong.

cLowNEY42's picture

"I remember Cow posting about how he hated the Lacy pick as well. OOPS, totally wrong."

Nope - understood the Lacy pick - although I wanted a safety.

Hated the Franklin pick - thought we already had a player like him in Harris.

By the way - I'm not all in on Lacy. Can't keep that style going very long. He's gonna have a very short shelf life (3 yrs tops). He already has zero speed... all that pounding's gonna be the end of him.

Scott's picture

If a team game plans for Rodgers, where's the downside for them if Flynn plays? There is nothing Flynn can do that Rodgers can't. I would rather they game plan for Flynn and Rodgers plays.

Tom's picture

I'm glad someone's been watching the same game on Sunday, that I've had on. I'm glad someone else can see it. I don't agree with the name calling, but I agree 100% with your defensive assessment. I wouldn't give up just yet on the Pittsburg game. There is no line yet on the game, however, at this time, Las Vegas has Green Bay @ 35 to 1 to win the Super Bowl. Las Vegas has Pittsburg @ 500 to 1. Based on that, I personally wouldn't throw the towel in on the Pittsburg game without seeing a line 1st.

NoWayJose's picture

Well, those lines dont really mean much, as PIT is all but mathematically eliminated. Doesnt have much to do with their Power Rankings.

I expect the line will be close to a pick 'em when Flynn is locked in as the starter.

Tom's picture

I think you're right, but that doesn't bode well for Green Bay. I hit 60% to 70% of my bets. I'd like to see Green Bay favored by at least 6. I play against the money. Pk-Um would put too much on Green Bay.

RunAndHyde's picture

Not sure if Cobb will play or not but if he does I think our chances of winning increase quite a bit even with Flynn under center. Just give Cobb the ball and let him run around everyone n score.

adam's picture

Lions (at NY Giants) and Bears (at Eagles) could both lose this week. So, even if the Pack lose to Pittsburgh, they could still win the division next week at Chicago.

4thand1's picture

Giants at Detroit. Lions win this one.

denniseckersly's picture

True. However, I think it's very possible that they lose next week in the metrodome's (good mother effing riddance) last game ever.

GrnMachine's picture

Cant thank you enough Nagler! In my previous post I suggested he probably said the same thing in 2010 and you helped to confirm my suspicion! Haha Too eeaassyyy

cLowNEY42's picture

"You posted something similar after the Lions game in 2010."

Prove it.

I don't even remember if I knew this site existed in 2010.

cLowNEY42's picture



all had game-changing defenses.

this Packer D is garbage on every level.

Tom's picture

I agree with a lot of what you say. I do think our Defensive Line is decent, especially with Jolly in there. The problem is, there is Very Little behind them. We cannot stop the run at the line of scrimmage. That is putting added pressure on the D Backs. We are not strong up the middle, no matter what anyone says. We have basically nothing to back up the defensive line. We have a chance against anyone with a healthy Aaron. The line backing is going to eliminate us. Just like last week, when I got jumped on, I think we can Win with Flynn on Sunday. Not sure if the weather will favor us or not?

4thand1's picture

Jolly is done.

Tom's picture

I just heard that. Jolly will be missed. Not sure we can fill that hole.

cLowNEY42's picture

Yeah - they've been so awesome stopping the run. All the DLmen are essential to the success of this team... whatever.

bryce's picture

I've lost all patience with this charade. It's obvious that if it was any other player, they would be on IR. They're holding out hope (although apparently it's false hope) that Rodgers will come back. Stick him on IR so we can all just move on.

Bugeater's picture

First, Rodgers isn't just any other player. You'd really rather have him benched than hold the option of playing open? Just so you don't have to worry about whether or not he'll play anymore?

I have many worries in my life - both real and imaginary. Who the Packers choose to line up on Sunday wouldn't fall into either of those categories. I'll let the people who are paid to worry about that do the worrying.

bryce's picture

First, what I'm saying is they need to stop with the cat and mouse game. They put up these smoke screens and are all secretive...just say what it is. If he's indeed so bad that he can't play the final two games of the season then he just needs to go on IR. And yes, if he honestly has very little chance of playing, put him on IR. Give Flynn all the reps so we stop having these terrible first halves.

Second, we all have plenty of worries in our life, so stop playing the self-righteous martyr. What I meant was, I'm tired of every Packers blog, podcast, twitter feed, and status update being this "will he/won't he?" It's obnoxious. Obviously, I'm much more concerned about real life issues, I just meant I want to move on from the context of seeing it everywhere that's Packers related.

Guyseeeee's picture

How is it Ravens QB says he'll slap a brace on his knee & play......and yet Our QB needs a doctors x to play again?

I would think knee is a much bigger concern with your franchise QB.

Evan's picture

You really don't think the Ravens team doctor examined and cleared Flacco? Really?

bryce's picture

A sprained MCL and a fractured collar bone are just a little bit different.

NoWayJose's picture

It looks like Flynn based on practice participation, coach and AR comments, and history. Oh well, buckle em up.

The real shame is that I think this decision is locked in early enough in the week that next week is already looking doubtful. That game will be hard to win (this one not easy, but nothing like next week's scene).

bryce's picture

Yeah, when Rodgers says, "It's an organizational and a medical decision at this point," that's probably not gonna end well.

cLowNEY42's picture

Season's over.

Flynn can't win...


Back to the draft (of course the ridiculous wins v the Falcons and Cowboys have now completely erased any chance of getting an impact defensive player.

Clowney, Barr, or Mosely sure woulda' been nice.

Bet we get another OLman... yeah.

Bugeater's picture

Yeah, those danged wins! Don't you just hate it when the Packers win games? All I could do during the 2nd half of the Cowboy's game was scream at the TV - "You're killing our draft order!" And now, there could still be a chance that they beat Pitt and Chicago and make the playoffs????? Will the disappointment NEVER end?


cLowNEY42's picture

Wait - you're one of those guys who thinks the Packers are actually going to make the playoffs... aren't you...

You're in for a bit of a wake up call, bro.

Sir Cheese's picture

It's a good thing we don't have quitters like Cow on our team and coaching staff. We are in the same situation as 2010, win 2 games to make the playoffs. That turned out pretty well, but yeah, lets just quit for a better draft pick. Simply pathetic

cLowNEY42's picture

'cept Rodgers played those last 2 games in 2010... so there's that minor difference.

Oh - and the fact that the 2010 D was NFL worthy.

Oh - and Philbin was still around.

But go ahead and keep thinking that everything's cool.

By the way - You're telling me there aren't quitters on this Packer team? Have you been watching Raji? Did you see the Lion's game?

One 1/2 vs a world class horrible defense and all of a sudden the Pack's back on track.


Sir Cheese's picture

We'll see if Rodgers plays by tomorrow, and we can beat the Steelers with Flynn.

I don't think everything is cool, but I think we have a chance to win the division and that alone is worth giving everything we have instead of giving up.

No team is perfect, but we control our own destiny with the best player in football hopefully returning. Many teams would take that position all day.

cLowNEY42's picture

"“You’re killing our draft order!”"

I actually was yelling that.
Was yelling it during the Falcon's game too.

4thand1's picture

You've disappointed me more than usual.

cLowNEY42's picture

"Games" don't mean jack.
Championships are all that matter.
This is not a championship year.
Thus - I would like the Packers to have a chance of nabbing some difference makers from the draft. Better chance of that happening if they lose more games.


Derek in CO's picture

After reading ARod's quotes from presser today, I thought he would go. Just watched the video of his locker room presser, and I changed my mind. I think he's out again.

He's really frustrated with the team I think. Alot of "that's a coach McCarthy question"

cLowNEY42's picture

Yup - not gonna see 12 again until next season.

It just had to be Shea McClellin.


gmanB's picture

I actually felt the opposite way. I get the sense that the Packers are trying hard not to give too much information away. I think Rodgers plays on Sunday.

cLowNEY42's picture

You're wrong.

gmanB's picture

We'll see

cLowNEY42's picture

Yeah - you're probably right.
Pretty much every Wisconsin reporter who covers the Packers is probably wrong.

gmanB's picture

My statement was based on my feeling. After I watched his presser, I felt like the team is watching what they say and will try to start him. He passed all the responsibility onto MM - why? If he isn't/won't be cleared to play, why is he taking away reps from Flynn (2 weeks in a row)?

But yeah - you're must be right - the Packers are just letting letting him throw and run around in practice for fun! Because that would make sense if he is shut down for the rest of the season.

4thand1's picture

There's not a team in the NFL that wouldn't be in the same boat as GB if they suffered the amount of injuries the Packers have. Everyone was so upset they tied the Vikes. How must the Eagles fans feel? They got pounded without AP and TG 2 starting backs.

Arlo's picture

You must live only in a Packer world. You should check out a few other NFL teams & their injuries. You may find that AR is the only one that REALLY counts for GB.

Tom's picture

For what it's worth??, Probably not much!! Las Vegas has Green Bay ranked #5 for both the NFC & the SB, of all NFC teams. They are currently ranked ahead of Chicago, Philly, Detroit, Dallas, & Arizona.

4thand1's picture

For what its worth. I just watched and interview with Bill Cowher. He said," if the Packers get Rodgers and Cobb back, they can win it all. He said he has no doubt about it. Watch it on the GB web site with Vic Ketchman.

Tom's picture

I don't disagree with that. With a healthy ARod, if we get there, I like our chances on the road anywhere. There is a reason, that there has been No Info on Rodgers yet. JMO, I believe he is ready to play this week, but now, I think the weather might keep him out??

cLowNEY42's picture

Too bad neither of those guys are coming back until next season.

Tom's picture

You could very well be right. If Flynn plays this week & we win, I would bet against that. I'll be surprised if we hear anything tomorrow on ARod. I think it will be a game time decision. JMO, I think the weather is going to play into it. I personally don't want ARod to play, if he isn't 100%. I wish I could see a line on the game, but at this point, just like last week, I think Green Bay wins with Flynn.

jack in cincinnati (aka jack in jersey city)'s picture

i'm convinced that ted thompson and doc mckenzie have shut aaron down for the rest of the season. i started thinking this a couple of weeks ago but now i'm sure of it. the decision is to shut him down, let him get back to 100% health, and not put his future at risk. and heck, i can't say i blame ted! the entire organization is built around aaron and they're counting on him to be THE guy for the next 7 or 8 years. we've all seen what this team is without him and it ain't pretty (although the 2nd half of the cowboys game was pretty damn awesome!). it just sucks for mccarthy, rodgers, the team and the fans who were led to believe that he had a legitimate chance to return this season.

Tom's picture

You could very well be right, & if that's the case, who could argue with that decision. Hard to believe, that ARod could be 100% this soon. Still no line on the game. They've kept this pretty quiet. If Matt or Scott play, I hope they do well.

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