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Packers Announce Contract Extension for OG Lane Taylor

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Packers Announce Contract Extension for OG Lane Taylor

The Packers have struck a deal with left guard Lane Taylor to keep him in Green Bay through the 2020 season.

This comes almost a year after the Packers released former First Team All-Pro guard Josh Sitton, who previously held Taylor's position on the offensive line for eight years.

Taylor was thrown into the fire just a week before the 2016 season began, and he certainly didn't disappoint. He started all 16 games for the Packers and was just one of three offensive linemen to start every game for the Packers last season.

According to NFL Media insider Ian Rapoport, Taylor's deal is worth $16.5 million through three years with a $5 million signing bonus. He's expected to make $7.8. million in 2017.

This comes after Taylor signed a two-year, $4.15 million deal with the Packers in March of 2016. His deal was expected to expire after this season, but the Packers made sure to keep him for the long haul. He'll be 31 when his contract is up.

The former undrafted right guard out of Oklahoma State started 47 of his 50 career games as a Cowboy before being signed by Green Bay in 2013. That's where he sparingly played right guard throughout the season and mostly stuck to special teams before making his first start in 2015 against the Lions.

The Packers moved him to left guard for the 2016 season, and the lack of attention he brought to his performance speaks volumes on how well he filled in for Sitton. 

Head coach Mike McCarthy said just two weeks ago that Taylor "is clearly having the best camp of his career."

In present day, McCarthy's mantra for the Arlington, Texas native didn't change.

"Very proud of Lane [Taylor], I just found out before I came in here," said McCarthy before Monday's Labor Day practice on Taylor's extension. "I think any time your players are rewarded financially, that's a very good thing here.

"He's done all the right things, he's done it the hard way. He was here all summer. ... He's earned it. He put a lot into this and I'm very happy for him and his family."

Taylor was one of the many key expiring contracts for the Packers after this season, but with him taken care of, that leaves safety Morgan Burnett, receiver Davante Adams and center Corey Linsley among others.

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Mojo's picture

As we suspected, this is where the excess cap $'s were targeted to go.

I'll give Taylor credit, I didn't expect much from him but he's turned out OK.

Now there's Linsley and Adams due up next.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Excellent. I have a feeling Linsley and Adams are next and Burrett will be allowed to test Free Agency.

Since '61's picture

Good signing. Keep the OL solidified. Thanks, Since '61

Bearmeat's Phantom Downvoter's picture

Typical (and smart) TT deal. Security for Taylor. Win/win.

Linsley and Adams up next. I too think Burnett will be gone. Hopefully he gets a big contract and we get a 3rd round comp pick in 18. Time to see what the young safeties can do.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I really, really wish we had done this with Tretter last year. Big mistake by Ted. Good to see this one went right.

dobber's picture

I would've rather had Lang--injuries and all--than Tretter (injuries and all), truth be told. Tretter was purely a projection at G (where he would've ended up playing) and couldn't stay on the field. He wanted a chance to play and to make starter's money (who could blame him?), which the Packers couldn't pay for him to be a multi-position backup. Lang was a warrior, but time was catching up to him.

I believe they're better off on their current track than they would be with either of those guys, though, IMO.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I never saw it being between Lang and Tretter, since Lang would cost more and Tretter provided great backup at Center and Tackle.

Had we extended Tretter early, he'd be our starting RG now, with flexibility to shift him to either Tackle or Center if needed. Also, we still would have had plenty of cap cash to bring in Evans.

That would be an awesome situation for our Line.

Gman1976's picture

Totally agree. Tretter could play multiple positions. Yes, he would have cost us some $, but we would not be fretting about our backups and the strength of our OL, and maybe could have kept Price or Hill or some other valuable backup. We could have relaaaaaaaaaaaaxed. Congrats to Lane Taylor. Hope he continues to grow

Bearmeat's Phantom Downvoter's picture

Tretter wouldn't have signed it. There has to be two to tango. There was no starting spot for him - Maybe him at Center and Linsley at RG.... but that was a big IF. They were never healthy at the same time that Lang was not, so the team never got to find out.

Tretter wanted to start, and I don't blame him.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

He would have started at guard, as I've stated already.

Had we pursued, he would have signed.

Arthur Jackson's picture

No. At the time Tretter would have considered signing an extension he was still a unproven part-time player who couldn't get his center job back that he lost to a rookie before he played a regular season snap at it. Paying two starting centers is a luxary no team could afford. After Linsley got injured the next season and Tretter proved to be very effective at center he was a player in his final season of a contract. Unless a team makes you a top starting player's contract offer there is no incentive for him to sign. Unless a player and his agent are morons he is testing free agency. Every position except Lang's was signed for the coming season and the Packers preferred to sign Lang making the decision even easier for Tretter.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Fact is, we simply do not know if he would have started at guard or not. But to be fair, he was NOT the priority at the time of his signing, Perry & Lang were (Lang later stated the Packers were never close). I agree with Andrew that Tretter probably would have started, but would the Packer's then sign Evans? The Taylor deal is surprisingly close to what Tretter signed for with the Browns, and is a good deal for both parties. Congrats to Lane!

However, I still feel Tretter should have been pursued by the Packers (along with Taylor). Instead, the Packers find themselves taking up 2 spots on the roster now by not doing so. Also, Tretter has the ability to play 5 positions in a pinch. TT is not perfect and I do not blame him for every questionable win some you lose some, but the Tretter siituation is strikingly similar to the one with Casey Hayward who was often criticized for being injured by many here. Nobody can convince me that we could not have used Hayward last year (and this year)....and Tretter now.

4zone's picture

Agree with everyone so far. Good signing and didn't break the bank. Will be cap friendly last two years so will help signing other priorities.

I expect Cobb won't be given another contract offer to match his last. Adams will probably be treated as Jordy's heir apparent and get a big contract.

Barnett probably gets the short end of the stick with Brice and Jones in the wings.

I think OL takes top priority in the draft next year. Unless Murphy or Springs wake up and see the light.

Barclay is still a liability. Sorry but all the talk about him playing multiple positions is balogna. Just because you line up there doesn't make you competent at it. I feel for the guy but maybe he ought to think about a different career while he can still walk.

We have great starters on the OL but pretty much third stringers at best for backups. Whoa to us should the OL get hit with injuries this year like DB and RB got hit last year.

Slim11's picture

I also think Barclay's versatility is overblown.

His knowledge of the offense is great. I'm sure his work ethic is great, too. But his pass blocking was, and is, always suspect. He is, or was, a decent run blocker.

Some don't remember this but when he was tried at center in 2014(?), he didn't do well. Among other things, it was reported he couldn't handle the shotgun snap. From what I saw in parts of two games this preseason, he still doesn't do a good job at center.

dobber's picture

"Woe to us should the OL get hit with injuries this year like DB and RB got hit last year."

I don't think anyone could survive if their OL took that kind of hit.

Denise Chanterelle's picture

Good move by the front office to get this done. OMG, Seattle game is just six days away! Can you believe the season is upon us!! Great season opener too! I love this. Go Pack!!!

nostradanus's picture

Good signing, love to see guys like him succeed, It gives the Pack an advantage with UFA's as they know they have a real chance in the Green Bay Packers draft and develop system. Joe Thomas is another good example along with Gunter and Sam Shields of course. I like the roster this year, the back up O Line is suspect but it's time for those guys to take a step forward also.

Go Pack!!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Excellent contract. Love it.

Also, barring some shocking turn of events, Burnett, Matthews, and Cobb are all gone after this season.

Linsley is the most important re-signing now, simply because he's pretty elite and we have no quality depth behind him.

I hope we can keep Adams, and I expect it. But we have 2 promising big targets developing on our Practice Squad, and this team has suffered greatly for over-paying Cobb. None of that is Adams's fault, but Cap is King.

If Adams demands the moon, he's gone.

Pauly's picture

Anyone heard any news on how Lacy is looking so far with Hawks?

Gman1976's picture

I read somewhere that he was meeting his weight goals. If so, he should be a beast unless he gets another concussion.

dobber's picture

I've read that he's looked a step slow and that he's locked in (at best) a timeshare.

The TKstinator's picture

1. Good signing.
2. Hey ZJ: your sixth paragraph could use some editing/revising. Undrafted/drafted? Played sparingly played?

Zachary Jacobson's picture

Thanks TK.

The TKstinator's picture

No sweat.

Packer Fan's picture

Good signing. But what about this year's offensive line? There is no depth with verified good players. Everyone is a question mark. What happens in a game where one or two lineman go down? There are no good quality backups. One good way to stop a potent offense. I can't believe no one's writing about this.

NitschkeFan's picture

"no one is writing about this" ? On this blog everyone is commenting about it every day. Maybe you mean the mainstream media ?

PatrickGB's picture

Good for Taylor and for the team. From what I have read and heard, it seems that the oline backups have some work to do. Hopefully at least one of them is like Taylor and improves with coaching. One thing I liked about Tretter was that he was a good backup center and decent backup tackle. Can't say the same about what we have now. Backup at tackle is a concern this season. Murphy can play on the right side at guard and maybe at right tackle. But nobody looks adequate at left tackle after Bak.

Fordham Ram's picture

Great signing. Hope there is one more signing before the season starts, a surprise find at OL.

stockholder's picture

Replacing Sitton was not easy. Talk is talk. Taylor won. Good signing. TT won here too. But this has been TTs strongest insight. (The OL) I feel Burnett, Cobb, and Adams will be a comp picks. These three will blow TTs budget. You pertect A-Rod first. You don't over-pay guards and WRs. And Burnett best bargaining may be filling in everywhere.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Cobb won't be a comp pick anytime soon. He is signed through 2018. Choices with Cobb are to cut him after this season (no comp pick), restructure his salary downwards (no comp pick), or honor his contract in 2017 and 2018 (comp pick in 2020).

stockholder's picture

Cobb - TT still honors his contract. Won't be cut. Cobb wanted a ring. He'll stay and perform. Restructure may happen. Can't rule that out with several contracts coming up. But TT won't cut him.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Without a pay cut, Cobb's gone.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

We might have to wait for the contract details to come out, but if Taylor earns $7.8M this year, then it sounds like his cap for 2017 increases from $3.1M to $4.35M, an increase of $1.25M. His $5M signing bonus gets prorated over 4 years instead of 3. [$5M Signing Bonus, $2.25M base salary, $500K roster bonus which is earned by playing 16 games at $31.250K/game, and a $50K workout bonus he's already earned = $7.8M).

This is a good signing. When I was musing about how much cap space would be needed to re-sign Adams, Linsley, Taylor, and possibly Burnett, I had Taylor figured at $6M AAV. Of course, that assumed doing it next March, so Taylor would have had a 2nd year of similar play on tape instead of being a 1-year wonder. Still, with the large increase in pay for Guards last March, there was some uncertainty if that trend would continue next year. Looks good to me.

Spock's picture

TGR, I always appreciate your breakdowns of the minutia on the Cap implications. Thanks for the post!

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