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Packers and Vikings Tie 29-29 in Eventful NFC North Matchup

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Packers and Vikings Tie 29-29 in Eventful NFC North Matchup

One week the Packers (1-0-1, 1-0-1 NFC North) score 21 points in the fourth quarter. The next week they give up 22 points in the fourth quarter and tie with NFC North rivals, the Minnesota Vikings (1-0-1, 0-0-1 NFC North), 29-29 after both teams failed to score in overtime at Lambeau Field.

Heading into the fourth quarter, the Packers led 20-7. It was a complete and utter collapse for Green Bay in the fourth quarter, and they were lucky not to lose the game in overtime, as Vikings’ kicker Daniel Carlson missed two field goals that would have won the game.

Despite the many negatives, the positive of this game was that Aaron Rodgers was a lot more mobile than anyone really expected him to be. According to ESPN, Rodgers completed 30 of his 42 passes for 280 yards, 1 touchdown, and no interceptions.

A big controvery in the game occurred late, which many believe would have won the game for Green Bay. With about two minutes left in regulation, it appeared that rookie cornerback Jaire Alexander may have sealed the game with an interception, but there was a very questionable roughing the passer call on linebacker Clay Matthews, which ultimately gave the Vikings the ball back and allowed them to tie the game.

What we learned: The rookies are legit.  

Rookie cornerbacks Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson were once again, the first two subs off the bench for the Packers defensive back unit Sunday against the Vikings. The duo continued to come up big for Green Bay and showed immense maturity in their play.  On the first Viking’s drive of the game, Alexander flew through Minnesota’s offensive line to assist linebacker Reggie Gilbert on 3rd and 10 for a loss of 6 yards and the sack. The rookie finished the day with 8 tackles, 7 of which were solo, and an assist on the sack. 

Jackson, with the help of the special teams unit was able to make a huge play in the first quarter to put Green Bay up 7-0. Wide receiver Geronimo Allision stretched his 6-foot-3 frame to block the Minnesota punt and Jackson, was there to catch it in the end zone for the score.  According to Packers’ writer Wes Hodkiewicz, it was the first Green Bay blocked punt for a touchdown since October 2012 by Dezman Moses. Jackson had four tackles on the day in addition to his first career touchdown.  

What went right: The offensive line protection.

It is always important to protect your quarterback, but with Aaron Rodgers playing through a compression knee injury from blunt force while bent, it is especially important. The offensive line struggled at times week one against the Bears but appeared to look much better against the Vikings this week, especially in the first half. Offensive tackle David Bakhtiari was a monster throughout the afternoon, allowing an injured Rodgers to dance around in the pocket for multiple seconds at a time, before finding an open man.

What went wrong: Losing Kevin King

Not that this is what anyone on the Packers hoped for but losing Kevin King was a killer for Green Bay in the second half. The second-year cornerback played tremendous in the first half before exiting the game with a groin injury. King, who was covering Viking’s star receiver Stefon Diggs did not return after his injury in the first half. He played every single snap last weekend against the Bears and was critical in pass protection for the Packers. His absence certainly was felt, especially when the Vikings dropped a whopping 22 points in the 4th quarter. Cornerback Davon House stepped in for King and struggled to contain Diggs. Diggs burned House down the field late in the game for a 75-yard touchdown to put the Vikings within two after storming back from being down 20-7.

Offensive Player of the Game: Davante Adams

Wide receiver Davante Adams proved once again that he is a top receiver in the league with his performance against the Vikings. Despite being covered by one of the NFL’s best, Xavier Rhodes, Adams still put up 64 yards on 8 receptions and a touchdown. He even put Rhodes on skates as he shimmied by him for his 9-yard touchdown.   

Defensive Player of the Game: Blake Martinez  

Packer fans, trust me, this was by far the hardest section to write about. After the complete collapse of Green Bay’s defense there really was not a lot of positives to pick from at all. Ha-Ha Clinton Dix came up big with an interception late in the game, but still looked shaky at times, especially on the Vikings first touchdown of the game. Dix left King to scramble alone in coverage in the end zone which ultimately resulted in a Minnesota touchdown. Linebacker Blake Martinez just proved to be consistent, and he lead the team in tackles with 9, 5 of which were solo tackles.


Up next, the Packers hit the road next Sunday, September 23rd, for the first time this season, to face off with the Washington Redskins. Kickoff is set for 1 PM EST.  

Sarah Kelliher is a contributor for CheeseheadTV. She can be found via Twitter @sarahkelliher4


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Lphill's picture

Should not give up 400 yards and 4 TD to Cousins , that's not a good sign for this defense.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yeah, TBH it's hard to be bullish on this defense if they collapse and give up huge numbers when the game is on the line.

croatpackfan's picture

I wonder how many of that 400 yards were given to Vikings from referees?

Every f*cking good D play was nullified by some imaginary penalty!

Samson's picture

Nice, Sarah.
Somehow, however, I seem to have wasted a beautiful September Sunday trying to figure out all the new NFL rules that dictate the outcome of tooooo many games. --- OT games are a joke.

cpabandit's picture

Samson, you shouldn't have to figure out the new NFL rules. It is Clay Matthews that should figure it out, know how to sack a QB within the new limitations. We could be 2-0 if he used his friggin brains!

4thand10's picture

That defense had A LOT of third down stops, an INT or 2 called back etc... we're they But this was clearly an official blown game. I realize that sounds like loser talk... but everyone knows it and that's reality. No matter how writers and pundits try to spin it. ....

Mojo's picture

Clay Matthews did absolutely nothing wrong with his tackle of Cousins. Didn't hit him late, low or high, no helmet contact and didn't lift and carry him as the refs claimed.

Just a flat out terrible call. Even under the new rules CM3 did nothing wrong and it cost us the win.

Since '61's picture

Mojo - perfectly correct and I completely agree. Thanks, Since '61

Tarynfor12's picture

There was absolutely nothing wrong on the Rodgers sack either that got flagged either...and yet most ignore that point.

dobber's picture

He didn't pull Cousins' towel out of his belt and hold it over his head so the ref could see the play was over.

Kb999's picture

Mojo, agreed. Just what we needed, an official that changed the outcome of the game. He should be penalized for it. Give him6 games off without pay and send him to school to learn the new rules.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

The guy who lost this game is Aaron Jones and no one is talking about it or his stupidity.

egbertsouse's picture

The defense went to sleep in the 4th quarter. Fire Dom!!!!! Oh, that's right, we already did.

stockholder's picture

DeVante Adams and Allison have changed the packers. Both deserve to be held in high regard by the packers. Well done Arron Rodgers. No maybes about it now.

croatpackfan's picture

It is DAVANTE ADAMS! Not DEvante! DEvante is the name of former Packers RB, Devante Mays!

OK, Sticksucker?

PatrickGB's picture

The lose of King was part of the second half collapse. But bad officiating made things worse.

Lphill's picture

Looks like King is turning into Nick Perry.

Denver's picture

How many WTF moments could one game have?? Bonkersville....

Patric Moncada's picture

Vikings are 0-0-1 NFC North! :P

Can't help but feel good about the team despite the result and officiating. All things i believe can and will be corrected... including hopefully the officiating. Hope this game has the Fail Mary effect for the NFL and they can't ignore the mess they created

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Is there any mess the NFL couldn't ignore?

Since '61's picture

The loss of King hurt but the bad officiating prevented a win for the Packers. I agree that the OL played well. If they continue to play as they have against the Bears and Queens front 7 and AR gets healed we're going to be fine. We should have won the game with AR playing on one leg.

The defense stopped 2 4th quarter drives via picks late in the game but the officials took away the clincher by Alexander and kept the Vikings alive. That game was over at 1:45 in the 4th. Thanks, Since '61

carlos's picture

What I don’t like is two divisional games in a row to start the season. Thanks NFL brass.

Turophile's picture

Looking for positives, the Packers after two games are looking healthier than they have for several years.

Injuries to Ryan hurt the ILB depth, but Burks looks likely to be back next week, and if King's groin injury doesn't linger, they are in good shape to field something very close to the best possible version of the current team.

Nick Perry's picture

The hit by Kendricks on Rodgers and the hit by Matthews were different. WATCH both plays again. Kendrick's PICKED up Rodgers and drove him somewhat into the ground. If anything Matthews tried to slow the impact putting one arm down to break their fall. # NOT THE SAME HIT!

The holding call on Lane Taylor was every bit as bad of call. Give credit to the Vikings D-Lineman because he SOLD the BS call.

The Packers HAVE to do a better job of getting a pass rush. Daniels and Perry were invisible most of the day. The Packers couldn't even beat a rookie tackle once he came in for their injured starter. That was a BAD O-Line the Packers just faced and they didn't gt it done.

BUT... The Packers got a tie which is better than a loss. Allison is turning into an excellent 3rd WR. The offense has scored 51 points with a one legged QB and their BEST RB on the sidelines and an O-Line that played ZERO snaps together in the preseason.

Look back at the predictions for the regular season and MANY of us had the Packers losing this game. IMO they still go into the Bye Week undefeated only at 5-0-1 instead of 6-0.

Get healthy boys. Aaron Jones is coming back and he'll take this offense to another level. GO PACK GO!!

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I was pretty happy looking at the remaining schedule before the bye week. Hopefully Pettine uses the time to work out some issues.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Aaron Jones cost the Pack the game!

Lphill's picture

Aaron was none to happy at the end of the game, he gave his all on one leg even running for a first down and nobody could make a play to close it out for him .

Nick Perry's picture

I'm hoping when Burks and Josh Jones get back that helps the defense. I'm hoping big time Pettine uses Jones around the LOS. I think he'll make a difference playing around there. I KNOW Burks will make a difference.

carlos's picture

They’ll sure help I hope. Need Perry to start doing something productive. DL could be a great group. DB’s learning on the run. A ton of upside. Need to stay relatively healthy.

A Pickled Packer's picture

You can't control officiating but you can control the clock and for McCarthy to go for the touchdown throwing instead of consuming the clock by running, and maybe even getting a first down and winning the game that way by keeping the ball is inexcusable. In that situation you eat up the clock, not get greedy and go fot the TD.
He was a stubborn mule last week for not putting Lewis in more because he didn't fit into the game plan and a numb skull this week for not knowing Football 101 and how to control the clock. I hope we don't see coco the clown pop out of the ink well next week. It's getting to be too much.

croatpackfan's picture

When MM decide to consume time on the clock, than you are attacking him not to try to score TD and run away. When he decide to score TD and run away you are attacking him for not consuming the time...

It is easy to be general after the battle, what do you think...

Also, there was flagrant non call for PI on Adams on 3 try! Go watch again. Rhodes was holding Adams hands... That would be sure TD!

I have to say that officiating was bad, but wrong calls against Vikings were few and not on important plays, while every flagrant officiating mistake against Packers was game changing mistakes...

I agree with Mike McCarthy and his idea to score TD and run away from Vikings! That was right call at the moment! He might spare 2 TO to stop the clock, but that would still left enough time for Vikings to score TD and 2-PC... Also, do not forget possibility for fumble!

Oh, I can imagine outrage here if MM called run and fumble happened...

ILPackerBacker's picture

Adams as flat out unacceptable drop. Not securing the game clinching td into a tiny window.

Rodgers was mvp and fyi it does not help you look smart when you write crap thinking it makes you look insightful. It does not, it looks like you don't understand the game or just didn't watch it. Bakh is a far better choice than adams. wake up

Chuck Farley's picture

I dont think it was a collapse in the 4th. The Vikes just took advantage of the fact you've playing two guys who lack speed and put their speed guys on them. 420 yards passing is piss poor defense my anyones standard.

Petine has his dback playing way off the same way capers did. Its like were just trying to make tackles after they catch it in the open. Sure seemed that way.

One instance the vikes needed 5 for a first, our d back was back like 8 yards from the line, their tight end ran 5 yards turned got the first down and was later tackled. Dumb stuff like this is why the packers lost. Its capers defense all over again

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