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Packers Announce Regular Season Roster

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Packers Announce Regular Season Roster

Barring any trades or waiver wire pickups, here's what the roster looks like...

  • QB: Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn
  • RB: Ryan Grant, Brandon Jackson
  • FB: Korey Hall, John Kuhn, Quinn Johnson
  • WR: Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, Brett Swain
  • TE: Jermichael Finley, Donald Lee, Andrew Quarless, Tom Crabtree
  • OL: Chad Clifton, Mark Tauscher, Daryn Colledge, Josh Sitton, Scott Wells, Bryan Bulaga, T.J. Lang, Jason Spitz, Nick McDonald, Marshall Newhouse
  • DL: Cullen Jenkins, B.J. Raji, Ryan Pickett, Mike Neal, Justin Harrell, C.J. Wilson
  • ILB: Nick Barnett, A.J. Hawk, Brandon Chillar, Desmond Bishop
  • OLB: Clay Matthews, Brad Jones, Brady Poppinga, Frank Zombo
  • CB: Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams, Brandon Underwood, Jarrett Bush, Sam Shields, Pat Lee
  • S: Nick Collins, Morgan Burnett, Derrick Martin, Charlie Peprah
  • ST: Mason Crosby, Brett Goode, Tim Masthay

Will Blackmon and Allen Barbre are on Injured Reserve but will be released once their injury settlements are finalized.

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packsmack25's picture

Two names we'll just have to deal with, because the coaches see things in practice that keep them on the team: Bush and Poppinga.

Oppy's picture


I just read somewhere that Anthony Smith has landed a starting safety job for the Jaguars this season. Just thought out of fairness you should be alerted. :)

packsmack25's picture

Yeah I knew that was coming, and still would rather him be a part of the team than Peprah, but oh well. I'm still happy with the team and believe they're a title contender. I honestly can't complain about any of the cuts this year. The better guys made the team in pretty much every instance.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Peperah over Blackmon not much of a surprise - Blackmon never could stay healthy.

A bit of a surprise about McDonald over either Dietrich-Smith and/or Havner. But, again, not too much. Bedard has been high on McDonald since camp broke. And Havner - a few big performances last year, but when he was looked at at LB earlier this pre-season, he could not cut the D. He had to be better there to stick. Nothing to do with the off-season thing.

Nypacker's picture

I'm shocked about McDonald over "the hyphen" too. I thought Dietrich-Smith was decent enough to warrant a roster spot. Still, I believe we have enough depth on the O-line with Spitz, Newhouse and Lang on backup duty. I believe Bulaga will get some snaps sooner than later, be it LT or LG.

Oppy's picture

I was shocked the EDS didn't make it, as well.

That was my boy; I beat the EDS drum quite a bit. I thought the Packers were high enough on EDS @ Center (as well as lang/bulaga etc at the G positions) that they were going to feel comfortable dealing Spitz who had the greatest trade value, either to pull in picks or perhaps a return specialist, LB, or CB.

Oppy's picture

While I am surprised the Packers actually did cut Blackmon, I think although it is a tough cut, I would have done it myself. Guy has missed more games in his career due to injury than he has played in. But when healthy, he is a game changing return man.

Let's be honest, though- It wasn't "Peprah over Blackmon". Blackmon wasn't -really- regarded as a safety, he was the return specialist that the Packers called a safety/cb to make them feel justified in keeping him on the roster. Blackmon's cut did help clear a roster spot for Peprah, though.. I just don't think for a second it was an either-or situation.

PresidentRaygun's picture

McDonald and Zombo don't have to make that long drive back to Michigan, good on them.


Mr. Bacon's picture

Two good friends get to play on a roster predicted by pundits to play in the superbowl. Fun.

GBKoolAid's picture

Too bad Hornung's number is retired..I could really see Zombo #5. I'd buy that jersey!

Nononsense's picture

Stefan Logan was released by Pittsburgh, I would love to see him added as our return specialist.

Jayme's picture

I was thinking the same thing. He was 3rd in return yards last year. I had actually drafted him in two different fantasy leagues that gave return yards to individual players (and gave them way too much value, IMO), so I was a bit disappointed to see him cut from the Steelers. I would be glad to see him returning kicks for the Pack.

I doubt we'll see him in Green and Gold though, and there are probably good reasons why.

ZeroTolerance's picture


We're thin at S, CB, and OLB. And no explosive returner. The O is very good. Look for a lot of stats this season!

PackersThad's picture

Wow! WOW! WOW! I can't believe we cut Havner! That was a surprise! Is Swain really a better player on Offense and Special teams than Havner is on Offense, Defense AND Special Teams. I also didn't think McDonald was better than EDS!

PackerBacker's picture

I was more surprised that they kept 3 fullbacks again over Havner.

Nypacker's picture

Kuhn will probably be listed as the 3rd HB. But technically, yeah, 3 FBs again.

Nypacker's picture

In terms of a reciever, I think the coaches believe Swain is a better pass catcher. I don't know how well Havner is as a blocker, so that's probably why they didn't want him taking up TE space. Instead they opted to go with Crabtree, who coincidentally is a better blocker.

hawktj's picture

I think I'm more surprised they still have Justin Harrell on the team. Just because he was a high first-rounder? He hasn't stayed healthy his entire career, and doesn't play like a high-first rounder should. Is Ted T. embarassed to cut him after drafting him?
Havner got lost in the numbers crunch I think. We are loaded at TE with Finley exploding on the scene and Lee. Maybe special teams coverage, and average LB.
I like Swain, but concerned about his health after the K.C. game. I think he hurt his leg/ankle-something late in that game. Looks explosive if healthy (maybe return guy?)

Rich Beckman's picture

Ten rookies. Youngest team in the NFL again?

PackerAaron's picture

They'll be in the running no doubt.

Nypacker's picture

Formula for success? :)

FITZCORE1252's picture

Sure seems like we're a little light at LB. Only 8 on the roster for a 3-4? That's why I thought Havner would be kept around, kind of an insurance policy.


lars's picture

Bush and Poppinga's roster validity are questioned? What about the zombie AJ Hawk, Harrell and Pat Lee? Bush and Poppinga at least make plays once in awhile and play hard. Can't say that about TT's high picks who make the team just for breathing.

And, how is the interior pass defense going to improve with the same guys (Barnett, Hawk, Bishop) in the lineup who were shredded by Warner and Favre?

andrew harman's picture

you sure.. do not know much about anything.. pat lee.. hes young.. how can u say how good he is? do you watch practices? maybe he has a potential to be a solid player you dont know... hawk makes more tackles every season than almost everyone else on the team.. i dunno how that makes him a zombie?.. and the reason why favre picks apart our pass defense is because we fail to apply continuous pressure on him in the pocket bishop never really plays so i dunno why he is relevant.. and barnett is decent in pass coverage
as for harrell he has always been hurt.. again u dont know of his talent level u never see him play

Bogmon's picture

I think Spitz gets traded to strengthen another weaker position set.
Maybe we can get a return specialist for a multi-tasking O-lineman?

I REALLY hope that Peprah or Martin make and impact on Defense this season.

Had high hopes for Will Blackmon...maybe I was too high?

PackerAaron's picture

I doubt it. The team received a number of inquires on Spitz and turned them all down. Now, could someone get desperate and try to overpay? Sure. But I doubt that happens.

ZeroTolerance's picture

And, without D-S, who else could back up Wells at C besides Spitz?

Bogmon's picture

If TJ Hous-ya-mama can make 7 million a year for being a mid-level receiver, then I think we got a shot at sniffin' out some O-line desperation!!

Nypacker's picture


DaveK's picture

Steve Octavien - waiver wire pick-up from the Cowboys. Good ST's and played behind four pretty darn good 3-4 OLB's in Dallas. Probably better then Zombo.

packsmack25's picture

If he was cut by any team other than the Lions, I'd say Dre Bly is worth kicking the tires on. But if he can't make the Lions, he must be awful.

I know many on Twitter have mentioned possible waiver pickups as being the new return man, but there are few options. Brandon James is an option, but we saw what he did first-hand to lose his roster spot in Indy. Quentin Demps could have added value since he was in camp with the week 1 opponent.

I'm kinda depressed Ruvell was cut by the Hawks. I always liked the guy and hoped he'd succeed elsewhere.

Oppy's picture

The biggest shocker about the roster IMO is that CJ Wilson made the final 53.


I'm not angered by the decision, but lord knows I just do NOT understand it. To my untrained eyes, he really did nothing to show that he even has the untapped talent to deserve a spot. I don't recall him even flashing anything- especially when the guy supposedly had a chip on his shoulder coming into camp to prove to the other teams they blew it letting him slide into the 7th round. Hope I'm wrong and he develops, but I would have thought he was a prime candidate for P.S., as a late rounder who didn't perform well in pre-season.

Anyone have thoughts on this? Did I miss something about Wilson's play that everyone else is privy to? Please, help me understand!

lebowski's picture

I agree, he seems like a guy that would have made it to the practice squad easily. Did not show enough for another team to sign him to their active roster.

GBKoolAid's picture

After Allen Barbre undoubtedly signs with another team soon, and earns a starting nod, CJ could easily get double digit sacks in one game in that matchup. NOW does everyone see Ted the PuppetMaster setting things up? Give the guy a little credit!

Jack's picture

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble accessing the Packers website. All I keep getting is a page of ads.

Oppy's picture

Oh, BTW, this is just scary on multiple levels:

Packers Unanimously Picked to go to the SuperBowl, Courtesy of

Wiscokid's picture

Does that mean that we don't have to play the season? Do they just mail us the trophy or what? :)

PackRat's picture

Love keeping Crabtree, Quinn and Campbell. It shows the Packers are watching out for the power aspect of their offense in to help in the red zone and in the cold.

The two players who did nothing to make the team are Lee and Harrel. They've been around long enough and shown so little--to have given up two quality OL is sad.

Can't wait to see Mathews and Zombo blow up the pocket on third down. Just wait.

REALLY wanted to see Lumpkin get a chance.

Oppy's picture

Seeing these comments about Harrell popping up all over the place.

With all due respect, I feel like there are a bunch of fans who didn't even know Harrell was playing until someone mentioned he had a bad play.

What I mean by that is, Harrell's play this training camp and pre-season had so many positives, I find it hard to believe anyone could say he's "Shown so little" and "Did nothing to make the team".

Harrell had one poor showing this pre-season, that being vs. SEA..and Joe Philbin went on the record as saying that Harrell hadn't slept at all for 24 hrs before the game (Justin's wife had just gone through emergency c-section giving birth to their first child), and Justin was not even expected to play but he insisted on it. Outside of that, Harrell consistently showed good push on his bull rush, the ability to get off blocks, take on double teams, and get to the sidelines. He did this coming off serious back injuries (he;d been told by more than one specialist he might not be able to ever play again), and after not really playing any football or getting through a full Off season program since being drafted.

Harrell without question earned a spot on the roster this year with his play in practice and on the field in pre season.

ZeroTolerance's picture


PackRat's picture

How about kicking the tires on Jay Alford, Tim Knicky, Cletis Gordon, Jacque Reeves and Justin Hartwig?

About Harrell...his "decent" exhibition game performances have come against second and third stringers. BUT....I hope you're right. Jolly's performance/pass knockdowns and running down the backside of screens will be missed.

GBKoolAid's picture

All of Justin Harrell's potential is totally untapped.

How tough is it really for a big strong guy to stuff the run? Or at least hold up at a respectable level? He was considered a decent second round prospect coming out of Tennessee as a run stuffer. It's not his fault he was chosen so early and thus been such a "disappointment".

MarkinMadison's picture

CJ Wilson making the roster is simply a matter of numbers. They need 6 DL on the roster, especially since Harrell will likely be one 1 of 5 game day actives. They have to be really nervous about Harrell holding up for a season. So it came down to Wilson and Wynn. They've seen Wynn for two years now. They know what his upside is, and they know he does not have the size for a 3-4 DL, or otherwise have the ability to eat up blockers. Wilson may get better, and he has more mass. Looks like Tarzan, hopefully he can play like Tarzan by mid-season.

If I was I'd be combing the waiver wire looking for a return man, a nickel back, an OLB and a DL, in that order.

They Packers need: no injuries among the DL, no injuries among the DBs until Harris gets back, and for the first half of the schedule to be as soft as it looks. Superbowl locks? I don't think so. A lot of work to be done, and a lot of luck needed. This is a team built for 2011, assuming Harris and Woodson are ageless.

WoodyG's picture

Everything you have mentioned is D ...... Fans have a tendency to focus on only certain aspects of the game .... Truth is, with GB's offense the D only has to be "adequate" ...... I have no problem with winning 38-24 as opposed to 20-13 ....... In fact, the more points, the better as long as GB is on the + side.

Dayne's picture

EDS will be back when Spitz's back gives out.

WoodyG's picture

He's already been claimed by the SeaHawks.

Ron LC's picture

The Dline Issue:

Two of the three starters have been pampered throughout the pre-season. I hope this is a "Woodson" like move. If they are really fighting injury already, I worry about run defense. Two rookies and a guy who has never played a complete season since he was drafted #1. The one thing game four of the preseason showed was the drop off in run defense with the backups.

PackerT's picture

Im curious why Joe Philbin was commenting on a defensive player?....maybe he was referring to Graham Harrell?

PackerAaron's picture

Graham Harrell does not have a wife who gave birth to their first child...or indeed a wife. Coaches talk to reporters about guys all the time, whether they are in their group or no.

PackerT's picture

Francois, G. Harrell, Levine, West, and Giacomini signed to practice squad. Torbio signs with Chiefs, Obiozor signs with Arizona, Lumpkin signs with Tampa Bay, Havner signs with Lions and Dietrich-Smith signs with Seattle.

GBKoolAid's picture

That's what happens with good teams. The guys who can't find a spot on a strong roster find a spot on a weaker one. And sometimes hindsight shows us that mistakes get made. Remember Gerry Ellis? The Rams' trash was our treasure. That guy was good!

DAWG's picture

Kind of liked Lumpkin, Havner and D smith.
Oh well. On the D, does Capers like what he's got? Love to hear his thoughts! Course it's all good? He's got a lot riding on his shoulders this season, Slowcum too! I don't see anyone running away in the league this season, and we do have a shot-depending on injuries!
I like TT and MM, but whats the cost of running a FA in GB. for a look see like Wolf did? I understand the learning curve-but what gives?

DAWG's picture

Logan from Patriots worth a look?

DAWG's picture

IE- Trade for Favre-FA Sean Jones-Grave digger Gilbert Brown-Andrea Rison-Kieth Jackson-Eugene Robinson-Reggie White-SB MVP Howard.
THATS how you build a SB team! Wolf had a vision! Wow what a team!

Oppy's picture

I, for one, don't understand the infatuation with free agency. It is just another means for acquiring available talent.

I don't care -how- the Packers assemble a talented roster, so long as they get it done. I believe TT when he says his personnel staff constantly assess and evaluate all available talent.

That said, I think there are two things working against free agents, especially so-called "Big name" players:

1) there is always an unknown element, whether it be health issues, temperment, etc.. There is almost always a reason they were allowed to test FA waters instead of being locked up and retained by their previous team.

2) Those guys who actually ARE the real deal, but chose not to stay with their previous team, are most likely looking for either a) the biggest payday (Which usually means a team over-pays for their services), or b) they want to be where they want to be, and if Green Bay isn't attractive to them for whatever reason (Geographic location, coaching, dislike for uniform- and I'm only partially kidding), no amount of wooing or money will make it happen.

Charles Woodson only landed in Green Bay because nobody.. NOBODY else wanted him. Once he got here, he mellowed out and left his partying ways behind, and gained a true appreciation for the focus on football that GB provides, but at the time, he was seriously contemplating not playing rather than signing on with Green bay.

Oppy's picture

OH, just thought I'd throw in that you can expect some free agents starting to consider coming to Green Bay for more reasonable contracts if the Packers make a strong post season push this year. Nothing brings in talent like a team getting a whiff of a superbowl ring.

MLecl0001's picture

I dont get the people who get so worked up one way or another about the team. Especially dogging on Capers and the defense, considering what he did in just 1 year. You gotta be kidding me.

As for all the people who are talking about the super bowl, both positively and negatively, I just dont get it. The Packers are a solid team, are they the most talented on paper, maybe-maybe not. But the simple fact of the matter is the most talented team does not win. The best team does not always win.

Just watching last season I still dont think the Saints were the best team in the NFC. They were a solid team, but I dont think the best, and they won the Super Bowl. Or the year the Pats went 16-0 and every one, I mean every one was already crowning them Super Bowl Champs before the play offs started.

It takes a lot more than talent to win a super bowl, it also takes a lot of luck. Injuries, getting hot at the end of the year, a couple lucky bounces here and there. The goal is just get into the play offs, a higher seed is nice but just get there. After that anything is possible, just look at the cardinals.

There is a reason why the saying "on any given Sunday" is a cliche, its because its true. So I am not worried about the D, definitely not worried about the O. I am just gonna kick back and enjoy, because I get the feeling this year is gonna be one hell of a ride.

PackerAaron's picture

You really think the post is "dogging" Capers? Wow.

MLecl0001's picture

No not your post. My statements were directed at certain fans. Like those that are dogging on capers, or talking super bowl positively or negatively, etc. Some of which are in the comments here, I just didnt reply to them specifically.

On another note, just ran into this site not too long ago and love it. Wish I had known about it sooner, also the mobile site rules.

PackerAaron's picture

Thanks very much.

Oppy's picture

Packers announced they have signed former KSU RB James Johnson to the practice squad.

Apparently, he was an UDFA that latched on with the Bengals in 2008, spent 08 and 09 with them on PS before being released, and spent some time with the Vikings this off season before landing with the PAckers.

He's listed from 5-11" to 6", about 200 lbs. Very little I could find on him, except he is supposed to have good speed and he plays "bigger than his weight/size".

So, anyways, there's the Packers outsider brought into the fold on PS for the year.

Tommyboy's picture

Wow - congrats to Maurice Simpkins on making the practice squad.

Oppy's picture

Simpkins looked like a man on a mission when he got on the field. I know some attacked his coverage, but what always jumped out to me was his angles of attack and ability to shed blockers. High motor. I know he's unusually old for P.S.- apparently, he's 27-, but I can't help but be happy that he's on PS and making that $5,000/wk paycheck. Live the dream! Maybe we'll see him get his number called this season.

lars's picture

So Toribio was sacrificed to keep Justin Harrell around this year. When Justin begs off action in week 3 with his "back pains" or his wife's cramps maybe TT can trade a late round pick to KC and bring Anthony home.

Oppy's picture

Dude, are you serious?
What brand of jerk are you, anyways?

I'm guessing you call in sick to work when you sprain an ankle. This guy was told he might never play football again, and some people end up crippled from numerous back problems he's had.

And "His wife's cramps?"? Seriously, you're an F'n tool. Emergency C-sections are exactly that- emergencies. Women and newborns still can, and do, die from complications during pregnancy.

I just want to know how pathetic your life must be to feel the need to spew such inhumane sh*t from your mouth.

PackerAaron's picture

Easy Oppy. I agree with you, but easy...

Oppy's picture


dilligaff's picture

Glad to see that Quin Johnson made the squad, not sure he will be one of the 46 at the beginning of the year, come Dec and playoff time (hopefully home field advantage) his pancaking "blocking" ability will be a game changer for the Pack and well worth the roster spot.

Tommyboy's picture

Purely out of curiosity, does anyone know if Masthay has any capacity to be accurate when place kicking? Obviously he can boot it on kickoffs if needed, but I'm just curious if there's any reason to suspect he could be at least serviceable should Crosby go down...

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