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Packers: 38 Redskins: 20

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Packers: 38 Redskins: 20

Aaron Rodgers, James Starks, Jermichael Finley

The Bad

The Bad

Tackling In the Secondary

The Bad

The Bad

Brandon Meriweather



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Beep's picture

Tough to complain about this game. Maybe another Ugly is the pylon catching James Jones fumble at the end of the second half.

TommyG's picture

Yeah, but that's such a weird and random thing to have happen. Normally that fumble goes out of bounds.

TommyG's picture

I would add the secondary's inability to cover a TE in the middle of the field to the bad. Heck just put down the "our secondary all around". I firmly believe that any games that are lost this year will be due to our secondary.

Tibbits's picture

We were doing fine until we got lazy in the second half of the tame after we were up by 30. Burnett returning will be huge for us in that department.

TommyG's picture

I have no doubt that having him, and maybe Hayward again someday, will really change things back there.

Jamie's picture

I posted this in the other thread you mentioned this in:

Fred Davis - 1 catch for 3 yds
Jordan Reed - 3 catches for 18 yds
Logan Paulsen - 2 catches for 13 yds

What game were you watching exactly??

TommyG's picture

That's a fair question that deserves a fair answer. And perhaps I should've added slot receiver to that list as well. My point being is that in back to back games the middle of the field, under the safeties, is a big open area for the opposition to exploit. You are correct, Jamie, it isn't just the TE this time; it certainly was in San Fran though. I should also add that completions and yards by the opposition do not tell the whole story, especially with how terrible the play by RGIII was last night. On a few of the plays where he made terrible decissions there was more often than not an open receiver of some sort right in the middle of the field. Add our poor tackling and things are getting ugly back there. We have all very often pointed out that our defense is tired due to the quick scoring of our offense. Well they are also tired as they are allowing many 3rd down conversions. I will still hold to my conviction of the secondary being the root of our issues this year.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, if your talking the slot WR. That is where Hayward makes a huge difference. Last year he virtually took out the slot receiver. I believe he ranked 3rd in the league in ratings. He was incredible. Hyde and whoever hasn't played to that level. Hayward might not when he returns. But that is the difference right now.

Bearmeat's picture

The only thing I'm concerned about it the tackling. That has to get better fast.

Getting more pressure on the opposing QB would be nice too, but it's early yet.

OregonPacker's picture

How many years have we been talking about poor tackling now?
Where is Gruden when you need him?

MarkinMadison's picture

Too many good performances to choose from. Randall Cobb is getting to the point of just requiring a standing "good." A consistent and reliable play-maker. And James Jones had a phenominal game. Finley was physical and got most of his yards as YAC, so hard to argue with it. Just an embarrassment of riches on display.

Three sacks by a good defense. None credited to Bakhtiari. He's done a phenominal job filling in for Bulaga. Excited to see him get better. If he has a clean game against Cincy it would be great to see a lineman get some love.

hayward4president's picture

No love for Shields? Cmonnnn mannnnn.

BubbaOne's picture

Hey all you Jermichael Finley, James Starks, Mike Neal naysayers it's Mea Culpa time. Let me hear ya...a one, a two, a three...

Jamie's picture

They still haven't paid the piper for James Jones.

Rymetyme81's picture

We're not even in week 3 yet! However, I do hope you're re-posting this 10 weeks from now.

BubbaOne's picture

There's plenty of fans who thought these players shouldn't have seen week one let alone week 3.

And a lot of them thought Shawn Slocum and James Campen should have been fired. Now I hear crickets.

NoWayJose's picture

Got to agree with Rymetyme here... The game was all good, but it's a bit early to ask people to eat crow based on one blow-out.

Plenty of time for that later if they can keep this up consistently (and against better teams).

Jose's picture

Whoa buddy ease up there... I've supported Starks, Neal, and James Jones (I really F*ing love James Jones). Neutral on Finley, he's good and played well enough to be on the team, but we payed him All-Star money. But Slocum? Have you seen our return blocking? Special teams has been drifting from one calamity to another. Now IDK how much of the struggles in coverage and blocking on ST is due to the constant turnover among the backups so I won't go out and ask for his head, but lets not shame the ppl that are.

madmanJack's picture


Rymetyme81's picture

If Meriweather isn't suspended then it's laughable when the league says it protects players from head injuries.

Someone should blackjack that guy from behind on a sidewalk, it's near the equivalent of what he does on the field.

4thand1's picture

Tramon W was great in coverage. Safties suck. Suck it Starks haters, he finaily played healthy.

Bohj's picture

I'm baffled by all of the negativity of our secondary. Earlier this year people were clamoring on about how that was our deepest unit. These guys have all of the ability in the world. Let's be a little more optimistic about their upside.
Hayward = 1 year = stud
Burnett = 3rd year of starting = stud and improving
House = Hasn't played a full year = (flashed potential, ceiling is so high)
Hyde = 2 games? = already making plays, ceiling is high
McMillian/Jennings = Weakest links, but still very young
Tramon = our only veteran = stud

Can we judge these guys after they get a few more games in first?
People expect veteran play out of near rookies. We are still one of the youngest teams in the league. Draft and develop. Please remember the develop part of that.

Bohj's picture

Oh..... and Shields = Getting it done

TommyG's picture

So then help us all understand why in two games our secondary has given up almost 730 passing yards. If the number was half or even two thirds that, I too would not be worried.

On a side note our offense looked stellar, again. I loved seeing Starks and AR blow the doors of the skins; especially since I live in Redskins nation now.

NoWayJose's picture

Well, RG3's yards were racked up mostly during garbage time, so I wouldn't be too concerned about that part of the 730.. if that makes you feel better.

Going to be very interesting to see the plan for AJ Green next week. Wouldn't mind seeing them lock Tramon on him, but they don't seem to want to do that this year.

Micah Hyde had some rough moments out there. Just pancaked on that one play - oof.

WiscoKid's picture

Is it really the secondary so much as it is the lack of consistent pass rush and pocket pressure? It seems that Kaep and RGIII still had plenty of time to throw the ball at times...and I have always heard that even for top notch corners, it's hard to cover WR's for a longer period of time. I definitely think we could use some upgrades over Jennings and McMillian, but maybe if we got a little more push to the QB, we would see an immediate improvement in the secondary as well?

Lucky953's picture

Biggest problem is safety. Our ILBs, like most, have trouble staying with a tight end up the seam, a late drag route, or a back coming up the middle. The safeties have to be able to help in those situations. McMillian is slow in coverage and Jennings sometimes takes bad angles. Experience will help some, but Burnett just has better physical/mental tools.

Bohj's picture

But I agree......tackling needs to improve.

Jamie's picture

One thing to keep in mind, along with the Burnett and Hayward injuries, is how the outside CBs are no longer sticking with their assigned #1 and #2. They are playing 'sides' (left or right) for the first time since Capers took over.

I'm going to hold judgement in this change of philosophy until Burnett and Hayward return, and they get some games under their belt.

themasterfake's picture

All of the Packer problems in the secondary can be cured by the offense. The pressure is really on the O to be the best in the NFL.

Rymetyme81's picture

after watching the game again today, i'll give one observation for each aspect of the team.

Defense: the tackling in the secondary has to improve. The huge blowout hid the fact that we gave a lot of easy yards by horrible tackle attempts.

Special Teams: For those comfortable cheering excellent special teams play, Masthay (Ginger Wolverine) should be applauded and hounded for autographs. Seriously, that guys is a very valuable player on GB.

Offense: The wide receivers do NOT go down easy. Their mentality is tough as nails, Washington was clearly not used to playing against WRs that are ready to fight through their hit and get extra yards rather than dropping to the turf because they already got a first down.

SoTxPhil's picture

I think CB Sheilds had a great game and made alot of tackles and pass breakups. AGAIN, HAWK was invisible and out of position or the play. His favorite move is to come up and stand next to the pile or push on it after the opponent is down. He did get in late and pull RGII's helmet off. I never will understand Capers strategy of stopping the oppenent on first and sec down, then rushing only 3 DLinemen, giving any QB time to complete a pass for 10-20 yds and a first down. If a QB is under pressure in the base alignment, why give him more time to find a rcvr.? Why no penalties on Meriweather for obvious helmet to helmet hits??? Do the officials have it out for GB?? Two facemask calls missed last week, which might have meant the game.

mudduckcheesehead's picture


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