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Packers: 45 Vikings: 7

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Packers: 45 Vikings: 7

Aaron Rodgers, Charles Woodson, Dom Capers

The Bad

The Bad

Randall Cobb's Muffed Punt

The Bad

The Bad

Jared Allen



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Mojo's picture

The O-line didn't thrill me. Too many hits on A-Rod tonight. Starks had to run hard for his yards. Else, by far best game of the year.

Ryeguy812's picture

Oh Jared Allen. One of those guys you want on your team, but love to hate when he's on your rival's team. Wonder what Rodgers said to him walking off the field at half time? Something for #AskAaron perhaps

Jake's picture

I don't know about him, but if I were a QB I would be as nice and complimentary as possible to the league's best pass rushers. Or really any pass rusher. Actually, really any defender.

Chris's picture

Pretty sure it was some nice words between those two. I know from earlier interviews that Rodgers totally respects Allen and his way to play the game. If they were not on different rivals they would be best friends.

Jon Eberhardt's picture

Okay, third quarter and Rodgers scrambles and goes up the middle. Allen tackles him for, like, a two yard game. In most situations the defensive lineman would at least land on top and dig in an elbow or a knee to make the quarterback remember the next time that they will be punished. Allen just pulls him down and makes sure he doesn't land on Rodgers. Thought that was really classy.

PresidentRaygun's picture

I loved seeing the obvious respect between the two, at half and after the game.

I can't help but like Jared Allen and Brian Urlacher, they're good for the game.

T's picture

They said during the telecast, that Rodgers and Allen are golf buddies. And after his comments after the game (He hopes the Packers win the Super Bowl), I think he is the only Viking player I respect.

UGLY = Pass protection in the 1st half.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Where did you see that Allen quote?

Wagszilla's picture

BJ Raji should be in the "ugly" section.

Dude got pushed around like a rag doll all game.

Whatever, great win. Both D and O looked great on the whole.

10-0 is a fact.

BubbaOne's picture

Like last week I renew my protest of rating Aaron Rodgers w/ mere mortals.

MarkinMadison's picture

I was not satisfied with Newhouse's play. The signature play was when Allen falls down (on his own) gets up, and goes to the middle of the field and makes the play. Newhouse is standing right over Allen the whole play. So easy to knock him back down as he tries to get up. And I get that Allen is going to get his, but if we were looking at this match up as a measuring stick for progress by Newhouse, I'd say, "not enough." To me, if Clifton is coming back for the play off run Newhouse has not convinced me that he deserves to keep the job, and Sherrod could very well win the job next summer.

Chris's picture

Plus he could just "sit" on him while he is down, totally legal.

Phillthy Phill's picture

We will lose when we are out coached.

Evan's picture

We will lose when an opposing teams finds some kryptonite.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

What is this "lose" you speak of?

Jacob's picture


Evan's picture

That was the dominating performance we've all been waiting for. If the pass rush shows up like that for the rest of the season, look out. It's going to get ugly.

Evan's picture

Also, I can't BELIEVE Woodson dropped that pick-6.

foundinidaho's picture

Woodson couldn't either.

djbonney138's picture

I know, he was licking his chops and looking downfield. He knew he had it.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

Bad = MNF color-commentary guys. Jaws and Gruden can be insightful, but is it me, or are they just way over the top gushing over guys, not just ours, too much? If it were possible to have the radio sync'ed with the tv, I'd listen to Wayne and Larry, than the all-out love fest from Jaws and Gruden.

AJKUHN's picture

Gruden would be ok if he was synced up with the game. He has great descriptions of formations and plays, except that he usually ends with, but that's not what they did here. Sometimes I think he is watching a totally different game. The other two, I have no use for. Do they make a radio delay device we can hook up?

Jersey Al's picture

Allen is the Crazy MF'ing friend that everyone has. Great at parties, but way too annoying to deal with on a regular basis...

foundinidaho's picture

I agree. He drives me nuts.

bomdad's picture

Right on. He seems to have grown up some and maybe stopped binge drinking, but remember the guy was one drink away from a season long suspension.

Ruppert's picture

Whoa, now. I'm here to tell you that binge drinking and growing up are definitely not mutually exclusive.

djprotege's picture

Ryan Grant should be in the ugly/horrific.... 0.8 yards a carry last night....

cow42's picture

I am an idiot.
I apologize for all of my past posts.
I am an idiot.

Evan's picture

haha. All is forgiven.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture


Tommyboy's picture


PackersRS's picture

It's like after all this time you still haven't learned to trust TT, MM and Capers implicitly...

cow42's picture

i am ashamed.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Where is Todd when you need him?

packeraaron's picture


davyjones's picture

I really do miss Todd.

You know what one of the really cool things to watch was? On Sunday, I was watching Bears/Lions game and was marvelling at how hard hitting those defenses were--especially the Bears. I thought to myself, "Man, I wish the GP D would play like that".

And they did!


redlights's picture

Loved seeing Flynn! Means we're up big, and ARodg isn't getting hit.

Also less alarmed to see Jarrett Bush on D. If Woodson would retire, I could see him taking that role. Shaky in coverage, but get INT and can blitz.

Lynn Dickey 12's picture

Uh, no. JB has transitioned out of his "53rd guy on the roster", "guy you love to hate" role into being a functional d back, and great special teamer. Still, I think we've seen all the development we'll see out of the guy.

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