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Packers at Cowboys - First Impressions

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Packers at Cowboys - First Impressions

My immediate thoughts on the Packers – Cowboys Divisional Playoff game, the winner advances to play at Atlanta next Sunday for the NFC championship. I’m filling in again this week for Jersey Al, who cannot watch the game live. It seems a Giants fan family member of Al’s planned their Mom’s 70th Birthday party for today, obviously knowing the Giants wouldn’t be playing.


All week I’ve heard about how only one or at most two of the road teams are likely to win this weekend, and the underdogs started out 0-2…..looks like the Packers are primed to be that team.

Loved Mike Daniels using a Mike Tyson quote when asked about the game by Erin Andrews, “Everyone has plan until they get punched in the mouth”. I thought that was fitting for this game.

How does Dallas allow a 12 men on field penalty by subbing late against Aaron Rodgers and then an offside penalty that goes for a Richard Rodgers touchdown? It made me wonder if they watched any tape of the Packers.

Morgan Burnett going out early with an injury could be a huge detriment to the defense, it is good they developed a lead before he left the game.

Rodgers was so cool and calm early that he failed to snap his chinstrap, reminded me of another gunslinger who used to do that.

It would be great if the refs could call defensive holding consistently for both teams, they have seemingly struggled.

It seems that Cole Beasley is a Packers killer. No confusion as to why with all the attention going to the vaunted run game and Dez Bryant.

Joe Thomas showed up in coverage early on and made some plays along with Kentrell Brice, especially right before the half.

I thought Dallas should have run more in first half, actually thought the Packers were lucky that they threw more than I expected.

Dallas is so good at hitting the edge on runs, definitely when they have had success against Packers. I’d assume they did that against most teams.

Ugh, Rodgers misses Adams and gets intercepted on third down. Could have broken Dallas’ back with that throw, now we might be in for a different type of game.

Holding not called again, seems that these mixed referee crews cause some disparities in the playoff games.

Nick Perry seems to always step up during playoff games, he has 6.5 sacks in 7 contests.

I must have been the only one screaming “Draw!” on Dax’s 2-point conversion. Sickening because I saw it coming the whole time.

Mason Crosby is extremely clutch drilling from 56, very much expected for Dallas to come down and break Packers hearts.

It’s easy to go to the “I don’t want to go to overtime” place if you are a Packers fan and suffered the past few playoff games. Cowboys hit a long field goal to tie it up. 

He went to Jared! What an awesome catch by Cook getting his feet down to put the Packers in field goal range. I still have a horrible feeling about this kick.

Packers win it! Crosby with the Dagger! 51-yard kick. Throwing up now after the victory!

On to Atlanta……2 more for running the playoff table!

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CJ Bauckham's picture

I am convinced MM has a completely different playbook of all his favorite plays that he pulls out at the end of the year. Great win! Go Pack!

cheddarhead's picture

Do u think we won't hear from COW and Al Bundy because we didn't loose so they can say I told u so.

Wiscokid's picture

I see that you stole my avitar

Chad Lundberg's picture

A great GREAT win today! Every time we go to Jerry's World amazement happens! I was on the edge of my seat in the last quarter!

I'm really trying not to be the sneezling weasel of this group, I'm really not. But our DB's HAVE TO play better going forward!!! Had Morgan Burnett stayed healthy, that play that Brice made would have been a pick.

We need Jordy Nelson back. Our offense can't afford to stall again in another game like that. Had he been playing there would have at least been a 25 point lead. We were absolutely rocking the ball for the longest time there, but when we stalled, man it frustrating! If it were regular season, I would be saying that, but our remaining opponents are the Falcons and Patriots/Steelers. Steelers are the team that would be looking for a little payback.


But MM and DC have GOT to crack down on the D's ability to play better this week. Cowboys can run on anybody, but the Falcons can pass on anybody. We will have to score at least 40 points this week if they can't play better.

ironman3169's picture

Different playbook except for the bullshit, time out eating run plays at the end that every one knows is coming. It pisses me off because it leaves too much time on the clock for the opponent. Better to keep the foot on the gas and get a few first downs and then kneel on the ball. I am thrilled, but we lucked out on this one. This could've been Seattle all over again

mrj007's picture

What a game! I can't believe it!

chugwater's picture

Fire Capers! And then rehire him.

Defense showed up big in the first half. That this was close is on the offense.

Elated nonetheless.

pooch's picture

Pooch was wrong but is over whelmed by the victory

Finwiz's picture

Mason Crosby best kicker in Packer history! No question. The pressure it takes to do something like that, make 3 - 51, & 56 yd FG's at the end of a game - I can't even imagine the ability to deal with that kind of pressure. I'm in awe.

Spud Rapids's picture

At one point in time I saw Hawkins, Brice and Gunter on the field, 3 undrafted 2 being rookies representing our secondary... Give it to Capers his defense always has the Packers in playoff games

MarkinMadison's picture


Finwiz's picture

Capers didn't win this game, Rodgers, Cook and Mason Crosby won it, among others, but these were the primaries. They won this game DESPITE their archaic defensive coordinator. Just retire, please.

porupack's picture

Well said, and that settles any lingering idea in me to get rid of Capers. I've said plenty in past, but the last 2 games converted me.

Amanofthenorth's picture

he coaches what he has

Finwiz's picture

He coaches what he has, but unfortunately, not very well. Of course he has the injuries, he has that excuse every single year, but offenses have figured out how to attack his scheme. It's a complete anomaly when an offense does not have at least 375 yards on the Packers. I expect Atlanta to have at least 425 yards of offense, so I'm setting that as the over/under. When you have players constantly blowing coverages and making mistakes, letting players run completely wide open, you point the finger directly at the coach - CAPERS, not the players. The schematic concept is too difficult to execute at game speed. There has to be a better defensive coach out there.

fthisJack's picture

not attacking on third and long ticks me off. third and 16 and the usual 3 man rush with soft underneath coverage for an easy 1st down. when will he realize that this NEVER works! he needs to be replaced.

Colin_C's picture

Finally win one of those classic thrillers!!!

I'm just going to enjoy this win for now before sharing much. Do have to say this though. Even with the dropped INT, Brice is one heck of a football player. That hit after Randall blew cover on third down was a thing of beauty! Maybe he should be playing ILB next year?

Go Pack Go!

Gman1976's picture

This is just the beginning of Brice's all pro career. He's going to be something special.

Spock's picture

No, you weren't the only one yelling "Quarterback Draw" at the screen. So was I. I kept screaming it after the play. this is the 2nd game this year where Mason Crosby had to hit the game winner twice. I believe the other game was the Bears (?). Absolutely clutch. Jersey Al must have to pinch himself every time Crosby comes through!

MarkinMadison's picture

A Vulcan should not lose control in this manner Spock.

Three and Out's picture

Yeah man, as soon as they lined up it was a clear QB draw. Everyone I was with can vouch for that.

Nick Perry's picture

I was thinking a read option or QB draw. Had Ryan stepped up another yard he might have stopped Dak. He met him at the GL and at Prescott's size he was able to push him back.

With the success Thompson has at signing others teams cuts as free agents (Cook, Peppers, Guion) , PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sign a CB or two who are cut before the 2017 season.

Mason Crosby is a STUD. Not once, not twice but THREE times Crosby nails 50 plus yard FG's.

dobber's picture

It's about time the odds started to even out on these kinds of playoff games.

1-0 this week.

On to Atlanta!

Tundraboy's picture

We all were due. The team and us faithful Now on to Atlanta like Sherman.

Nick Perry's picture

It was 110% because of your prediction dobber. Please don't be so late putting it up next weekend, I was SO worried about it!

LayingTheLawe's picture

Just when it looked like another overtime heartbreak may be in the cards...

.... That Aaron Rodgers is a baaaaad maaaaan

.....That Mason Crosby is a BAAAAD MAAAAAN!!!


DrealynWilliams's picture

I am still in awe of those on-the-run passes to Randall Cobb and Jared Cook.

Nick Perry's picture

Mee too, as amazing as the throws were the catches were equally as impressive, maybe more so. Both of those plays were AMAZING!

Spud Rapids's picture

This game is different if Morgan Burnett doesn't get knocked out...

Since '61's picture

Great win! Aaron Rodgers cannot be stopped. Great throw and catch to Cook for the game winning FG. Rodgers actually had 2 game winning drives in the final 2 minutes. I mentioned that Rodgers legs and mobility would be a factor in the game and none more so than on the play to Cook. Regretably, Rodgers needed to play well enough to defeat the opponents defense and his own defense that can't hold first an 18 point lead and then a 3 point lead with 90 seconds to go. In any case the offense played well and Rodgers was brilliant again. I thought our defense started well but the loss of Burnett obviously hurt. Hyde played a great game. Crosby was clutch on both late FGs. OL great again. 8 in a row and counting. On to Atlanta. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

Flow49's picture

Granted you could say the Cowboys defense couldn't hold the tie with 30 sec left and a 3rd and 20 with 12 seconds.

Since '61's picture

Yes, except that the Cowboys defense was unable to hold Rodgers for the whole game. He put the Packers ahead by 18 points and then led a game winning drive not once but twice during the final 5 minutes or so. I thought our defense played well until the 4Q, while Rodgers moved the ball at will against the Dallas defense except for 2 drives near the end of the first half. One drive started at the Packer 6 thanks to Micheal. Rodgers was great on 3td down in this game. That proved to be the difference. Thanks, Since '61

croatpackfan's picture

Well I remember few 3 and outs. Some helped by zebra's (shame on them, if they are really amongst best in referee's corps in NFL)...
And I will say Packers D allowed Aaron to build that 21-3 lead, didn't they?

Since '61's picture

Croat - our offense had 2, 3 and outs. One where they started on their own 6 yard line and the officials missed defensive holding on Adams on 3rd down. Second was with one minute left in first half and Packers ran out the clock, which was important since Dallas had a ton of momentum at that point. The key drive for the Packers was coming out and going right down the field for a TD on the opening drive of the second half. That was a championship drive. Our defense played well until the 4Q. Then the usual soft coverage fold up began and allowed 15 points for Dallas to tie. Fortunately, Rodgers and Crosby were able to answer the challenge not once but twice in the final 41/2 minutes. These are my first impressions of the game. I will re-watch later this week if I have the time. I usually come away with some additional thoughts after I have a chance to re-watch, especially if I can look more closely at the defense and what the assignments were. Thanks, Since '61

jeremyjjbrown's picture

The fact that this defense can't hold a lead is a reality we are all going to have to accept. Rodgers and co will have to outscore the other guys.

Since '61's picture

Sad but true. Thanks, Since '61

Oppy's picture

As I mentioned elsewhere, the fact is the Packers took the lead 5 minutes and 54 seconds into the game, and Dallas NEVER managed to get the lead back.


Oppy's picture

What a dramatic game.

I don't understand the calls for Capers' head. Don't worry about yards. This defense, with extremely thin talent in the backfield, has done only one thing for the last 8 weeks- limited opponent scoring. Today, this depleted D still managed to keep the #1 seed in the NFC to 31 at their own house. Dallas averaged 26.8/game in the regular season. All things considered, only giving up 4.2 points to the 'boys over their 2016 average with the losses this D has taken is a job well done in my book.

Let's get Burnett healthy and go get 'em at ATL. What an amazing run the Packers are stringing together.

Go Pack.
*Edited to reflect actual scores, rather than the incorrect ones I somehow convinced myself were right

Bearmeat's picture

So... because I was sure with 1:30 left and Dallas getting the ball that we'd lose in the same painful manner, I somehow get to enjoy this less?? WHY? How many years in our recent history have we seen MM's teams blow a close game in the playoffs again?

Until Perry batted that ball, that's exactly what looked like would happen. I call it like I see it. Always have. Always will. I don't see how that means I'm being a bad fan?

Someone enlighten me, please.

DrealynWilliams's picture

You couldn't wait for Oppy to post, huh?

Bearmeat's picture

No I couldn't.

I COMPLETELY disagree with fans who call other fans out for using their eyes.

Look at what happened to Dom's D in 13,14,15 to end the year? Why would this be any different? It had ALL the hallmarks....

That kind of remark just really ticks me off.

DrealynWilliams's picture

So, let me ask you this: how would you feel if Cow came in and began to post things like, "I always knew the Pack had it in them. This team is dangerous!"

Bearmeat's picture

That's completely different. Cow has long been an insufferable Eeyore. While I have been unbelievably angry at the Packers brass and even ARod in the past, I bleed green and gold.

I'm also not a fan who is blindly optimistic. Considering recent history, it was also completely reasonable to expect another gut-wrenching L after Crosby's 56 yarder. That doesn't make me a bad fan. It makes me cognizant of history.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Lol, you're right. No debating that.

I'm just focusing on what's said from a Packer fan. I too, don't get the "one fan enjoying a win any less..." thing, BUT I do agree that it's weak for a fan to concede defeat only to turn around and celebrate victory with the rest after a "comeback".

PackerBacker's picture

If I read it right, I think all Oppy was saying was it's hard to blame Capers when he's had so many injuries in the secondary that it's a shock he holds any team to a reasonable number of points.

Bearmeat's picture

That's not what I was objecting to. After the game was over, Oppy said that "I get to enjoy this win more than Bear." Because I looked at our recent history and thought the worst.

PackerBacker's picture

Ohhhh, well that changes it a bit. Either way you all got to enjoy it way more than I did. I'm in China, so I got to read the play-by-play on the ESPN app. Not the most enjoyable way to watch the Packers game. Especially one with such a awesome ending.

carusotrap's picture

I'm not sure we can completely blame Capers for defensive problems when he's given the cast of characters he has to work with. He's got no CBs, then Burnett goes down, Clay is JAG, and the rest of them couldn't get drafted by Cleveland. They've got huge hearts though, and I think DC gets more out of them than most could.

(But, I am going to give Ted the credit he deserves for Jared Cook.)

Tundraboy's picture

You're definitely right. Noone if they are honest did not think the worst after so many tough losses. For me the fact that in every game we lose someone to injury leaves you wondering whats going to happen next. Confident but not blind to reality.

DrealynWilliams's picture


You can't be confident while you concede defeat. Did you turn the game off after the Cowboys scored?

Speaking for me only; I was frustrated/disappointed, but the Pack losing never crossed my mind. Nervous? Yes. But the thought of, "aww man, here we go again." never came. How many Hail Mary's does Rodgers have to complete for everyone to get on board? Lol

Bearmeat's picture

Well then you are a more optimistic fan than I. The history of Dom's defenses in the playoffs post 2010 has, um, been dreadful. It was entirely logical to think: "Here we go again."

To tell you the truth, I was happy we even got the ball back. Perry batting that throw probably saved the season. Dez was open 7 yards down the field and, barring a drop, that would have been either a very close FGA with no time left and OT, or a TD and lights out.

fthisJack's picture

i thought we go again when dallas completed that 3rd and 16 and then went in for the TD. Capers 3 man rush soft underneath coverage got us again.

Bearmeat's picture


Oppy's picture

First and foremost, my intent was playful teasing of fans who always paint the worst case scenario and fritter and fret and get way ahead of themselves. Of course you're allowed to enjoy the victory as much as you can allow yourself. Sometimes, though, it is hard for me to believe that some fans actually allow themselves to enjoy a victory because they spend so much time absolutely miserable with the game.

With that said, I would like to point out that the doom and gloom that was being poured on thick and heavy in the live blog by some fans (not you) actually started BEFORE HALFTIME. Playing the #1 seed, in their house, with an 8 point lead going into halftime, and they're already talking about a loss. I would also like to point out that the boo birds calling for MM and Capers' heads were full force at the end of the 3rd Q heading into the 4th. I will say you had started talking about the finality of the loss well before the 1:30 mark... more like the 6 minute mark. I would also like to add that the packers' "History" in the playoffs is a fallacy. What happened in any other year has nothing to do with what is happening right now. I know, it felt familiar. Today was a prime example of the fact that doesn't mean a thing. Today the Packers came through and won it. See? You're free of "History". You're welcome.

Again, I meant my comments (you don't get to enjoy the win as much as we do) to highlight the fact that freaking out before things transpire is a waste of time, worry and stress. That energy could be used enjoying the game. I'm sorry you took my comments so harshly. I thought my little ;) and :) were enough to let you know I was poking fun, not cursing your children.

Bearmeat's picture

Fair enough.

Thanks for clarifying.

I guess 13,14,15 still hang with me. Another Super Bowl will fix it. :)

Oppy's picture

Out of curiousity.. If I told you in let's say, week 15, 16.. Hell, last week..

That the Packers were going to make the playoffs and draw the #1 seed Dallas Cowboys for the divisional round, go to Jerry world and end up winning the game 34-31 in regulation with a last second 51 yard Crosby FG kick to move on to the NFC Championship game... What would your reaction have been?

Bearmeat's picture

Hmmm.... I would have thought it possible, but unlikely. Possible because I've never bought Dallas' D as anything more than a beneficiary of their dominant TOP on O. Unlikely because of defensive health. Capers D is currently held together with popsicle sticks and super glue.

Oppy's picture

To put it in another light, Bearmeat, The Dallas Cowboys led the Packers for the first 5 minutes, 54 seconds of the first quarter, after which the Packers took the lead. Dallas never regained a lead in today's game.

Yes, Capers' D is held together with popsicle sticks and super glue, yet they keep on doing enough to win against quality opponents. Today was a strong performance, despite how it may have felt- they beat a good team. Was it pretty? No. But they fought, battled, and won against the best team in the NFC, despite all the injury and depleted depth. It was not as bad as it felt when you look at results. Go Pack.

Bearmeat's picture

Agreed. 8 more quarters!!!

DrealynWilliams's picture

Not only was it a good team (and a Playoff game on the road), but didn't just about everyone expect a shootout? And then when we get it...

Fire Capers!

dobber's picture

People forget that another team is out there trying to execute and impose their will on the Packers. Maybe people play too much Madden. In this case, game flow is what is getting people. I don't think you need to go back as far as week 15 or 16...just go back to Monday or Tuesday, say the Packers win 34-31 on a FG as time expires. Most of us would be pretty darn content with that.

GVPacker's picture

Bearmeat you forgot Capers use's Rubber Bands as well!

porupack's picture

I wasn't calling for heads, but pretty harsh in past. As I said above, I have renewed respect for Capers after the many losses of personnel and found ways to make enough stops.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Perhaps I should read the twitter blog thing before weighing in on this. Bearmeat, the pessimist can feel exaltation when his team wins on the last play of a game just as much as the optimist feels that sinking feeling when his or her team loses. You know, that thrill of victory and the agony of defeat thing is going on in both cases. I grant that excessive pessimism might be a defense mechanism, but excessive optimism in its way is also a defense mechanism in that it diminishes the disappointment of any particular season since the next season obviously will be the one where the team wins the SB, thus mitigating the pain of defeat.

I'm not sure how a person can feel nervous if losing never crossed one's mind. We've got a Controller Mond or two on the website who've decided to be the arbiters of which emotions can be expressed and in what measure. They've decided that all player and coach evaluations must be done through the prism of optimism divorced from reality, and done during a soma holiday. They've set themselves up in their own mind as the arbiters of whether one is a fan.

One thing you don't have is a case of the blahs, Bearmeat.

DrealynWilliams's picture

"I'm not sure how a person can feel nervous if losing never crossed one's mind."

Uhh, the thrill of witnessing live last second heroics - that's how. It was an unease situation that could have went so many different ways. I wanted the win so bad that the anxiety turned into nervousness once the time began to get shorter and shorter. But hey, maybe if the Cowboys had just allowed Rodgers to convert 1st downs without any defense then I would have been just fine. Don't you sit up there and act like just because someone is confident in their team winning a game that they should feel numb. Quit it.

"We've got a Controller Mond or two on the website who've decided to be the arbiters of which emotions can be expressed and in what measure."

Is that how you really feel (especially after reading Oppy's explanation on the initial comment made)? Answer that before I continue.

Oppy's picture

Let me clarify my stance on all things football:

1) All that really matters is the end result expressed in terms of score. It's fun to talk about style and grace, how so n so is paid too much or little, what team or player is good or bad, and how we think next week's match up falls, but ultimately, the only thing that really matters is that your team has more points than your team has allowed when time runs out. Example: I guarantee if the Packers scored the same amount of points (34), and the Cowboys scored the same amount of points (31), but instead of those points being clustered in small windows of time at different points in the game, they were equally spread out across the entire game (for both teams), the attitude of many fans about the defense is less angry and full of fire, even though the end result is the exact same.

2) There is little practical use in being so convinced of an outcome that hasn't come to fruition yet, especially in a game like football where one play, one penalty, any of a myriad of details can change everything just like that, that you become angry, outraged, sick to your stomach, stressed out, and calling for people to be fired. Yes, it happens to us all. Yes, it is ridiculous. I understand feeling uneasy about an opponent seemingly driving the ball at will down the field. However, all it takes is one pick, one fumble, one missed 3rd down attempt, and suddenly, it's not the end of the world. I'm pretty sure we all know the Packers defensive backfield is beat up and completely thin this season..We know what we have by now, don't we?

This wasn't about blind optimism, pretending our corners are lockdown caliber, or telling others they have no reason to worry.. it was about there being no reason in abject pessimism.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Sorry for the delay. I wanted to find an old post (after looking a bit and not finding it, I decided it wasn't worth my time as I remember it clearly enough) and to read the blog closely and cut and paste parts of it. I chose to read articles about the game and comment about those articles, since I enjoy doing that, rather than deal with this stuff.

Oppy: Regardless of your intent, I suspect that your comments did diminish Bearmeat's ability to just enjoy the win, so most likely you did get to enjoy the win more than he did. I gather from your clarification that congratulations at least are not in order. "Of course you're allowed to enjoy the victory as much as you can allow yourself." The "as you can allow yourself" aren't the most gracious words ever written, but whatever. Perhaps Bearmeat gets down sometimes but I'd guess he can enjoy a victory immensely.

"I'm sorry you took my comments so harshly. I thought my little ;) and :) were enough to let you know I was poking fun, not cursing your children." Since Bearmeat accepted this, I see no reason to characterize it.

Comment From Oppy [Cook just caught sideline pass GB in FG range]
I hate to be that guy, but if you gauranteed a Packers loss in the last ten minutes, and the packers win this... You don't have the right to enjoy this win as much as those of us who didn't. :)
Comment From Drealyn
Tell .em again @Oppy!
Comment From Bearmeat
Come on Mason. Come on Mason. Come on Mason.

Comment From Oppy
If we win this.. CHTV needs to set up an atonement page

Comment From Oppy
Bearfan, I forgive you. But i get to enjoy this win more than you ;) ;)
Comment From Bearmeat

Comment From Oppy
I'm literally LOL bear
Comment From Oppy
Where is Jason Perone?
Comment From Oppy
I'm trying to figure out who we're going to get to call the offense and defense next week in ATL, since 40% of Packers nation decided to send Capers and MM packing in the last 8 minutes

It is difficult sometimes to detect tone and intent from the written word on the internet. After Oppy wrote that he forgives bear (sic), but he gets to enjoy the win more than [bear], and receiving a replay in all caps NO YOU DON'T, he might have realized that he'd ruffled some feathers, but he is busy looking for Jason Perone. No idea what Oppy would have written had Jason responded. I gather Oppy did not like these:

Jason Perone
Awful by GB. Only chance of winning is to score into the high 30's. Punts now are unacceptable. D can't stop. Need a turnover or fluke
Comment From Bearmeat
We need a stop. Holy crap this is getting to panic time.
Jason Perone
Easy as 1, 2, 3. Packers are melting down by the snap
Jason Perone
And there's the feed me. It. Is. Over. Damn
Comment From Oppy
Please save your panic for when the points are posted on the scoreboard and we see the point differential the offense is working with when 12 takes the field next. Please?
Jason Perone
Cowboys Falcons next week. I don't know what this Packers team needs to win but they need a lot of it. Glad it's not my job to fix
Comment From Oppy
I clearly can't speak for any of you... but this is exactly why I watch football. #GOpackGO
Comment From Bearmeat
I agree Oppy. But DAMNIT this sucks.

As for Drealyn, there is some background and context to explain. Drealyn recently wrote that he/she had stopped posting for a time because Cheeseheadtv had gotten too negative, or in other words, insufficiently positive. I looked for one of my post done earlier this season; I apparently evaluated a coach or player too harshly in Drealyn's opinion, who responded with no analysis, just a single line: are you even a fan of the packers? No one likes to have their fandom questioned. I didn't respond then, in part due to the lack of any analysis to dispute, in part because it struck a nerve since looking on the dark side of things is one of the last things my wife (RIP), warned me not to do with our children, and in part because I have a moderately thick skin due to my business, so whatever. Here are Drealyn's comments on the blog:

Jason Perone: I believe the last 2 times the Packers have played a postseason game in Dallas, they had a 4th quarter lead and got smoked both times
Comment From Brosyn: And here is the Caper's D in full bloom!
Comment From Lebowski: It's official. Randall is Ahmad Carroll 2.0
Aaron Nagler: 3rd and long. Kryptonite for the Packers defense.
Comment Drealyn: Ahhh. This is the commentary I'm used to.
Comment From Oppy: I hate to be that guy, but if you gauranteed a Packers loss in the last ten minutes, and the packers win this... You don't have the right to enjoy this win as much as those of us who didn't. :)
Comment From Drealyn: Tell .em again @Oppy!

Now, Drealyn might have replied to Jason that those were different GB teams, not this one. Drealyn might have defended Capers' scheme. Drealyn might have suggested that Randall still has potential and upside, might be playing hurt, noted Randall's positive play in his rookie year, and thus is not comparable to Ahmad Carroll. I am sure some response to Mr. Nagler's kryptonite comparison is possible. Instead, Drealyn ignored the substance of the comment and attacked the authors of them.

I find this off-putting. I've got a couple of choice words (no, not swear word - extremely descriptive ones) stored up, but I don't approve of simple insults. Given that, I've decided to take a break at the least from Cheeseheadtv. I regret it comes right when we are in the NFC Championship games. Congratulations, Drealyn, you've driven one non-fan from the website. Keep up the good work.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Woaaaah. Woaaaah. Woaaaah. Woaaaah. This should be fun.

So, I'm a cyberbully now? Damn, that's funny.

But nevermind that. Let me get to the false statements you made about me.

I never stopped posting here and I never said the reason I stopped posting as much as I used to. That's one.

As far as that one-liner, where is it? You went back and took your time digging up the live chat feed. I doubt I attacked you and didn't have a healthy convo because you're one that I consider cool here. Everyone I debate players with here I use stats/video/or I refer to game situations (time, quarter, and down/distance).

But look what I found in a quick search:

DrealynWilliams says:
October 23, 2016 at 02:58 pm(edit)

"I think I root for all the players brought in by TT to play well."

Do you really?

Like Dislike 1 points (1 like | 0 dislike)
Were you referring to that sarcasm? We were talking about Adams and I was defending Adams when SOOOO MANY posters here wanted him cut/traded/benched. Now, that's 2.

As far as the chat text:

Comment Drealyn: Ahhh. This is the commentary I'm used to.
(that was sent when the Pack gave up the big lead and just about everyone was doom and gloom. That's 3.)

EDIT: I have no control of when an admin approves my comment(s). Sometimes the admin(s) make frequent (trusted) admins themselves and sometimes not.

"Now, Drealyn might have replied to Jason that those were different GB teams, not this one. Drealyn might have defended Capers' scheme. Drealyn might have suggested that Randall still has potential and upside, might be playing hurt, noted Randall's positive play in his rookie year, and thus is not comparable to Ahmad Carroll. I am sure some response to Mr. Nagler's kryptonite comparison is possible. Instead, Drealyn ignored the substance of the comment and attacked the authors of them."

WTF are you talking about? Didn't Bear also comment there? That's why I said what I said and there was no malice behind me saying it either. Bear is also someone I think is (or thought was, I don't know how he feels NOW) cool. Bear said what he said, Oppy said what he said and then I followed. This also adds up because once the "First Impressions" article was posted, Bear immediately posted about the comment Oppy made in the live chat and my first post there was a reply to Bear, "you couldn't wait, huh?" Are my rebuttals making sense? That's 4.

In conclusion, I no longer give a damn how you feel, you liar. Don't ever try to draw me out as some type of cyber bully. You're only the 2nd or 3rd person I've ever bumped heads with on here out of the many frequent posters here. How are you more upset than Bear when you had NOTHING to do with any of this?!

Farts_After_Wins's picture


LayingTheLawe's picture

doesn't even go for the spray - just enjoys it.

lebowski's picture

that was the perfect thing to see after the soap opera above, thanks.

Point Packer's picture

Cow = major loser. Go home and drink a bottle of rat poison. Just call it. Make the world a better place.

Rossonero's picture

He's just a Bears fan trolling on here for attention. I was laughing my ass off at your comment though.

Jersey Al's picture

dude, cut out the F-bombs or you will get banned.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Ohhhhh, there's so much to discuss =)

I'll skip around from comment to comment first.

Bearmeat's picture

I was convinced we'd choke in the same way we have in 13,14, and 15. Terrible Defensive play in the 4th quarter. But PERRY!

Nice to finally win a close playoff game!

Duke Divine's picture

"Cook has a huge game in a packer win." Own horn tooted. That was a fun game. So many opportunities to end the cowboys chances. Rodgers was pissed at the 2nd and 8 under 2minutes conservative play call to take the ball out of the best player in the NFL hands and run a stretch play behind a rookie that just entered the game. Not Mashed Potato Mike's finest moment and Arodge was fuming but Crosby bailed that choice out and McCarthy was lights out 99% of the game. I was fuming when capaers dropped Peppers into zone coverage. One of the best pass rushers in the history of the game on a crucial 3rd and 14 in the redzone late in the game. Not Capers best moment. Peppers needs to be rushing the passer there not awkwardly dropping back and not feeling Witten in his zone. Overall Dom had a great game going and its not his fault nobody could get home past that oline when he sent blitzers. Overall the defense did enough early espeically with Burnett out and In the end with time on the clock and the ball in Rodgers hands is a wonderful thing !

stockholder's picture

The packers Love their Coach! Pay Cook! Brice can hit. A-Rod is the MVP! Crosby game Ball! Packers, America's Team! Hyde has his moments. The streak continues.

Finwiz's picture

@Stockholder - that's a great summation of the games stars. Agree completely.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

thanks for the really interesting article, Oppy. The biggest point I took from it is that Adams got open a lot. He had less than a yard separation on 23 of his 121 targets; that is a low 19% rate - some of these other notable WRs would be around 30%. Someone had 50 such targets (Julio Jones, IIRC).

While I think Adams' % is clearly a good thing, I am not sure how much to credit Adams and how much to credit the precision of AR. I'd love to know how many of James Jones' targets last season involved him having less than a yard of separation. Same for Adams, so I can track his progression in this regard.

porupack's picture

To hear the stunned silence after the announcers were going on about the rocking 100k+ frenzied fans in the 4th quarter. Can't have a more enjoyable win than to break Cowboys hearts yet again, in the last seconds.

Handsback's picture

A major coaching achievement. Green Bay has lost their #1 WR,CB,FS,RB, and yet Capers and MM manage to beat the #1 seed in the Conference on their home turf.
Guys and Girls, it was one He-- of an effort.
I hate to say this, but even if they lose at Atlanta....they are making one great run in the playoffs.
Congrats to the coaching staff!

Tundraboy's picture


LayingTheLawe's picture

#1 and 2 rb, #1 and 2 corner. #1 wr safety
Awesome job

Turophile's picture

The least healthy team beats the healthiest and hottest favourite in their house, in a game for the ages.

What's not to like about that !

Rossonero's picture

That game was legendary.

Cook is the beast we've been waiting for since Finely went down in 2013. What a throw and catch.

I can't say enough about this team's character and resilience. Stats can't measure that.

I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy this. We just knocked out the #1 seed and are heading to the NFC championship game!

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

So much fun today. Loved watching from my own couch. The CPR was helpful. Just glad I got that home defibrillator for Christmas. Don't want this to end.

LayingTheLawe's picture

Good one :)

RCPackerFan's picture

Hell of a game!!!

I lost my voice, but the end result is worth it!

That Rodgers to Cook play... wow!!!

How clutch his Crosby? He hits 3-50+ yard FGs when they needed them the most. First a 56 yard WR, then 2 game winning 51 yard FGs.

Truly a great game.

dobber's picture

Just after Cook had that drop on the opposite sideline two plays before. Redemption? I think so...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

That wasn't a drop, was it? I thought the defender had an arm in between Cooks hands. Maybe I am thinking of a different play - the one I remember was on a roll out to the right with Cook at the sidelines on the right side.

RCPackerFan's picture

That play, the defender had his arms in by Cook which I think affected him, but at the same time Cook had 2 hands on the ball. IMO, he should have caught it.

I actually thought he should have caught the pass on the first play of that drive too. The one that was thrown behind him.

That being said, like Dobber said, he had some redemption for it. Out of those 3 passes intended for him, I'm glad he caught the one he did. And that was by far the toughest one to catch. Great, great play!

baldski's picture

Atlanta only beat us by one point in the previous game. Hopefully this will be different.

PackerBacker's picture

Especially if Julio's toe holds him out. We'll see.

Norm's picture

Anybody got Jeff Gillooly's phone number?

Norm's picture

It doesn't matter Cow, we have too much of a talent disparity with Atlanta to even have a chance.

zeke's picture

Best that can be hoped for is not to get blown out. Rodgers will likely fill the stat sheet again, but other than the yards, touchdowns, and wins, what does he really give you that Hundley couldn't? More and better, even?

Norm's picture

Lol, yeah Rodgers really is a stat whore for the W's.

dobber's picture

Cow doesn't look at stats, remember?

4thand1's picture

C'mon pieface, start telling us GB has no chance so they can advance to the SB. You got balls to show up, still suck.

zeke's picture

Weren't you the one that said Montgomery would never play again (two words: micro fracture), that Bulaga's knee injury was season/career ending, etc.? How is it that you don't know?

fthisJack's picture

and Perry needed to be cut cause he is always hurt and is a bust.

croatpackfan's picture

Nobody knows, I think even Dr. Patrick McKenzie can not tell you prognosis today...
They will know more at middle of the week.

JacFrost's picture

On to atlanta. I thnk we can maie a stand there. Good team so was dallas. Even thught i thought if d won atlanta would eat there lunch.
Best luck pack, lets get healthy

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Alan, is that you?

DrealynWilliams's picture

You're wrong for that. So am I for laughing.

Free agent's picture

Just DVR'd that shit show Undesirables for tomorrow. Can't wait to hear how lousy Rodgers played today. Cheer up Skip, Cowboys made the #1 seed in NFC.
ONE & DONE. How does it feel? You Fool.

Gman1976's picture

What a game! I was really upset when McCarthy called an obvious run play that was going to get blown up on our second to the last possession. I was hoping we would ride Rodgers for a game ending winning drive, but had to settle for a 56 yard field goal. Our team battled to the very bitter end & won! is so good to win such a nail biter.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Yup. He played the clock rather than the defensive formation. Does that most games. Still, 34 points without our #1 WR, #1 and #2 RB. I only disliked two other calls, one of which, um, worked well since Monty strolled in for a TD on it.

GVPacker's picture

Micha Hyde played the best game of his Packer Career!

Rossonero's picture

He deserves a new contract. He's played like a veteran ever since he was a rookie. He's versatile too-- he can play safety, CB and return punts and kicks. Good tackler, maybe not a speedster, but I want him back.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Las Vegas has come out with the same line for next week. Atlanta -4. That's another Tough Line for GB. I'm getting too old for this. We'll watch it during the week.

Denise Chanterelle's picture

What a thriller! Watched the entire game on TV for the first time this season. Go Pack!!! Aloha.

Donster's picture

Just want to say thanks to all the Packers players and coaching staff for such a great win at Dallas. Beating the Cowdungs, especially at Jerry's World, is the next best thing to winning the Super Bowl. Lets do it again against Atlanta!

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