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Packers: 35 Bucs: 26

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Packers: 35 Bucs: 26

Jordy Nelson, Aaron Rodgers, Donald Driver

The Bad

The Bad

Charlie Peprah, Josh Sitton, Sam Shields

The Bad

The Bad

The Packers' Tackling



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MikeNealsBiggestFan's picture

That Blount run was tough to watch. I'm not sure how so many guys can mess up in one go.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

The Ugly right now is Cutler's broken throwing thumb.I feel so bad.

Bearmeat's picture

Yep. No real football fans want to see injuries. Especially to another team's VIP's.

And can we put Nick Collins' injury on the Bad list every week? It's not that I don't like Peprah, it's just that Nick's organizing skills and speed made up for a lot of mistakes in the past.

Evan's picture

I can't say I don't feel a little relieved. But, yeah, it's a shame.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Couldn't of happened to a better guy.

LACheez's picture

I'm not sure losing cutler will affect the Bears that much...Hanie may not be able to make all the plays that Cutler can, but he also probably won't make as many risky throws...

IowaPackFan's picture

Actually, Cutler doesn't make that many bad throws when he has good pass protection. He's looked really good these past 4 weeks or so.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

I'm guessing you did'nt see the Chargers game Cutler was on fire.

PackersRS's picture

Since that first game against the Lions, Cutler has been playing really, really well. In fact, seeing him getting murdered every single dropback yet still maintaining the poise and playing well gave me newfound respect for him. It's a shame that right when he seemed to finally "get it" and start playing to his potential, he gets injuried.

But the bears can go to hell for all I care.

fish/crane's picture

I sense real concern and disappointment for the Bears (sans RS)..and I share that. The Bears were emerging as a real threat to us..and so be it. Another Packer Bear Championship game would be very cool.

Now let's take a minute to reflect on the horrible injury Charles Martin placed upon a fine QB and good guy, Jim McMahon. Imagine an act like that today. We've come a long way.

Point Packer's picture

Cutler is a dick. Don't care.

dgtalmn's picture

and what about our punter? interesting run and fumble.

Aaron Nagler's picture

I had him in there but took him out. If he hadn't picked up the first down, he would have been a lock ;)

Evan's picture

Aaron - what's your take on Neal's play yesterday. I've read everything from "created no push whatsoever" to "got a nice push at times."

packeraaron's picture

His first snap was excellent. Got great push. After that he was pretty pedestrian.

aussiepacker's picture

Agree on Shields in the bad and the tackling in the ugly but i think tampa's first onside kick should be there as well? Man that was ugly. Made me think how good Crosby is at those.

scott amacher's picture

The whole Defense should be in the ugly.

Evan's picture

You should add a new category.

The Great: Charles Woodson bringing back The Grave Digger.

jeremy's picture

That was great.

Big Gilbert was one of the most approachable Packers ever.

fish/crane's picture

...and why did Woodson do that.....out of respect.

NoWayJose's picture

From Bob McGinn at JSOnline: "Thus, the Packers tied the National Football League record for most victories in a season allowing 400 yards or more with six. At the rate the Packers are going, they won't be tied with the New England Patriots of 2010 for long."

Very disturbing comparison, given how that 14-2 team fared in the playoffs.

It makes you wonder how much of the D's soft play is tied to the offense. Is there something about having a dominant, lightning fast offense that causes the defense to play without intensity?

Love this team, but its a strange animal.

andrew harman's picture

if you actually watched the game you can tell that the defense changes completely as soon as we get a 2 possession lead... and changes back again as soon as the 2 possession lead goes away.. once the team is comfy the defense looks like it stops trying and only goes for INTs.. then at the end of the game the defense says alright guess we gotta try now.. and straps it up and stops the other team from scoring to tie the game or take the lead. i dunno why they choose to do it but to be honest i dont care i dont care how many yards they give up as long as they make stops when it matters

NoWayJose's picture

It's odd because it's not like these aren't generally mentally-disciplined, tough guys. Just hard to keep playing at the razor's edge all the time though.

Just speculating here, but its been said many times that AJ Hawk sets the tone for the defense with his calm, collected play-calling (play relaying, that is). AJ can play with real fire at times, but he can be pretty low-key at others. Maybe he needs to take responsibility for stepping up the level of urgency for this D.

CSS's picture

Many theories floating around out there as to 'why' this defense is giving up the yards in gobs. Perhaps some are valid or it's a compilation of various theories as to why this defense has regressed a bit.

Or, is it possible that you could statistically knock 25%-30% of the total yardage given up by simply tackling consistently?

I would imagine there would be less gnashing of teeth if they were 'middle of the pack' in terms of yards allowed. They would likely be there if they kept plays in front of them and tackled.

lars's picture

James Jones = ugly. Just ask Cobb and Rodgers.

andrew harman's picture

pretty sure cobb and jones have similar reception numbers. cobb is extremely has potential to be a starter but will most likely be put in the slot role after driver retires... where jones does not have as much potential and is what he is.. a streaky 4th WR that can make big plays every once in a while

Morli's picture

Had the feeling, Marshall Newhouse had a really solid outing. Trouble was, again, middle of the OLine.

foundinidaho's picture

The tackling. Gawd, the tackling. I could wrap up someone better than those guys. That can't happen Thursday or we have real problems.

CSS's picture

I might get killed for this, but I'm a bit disappointed in Morgan Burnett. There's no denying the physical ability, but he still appears to be a few steps slow in diagnosing plays, especially reading the QB's eyes.

Freeman didn't even make an attempt to look off safeties a few times yet Burnett appeared to be more concerned with sticking to his assignment than diagnosing, reacting and breaking.

Maybe I've had benefit of a good camera angle a few times, or maybe the coaching staff have handcuffed the guy from free-lancing considering how new he is to the roll. Not sure, but his anticipation and post-snap reactions just look a bit slow in the passing game.

Bohj's picture

I know we've been spoiled with depth, but give Burnett a break. The dude has a cast on one hand. And this is his first real season. Caper's Safetys can be complicated at times. He'll develop into a stud.

Jake's picture

Yep. And it's not like Nick Collins walked onto the team playing as well as he did the last few years...

Speaking of Nick... I miss him... :(

Nitchke from the grave's picture

Im not only turning, Im pinwheeling out of control in my grave and im not the only one!

Capers, quit pansying around, tie one arm to their side and run some tackle drills for God sakes.

We can't take it, Reggie and I are going to have to do something we don't want to so will ya teach em to hit someone !??!!

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