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Packers' Aaron Rodgers talks fundamentals: 'I'm not playing any different this year'

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Packers' Aaron Rodgers talks fundamentals: 'I'm not playing any different this year'

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

In this case, questioning the fundamentals -- again -- of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers isn't so much insane as it is necessary.

Rodgers' play this season -- his 13th in the league -- has been sporadic and often, by his standards, less than desirable. If you were to compare his 3,200-plus yards, 20 touchdowns and one interception to that of your average starting NFL quarterback, Rodgers would still maintain his status as a God amongst quarterbacks.

However, after signing a record-breaking contract prior to the start of the season, expectations for Rodgers have never been higher. As much as he reiterated leading into the season that the offense he engineers would be a "work in progress," it has looked more along the lines of "out of commission" at some points.

With one veteran receiver in Randall Cobb missing six of the Packers' last eight games and Geronimo Allison -- a newly-entrusted target for Rodgers -- spending the rest of his season on injured reserve, the Packers have been deploying two rookie receivers -- Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Equanimeous St. Brown -- on offense for Rodgers to work with.

But even when these receivers, including prized tight end acquisition Jimmy Graham, are schemed open and in position to make plays, Rodgers either doesn't see them due to his eyes being averted to the impending pass rush or he's refraining from attempting tight-windowed passes to players he has yet to fully bestow his confidence in.

Much like he told reporters two years ago, Rodgers is fully invested in the belief that his passing mechanics are the last of the problems on offense.

"I’m a two-time All-USA Fundamentals team. I have the big helmets in my office," Rodgers said. "I mean, I don’t know. I don’t think I need to respond about fundamentals. I mean, I drill fundamentals. I throw how I throw. I play -- I’m not playing any different this year. We’re just not completing as many passes percentage-wise."

Much of the Packers' woes offensively have been on full display in third-down situations, where they currently rank 24th in the league with a 37 percent conversion rate.

The last time Rodgers was questioned about his mechanics was the week following a week two loss to the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium; a similar script.

"I think this is kind of normal," Rodgers said. "When you’ve had sustained success for a long time, and we’ve seen this over the years. We saw it in 2009 when we were 4-4, we saw it in 2012 when we started slow, and in 2016 when we were 4-6. This is the news cycle. This is what you guys are talking about, you guys are doing your job. We’re not playing as well as we have in the past, and these are the kinds of stories that are going to come out.

According to ESPN's Rob Demovsky, Rodgers has thrown 286 straight passes without an interception. While that's not exactly an indictment on his struggles this season, he has been off target on 20.6 percent of those passes. That is, though, a testament to the inexperience and new faces around Rodgers.

Outside influences don't factor into the restructuring or adjusting of Rodgers' fundamentals no matter how loud the noise gets as the Packers sit two games below .500, and that's for certain.

"I listen to my quarterback coach and my offensive coordinator and my head coach. I study myself; I’m very critical of my own film. I’m not playing any differently fundamental-wise.

"You can’t have it both ways; you can’t love it when it’s a certain way and then critique it when it’s another way. … That’s the news cycle. They’re going to pick at things when you’re in a situation like this like where we’re at, we’re 4-6-1, so it comes with the territory."


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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The TKstinator's picture

The aforementioned plethora of denials is difficult to swallow, even with a spoonful of sugar to help it go down.

Mary Poppins, baby, yeah!

Nick Perry's picture

Denial IS alive and well in GB isn't it? According to my friend who is tight with one of the analysts on the Packers, got us tickets to the Packers / Rams game AND tickets to the Seattle game which I choose not to attend, Rodgers HATES Cignetti, his new QB coach. Throw in the problems with McCarthy and it's a recipe for a season like this and the denial that being heard.

My hope is we start to read articles about Gutekunst being given FULL AUTHORITY over who is the Packers next HC. Murphy needs to step aside and let Gutekunst hire the right guy so the Packers finally stop wasting what's left of Rodgers career. IF he's actually starting to regress then the Packers may not even have 5 years left..Hell Rodgers could take another hit to his knee and it will be all over. Alex Smith was playing behind a bunch of back-up O-Linemen 2 weeks ago and now his career is over.

Bure9620's picture

Aaron, you are. Watch the film.

Free agent's picture

For sure. We all know you have a strong arm, now use your darn legs. Hard to be accurate in any sport when your off balance and not squared up to your target.

Johnblood27's picture

So part of the narrative is that Rodgers stats tell the tale of a QB playing quite well, bit the eye test is a C at best.

Let me add some blur to the vision.

Stats say that the GBP OL has played pretty well this season, run and pass.

I call BS. The statistics lie. Rodgers has been UNDER SIEGE all year from game 1 on. And to add on, he has been playing with a bad wheel.

I agree that AR has underperformed, however I do not believe that one can look at salary numbers and say that AR's great statistical year is below his pay scale. I firmly believe that goes far to subjective. NFL football is still a TEAM GAME, and his teammates have let him down big time.

AR has missed a lot of open receivers and made more poor throws than we fans are happy with, but the blame can sure enough be spread around to his teammates as well, especially the OL that has him dancing like DD on TV.

I have been quite guilty od scaring the pets and kids yelling "throw the GD ball" on way more than one occasion, however not all of that is on AR. The OL has been horrendous.

Fix the OL and the ofense will hum.


GB has 2 keepers on the OL. TWO.

Out of 5. FIVE.

Thats a 40% score.

AR is above a 40% even with 2018's warts.

Fix the OL.

Oppy's picture

The last two weeks have been bad, but overall, I don't recall a season where Aaron Rodgers has consistently held on to the ball as long as he has this season.

Can't blame the OL for not being a the great wall of china after 2.5-3 seconds goes by.

Yes, the right side of the OL has been poor. No, OL play does not absolve Rodgers from poor play this season.

The SI article really hit it on the head- fans are down right terrified to lay any criticism on the golden boy.

Minniman's picture

I might be having selective memory here Oppy, but that 3 seasons ago when Sitton and Lang were guards he was in the pocket for embarrassing lengths of time - little wonder he was shredding teams.

I'll agree that this year's line is still doing an OK job (most of the time when the starters are on the field) and yes Rodgers needs to evolve to get the most out of this new team, but that year's team had "helluva" line.

Hawg Hanner's picture

The causes of the downturn are multiple. The knee injury was certainly a factor, and the OL is not great, the guards are poor, Brian Bulaga was not healthy. The pass rush is overwhelming the line at critical times. Rogers doesn't avoid blame. He has missed a lot of open guys. But it all goes to surrounding talent, and the bad Thompson drafts can no longer be covered up

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

This is a great idea. If we go spend $18M on two guards (or a combination of draft picks and big money on LG, RG and RT), AR can go back to ignoring move-the-chains type throws and just play sandlot.

I don't think you're wrong: if we did "fix" the OL (meaning huge investment in the OL in terms of draft picks and FA signings), AR probably would be both happy and pretty successful. I wonder if AR needs a #1a WR and a TE as well?

GB already spends more cap dollars/player than any other team in the NFL on offensive players (despite the really big cap hits for AR, Graham, Bahk, Adams, and Linsley coming in 2019 or 2020, not now). By APY or AAV, our $/offensive player is astronomical. AND it isn't really AR's contract: NE and the Steelers spend $13M less on offense while paying their respective QBs more. If Goff had exactly AR's cap hit, LAR would be spending $15M less on offense.

Since '61's picture

Excellent points TGR. Thanks, Since '61

scullyitsme's picture

Nobody is saying spend 18k on two guards, we have high draft picks, that’s the place to get them. I wouldn’t mind spending some cash on a new, healthy, right tackle though. Also, that’s exactly the reason we pay so much on offense. We aren’t, an haven’t, been drafting much offense. So no cheap players.

Lare's picture

I don't think the amount of money being spent on the offense is as important as spending it wisely.

If you take the money saved by letting Matthews, Cobb, Perry & Bulaga go next year, you should have enough money to add a couple pretty good offensive linemen and not be spending any more than you are right now for quite a bit better production.

It all starts on the LOS, it always has and it always will.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

So you're depriving me of my hyperbole? Awww.

You're spot on. The lack of picks on offense has forced GB to pay and retain offensive players. Sadly the only offensive guy that we opted not to re-sign was Tretter, and that's because he played OC where we had another year of Linsley on a rookie deal. [I don't know that Tretter could have held up at OT if forced into playing there long term. Plus his best position was and is probably OC.]

Sadly, we opted not to re-sign some pretty good defensive players due to having drafted so many defensive guys. Hyde and Hayward were allowed to walk due to GB having drafted Randall, Rollins and HHCD. Maybe Burnett since we had Josh Jones, but IDK: it could have been age, lower snaps counts held against Burnett since the coaches had seen Josh Jones play.

Rak47's picture

It would be nice for the fans sake if during the next bargaining agreement it was agreed that no single player salary can exceed a certain percentage of cap space, say 13%. I think that would keep salaries in line where teams can effectively manage their rosters while allowing salaries to increase along with the cap as it grows.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

This is very troubling. No wonder he didn't want a new QB coach.

Oppy's picture

I am curious about this comment, TGR. Could you expand on it a bit? I'm not sure what angle you are taking.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

What if my explanation makes it sound dumb? Oh well, that's a risk one takes with every comment.

It sounds to me like Van Pelt was not reprimanding AR for taking liberties with his fundamentals when it wasn't necessary. I have no way of knowing about Cignetti or MM, but AR sounded like he is only hearing this rebuke is from the media. I've read several comments suggesting that AR does not listen to Cignetti, but I have no way to know if such comments were based on fact or any reliable sources, and I have no way to know what suggestions Cignetti has made to AR.

AR used to say that he wants to be coached. What can be inferred from his recent comments should be limited in a strict sense to mean that he isn't going to be coached by the media. Still, it sure sounds like he is not hearing any similar suggestions from MM and/or Cignetti, or has tuned them out.

That new HC and/or OC better have a real reputation or have a sledgehammer in terms of authority because it looks like the notions of using sound fundamentals when feasible and playing within the offense are going to have to be hammered into AR's psyche.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

TL; DR - GB has a:
highly successful HC who doesn't want to change.
highly successful QB who doesn't want to change.

Rak47's picture

I agree 100% TGR. I read Rodgers comments last night and thought this is going to be a lot more complicated than just replacing McCarthy. A few poster on here have recently been talking about Rodgers mechanics and it got me to thinking about why his mechanics were so bad. I was really wondering what his relationship with Cignetti is really like and why isn't Cignetti all over him about his poor accuracy and throwing off his back leg. I think it is becoming more apparent that Rodgers is giving him very little if anything at all to work with. Hard to fix a problem someone's in denial over. Is Rodgers pulling a Lebron James and ignoring the coaches while calling his own plays? Who can actually identify the issues with Rodgers and fix them? This is going to be very very important call on McCarthy's tenure as coach this offseason. Is he or is he not the right man to lead a resurgence. The Packers have to get the right man to fix this problem on the back end of Rodgers career before that SB window slams shut.

Oppy's picture

Thanks for the explanation.

I figured you were implying something like that, but I wasn't positive.

Johnblood27's picture

BTW, the GBP do not need a new OL coach.

They need new and better players.


Bulaga is done. DONE.
Taylor is very pedestrian.
RG is a shitstorm.

Only Linsley and Bakh are OK and we need a swing to go along with the 3 new starters.

That should be Job 1 in the off season.

Rick F's picture

I’m not a stats guy because Rodgers has 20 tds and 1 int / 4-6-1 record . The number 1 goal is winning and getting into the playoffs. If anyone thinks they are winning 5 straight and all the nfc teams will lose so we get a playoff spot is dreaming. Even if they get into the playoffs they are terrible in the second half of games. This team is not talented enough to over come the injuries. Then throw in the the quarterback hasn’t been sharp in the key moments. The offense line can’t keep a 4 man pass rush out. To finish it off the head coach burns time outs and doesn’t trust his players and goes off the CARD that says the numbers say punt. Fresh start while we still can.

jhlisic's picture

His ego has gone to another level. I expect McCarthy to be gone at seasons end, and have no problem with it, but there's no guarantee the next guy will get through to Rodgers either.
His escapability, throwing with unconventional arm angles and improvisation skills were supposed to be secondary traits to allow him to make plays out of nothing. Now he has become dependent on it.
Brees, Brady and Manning have combined for all sorts of records and accolades playing the position the conventional way. Drop back, plant your feet, throw the ball to a spot.
Rodgers is attempting to reinvent the position but he's facing strong resistance. After all, the opposition are professionals also.
It's incredible that for a supposedly cerebral player , he continues to
1) hold onto the ball, risking being hit and sustaining another significant injury
2) refuses to throw over the middle , which makes the passing game predictable by only throwing to the sidelines
3) escaping the pocket when he doesn't have to (rolling to the right essentially condenses the field and eliminates the left side of it , and vice versa)

D Ernie's picture

I think we can give up the `He has to work with rookie stuff`. Considering these guys spent 4 games in pre season and it week thirteen, they would have the plays down and know their duties. Rodgers being a consummate pro would by now be familiar with these guys and be on the same page.
Of course if Rodgers was allowed to skip most of pre season, and these guys were bench sitting a lot of games as mac played his favorites then the pack shot themselves with their own gun.

Rossonero's picture

Rodgers, much like Favre, is mortal. Favre's mistakes were more pronounced -- in the form of game killing interceptions, whereas Rodgers' mistakes I feel are more subtle -- his footwork, holding onto the ball too long, passing up on check downs, etc. Rodgers can say whatever he wants about fundamentals. We see it each Sunday that he's just not playing as well. While it's not all his fault, he is part of the problem and should not escape blame.

Regarding the WRs....look at the 2013 Patriots as a similar comparison. Tom Brady started the season with four rookie WRs -- Kenbrell Thompkins, Aaron Dobson, Josh Boyce and Mark Harrison. He had Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola, but Gronk was lost for the season to a torn ACL, and Harrison and Boyce also landed on IR.

Interestingly enough, in 2013, Brady had his 2nd worst ever completion percentage too -- 60.5%. You would have to go back 10 years earlier to the 2003 season when he was at 60.2%. On the surface though, his numbers looked good: 4,343 yards, 25 TDs, 11 INTs and a 12-4 record.

My point: there is something to be said about having so many rookies to throw to. In 2014, Brady got some weapons back and the rookies returned with some experience, bumping his completion % up to 64.1% en route to another Super Bowl win.

Oppy's picture

What were the snap counts and targets for the 4 rookie WR's though?

Keep in mind, it wasn't until the last few weeks that our Rookies have had significant snaps. EQ really only the last two games; almost nothing for Moore, and MVS was only sprinkled in with a snap here, 5 snaps there, until week 4.

Rodgers completion percentage was in the dumpster when he was out there with Adams, Allison, Cobb and Graham.

I understand the temptation for the correlation to the Pats that year, but I don't think it holds up when you consider Rodgers really didn't have rookies out there playing early in the year, and he was still missing throws.

Lastly, too many poorly placed throws from Rodgers despite who he is throwing to- including many routes where a WR is already out of his break and traversing the field from left to right (or r to l) and Rodgers either overthrows or puts the ball behind the WR- that certainly isn't an issue with a rookie WR not being where he's supposed to be. Those are just bad throws.

Sure, young WRs have their struggles, but I don't think that is what we're seeing affect Rodgers' overall completion percentage.

Rossonero's picture

Fair point about the rookies joining Rodgers later on. Let's see how many snaps they end up with and compare again at seasons end.

Dobson: 547 or 46%
Thompkins: 575 or 48%
Boyce: 179 or 15%

As of now:
MVS: 454
ESB: 228
Moore: 58

Oppy's picture

Targets are also probably of importance, too, but those stats may be hard to come by for the Pats team.

MVS, 45 Targets, 25 REC
ESB: 24 Targets, 13 REC
Moore: 1 Target, 1 REC

70 Rookie WR Targets, 39 Rookie WR REC
Rookie Completion %: (39/70) = 55.7%

Total pass attempts by Rodgers: 413
70/413 = 16.9% of passing attempts to Rookie WR's.

This will be interesting to track. One can only assume Rodgers' will be throwing more to rookies from here on out with Allison IR'd and Cobb banged up, as well as both MVS and EQ just getting stronger each week. MVS is already 3rd in Targets on the team, and he has a comp % of 55.5%, while EQ's comp % is 54.2%.. but they both are seemingly the deep ball guys (which I'm guessing would relate to being lower percentage attempts perhaps), with 16.5 yards/catch averages (a full 3 yards more than #2 jimmy graham, not counting Tonyan's single reception for 54).

croatpackfan's picture

Oppy, you need to put numbers in context. That percentage of reception for rookies are more on bad throws from Aaron, than on rookies. Unfortunately...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

This was interesting, and we should track the rookie receivers. However, the comparison to NE utterly fails in my opinion. The 2nd year jump didn't happen: instead NE benched/chucked most of the rookies.

2013 Snaps/Rec; 2014 Snaps/Recs
Edelman: 1021/105; 805/92
Amendo: 571/54; 456/27
J. Boyce: 179/9; 10/0
thompk: 574/32: 82/6
Dobson: 546/37; 56/3
A. Collie: 110/6; cut
B. LaFell: N/A; 913/74
R Gronk: 39 rec for 592 yards; 2014: 82 recs, 1124 yds, 13.7

Basically NE got Gronk back and bought LaFell, who played a ton of snaps and caught 62.2% of his passes for a 12.9 yard average. LaFell isn't good, and caught just 50% of his targets from Brady in 2015 (so NE chucked him), but he was so-so for NE in 2014. The rookies sat on the bench or were chucked. Thompkins, tyms, Boyce, and Dobson were all out of football by 2016, so they just weren't very good.

Since '61's picture

Croat - numbers in context, not contest. Just trying to help with English language. I know the sounds of s and x can be confusing. Thanks, Since '61

croatpackfan's picture

I know, Thanks for correction. I was typing too fast and, making mistakes. But I'm trying to improve...

Since '61's picture

You are doing fine Croat. No worries. Thanks, Since '61

stockholder's picture

I wonder if Arron Rodgers really loves football now. Being part owner of a Basketball team is a distraction. Seriously, to buy into something, means you Love that something. His work ethic has changed. He's fallen into a bad habit. Losing!. He's trying to find the thrill in football again, by going long. Not to the open man like any good coach would teach. Yes Arron, you changed. You speak like a union person threatening to file a Grievance. Not realizing your wrecking the very thing this fan base loved in you. A gifted person that helped us enjoy watching football.

Oppy's picture

Years ago some suggested Aaron Rodgers was a stats guy.

I scoffed at those people.

I am now starting to wonder if Aaron Rodgers is indeed looking for the big numbers, being acutely aware that while he's probably one of the most physically talented QBs in football history, he also did not get to start as early as many of his also talented contemporaries, meaning his ability to leave his marks on the record books in many statistical categories is leveraged unless he starts making up for lost time with gaudy numbers.

I can't even believe that I'm wondering if that is a remote possibility. It sounds outlandish and like many of the ridiculous conspiracies I have laughed at in the past. Yet, as I stand here today, I'd be lying if I said I haven't considered that a possibility.

Aaron Rodgers is a unbelievably talented QB. And I'm absolutely over him. I'm ready to move on to the future, even if Aaron still has years of very good football ahead of him. I said it out loud, and I mean it. This isn't knee jerk for me. AR has slowly been losing his shine for me over the last few years, even while he was performing amazing feats and the Packers were winning.. I'm tired of the golden boy can do no wrong diva QBing thing. I'm through with it. Give me defense and a strong ground game with a reliable if not flashy QB. That's where I'm at.

Skip greenBayless's picture

I'm at that very same place as you probably know by now.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Oppy, I'd only considered that obsession with regard to INTs. What AR is doing is killing every other QB stat except TD/INT ratio and perhaps passer rating, so I hadn't considered the rest of the possibilities.

Since '61's picture

"Defense with a strong ground game with a reliable if not flashy QB." Oppy we already had that team. It was called the Vince Lombardi era.

In this era great defenses don't (can't) exist any longer because the rules won't allow it. As a result the really, solid, consistent ground games are gone as well. Seattle is the only team in the league with 49/51 pass/run ratio so far in 2018. Every other team has passed the ball at least 52% or more. Green Bay is over 66%.

Seattle averages nearly 32 rush attempts per game and leads the league. The Packers are 30th in the league with 21 attempts per game and I believe these figures include QB runs. Since Rodgers usually runs 2-3 times then Packers are probably averaging about 18 carries per game with their RBs.

Like you I would prefer to have a solid defense with a strong ground game and good if not great QB play. However for the most part the league doesn't play that way any longer based upon the rules and the perception that high scoring offense makes for better "entertainment" as opposed to better football. "Are you not entertained?" the movie Gladiator.

If he was available I'd hire Lombardi today, but alas. Thanks, Since '61

A Pickled Packer's picture

'61, Joe Lombardi's out there, he's got the DNA, how bad can he be?

Since '61's picture

From what I read and hear about Joe Lombardi he is not yet ready to be an HC in the NFL, but stranger things have been known to happen. Hopefully for him his day will come. Thanks, Since '61

flackcatcher's picture

I keep holding out hope, but I got there too after the Lions game. Rodgers is a damn head case. Clearly shows up in his style of play. Rodgers should be riding the bench for being a flaming jerk. But the diva still gives this team it best shot for winning. I feel sorry for Mike McCarthy. What a mess.

Skip greenBayless's picture

I tell you what changed my opinion on Rodgers for the worse. It was last year when the ultra left wing liberal from CA thought so much of himself and his "power" over the people of WI when he told everyone at Lambeau to join hands against the President of the United States before The National Anthem against I believe the Bears on a Monday night. Only 5 men in the front row held hands out of 80,000 plus. The rest gave Rodgers an invisible finger by not doing what he requested. He looked at the scoreboard during the anthem and you could tell he was absolutely pissed that nobody listened to him. I was so proud of all those fans at Lambeau for choosing the flag over Rodgers' hatred against the President. Rodgers won the game that night I believe but he lost much much more after that. He continues to trend downward on and off the field ever since. I'm ready for a change at qb or head coach if this is what needs to be done for the long term survival of this team. I love the Packers more than an aging super rich in denial diva quarterback.

Lare's picture

Everything comes back to politics with you.

How sad.

packergal's picture


Even as the topic IS related to a political event, the larger story IS the precise example of Diva-like behavior by AROD and how he expects "fans" to behave in a certain way "just because"....

Not many fans listened did they?

After the SI and other articles circulate and expose AROD monster ego, perhaps fans, coaches, rookies, the press, and others will view AROD's commitment to the team differently--despite his multiple MVP and "two big helmet" awards for "fundamentals".

stockholder's picture

@Oppy - jermicheal Finley on Bleacher report - Arron never gave him his cell number after 6 seasons. He doesn’t view the QB as a good leader. He’s a different guy. " It was all about his game and stats!" Acted as if people should Bow down to him.? What is he turning into? If actions speak louder than words. MM is clearly HandCuffed.

Skip greenBayless's picture

The evidence coming out lately on Rodgers is very telling. Just the past week we had highly respected people like Greg Jennings, Jordan Rodgers, Oppy, Stockholder, Aaron Rodgers' mother, Dash Riprock, and now Jermichael Finley. No doubt Mike McCarthy is getting the brunt of Rodgers' wrath. I do hope someone in the organization can quell this situation before it turns into an uncontrollable wild fire inside and outside 1265.

Packers0808's picture

Still bet McCarthy will be back next! Simply no one on the horizon who will do better than he has! If they hire McDaniel's they deserve what they get, nothing improved!

4thand1's picture

Rodgers has one record that may stand the test of time, his TD to INT ratio. He will not take chances, when eventually you have to to make a play. He has one guy he truly trusts, DA. This team has to play ball control with short passes and run the dam ball. They've done it before and it worked, I don't know WTF is going on now.

wildbill's picture

All I know is that this offense is not fun to watch, Favre was a turnover machine but his childlike approach to the game was a joy to watch. He has the same number of rings as Rodgers and the Super Bowl we lost to Denver was not on Favre. That being said, Rodgers is a better QB all things considered but I think the GOAT talk has gone to his head and changed his approach to the game

Pierre's picture

Gonna be tough for Packerland the next five years, if they don’t move Rodgers and move on to a new QB sooner rather than later. They’ll be paying him 30mil a year and probably just be a middle of the pack team each year with little potential to reach the playoffs...nevermind the SB! Trade him for any draft picks they can get, use Boyle ands Kizer at QB for minimum costs, and build a ferocious defense with all the saved money. Might work as a plan in resurrecting the Packers along with a tough new coach.

Oppy's picture

My gut says Kizer has always been a heart-breaking INT machine, I see the glimpses that make QB coaches believe they can turn him, but he's always made poor choices and thrown fool hardy picks, I think he's just not an NFL QB. His preseason week 3 and 4 performances convinced me he's not viable- making horrid mistakes you'd only expect a first-training camp undrafted rookie to make.. even though he's a a second year player who was drafted in the 2nd round and has almost a full year of NFL starting experience under his belt.

Release kizer, Keep Boyle as a developmental project (He's was a low completion %, high INT QB in college, too- he's got accuracy issues but you've got to like the arm strength and pocket presence) and just find a journeyman QB who can run an NFL offense as its intended, lead a respectable huddle, and not lose you games.

Otherwise, I agree completely. I can't believe I'm at this point, but I am. Rebuild it.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Fennell wrote that Kizer as a rookie was an average NFL QB between the twenties, and was awful in the red zone due to interceptions that took all the points off the board and just failing to get TDs. [Sounds like GB's offense with AR at QB, except for the INTs: GB is just not good in the red zone instead of terrible.]

Anyway, Kizer looks like a competent backup to me and is still cheap. Not against Boyle being thought of as the developmental QB, but I haven't given up on Kizer. Call me crazy: some definitely will!

dobber's picture

"use Boyle ands Kizer at QB for minimum costs, and build a ferocious defense with all the saved money. "

We've seen this over the last several years and it didn't was called the Minnesota Vikings.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Pierre, you and I on same page. The only question I have for you is this. Who is your pick for the "tough new coach". I have mine but I realize I can't name him anymore because we have too many sensitive individuals here.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"I’m not playing any different this year."

Wow, now Aaron is full of shit too. Great.

dobber's picture

I think maybe the response should be: well, maybe he should.

croatpackfan's picture

There is one psychology category that can be symptom of various diseases. That symptom is denial. I see that symptom in Aaron's answers.

Step by step we all now learning that main cause of offensive struggling is Aaron Rodgers. Because he is in denial.

Can anyone tell me when did you see 3 step and throw from Aaron after snap last time?

And that, I believe, is QB fundamental...

I do not like what I see. It would be sad if this continue. We would lose true artist of football.

Please, God let it be just short phase in Aaron's life, nothing serious or permanent...

PAPackerbacker's picture

AR is different in his approach to football. He looks for the deep pass to Adams way to many times and holds onto the ball to long, resulting in sacks, rather than look for an open receiver closer than 25 or 30 yards down field. He misses easy throws when, on the rare occasion he does throw short. Not admitting the fact you are playing different is one of the reasons the Packers are not successful. AR needs to make smart plays instead of dumb excuses and get back to what put the Packers on the winning track to making the team a contender again.

KC Mack's picture

The O Line isn't the primary problem. While not great, in most systems, 3.5-5 seconds is plenty of time to get the job done. Scheme and inexperience at WR are the biggest problems. The most successful QBs right now are not waiting 4 or 5 secs to deliver a pass. They are scheming guys into spaces and delivering balls in 2-3 seconds. No 7 step drops on 3rd down with guys not reading blitzes, etc. AR is hesitant to hit check downs, prefers the sandlot style of play. Our TE doesn't make anyone afraid. Only Adams & Jones strike fear, and they aren't being used in this offense to the best of their abilities. AR is in denial. He misses his old QB coach. Although I don't believe in conspiracies, you'd almost think the way AR is playing is like a guy throwing a tantrum because he doesn't like his coaches, the O, and is still mad his QB coach was let go...

lecko's picture

We all noticed on several sevral important short yardage situations, just take what defense is giving you, guy is open , just throw him the ball. No, instead we have always extending the play and getiong sacked or in rare occasion 30 yd completion. So the solution for him to have better results as we see is to play more SAFE, to make more short high % passes. But have you read what was Rodgers answer yestaerday? I need to take more chances .

Cmon Aaron, just do it. I wont watch.After following the Pack from Europe for 30 years I didnt care to stay up all night vs Minnesota. I just checked the Score and was not surprised. I also didnt pay for Gamepass this year.

Tarynfor12's picture

"I’m a two-time All-USA Fundamentals team. I have the big helmets in my office,"

Sounds a little McCarthy-esk....I'm a highly successful HC.

Two big helmets...One has him denying his play and the other has him playing like one.

flackcatcher's picture

Good overview Zach. I suspect most Packer fans were fearing this kind of outcome at the start of this season. Now we have the worst case; A lame duck head coach and a out of control player who happens to be the MIP of your team. Oh, and a team decision structure that is so muddled, that the guy who should be making these decisions on the on the field future is probably being blocked from doing so. Wonderful....... (excuse me while I stick some more pins in my Mark Murphy voodoo doll...:)

A Pickled Packer's picture

I put his poor play squarely on the OLine and his lack of trust in what he has up front. If there was one glaring mistake in this years draft is that Gute didn't bolster the OL, even though Rodgers was the most hit and sacked QB in football before he went down last year. I think those stats are close to the same this year. Didn't understand picking 3 WR's and only one lineman, logic would dictate it should have been the other way around.

Rebecca's picture

The frustration has reached critical mass around Titletown. Here’s what’s redundant: AR holds on to the ball too long, AR doesn’t like the middle of the field, AR doesn’t trust the rookies, AR is always looking for the long throw, doesn’t practice, etcetera.

Rodgers was a lot of fun to watch for about 7.5-8 years, and mostly with a middling defense to bail out. Now we have a sometimes but not often enough entertaining quarterback in Rodgers. We’ve analyzed the life out of this Rodgers situation and hope he still has 5 entertaining years left.

Hopefully the Packers continue to build a stronger defense and avoid a major late season injury to a key player like Adams, Bahktiari, or Linsley.

The Packers will probably end the season 8-7-1.

Not nearly as entertaining as LAR,NOS, TEN, CHI.

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