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Packers Blog Roundup: Enthusiasm and Tempered Enthusiam About Randall Cobb

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Packers Blog Roundup: Enthusiasm and Tempered Enthusiam About Randall Cobb

The impressive early display of rookie wide receiver Randall Cobb is noted by the blog Lombardi Ave. Cobb, "According to tweets last night and early morning news reports, made several difficult catches yesterday, showed impressive bursts of speed and is being touted as everything he’s been billed in the early going," reads the blog post.

Randall Cobb's exciting early display of skills are also noticed by Kevin McCauley and Brandon Benson of Acme Packing Company.

On the other hand, warning against too much optimism about Randall Cobb so early is Lauren Fernandez of Rodgers That. "Let’s just wait for training camp and the first few games before getting on the Cobbler train," warns Fernandez. "That’s going to be his nickname this season from me. McCarthy has a ton of receivers, especially with the return of Finley and the resigning of Jones. There’s only so much ball to go around, and if Finley can stay healthy, he’s going to change the TE position in the league."

First-round draft choice Derek Sherrod is analyzed by Michael Rodney of Packer Update. "There’s a reason most offensive linemen over 6’4 play tackle in the NFL," writes Rodney. "While great height and long arms are an advantage when playing on an island, those same traits tend to be a problem when working in tight quarters. That means technique will be very important for Sherrod. He must avoid playing too upright and allowing defenders to get inside his frame and control him."

The play of Derrek Sherrod in last night's practice is analyzed over at Total Packers. "Now that the pads are finally on I got a chance to see how Sherrod looks and it was a mixed bag, to say the least," writes Brady. "There were times where he held up very well and was stout at the point of attack and there were others where he over-extended and was easily pushed to the side. Sherrod plays a little too upright at times, but he has great footwork which is a real asset as an offensive lineman. I’m still not sure how Sherrod will do in the running game, but he mirrors defenders well and shows a good counter-punch. He committed a false start at one point, which promptly sent him to the sideline."

Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Press-Gazette is having a hard time blaming general manager Ted Thompson for drafting Justin Harrell. "In reality, it’s hard to hold the Harrell pick against Thompson," writes Vandermause. "It’s the only first-round pick on which he whiffed since becoming Packers GM in 2005. Otherwise, his five other first-round picks prior to this year have become solid starters, if not NFL difference makers. That list includes  Aaron Rodgers, A.J. Hawk, B.J. Raji, Clay Matthews and Bryan Bulaga, who all played key roles in the Packers’ Super Bowl XLV title in February."

The battle for the starting job at strong safety is one of a few broken down by Mike Davidsen at Green Bay Packer Nation. "You won't hear any complaints about Charlie Peprah's performance in 2010 after filling in for the up-and-coming Morgan Burnett," writes Davidsen. "But, is that level of play enough to replace Burnett as the starter at strong safety in 2011? One would assume that if Burnett was able to win the starting job out of camp as a 21 year-old rookie then he should certainly be able to repeat as a stronger and more mature second year pro."

A ton of pictures from practice on Sunday and Monday appear at Packerville, U.S.A.

The right outside linebacker job gets some attention at Acme Packing Company.

Rookies are the topic of a post at the Rock 'n' Roll Cecil Club.

Aaron Rodgers' lobbying for his players caught the attention of Packer Update.

New homes for former Packers can be found at

Total Packers looks at the departure of Nick Barnett and a few recent signings.

Brian Carriveau is the editor of the Maple Street Press Packers Annual. To contact Brian, email [email protected].

Second-hand news sources are not included in the blog roundup unless they also include meaningful commentary.

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MarkinMadison's picture

I don't know why you'd want to nickname Randall Cobb the "Cobbler." Almost sounds like an insult. I'm not going to get too hyped about him for this year - except as a returner. But for next year, I'm sweating it in March if I'm Jordy Nelson.

As for Finley "redefining the (TE)position," I think that Shannon Sharpe already did that job, or maybe I'm just not informed enough to see the difference. And Finley could be great like Sharpe - if he can stay healthy. If all the reports on DJ Williams pan out Quarless may be cut and Finley better stay healthy if he wants a monster contract from the Packers (or anyone else).

fishandcrane's picture

Is it ever too late to get excited?

MarkinMadison's picture

If you're starting to get excited about that guy Brent Favra, I'd say, "yes, it's too late."

Nononsense's picture

Temper your enthusiasm all you want on Randall Cobb but to me its readily apparent that this kid is gonna be special. Some guys just have IT and Cobb definitely has IT.

Remember the early days of Greg Jennings rookie season? You could tell he was a player from the first time you saw him in action.

Thats the exact same feeling I get from Cobb as a WR, add in the fact that he could be a dangerous punt returner too and I would say he might end up as one of TTs biggest steals as the final pick in the 2nd round.

How DJ Williams fell all the way to the fifth round is anyones guess, glad we landed him though.

MarkinMadison's picture

I guess the bottom line is I have not seen him. If I saw him, I would not know enough to say whether Cobb is going to be a winner or a flash in the pan. I trust the folks who have seen him and are saying, "wow." I just don't know that there are enough balls to go around in this offense. I also suspect that Cobb will need some time to develop his route running before he really makes an impact at WR.

Ruppert's picture

Errybody loves some TT right now, but Justin Harrell was a horrible draft pick. It was horrible the day it happened. It was horrible in 2009. And if he drafts hall of famers with his next 5 first round picks, Justin Harrell was still a horrible draft pick.

Edward's picture

Funny take Rupert. Nobody bats 1.000, so I'll forgive TT for a missed chance here and there.

How does TT stack up against Wolf? Based on what you know of both, which would you take to run your franchise?

Otto's picture

Get over it.

CSS's picture

Harrell had the talent, had the passion but also had some pretty substantial misfortune. He had some injury history in college, but there's no way you could anticipate the injuries he would sustain as a pro.

Actually, the pick I felt TT and his scouting staff completely missed the boat on was Brian Brohm. Turns out, he was a classic head case with an inability to deal with failure and become a better pro because his family coddled him. Nothing was 'his' fault, and he couldn't deal with the pro game. This should have been vetted when interviewing the Cardinals coaching staff and his teammates.

I realize that was an early 2nd round pick, but I felt it were a bigger blemish than Harrell by far.

Chas Breit's picture

Ruppert - want to rehash the bad games that Harrell had? Or, if being injured makes a good player into a bad draft choice, want me to go back and dig up Packer history on those?

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