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Packers Awarded an Extra Third and Fifth Round Draft Choice

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Packers Awarded an Extra Third and Fifth Round Draft Choice

The Green Bay Packers were awarded an extra pick in the third and fifth rounds of May's upcoming NFL Draft as a result of losing wide receiver Greg Jennings and linebacker Erik Walden in free agency last season, the league announced on Monday.

Each year the NFL gives 32 compensatory draft choices, the equivalent of one extra round, to teams that lose more free agents than they sign.

Compensatory free agents are determined by a formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors. The formula was developed by the NFL Management Council. Not every free agent lost or signed by a club is covered by this formula.
Jennings essentially netted the third round pick after signing a five-year deal worth $45 million with the Minnesota Vikings. Walden garnered the fifth round draft choice after getting a four-year, $16 million deal from the Indianapolis Colts.
The Packers will receive the 34th pick of the third round (98th overall) and the 36th pick of the fifth round (176th overall). Compensatory draft choices cannot be traded.
Green Bay now has at least one draft choice in every round, two in the third and two in the fifth. The Packers also have seven picks in the first five rounds and nine overall.
The Packers are setting themselves up for a similar haul in next year's draft after losing wide receiver James Jones and offensive linemen Evan Dietrich-Smith and Marshall Newhouse as free agents. Because Julius Peppers and Letroy Guion were cut by their former teams, they do not count in the league's formula.
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HankScorpio's picture

Both guys brought in the "best case" estimates. Good deal. An extra day 2 is really nice, especially in a draft that is said to be very deep.

Next year won't even be close. Jones & EDS are in round 6/7 territory. I doubt Newhouse signed for enough $$ to even qualify

4thand1's picture

Ted works his magic once again. One of the best GM's there is. Look for a trade up in the 1st round.

4thand1's picture

Fuck you, cow. He's one of the best. If any GM was dumb enough to listen to troll turds like you, they'd probably be working as a greeter at Wal-Mart. You are low life Packer hating scum. You are the least interesting person on earth. Stay thirsty my troll.

HankScorpio's picture

It is particularly disingenuous to cite 7th round comp picks (Datko & Coleman) in an attempt to dismiss the value of an extra 3 & 5. TT has never got an extra 3. Wolf did and he picked LeShon Johnson, Tyrone Williams and Cletidus Hunt. Johnson was a disappointment but Williams and Hunt were not

TT has used (4) 4s as comp picks and got John Sitton, Davon House, Jerron McMillan and Mike Daniels.

TT's (2) 5s have been Newhouse and Boyd.

That's a far different picture than talking about Datko and Coleman.

Being the mirror image of the "homers" you like to poke at makes you more like them than unlike them in my book, A S. Congrats on being just as unable to see things as they really are.

HankScorpio's picture

In my post I referenced THE LAST 3 YEARS for a reason... this is the time period I believe TT's drafts have been slipping.

Nice try. But not believable.

You were cherry picking data that was not comparable but did serve to back up your tired mantra. It's just too obvious for me to accept any other explanation. There is not a football fan on the planet that would compare 7th rounders with 3rd rounders when evaluating a GM. At least not one grounded in rational thought. Only ones that are blinded to reality. You earned the title. Wear it proudly.

BTW...It's not believable to cite TT's 2013 draft as an example of "slipping" either. 3 guys are in line to start in year 2 (Lacy, Hyde & Bakhtiari). One of them was Rookie of the Year last year. And that doesn't even touch the year 2 jump that so many players make. If others from that class (Boyd & Jones) make that jump, this class might go down as one of TT's best. If you take off the blinders, you'll see it.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Tom B. I didn't get a chance to reply to one of your reply's to me the other day. This isn't the thread, but I'll do it here. I don't have a problem with the Pink calling awareness to Breast Cancer. It's a deadly killer for a lot women, & I feel the more awareness that can be brought to this issue the better. The NFL is one of, if not the Biggest audience in the country. So I think this is a Good Thing.

I do agree with you on where Pro Football is heading as far as toughness goes. I don't think you'll ever see touch football, but I've told my wife, sort of in jest, that it wouldn't surprise me if they put a Red Flag on the backside of the QB one of these years.

These rule changes are happening because of 2 reasons. 1 is the Salary's of the Players, & 2 because the NFL is afraid of future lawsuits. Teams don't want $20 Mill QB's getting injured, & the NFL doesn't want a lawsuit from every player who retires, who has had concussions.

Somewhat on this issue, I believe the Salary Cap system in the NFL has to change. I'll probably get jumped on here, but I believe at some point soon, the Cap System, has to be capped. What are you going to pay QB'S in 20 yr's, $50 Mill??, $100 Mill??

As I posted once before without a reply, The Players Union of the NFL, is the only Union in this country, without a Pay Scale. I'm a 40 yr Union man. In a Union shop, with the exception of skilled trades, Everyone gets paid the same. It doesn't matter how good you are, or how much you know, or how hard your job is. You get paid the same as the guy next to you, after you have completed your probation period.

I propose the following: Your QB is your Skilled Trade. He gets $20 Mill ect. Every other starter on the team gets equal pay. It doesn't matter what position you play. Each position is equally important to the team. If you are going to pay Jordy or Cobb, or Peppers $8 Mill, it's at the expense of a $3 Mill Guard, who is protecting the franchise.

The 2ond & 3rd string players also get equal pay. If a starter gets hurt, the player that takes his place, gets starter pay. The starter gets secondary pay until he returns.

There are different levels of pay in every Union shop in this country, depending on the job classification. Why should the NFL Players Union be any different? Like it or Not, at some point, you'd have to agree, that some kind of hold has to be placed on Salary's.

This is just my opinion, but I think every starter with the exception of the QB should be paid the same, or have classifications & a Pay Scale. That's how it works in the Real World JMO Don't jump all over me!!

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Tom B. I can respect your opinion. I would hate to think the NFL is using a woman's issue like Breast Cancer for personal gain. If that's the case, I would hope someone is held accountable. You make a Valid Point. There are other Cancers that need just as much awareness. I sort of look at it this way. If I contribute to a Charity, once the money leaves my hands, I've done my part.

With regard to the Payscale it's how all Union Members in the USA live. In General Motors there are different Job Classifications for the different jobs in the shop. After one's Probation period, The Machinist's all have the same Classification, The Assemblers all have a Classification,
& so on. All members within that group are paid the same, regardless of how good they are, or how many different machines they are capable of running. I like & think Jordy Nelson is a Great Receiver. Why is he in his job, worth any more than someone in the Offensive Line, who is protecting the Franchise. In my Union biased opinion, he isn't. Your Non Union shops down in Tennessee all have Pay Scales. Every worker starts at a starting wage, & works up to a max wage. Everyone in each group is paid the same. In most places of employment, you don't have people side by side, doing basically the same work, making different wages. That really is the difference between how Management thinks, & how a Union person thinks.

I can understand, & accept your thinking on this if you've never had to work in a shop. I can see your side of everyone trying to improve their wages. Unfortunately, my lot in life was in a shop taking orders from someone, who did nothing more during the week than hold a meeting &
tell all of us we weren't working hard enough. I made a Damn Good living, but for that he got Twice the money, & 3 times the benefits. I guess that's the Golden Rule. Got off the subject.

I think you would agree, that at some point, something needs to be done.
Pay Per View is coming to Pro Football. If you don't have tickets, & you want to watch the game, it's going to cost you $19.95 on Sunday. IMO it will happen sooner than later. I respect your opinion, I just had to live by a different set of rules. UNFORTUNEATELY!!

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

HI TOM B. I'm still currently living most of the year in WI. I also have a home in Henderson NV, about 9 miles from the strip. We plan to move there next year. No, I've never posted anywhere else. Yeah, I worked with guys that did 1/2 as much as I did, & I had senority, but they got paid the same as me. I also worked with Management Supervisors, who didn't know what day of the week it was. They got paid twice what I got.
46 years ago when I started, there were jobs on every corner. You had no trouble getting in. That all changed with Mexico, China, Korea, & believe it or not, VIET NAM.

I like discussing issues of GB & the NFL. Most people on this board disagree with me on the issues I've posted, but for the most part, it's been in a nice way. I don't follow the draft like you guy's do, so I don't know the players. I've had opinions on a couple of GB players, & didn't get too much agreement there either. I try to talk decent to everyone. I've had 1 incident with your friend Stroh, but since that incident, the few times I may have replied to his post, I tried to be Respectful, & the few times he's replied to one of my posts, he's been Respectful back. I try to talk to folks, the same way that I'd like them to talk to me.

I guess we both agree, at some point in the future something needs to be done with the money that is involved in sports, & in this case, the NFL. Unfortunately, the Networks are willing to pay these huge sums of money. You either, with the exception of GB, make a Billionaire owner, even richer, or you make Millionaire Players even richer. I Do Not have the answer, but I Do Know, the Fans will continue to pay.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree that TT is one of the best GMs. However, a trade up seems unlikely unless TT is absolutely in love with some prospect. Using Drafttek's trade chart, GB could send pick #21 and #85 and move up from 21 to 17, maybe 16. #85 is GB's 3rd round pick. That's a lot to move up just a few spots. Most football sources indicate that the talent level is roughly the same from pick #10 or 12 through 25 roughly, so trading up would be either for need, or someone fell and/or because TT loved a prospect. Plus this is reputed to be the strongest draft pool in recent memory, so a 3rd round pick is pretty valuable.

I personally could see trading down to #26 (Cleveland), #28 (Carolina), or #29 (New England) since each of those teams has a draft pick to send that fits Drafttek's trade chart (i.e. GB would net picks 102, or 92, or 93 respectively depending on which team GB traded with). Trading down to #35 might net GB Cleveland's high 3rd round pick (#71). Not sure that I would be thrilled with that, but some friends argued that GB could still draft Fuller, or Tuitt, etc., at #35. I am not sure if that will turn out to be true or that I even like those players particularly, but I have seen Tuitt mocked anywhere from #20 to #43. I would find it hard to pass on Mosley, Ha-Ha, Ebron, maybe Nix or Evans, should they be available at #21. Maybe TT will consider #26, 28 or 29 if he thinks a player he likes will still be available. At this point I trust in TT not only to make great picks but maybe even to fleece another team with a trade!

HankScorpio's picture

I would gladly sacrifice picking on day 1 for 2 additional picks on day 2.

5 guys in rounds 2-3 would really give the roster the shot in the arm it could use.

RCPackerFan's picture

Honestly I was hoping for a 3rd and 5th but was expecting a 4th and 6th or 7th. This is great news especially for Thompson. Great draft to have extra picks in the middle rounds.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Wonder if the Colts would trade Walden for a 5?

4thand1's picture

Calling you an asshole is an insult to assholes everywhere.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

That's just nonsense. Perry is clearly a better player with more upside than Walden.

HankScorpio's picture

Walden is an upgrade at OLB?

Did you watch him play in GB?

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Can't wait for next year when AS will be telling us how great Newhouse was for the Bengals and how he'd be an upgrade over any lineman we have.

RCPackerFan's picture

The Ravens traded Boldin for a 6th round draft pick. Texans traded Matt Schaub for a 6th round draft pick. Saints traded Sproles for a 5th round pick.

Packers essentially traded Walden for a 5th round draft pick. I would have been happy to have received a 7th rounder for Walden. Yeah, I'll take that every time.

HankScorpio's picture

The straight player for pick in the Walden case is a win for the Packers, IMO.

That win is compounded by the fact that Walden isn't chewing up all that cap space in GB.

Clay Zombo's picture

I don't know, Josh Sitton and Mike Daniels are pretty good picks in the 4th round. McMillian sucked as 4th rounder Davon House is ok. Newhouse a 5th rounder is/was serviceable. Boyd has some potential still. Datko and Coleman were 7th round stiffs if that helps any.

I wouldn't say Thompson is the best GM in the NFL because its just not true but at least hes not the worst.

PackerBacker's picture

Well, if you believe A S (Cow) ... Ahahahahahaha ... Sorry, I can't do it with a straight face.

TommyG's picture

While we are all disappointed that every draft pick ever made by TT didn't turn into an all-pro, none of us can deny that TT understands the draft-system better than most.

L's picture

Thanks to the signing of "cut" players in FA this year and the departure of some of our own UFA we should be looking at some nice comp picks next year too.

I offer an additional thank you to former Packers - EDS, J.Jones, M.Newhouse, and MD.Jennings for the compensation they may or likely will bring us next year. G.Van Roten was signed by the Seahawks, but I believe the Packers released him outright or "cut" him so we won't receive any compensation for his signing. Anyways, those other players have signed with new teams and now their contracts, playing time, plus performances will work toward generating additional picks for the Packers next year... hurrah!

Not to mention, there's still more players who can earn the Packers picks next year if they sign with new teams too, such as: J.Kuhn, J.Finley (if he's ever cleared), R.Pickett, J.Jolly (also if healthy), CJ.Wilson, M.Flynn, R.Francois, S.Wallace, and K.Bell. If the Packers don't intend on bringing them back (and most I hope they don't) then I'd like to see them find homes with new teams so that they can add to the compensatory picks that the Packers will receive next year. Although, I think the Pack may have some interest in bringing back J.Kuhn on a 1 year deal w/ no or very little money guaranteed if he can't find anything better on the market and possibly M.Flynn on a similar deal in order to raise the competition level in training camp. I think M.Flynn would be expected to push S.Tolzien if he doesn't look really good during the summer QB school and J.Kuhn to raise the level of expectations for pass blocking by the RBs.

Also, I still would like to see the Packers make a team friendly 2-year offer to TE Owen Daniels and at least bring in FS Thomas DeCoud for a look because both of these players would help either bring depth and competition to a position that needs it or present the team with a viable starting asset. Neither player would count against the teams' compensatory picks next year because they were released outright (cut) by there teams this year.

KSchwaggs's picture

Was expecting a 4th for Jennings, looking forward to what TT does with the 3rd rounder!

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