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Packers Agree To Three Year Deal With James Jones

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Packers Agree To Three Year Deal With James Jones

From Tom Silverstein:

#Packers WR James Jones has agreed to terms on a three-year deal with the Green Bay Packers, source just said.

Jones had been in talks with both the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Jets. The Vikings acquired former Falcons first rounder Michael Jenkins while the Jets signed former Steelers and Giants wideout Plaxico Burress, leaving Jones few options but to return to the team that drafted him in the third round in 2007.

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Charles's picture

Guess the Eagles will have to find cap room for another CB

Nerdmann's picture

LOL. Greatest Show on Tundra.

jeremy's picture

Maybe two more...

hyperRevue's picture

Getting the band back together!

I think this is excellent news.

Scott's picture

Good job TT, JJ is required to keep the packers doing what they do best. He has had his ups and downs, but we have all seen what his upside can bring the team.

PackersRS's picture

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I'm afraid we now have too many weapons. Jennings, Driver, Nelson, Jones, Finley, Cobb, DJ Williams, Quarless. Not to mention Starks and Grant, and possibly Green.

But we'll need them to beat the Eagles' secondary.

Now lets go get Kuhn, and the great repeat is set to start.

Oppy's picture

There are going to be some interesting, although probably clear, decisions when we get to the bottom of the roster.

Swain is most likely going to have to be bumped because Cobb has more all-around talent.. But we are trading one of our better ST gunners for a better ST return man. While our returns definitely need improvement, we really can't afford to be worse in coverage, either.

Then we get to our FB's and TEs, where the mix of offensive position talent and STs utility becomes really hard to sort out.

Lots of bodies with lots of different strengths and weaknesses to assess.

PackersRS's picture

Would not be surprised to see Johnson released if he can't prove to be effective in ST. And would not be surprised to see us keeping Swain plus 5 WRs, maybe releasing a CB.

Chad Toporski's picture

Another year where a couple good players are going to have to be cut.

This is a great problem to have.

bryce's picture

they'll find someone to be a gunner...if the gunner is the biggest thing we have to worry about then we'll be fine

Jay's picture

On any given play: Jennings, Finley, Nelson, Jones, perhaps Williams or Cobb. Asomugha, Samue, DRC. 4 or 5>3. =)

PackersRS's picture

As long as they're not dropping balls, and the OL is holding up.

I'm yet to see a team be able to cover our guys. The Jets were the only team that were able to cover us, but we were without Finley.

If Rodgers has enough time, and the receivers aren't leading the league in drops, there's no reason this team can't score 30 points per game.

Oppy's picture

The Bears have proven they can give the Packers offense everything they can handle each time we've played them.

Don't shoot the messenger!

mark's picture

that game against the jets was dominated by the wind, not the jets secondary. nobody can cover us...

Oppy's picture

I'm going to love to see the increased production from both Jordy and James this season.

Best believe Jordy got a taste in the superbowl and will fight to keep his earned play time up, and James Jones didn't just sign with Green Bay for the pay check..

Mojo's picture

Good move that in part keeps A-Rod happy. I was never as concerned about the drops as some were. I am concerned about Jordy knee, but with this signing they should be alright if he does go down.

Like RS said, so many weapons. Wow.

FootballGods's picture

It would be interesting to see the stats for how many times rodgers targets Jones outside the pocket. It seems Jones has the chemistry to know where aaron wants him when a play breaks down (Falcons game is a prime example). I was highly optimistic this signing would happen after not signing n e FA's.

Bearmeat's picture

This is great news - the Offense will be loaded for bear from day 1 this year. I think it will be the most prolific Packer offense in history, and 500 points is not a stretch.

However, I am concerned about the DL, ILB and OLB. Young players need to step up there and injuries can't happen at those positions. If they do, I don't see how the losses of Barnett and Jenkins are going to be handled.

Oppy's picture

OLB is not a concern for me at all:

CM3 - Nuff said

Frank Zombo- rookie UFA converted DE came in and played well, that's saying something

Brad Jones- had slow start before injury struck last season, but his rookie season was extremely sound, better against run than advertised, had multiple sacks in limited games, and is the most complete OLB on the roster outside of CM3 in terms of run/pass rush/coverage skills. His rookie season he played better than Zombo's rookie season (no contest, imo) but pack fan's seem to have forgotten about him.

Ricky Elmore- probably won't contribute early, but look for him to be a solid role player down the stretch. Granted, he hasn't played OLB yet, but at DE he got to the QB more times than his team mate Brooks Reed over his last two seasons. High motor hard worker

Eric Walden- We saw what this guy is capable of doing. When he gets the chance to rush the passer, watch out.

I'm alright with out OLB's as they sit, and we've got a few new UFA's they've brought in to keep the competitiveness up in camp.

davyjones's picture

How were the losses handled last year?? Next man up and shrewd evaluation of available street talent. Thats how!!

When was the last time you all were this excited for a season to start??????

Bearmeat's picture

Yeah, but when your "next man up" is DJ Smith... that could be a problem.

davyjones's picture

You could have said the same thing about Tom Crabtree...or Eric Walden...or Howard Green or Frank Zombo...or James Starks...or Charlie Peprah...last year.

Jeff worman's picture

Woo-Hoo, cover us now! Too many guns!

bryce's picture

kinda surprised at this one...i like it though, as long as we didn't overpay him

FITZCORE1252's picture

As pissed off as the guy makes me some times, I'm really glad we kept him around. I think his best football is ahead of him.


Doug in Sandpoint's picture

Hope the defense is getting their conditioning up. I expect the offense to score early, quickly and often. The announcers will only get to introduce about half of the offense before they are back on the bench. Time of posession will be the most insignificaant stat this year as we should average about 2 minutes per 7 points. Raji and Green will each be 175 lbs by the playoffs.

Cole's picture

While I didn't think that we would bring him back, it definitely feels good to have our offense loaded to the gills.

I wonder if this means Shaky Smithson has almost zero chance of making the team?

Bayview Blogger's picture

Don't discount Shaky. He led the nation in punt returns at Utah last year.

Tommyboy's picture

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love it. I thought he'd end up leaving. Glad he's locked up for three years. What an offense!!!

Yope's picture

Great News! The best air attack EVA!!!

Nononsense's picture

Glad to have Jones back but my two favorite undrafted FAs Shaky Smithson and Tori Gurley might have a real hard time making the team now.

I guess if they are good enough to stick TT will find a way to keep them.

BrianD's picture

TT is looking like a genius. We don't know the terms of the contracts at this point, but I'm going to guess that he paid the least amount of money out of the Jenkins/Burress/Jones contracts and got the best receiver out of the 3. Not to mention he keeps the man who has great camaraderie with his other receivers and knows the offensive system well.

packerwest's picture

Glad to have JJ back. I think he and Aaron have a great chemistry together and feel he will improve on the drops.He has really good hands on the most difficult catches(see Atlanta playoff game.)but seems to have his worst drops when he is in the clear and taking his eyes off the ball too soon. Hopefully this is fixable for him and I feel the Pack giving him a 3 year contract will improve his confidence and drops will decrease.

Oppy's picture

"seems to have his worst drops when he is in the clear and taking his eyes off the ball too soon"

two words:

Edgar. Bennet.

SpiderPack's picture

Yeah I agree, Edgar Bennet's coaching seems uniquely suitable to fix JJ's drops problem. And Driver's and Jordy's and Jenning's BTW. They don't need Robinson's coaching skill-set anymore, they need Bennet's.

al's picture

smart move pack, i dont think we need Jones to win but why not bring him back just in case. The only turnover is on defense it looks like.

al's picture

So Swain is basically gone right?

PackersRS's picture

ST value. Don't count Swain out so soon.

al's picture

Btw Packers you better not boot Driver out the door next year like you did Tauscher. Let the man play as long as he wants, even if hes our #6 WR.

BrianD's picture

He's making $5 million on the dot after roster and workout bonuses next year. That's a hefty salary for the most loved man in Green Bay

Starry Barts's picture

Cap hit aside, this will help Donald "The Greatest" Driver age a little more gracefully - I'm glad to take as much pressure off a 36 year old WR as can be.

Edward's picture

this is a smart deal for Jones. Gives him more time with the best young QB in the NFL, a chance to compete for the #2 WR spot as Driver's production wanes, and its a short enough deal to let him negotiate a big contract in a few years.

retiredgrampa's picture


Josh's picture

3 more years of frustration with the infection of dropsies.

Chalu19's picture

Awww hell yeah!!! Getting J-Squared back gives the Pack the best set of weapons in the game. Screw the o-line, teams will have to run a 1-1-9 to cover everyone!! Greatest Show On Artificially Heated Natural/Synthetic Blend!!! Only Nnnammdi Asoghghughghagha cloning himself can help the Eagles... But clones count 75% towards the cap according to the CBA and they don't have the room (you can thank DeMaurice for that)... And if you blur your vision James Jones looks like a jacked up Wanda Sykes.

PackersRS's picture


/cries laughing

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