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Packers: 46 Raiders: 16

By Category

Packers: 46 Raiders: 16

Aaron Rodgers, D.J. Smith, Ryan Grant

The Bad

The Bad

Marshall Newhouse, Mike Neal, Derek Sherrod

The Bad

The Bad

Greg Jennings' Knee



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Dane's picture

Here's hoping for a Type A spain.... 2-4 weeks max!

Dane's picture

Haha. Sprain.

jack in jersey city's picture

i just saw this posted on the packers central FB page:

"early word is torn MCL for Jennings.. Hoping that isn't the case"

if it is a torn MCL, jennings could be out 2-6 weeks depending on the severity of the tear. so it looks like he can be back for the playoffs (hopefully)

Bearmeat's picture

Has Neal improved at all? Or is he just eating up space?

2nd Q - has the D really improved, or is this more the Raiders ineptitude?

I have a feeling it's the latter, cause I've seen the D "improve" in games before, only to screw the pooch next week.

Dane's picture

The Raiders were just that bad. Ugliest 30 point victory I've ever seen. I'll take it, though!

packeraaron's picture

The defense played well - but this is a stumbling, hurt Raiders team.

thehatefulnerd's picture

In fairness to Neal, his job is to take up space.

Bob's picture

I thought he looked great, laying on his belly with a defender on top of him. Palmer a couple of yards away from him scrambling and he didn't even make an effort to get up. He must think he's Santa Claus and only has to work one day a year.

Wagszilla's picture

DJ Smith had the pick and a couple of sound tackles but I wouldn't necessarily deem that "good". He still struggles mightily when rushing the passer.

Think J-Mike deserves the "bad" for that drop, sloppy routes, and pre-snap stuff per usual. He didn't hurt his team today but who knows if he will down the stretch.

But whatever... 30 point drubbing I'll take it...

packeraaron's picture

INT and team-leading 10 tackles spell "Good" to me.

Wagszilla's picture

Fair enough. I'll have to re-watch.

Think they'll rotate Smith in at ILB even when both Hawk/Bishop are healthy?

O'Neill's picture

Not often, but I think they will. He's shown that he can be consistent and responsible. It'll be nice to give Hawk and Bishop some extra breathers during the game.

Wagszilla's picture

Yeah, I'd really like to see it.

Him and Bishop are the most sound tacklers on the team. Would help immensely during run packages.

Pbacker's picture

Francois not on the Good list = MISS.

Aaron Nagler's picture

Who do you take out?


TPackers's picture


PackersRS's picture


Take Rodgers out. In fact, I don't know why you keep putting him in there. He's automatic IMHO. Give it to someone else.

INT + FF for a backup should warrant a GOOD.

packeraaron's picture

<em> I don’t know why you keep putting him in there</em>

Because he's the best player in the NFL. (shrugs)

PackersRS's picture

At what time does one stop saying that the sky is blue?

/waits for someone to point out that it's the reflection of the ocean yadda yadda.

packeraaron's picture

He's the biggest reason they are 13-0 and chasing history. To not put him in seems absurd. Hey, that's just me. You are free to take him out in's "Good, Bad, and Ugly" :)

Kevin's picture

hate to be that guy but its actually because of longer wavelength light passing through the atmosphere and shorter wavelengths getting absorbed and then radiated in all different directions..... agreed rodgers is #1 though

al's picture

I am with you. Rodgers is #1 every week so lets just take him out of this and talk about some other guys. Why don't we just have

God: Aaron Rodgers

Good: ...

Bad: ...

Ugly: ...

Majik Man's picture

I don't know what's up with Finley. Another Rodgers pick due to the ball going right through the receiver's hands. Come ON, man.

calipackfan's picture

We shouldn't even be nervous of jennings getting injured we have more weapons, now if jordy got injured also then I'll get worried.

Sootofan97's picture

If Jennings is out it'll undoubtedly hurt... But i think they bring Gurley up from PS and be just fine

T's picture

The Jennings injury is a big deal if we have no running game. With no running game, we need our top wideouts.

DBH's picture

At the same time Jennings goes down - hopefully for just a few weeks - Drive has been turning it on. What a story it would be if Driver can really step in and fill in for Jennings in a second Super Bowl run.

MarkinMadison's picture

Boy, I think J-Mike beats out Newhouse for "Bad" honors this week. Zero catches. Gives up the interception in the end zone. I get that teams will try to take him away, but the great ones can only be limited, not shut out. Newhouse had his bad moments, but I thought that he picked it up in the series after he was pulled.

Mossdog427's picture


Tommyboy's picture

Good - The fact that Chad Clifton and Josh Sitton may return soon. Ugh, when that line looked bad, it looked horrific.

lebowski's picture

Really disappointed that Sherrod hasn't improved.

Dan Collins's picture

Props for Francois.

bomdad's picture

Oui! Le Bien!

jim's picture

i understand how finley can open up the game for other receivers, but he just seems to have his head somewhere else.... i wouldnt be surprised if the pack looks for another tight end in the draft with quarless on the mend and finley playing as he does.

bomdad's picture

I am never suprised by Ted drafting TEs or when MM lines up on all five at the same time on the goal line.

IMO Finley is not playing up to a franchise tag salary if you go by numbers. There's five better players at his position.

Ruppert's picture

I suppose this is extremely arrogant, but as long as Jennings is back in time for the NFC Championship game, I'll be okay with it.

We have to win one of the last 3 to wrap up home field. We'll manage that without him. And I think we can pretty much beat anybody in the divisional round without him's at home, coming off a bye week.

Really, the only team that scares me throughout the rest of the league is the Saints, and even they look wayyyyy different outside, on grass, in the cold. Tennessee should have beaten them yesterday, for cripes sakes.

Love the good/bad/ugly choices. Personally, I think Cobb's role will increase with Jennings out.

mark's picture

I'll acknowledge Derek Sherrod hasn't been great. But if you'll recall, Bulaga was beat a bunch of times when he first started in the NFL. So I think it's normal that Sherrod would have some initial struggles. He is a first round pick, he is the future. Game reps are important. I think the playoff plan is Bulaga/Clifton at tackle. But getting Sherrod reps, and some comfort, under the lights is both smart and prudent. I'm not saying we can't (or shouldn't) critique his play, but let's do so with a dose of understanding (or at least a mention) that he's young and this is all part of the process.

CSS's picture

Sherrod is exactly what you get with a fringe 1st/2nd round prospect: physically immature, requires a full season and offseason, adjust to the speed of the professional game and learn nuances he likely never had in college (punch, hand placement, footwork).

Bulaga was physically mature enough to battle and had the advantage of Kirk Ferentz, a legitimate NFL offensive line coach.

MarkinMadison's picture

The other thing is that MM no longer sounds confident that Clifton will make it back at all. "He can't have any more set-backs." The reality of the situation is shaping up to be that if Newhouse or Bulaga go down with an injury then Sherrod WILL play, ready or not. So I know AN doesn't like the rotation, but they need to get Sherrod ready to take over a spot if he has to do so.

Sam's picture

Where's the love for Grant guys?? He looked like the old down hill runner we all used to know and love on sunday.

Wagszilla's picture

Yeah - Against a defeated Raiders team.

Grant looked good, no doubt, but I want to see some consistency from him before I shower praises on him.

But if anything, he's healthy - so no excuses down the stretch here especially in garbage time. If he doesn't have a huge day against both the Chiefs and Lions, I'd say it was a fluke.

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