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Packers: 45 Chargers: 38

By Category

Packers: 45 Chargers: 38

Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Charlie Peprah

The Bad

The Bad

Dom Capers and the Defense

The Bad

The Bad

Charles Woodson



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PresidentRaygun's picture

Those were some obvious penalties on Wood, too. And some bad coverage. Worst game out of him for a while. Not worried about him, though, he'll bounce back.

Nerd's Laptop's picture

I think he may have lost a step. Might be time to move him to Safety.

andrew's picture

DOES ANYONE WATCH THE GAMES?? like every game adn think about it.. the dude has 4 picks.. chilll outtttt he always gets a lot of pass intereference calls.. especially against someone twice his size

PackersRS's picture

If Woodson continues to play as recklessly as he is (IMHO he's playing for that record pick-6, not for the team right now), he cannot play cornerback anymore. He doesn't have the same burst as he did in 09 to make up for poor technique on coverage.

That being said, I do think it'll all change. His post-game interview was as serious and intense as it gets. That's indignation. I bet we see a different, more assignment sure, more conservative Woodson. He'll stop trying to force a fumble every single time, thus missing a lot of tackles, he'll stop jumping on QB's eyes, thus being late and allowing so many big plays.

Bearmeat's picture

He and the whole Defense had better do just that. If they don't the season's in serious jeopardy.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"IMHO he’s playing for that record pick-6, not for the team right now"

RS. Did you really type that? Tell me your account got hacked. He played poorly, but geez, that's one hell of an accusation.

PackersRS's picture

He's been mentioning it since he got that pick 6. The way he's been playing is way overagressive. It's not like he's a selfish player. With this talented team and going 8-0, he thought that he could afford it.

I believe that after last game, he figured out that there's no place for it.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

Good - Offense. Deserve to be 8-0.

More Good - the 64 yard bomb to Jordy...WOW!

Bad - JFinley and the antics after catches; its gonna cost the team someday.

More Bad - Defense cannot stop 3rd and long; its getting sickening. They have a better chance of stopping 3rd and short.

Still More Bad - Run Offense finishing the game out. I think the Viking game was an abberation, and they got lucky.

And one more Bad - Defense will be the factor in losing games. Today coulda been that game.

Ugly - draw play on 3rd down on their last possession. I dont find the draw works for us. I dont recall it ever working well enough to use to close out a game. Find something else.

tony's picture

I hated the play call only because it was out of the shotgun... I mean comon... Just line up starks and kuhn and run it down their throats... it was working the whole game

willis's picture


mike's picture

Agree 100%

mark's picture

Bad – JFinley and the antics after catches; its gonna cost the team someday.


It's tough to come down too hard on Finley when Rodgers has his belt, Matthews has his predator thing he does, Driver can be expressive, etc. But with Finley, it does seem like every single time he makes a play, big or small, he's gotta make some peacocky show of it. It just gets fucking old. I love Finley, but it's time to take that next step in terms of maturity. Act like you've been there.

Evan's picture

What did he do that was so egregious yesterday? Crossing his arms while sitting on the ground?

I really don't see the problem.

packeraaron's picture

Agreed Evan. I love Finley's "antics" - I laughed my ass off at the arm crossing.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

I sorta agree, Aaron. We saw him sit down, cross his arms, but we cant hear what he is saying, if he is even saying anything. Judging by his comments to the media or his twitter account, he likes to talk, a lot. Brennaman or Billick said that he coulda had an unsportsmanlike thrown at him, and that is my concern. I suspect that if he does it one time, and it warrants a flag, MM wont let him do it again.

And I do love Finley, just hope he can reel it in sometimes. My intent was the antics were bad, not his performance.

Evan's picture

He didn't sit down. He was already on the ground because he fell down while completing a catch. He then crossed his arms and legs and sat there for a moment. There is no way what he did would ever draw an unsportmanlike flag.

That said, I was shocked AJ Hawk didn't get a flag when he threw Tolbert's shoe.

98lbs weakling's picture

He was not cheering another guy's injury - he was having fun, serious fun.

packeraaron's picture

Totally agree.

Ryan's picture

He crossed his arms and legs because he was imitating what his son Kaydon does when he's mad. Why is this a big deal when everytime Driver gets a first down he acts like he's having a seizure isn't?

Answer: It's not.

packsmack25's picture

I'm sorry, but when you make catches like he does, you can talk about how he doesn't need to celebrate. He's an incredible talent, and he doesn't beat his wife or sell purple drank. He's ok in my book.

Evan's picture

Seriously. And it's not like he's mocking the other team's QB when down 21 points.

When will teams learn that it's a terrible idea to mock the belt?

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

Agreed Evan.

Find your own celebratory antic, but use it when you are (insert Charlie Sheen "winning!").

I guess I am overreacting to Finley.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I just laugh when I see people pull the 'discount double check'. I know #12 does too. Like he said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

PackersRS's picture

You know why it seems as if with Finley is different? Because you want to.

mike's picture

Nothing about the onside kick when Taylor blow his assignment and didnt block but went for the ball. No mention of the after that "Play it safe formation" slocum puts out there with 11 guys who arent on kick return team and a guy 40 yards behind the nearest block, who hasnt returned a kick since oakland??? Terrible special teams should be added the list on two consecutive chances to take the game over... you mentions 2/3 of a football contest.

djbonney138's picture

I thought the one penalty, where the receiver slowed up on Woodson was crap. Woodson was looking for the ball the whole time and it seemed uncatchable. Most of the flags thrown on various penalties weren't thrown until the players lobbied for them (this benefited the Pack once). Also, this defensive performance was awful. Open receivers all day.

dullgeek's picture


MarkinMadison's picture

I was wondering why Woodson wasn't matched up on Gates more often. Watching Bishop try to cover him was just sad.

Bearmeat's picture

Couldn't be more perfect Aaron. This entire defense is U.G.L.Y. right now - and it has been ALL year.

IMO - Shields has regressed. Collins is out. Tramon's been hurt. Hawk's regressed. Burnett is hurt. Wood/Pick/Green are older and slower. Raji's worn out, and was better at NT, and CM3 has either been hurt or is suffering from a lack of something I don't even want to think about.

But that's it. Nothing to worry about.....

NJ's picture

I'm not going to bad-mouth TT too much, because overall I think he's done a helluva job, but I was a little worried when he went "all-O" in last year's draft (at least at the top) and didn't add many reinforcements to the D while letting our best interior pass-rusher walk.

Certainly Neal's injury, Collins' injury, Tramon's injury and Clay being nicked up haven't helped matters, but so far we haven't really had those depth guys step up in a big way like we did last year when injuries hit us.

Likely as not, this is pretty close to the defense we're going to get for the rest of the season, which is a damn shame, because if the Patriots 14-2 record last year, built on all O and no D, tells us anything, it's that team's don't usually make it very far in the post-season unless a team is good on both sides of the ball.

Evan's picture

I wish I could say, "that's easy to say in hindsight." But many, many people were questioning it at the time.

That said, neither Akeem Ayers nor Brooks Reed, two guys people had slotted for the Packers at 32, are really lighting the world on fire.

andrew's picture

are you being serious with all of your regressed nonsense?... shields play has been fairly solid from a coverage standpoint.. as has tramons outside of a few miscommunications that are happening because this is basically burnetts first year as a starter causing some blown coverages.. hawk again playing the same pick is older... woodson has had 4 picks this year are you kidding. he cant cover gates who is a MONSTER in size next to woodson.. Raji gets a lot of doubles and matthews is being asked to play more conservatively and does get pressure although it is a step slow

IowaPackFan's picture

Apparently in order to be a good CB, you have to make interceptions. There is a reason we're not hearing Shields' name right now; QBs haven't thrown to him, and that's a good thing. When your making a lot interceptions as a CB, it means QBs perceive you as a weak link, and think they can beat you. No picks, low-profile, equals doing your job.

BTF's picture

"it’s that team’s don’t usually make it very far in the post-season unless a team is good on both sides of the ball."

Recent history disagrees. In fact the 2010 Packers were unusual in being highly ranked both sides of the ball. The 09 Saints and 07 Colts both had defenses ranking in the 20's. The 08 Steelers O was ranked midway as was the 06 Giants IIRC.

As someone said in the live chat last night being balanced on both sides of the ball is great but you don't NEED it. You can get away with being average on one side of the ball if you are exceptional on the other. I'd say this teams offense is pretty good..

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Wow, just saw Rivers post game comments. A little perspective from somebody playing our D... "They've won 14 games in row. Everybody talks about their pass defense, they've won 14 games in a row. They've intercepted the ball more than any team in the league, so that's a good pass defense. We know what yards get ya, they get ya 9-7. We found that out last year, #1 in yards in both O and D... That's how I see it". We all know our D should be better, but it absolutely could be worse.


andrew's picture

thank you

Timbo's picture

Thanks for posting those comments. I was impressed with Rivers. He had a terrible start, but battled back and made some amazing throws.

packsmack25's picture

I respect the Laserface a lot more after that game yesterday. He didn't angrily blow off Aaron the way some other QBs might have. And these comments are so true.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Laserface. Lmao.

Darrin's picture

That's called respect. Something about Rivers I admire - his intensity, fire, something. Whatever it is that Cuntler totally lacks.

Jack's picture

Bearmeat, you think CM3 had a little help from some HGH in the past? I hope that's not the case but I have wondered the same thing.

Nerd's Laptop's picture

He's been limping all year.

NJ's picture

I seriously doubt he was on HGH, he's still just as yoked, but he's just not getting as much push on O-linemen and he's not bending the edge like he used to.

I'm actually wondering if his quad isn't partially torn ... heck, he played on a broken shin most of last year and the most we saw of him on the injury report was "shin."

IowaPackFan's picture

Played injured much of last year, and he's been nursing a hamstring this year. He's just not 100%.

Ceallaigh's picture

Honestly, I don't think HGH is the magic elixer it's made out to be. It gets a lot of hype, but doesn't have the anabolic properties of testosterone. Any edge it gives is small in comparison.

Burt Favor's picture

I think the packers have more talented players than both Jackson and Gates.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Interesting stats from Kevin Seifert:
" Sunday, according to ESPN Stats & Information, Capers blitzed on 54.2 percent of Rivers' dropbacks. Blitzes led to all three interceptions, and Rivers threw all four touchdowns when the Packers limited their rushes to four men."

Nerdmann's picture

Interesting anecdotes.

BubbaOne's picture

I think you do the other Aaron a disservice by comparing him w/ mere mortals.

If there was a year this is it to have an additional category besides the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...AR should receive weekly the Clint Eastwood Award (cuz he makes our day) unless his QB rating dips below the 111.5 baseline he's set.

Cole's picture

It's not the d giving up yards that worries me, it's that when they do give up big plays their receivers are wide freaking open. Seriously, if we could just cut those big plays in half i don't know that I'd even be worried. One way or the other they better get it fixed by playoff time. Put raji back at nose. He's never been effective at end.

Evan's picture


andrew's picture

raji is at end because is a better end than pickett nd we dont have a lot of options right now.. and the big plays are just a young safety and a 2nd string safety having mental breakdowns in communications.. you can tell by how tramon reacts he is wondering what happened to the safety everytime they get burned

Jay's picture

By the graphics, Raji was back at NT this past game, or at least started that way.

Majik Man's picture

Agreed. I was surprised to see Peprah in the "Good" column, because I've seen players omitted for that category despite big plays because of bone-headed moments. Peprah had two big plays, but the game was close in large part due to his blown coverages. He just looks lost back there most of the time.

packeraaron's picture

He had some issues, but it was Burnett giving up the TD to Jackson at the end. Peprah made two of the biggest plays in the game.

There are plenty deserving of the "Good" - in my mind, it was Charlie's turn today.

some guy's picture

agreed. Peprah didn't do anything to create the turnovers. he was on the receiving end of two terrible throws and just happened to be there. He did make a great return for a td

but he was also a problem in the secondary on a handful of plays

Steve's picture

Agree. Their td's were gimme's compared to ours which needed Roger's perfect throws. I never thought I would say that a win was frustrating, but this one was!

FootballGods's picture

Can't wait for, best tweeted by Matthews, "action-figure" Neal to return!!!!

andrew's picture

okay.. the defense.. it looks FINE seriously the only real issue our defense has at all is the blown coverages and that is happening because burnett is basically a first year starter and collins a leader in the secondary isnt there to coach him up and prevent the mental breakdowns. as well as peprah not being a normla starter its not suprising that it happens and should clean itself up as burnett/peprah gets more experience leading to less miscommunications with the corners. Our defense scored twice yesterday.. twice. almost three times. we have an amazing turnover ratio and we do get pressure on the QB a lot. it doesnt lead to a sack very often but we are rushing his throws. clay is hurt he is a step slow but is still being sound against the run and getting pressure occasionally hawk is playing the same as always people he isnt perfect but is a leader in the front 7 and helps improve bishops play. Shields also looks good in coverage but misses tackles.. he is young thats normal again something that was not noticed as much last season but with limited contact practices its hard to get that fixed. Raji gets doubled a lot is he worn down? yes i would assume so but he is doing his job im positive he grades out well every week. honestly our defense looks fine makes huge stops whenever they need to make them who cares if we give up 30 points as long as we have 37.. i know thats how capers looks at it. bend dont break until the defense stops making clutch stops I refuse to worry about how the defense is playing. Cant close out a game? most of our games have been decided by one possession and the defense MAKES THE STOP to give us a win. remember that

andrew's picture

charles woodson always plays aggressive.. has been known his whole career and his whole tenure as a packer to get a lot of pass intereference calls against him.. he matched up against gates.. a man twice woodsons size multiple times. any corner would cheat in that situation and yes they will get caught. it has nothing to do with his speed.. is he a little slower? sure.. but he is smart lead the league in INTs last week (i dunno if he still does) how can you say he needs to be playin safety when he is playing outstanding?.. i get the flags are ugly. i do. but against gates your going to cheat. simple as that

BTF's picture

Woodsons instincts and nose for the ball are still outstanding but no matter how much we wish otherwise he cannot cover like he used to and his gambling is costing us some big plays.

If we can fix the rest of the secondary it may not be an issue but I don't see Woodson as the player he was even last year. That's not to say he can't be a force for us still but he is fading IMO.

greenbowlpacker's picture

8 - 0 People! Enjoy the ride....the defence is going to be just fine....

MrDHarv's picture

I agree man! There sure is a lot of criticism coming from the fans of the reigning super bowl champs who is by the way 8-0 on the season. What more do you people want?

dougie smooth's picture

Good: Desi Bishop's sack celebration. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he powdered his hand and Bish-slapped somebody. Loved it!

Majik Man's picture

I had a good laugh when he did that. Taste Desmond's pimp hand!

mrjnumber1's picture

the ugly iss definitely everyone who failed to tackle mike tolbert. god, it was like watching a bob sanders defense again...

Bohj's picture

Why can't we just listen to our own on this subject. This defense knows they're bad right now. No one is okay with it. The way Wood and gang talk, they like the "W" but don't feel deserving as a unit. We all bitch and moan and break it down...... but in the end..... these guys know they need work. You think they like being 31st in the league? Hell no. 8-0 with a big win against a superbowl contender and all I hear out of this defense is that they played aweful football. Period.

That's what I want going into the second half of the season. A defense with a stigma. We have Capers. We have talent at every position on D. They have nowhere to go but up. Last year, we had a hot D and a lackluster O at the start of the season. And the D bailed out our team with last second picks in the playoffs. A championship team is one that has units that bail eachother out when needed. Same here. Only the roles are switched for the time being. Things will clean up. And not because WE say so..... but because our D wants their swagger back.

packsmack25's picture

The defense scored half as many points as the offense, yet they are in the bad. I disagree. Yes, they gave up a lot of yards and a lot of points, but they also only trailed for like 5 minutes. The point is, they did what they needed to do in order to win. That's all you can ask for out of a defense. Look at the '09 Saints.

packeraaron's picture

I quote the words of Charles Woodson:

"The way we went out there and played defense today was disappointing from a lot of different aspects. Just a lot of bad football."

packsmack25's picture

Without looking, I can recall several games in '09 where the Saints defense was bailed out by an unconscious Brees. Even if they are playing "bad," they are playing well enough to win. They're giving up a lot of points when Aaron leads the offense to a lot of points and giving up smaller totals when they need to do so.

Think about it, would you be in there busting it in the 4th quarter of a 21 point game? It's human nature to be a little more tentative, a little less aggressive in these situations, and that's how the defense has played pretty much all year.

packeraaron's picture

I agree with everything your're saying.

And they were still bad.

packsmack25's picture

They've allowed 17 points TOTAL in the 3rd quarter this season. That's where the defense has been winning games.

packeraaron's picture

Right - but now you're trying to use a point about 3rd quarter defense through eight games to counter the defense being put in the "Bad" category for one game. Pretty nonsensical.

packsmack25's picture

Well they weren't bad in my mind if they win AND score points. To say that a defense was bad because they gave up inconsequential points and yardage is just maddening to me. In the two games that you could point to as being particularly "bad," the Saints and Chargers games, they were up by multiple scores until late in the 4th. To me it's just silly to call a unit that consistently rises to the occasion when it needs to "bad." Did they blow some plays? Yes. But it's not a "bad" defense, and that was not a "bad" game.

IowaPackFan's picture

Yes, the defense gave up a ton of yards again, and yes it resulted in a lot of points. But keep in mind that the Chargers are both top 5 in passing offense, and passing defense. This was the game we all thought it would be. This game, the Saints and Giants were the big litmus test games to see if the Packers had it in them for a deep playoff/SB run again. And so far we're 2 for 2. The really important thing here is that the defense stepped up when it had to. Period. Take each game at one time, and step up when you need to. That's all you need to keep getting W's.

packsmack25's picture

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