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Packers: 34 Cowboys: 31 The Good, Bad and Ugly

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Packers: 34 Cowboys: 31 The Good, Bad and Ugly

Mason Crosby, Mason Crosby, Mason Crosby, Micah Hyde, Jared Cook, Kenny Clark, Having Aaron Rodgers

Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, Ladarius Gunter

Injuries, Losing the Lead, Missed Officiating Calls



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Jersey Al's picture

On first view (from a bar), I thought Randall was more of a culprit overall than Gunter.

Tundraboy's picture

He was. Randall was brutal.

lebowski's picture

most definitely.

Jersey Al's picture

At vn least Gunter contested everything. Randall was five yards away from anyone he was supposed to cover. Beat like a drum all game.

Mojo's picture

I know Randall has been injured throughout the year, but his problem isn't getting from point A to point B. The real problem is point B isn't where he's supposed to be.

He's got a lot of talent, but at this point in his career not much between the ears.

Crackerpacker's picture

Is it worth considering how he has been limited in practice at best since very early in the season. A young player can't afford to miss the amount of reps he has.

Razer's picture

So true Al. Gunter played tight and contested everything against a pro bowler all day long. Randall wasn't close to anyone and didn't contest a WR all night that I saw. If we weren't so thin at CB, he should have been on the bench.

Zachary Jacobson's picture

I feel like it's a little redundant putting him up there week after week. Like, we know he's not having a very good year. We know he's playing excessively soft coverage on his assignment. I wasn't expecting Gunter to get shredded the way he did, especially given how well he's matched up against the opposing team's No. 1 this season.

Finwiz's picture

If you weren't expecting Gunter to get torched, then you either haven't been watching the Packers very closely, you don't isolate on individual players or just don't know much about football? No disrespect, but Gunter is what he is, a free agent corner from the practice squad that wasn't even drafted, and runs about a 4.7 40 in pads. He is not a starting caliber player, and doesn't really belong on the 53. It's painful watching him, and I know this because I've watched every snap of every game except for the big blowout in the middle of the 4 game losing streak.

Zachary Jacobson's picture

Sorry, what? I stopped reading when you said Gunter doesn't really belong on the 53.

The Packers typically shadow a safety on the back-end on the opposition's No. 1 - AKA whoever Gunter is covering. I wasn't expecting him to get "torched" for 130+ yards when he's been the team's best corner this season. (Not that that's saying much.)

KenEllis's picture

Good = Aaron Rodgers & Mason Crosby

Bad = Not seeing Jerruh as the game winning FG went through the uprights.

Ugly = Dom Capers soft, soft D.

Rossonero's picture

What else is Capers supposed to do? Come out of the press box and play CB? He's doing the best with the players available to him. It's a rag tag group, but a win is a win. It's a roster issue that need to get fixed by Ted.

PackerBacker's picture

Agree 100%

JacFrost's picture

A and men. His s tds bitch

Bert's picture

Agree. Not much Capers or any DC can do with the talent we have. We are just outmanned against some teams with poor matchups in the secondary. We will need Burnett badly in Atlanta or Julio will do what Dez did, if not worse.

Tundraboy's picture

Not just Julio.

caruso81's picture

Ding. Ding.

But waiting for Ted to do something other than sign an undrafted WR from Northeast South Dakota State - West campus to be converted to a starting CB is futile.

Dom needs to be credited with making something functional from a bunch of guys with huge hearts and limited talent.

pooch's picture

Ugly Ted.T drafting of defensive players Hopefully Elliot will be in charge in a few months.I will forgive for once again bypassing Kendricks Vike lber for this dbs he picked

pooch's picture

i will never forgive Ted

Amanofthenorth's picture

...for not knowing Sam would knocked out and Rollins and Randall would be injured constantly...

dobber's picture

That's OK...Kendricks plays CB.

pooch's picture

Kendricks lb for GreenBay huge upgrade for GB defense.

fthisJack's picture

capers did the best he could except for the 3 man rush and soft coverage on the third and 16 in GB territory when they picked up that first down. when will he learn that has NEVER worked!

Nick Perry's picture

I LOVE the Bad in this comment. Why don't we get to see jerry Jones as the winning kick goes through the uprights when we HAVE to see him when Bailey tied the game?

Razer's picture

Yeah, I too was waiting for people to start on Capers. He had lunchmeat in the secondary, particularly after Burnett went out and he still got enough out of them to slow them for half a game.

He did pretty well with the cards dealt.

EdsLaces's picture

Good : Hyde, Cook, and Geronimoooooo Bad: Run D Gunter and Randall Ugly: Burnett leaving early :(.....Great freaking game. Easily top 3 all time for me. Oh and can't forget the super clutch category : Rodgers/Cook/Crosby GPG!

paxbak's picture

Ugly - Play calling with 1.40 remaining at Dallas's 38 yard line - should have picked up a 1st down, run clock and end it with a FG - Mike goes extra conservative

PackerBacker's picture

Don't be play call guy, nobody likes play call guy.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I'm saying; when will this get old?

Amanofthenorth's picture

oh brother...

4thand1's picture

WTF, a rookie Spriggs whiffed on a block on a running play. Just one of many rookies that have to play because of dam injuries. Has nothing to do with being conservative.

fthisJack's picture

i didn't like the Monty sweep on second and 6? that lost 6 yards and put them on the edge of FG range. run him off tackle where he was having success.

MarkinMadison's picture


2nd half drop in offensive production = bad

injuries = ugly

waiting on that injury report before I get too stoked about Atlanta

Spud Rapids's picture

The good - Packers
The bad - Cowboys
The ugly - Skip Bayless

Wenis's picture

Both Crosby and Bailey made clutch kicks late with Mason doing it twice.

That INT by Rodgers was a game changer but the Pack did just enough to get the win.

4thand1's picture

That's the problem, AR HAS to be perfect. One pass he threw a little to far inside. But, the pass he threw to cook can't be made by anyone else.

Mojo's picture

I wonder, did Arod just underthrow Adams, or was he expecting him to break inside. Sure looked like the later from Rodgers facial expressions. Anyway, if he hits a wide open Adams the games over.

Nick Perry's picture

That's exactly what happened. Had Rodgers connected with Adams it was "The Dagger". It was a really strange because he stepped into the throw. 3 yards to the left and 5 yards deeper and it's 6.

Seth Borden's picture

Can we add Linsley's shotgun snaps to the "Ugly"? What was up with that all game?

LayingTheLawe's picture

He kept sending those little short lobs back at Rodgers. Luckily he's athletic to field those crappy things.

zoellner25's picture

He got destroyed a few times too. I miss tretter

Mojo's picture

Yeah, what was that all about? I though it was possibly by design (the slow and low snaps), but what QB would want to have to bend down and take his eyes off the defense all the time.

Razer's picture

Credit to Rodgers for having to overcome Linsley's ankle snaps and still make the offense go. Linsley did not have his best game.

Colin_C's picture

Don't think it's fair to pin so much on Gunter. He actually played decent, and was on island quite a lot. Considering who we had back there, this secondary did pretty well. I do think HHCD is a bit overrated though. Nick Collins would have really helped our CB situation this year.

PackFan619's picture

Agree on Gunter. That's a tough assignment to cover Dez one on one. Even when Dez was making plays and beating Gunter, he wasn't beating him badly. Sometimes you have to tip your cap.

zoellner25's picture

That's where I blame capers. Gave almost no help to Gunter when he bracketed OB3 the entire previous game

dobber's picture

It's different against the Giants when they didn't have to respect the run game.

PackFan619's picture

Much better offense from the Cowboys. It's pick your poison. Even beyond Zeke they have 3 other guys that likely beat their man on any play, given how thin the Packers secondary is. Any possession less than 7 was a good result for the defense. All things considered, I thought Capers called a good game for the second week in a row.

JacFrost's picture

Dix went missng again.

Oppy's picture

I think losing Burnett early in the game changed the complexion of Capers' gameplan quite a bit.. Kind of a Pickle when you have to make decisions between safety help over the top or safety help in run support, and you lose your most tested and trusted safety in the first Q

Norm's picture

I'd give this 10 thumbs up if I cold PackFan619 and Collin_C. Gunter battled the whole game, never got beat badly and perfect throws and great catches are gonna beat any corner. I've liked him since the first preseason game his rookie year and credit TT for another great find. He's getting better and some of the plays he gave up he was right there, but Dez is a great player. I have a hunch he's going to come up big next week or two weeks after that, just like that other UDFA corner out of Miami did back in 2010.

Randall on the other hand, I sure hope it's injury related because he always seems to get beat badly. Need Rollins back next week too, and especially Burnett. I will feel a whole lot better with the two of them back next week.

Oppy's picture

D. Randall popped up on the injury report with a foot yesterday mid-day (Saturday) for what it's worth.

RobinsonDavis's picture

I think Randall is doing everything he can to make it through the season. He is, and has been, injured throughout almost the entire year. What I did not like, is that he seemed to give up on the TD pass to the TE. He could have fought through that shove off more and contested the route/pass.

jyros's picture

Agreed! Gunter' playing his ass off and improving every time out.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Everyone gets a good.

Except the predictions from Cow and David Clarke. Those are damn ugly.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't agree with CM3 and Peppers being bad. I don't agree with Clark being good, either.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

I though Clark had a great game. Probably his best to date. That blow up of the screen was beautiful. I'll have to rewatch more intently to see if he really was good.

RobinsonDavis's picture

I agree with both comments. The play on the screen pass was beautiful and busted what likely would have been a huge play. On the other hand, I saw very little push up the middle from him, though I admit was not soley concentrating on Kenny. But the one play alone was big!

Mojo's picture

The screen pass tackle by Clark was nice, but the Cowboys had a ton of yards up the middle. So I'm not sure exactly what Clark did to merit the good designation.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Precisely, Mojo. Clark flashed on a play, which is a good sign. I wrote before the game that Frederick owned Guion last game and got out on Ryan consistently. I wrote that if Guion couldn't be more stout, we'd have to try Clark more. The cowboys OL is good and there were tons of yards up the middle. It also looked to me like Ryan had a bad day. As POC wrote, looked like Perry, Peppers and CM3 were pretty good defeating the kick out blocker and forcing Elliott to run laterally, but he consistently turned the corner. I believe that Ryan, thomas, and Burnett were supposed to scrape down the line and stop the cutbacks and prevent Elliott from turning the corner. But Burnett was injured, and Ryan and/or the other ILBs didn't get there. By my count, Elliott ran around the right end 7 times for 52 yards (7.45 average), with only one gain less than 5 yards when Brice got over to stop him for no gain.

I see the box score lists CM3 with no QB hits, yet I remember writing in the game thread on acme about at least 2 QB hits for CM3, one of which forced an incomplete pass. CM3 and Peppers maintained their lanes pretty well, resulting in Dak only scrambling twice, and squeezed the pocket at times, anyway. I definitely watched this game with my fan hat on. [I don't mean to put words in POC's mouth: he is free to come on here and brutally contradict what I've written.]

fthisJack's picture

CM3 whiffed on Elliot in the backfield......he was grabbing air.

Rossonero's picture

Good -- Off to a fast start, Rodgers, Cook, O-line, WRs, CROSBY, Montgomery, Micah Hyde, play calling, clock management.

Bad -- injuries, missed pass interference calls, letting Dallas creep back into the game.

Ugly-- pass defense (I know it's a rag tag group back there, but we've got to do better)

JacFrost's picture

I' e harped on this group for three years. Now they are dong there best. My issue why is why do we agan have s many wonded guys and singing this tune again this year? Where is fhe size and toughness ted?

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

I counted at least 5 pass interference calls on the Cowbells. The one on Adams almost tore his jersey off and no call at all. I have no clue if those guys were just blind out there or what. Amazing game and the D without Burnett played as good as you could expect.

LayingTheLawe's picture

Ugly - up by 15 with the ball and throwing up that pick. Maybe if Adams had seen it he might have adjusted to the ball, but a score there and that game was over.

But the ending made up for it - it was beyond good.

zoellner25's picture

ARod threw it poorly, but two more yards closer to sideline and it was a TD.

Bearmeat's picture

G: Mason Crosby, Aaron Rodgers, Micah Hyde

B: Damarius Randall, Damarius Randall, Oh and Damarius Randall.

U: Conservative play calling by MM on the penultimate drive.

Oh and Jerry Jones. Screw that guy. :)

zoellner25's picture

Good. We get to play ATL in a dome again. With a great kicker. And maybe even Jordy. Pray bahktiari and Davante are ok coming out.

We gotta pick up corne blitzes better. Dan Quinn no slouch

Bert's picture

Good - Overall play of offense. Cook has been a difference maker.

Bad - Officiating in secondary was very inconsistent for both teams. Haphazard and should be much better in the playoffs. Also, not much from Clay and Peppers. Gotta more production from those guys in Atlanta.

Ugly - Defense after Burnett went out. This team will be in trouble next week if Burnett is out. A veteran backup safety would be real nice but........

Handsback's picture

Good: Coaches finding a way to win
Rodgers finding that last pass to Cook
Monty played very good
Bad: DBs, not enough LOFT (Lack of freaking Talent)
LBs not getting enough constant pressure
Ugly: Pass interference non-calls both sides.
Still not enough talent on D-side of the ball.

croatpackfan's picture

"not enough LOFT (Lack of freaking Talent)" - writing that you mean that Packers should go even more in LOFT?
I say UGLY: "Handsback "

stockholder's picture

G: CROSBY!!! A-Rod. CooK. B: Blowing a Lead! U: How many Times was Adams held.

RobinsonDavis's picture

* I am so appreciative of this team, leadership, and for Aaron Rodgers! They have given all of us a very entertaining last half of the season!
* How nice is it to win a playoff game, late….instead of the reverse!!!
* How did Aaron hold on to the ball on that sack?
* How about Cook? He has outplayed Ladarius Green this year (who was my and many other's pick!). Nice job TT!
* Don’t forget Hyde either. Many were looking to get rid of him, too. What a couple of big time plays!!

* Why are we putting Peppers back in coverage on 3rd and long?
* We need to get our hands up on the D-line if not getting pressure. Perry knocks down a pass that nearly hits him in the shoulder and almost intercepts the ball!
* Those currently criticizing Gunter, tell me who else was going to cover Dez? Give the young man credit for his moxie. Dom should have known that they would go up top to Dez and he left Gunter alone on him.

* Those who think we had to run the clock down when Monty was sacked for a 4-5 yard loss. Why are we running a play with an inexperienced player trying to make a very difficult cross block in that situation? In fact, why are we trying to play clock management in the 3rd qtr.? My pet peeve.
* Everybody who wanted to get rid of Crosby a few years back! Congrats, Mason!!

DrealynWilliams's picture

"Why are we putting Peppers back in coverage on 3rd and long?"

I have a love-hate thing going on with that 3-man rush. I love it when the players who are dropping back are actually AWARE of what's around them while also playing the down and distance. It's instinct.

I hate it when the players who drop back are just bodies and are staring down at the QB unaware of players hooking or cutting inside. Peppers literally backpedaled until he reached the first down marker and stopped.

Mojo's picture

Good point on Arod holding onto the ball on the blind-side sack. Considering how deep in our territory we were I thought fumble - game over. Yet incredibly the ball barely moved. Helps to have huge hands.

Since '61's picture

Good: Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers, Jared Cook, Mason Crosby, Micah Hyde, OL, Nick Perry
Bad: CM3, C. Michael, pass rush
Ugly: Officiating (missed at least 3 def. holding calls on Dallas), Burnett injury

It wasn't pretty but it is a playoff win and we're off to the NFC Championship Game. Eliott got his yards but I thought the Packers held him down enough. Great team effort in all 3 phases of the game. On to Atlanta. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

JacFrost's picture

Good - we won aganzt the best team n the nfc in there home.
Bad - horrid oficiating. Mssed calls galore. Cold have wn by more.
Ugly - all the injuries. Way too many guys not playing.

Gman1976's picture

Bad: your spelling

RCPackerFan's picture

Good- Crosby, Rodgers, Montgomery, Cook, Hyde

Bad- officials, I mean seriously what more evidence do you need of defensive holding then a guys pads pulled out of his jersey.

Ugly- Skip...

DrealynWilliams's picture

Ok, I can't wait any longer and no one else has mentioned it yet:

- Find a snippet of Richard Rodgers running as hard as he did against Sean Lee. I hope we get that effort more often.

- I said it once and I'll say it again; as long as we have THIS Aaron Rodgers I don't give a damn who we're playing against or where we're playing

- Lane Taylor. Oh yea, the guy we all thought would be a step down. Be honest, when's the last time you went into a game worried about an opponent's D-Line. This O-Line has been amazing

- The Cowboys blitzing so much surprised me, but Cook lighting their ass didn't one bit. I've been seeing glimpsing of potential bombs to him all season and they're finally connecting. We still haven't seen the best of this Offense.

- I just KNEWWWW Gunter would play Dez up close and wouldn't lay one finger on him. Why are the coaches letting this go on? It's plays like that (long TD pass to Dez) that lead fans to jump on board the Fire Capers wagon.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Thanks for mentioning the Richard Rodgers catch, Dre. He deserves lots of credit on that TD. I am surprised we stopped running Sean Lee deep. He was having difficulty covering downfield.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I just wish we could get that effort in route running from him more often. we all know he has the consistent hands. He just struggles getting open.

That move he put on Lee was impressive. I know how good Lee is, but I don't know much about the rest of that LB corps. Is Lee their best cover LB?

Mojo's picture

RR, of all people, had Lee beat by four yards. Plus the pass was slightly underthrown with Lee screening RR. What initially looked like an easy catch was anything but.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Right? RR on that play overall was outstanding.

dobber's picture

I laughed when Aikman said that RRod "has the speed to stretch the seam".

DrealynWilliams's picture


I swear I've NEVER seen Richard Rodgers run that hard or that "fast". Where the hell has that effort been?

snowdog's picture

Aikman , Once again . The mans name is G-U-N-T-E-R ... NOT .. G-U-N-N-E-R !!

croatpackfan's picture

I wonder who would you put on Dez Bryant? Would double him? Who would stop then Beasley and Witten, as well as running game? Can you enlighten us?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I think Drealyn is fine with Gunter on Dez, but thinks that Gunter needs to actually hit Dez in the chuck zone or otherwise disrupt the timing if Gunter isn't going to give some cushion. I completely agree.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Correct @Reynoldo


Gunter has the build and length to be more physical at the LOS. That's why those who are high on his potential (I'm one of them) want to see him take advantage of these moments. What he doesn't have is the recovery speed to catch up after being beat after 1 move. It happened against the Giants (fortunately, Odell dropped his TD), and it happened against the Cowboys (unfortunately Dez caught his).

On Dez' long TD catch; if Gunter was to disrupt Dez just a little - the play could have ended with a sack. I believe it was Joe Thomas who came flying in untouched.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

to be fair, while gunter has the physical tools to disrupt guys like dez at the line, i just dont think that was the plan. consider if dez matches gunter physical, and get off the line no way gunter keeps up. the kid played a great game considering no help over the top. maybe it was the plan all along to goat dak and linahand (Sorry if i spelled his name wrong)it keep looking at that match up.and it got them out of their play book just enough. either way lets hope morgan and rollins get healthy this week.

DrealynWilliams's picture


I get what you're saying and I agree to an extent, but if Gunter is getting beat (whether it's by free release or getting out muscled) why put him in those up close positions at all?

I'd like to think Gunter has a much better chance (key words) at keeping up with ANY WR when he gets a good jam on them vs not laying one finger on the WR and attempting to run with him.

What do those big plays have in common?

This is not a shot at Gunter. I really like him at the CB spot. I just wish he'd use his hands more. I'm about to look up his game against Alshon. I bet he used his hands often that game.

Lphill's picture

Good - Brice let's you know your getting hit the guy is a thumper too bad he missed the interception but he filled in very well .
Bad - COW can't man up and give credit to 12 as he calls him, just proves he is not a Packers fan .

Christopher Gennaro's picture

man if brice stays near the LOS, even for a few plays, on early downs. he may be 215 or whatever, but that man brings everything on his hits.

jyros's picture

Cheesehead's put away the 'wines', join in on the great journey this team is on!

4thand1's picture

Great Aaron freaking Rodgers. It should be changed to Great, good, bad, and ugly. How the hell he held on to that ball on the sack at the end, is beyond me. Hundley is thinking, I'm out of his league, where's the dam clip board?

Dzehren's picture

How bout those Cowboys critics? QB#1 period amen

lecko's picture

Going into last 2 minutes I just thought to myself...after so many close playof losses, they have to win one, at least by statisrtcs. And there were many clutch plays needed to achieve teh victory..
1. MAson Crosby 56 yarder. If he misses, DAL would play differently. They woudl go slower and play for 3 and possible would also go for it on 4 & 2.

2. 3rd down stop by Nick Perry...also clutch play.

3. AR sack diid he hold onto the ball

4. Not converting throw to Cook (or Mason misisn 51 yarder ) - if the Cowboys wint the coin toss defence would have problem to stop them.

This DAL team, they are so young and so good,..they will be hard to beat in next seasons

dobber's picture

Injuries, age, free agency, guys needing to get paid/cap many things can happen to a team. Just ask Carolina. Dallas had a pretty good season, injury-wise, to key players. That kind of luck doesn't hold up.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I've never really been in the fire Capers camp. Most offenses try to scheme to create a mismatch. Dallas had multiple mismatches every time they lined up. Only a healthy Randall playing somewhere near his talent level matches up with T Will or Beasley.

On one side, Gunter on Dez. Mismatch.
Other side, T Williams on whomever. Favorable.
In the slot, Beasley on whomever. Mismatch

How does the DC give safety help when he has problems on both sides of the field and needs to slide a safety into the box as often as possible? Because he still has to deal with Zeke Elliott, who ran as follows per ESPN play by play:

Lt End: >>> 1/7 (7.0 yd average - 7)
Rt. Tackle: >1/4 (4.0 yd average - 4)
Lt Tackle: >4/16 (4.0 yd average - 2, 4, 2, 8)
Rt. Guard: 2/11 (5.5 yd average 2, 9)
Lt. Guard: 3/28 (9.33 average - 5, 22, 1)
Middle: >>5/27 (5.4 average 5, 2, 3, 5, 12)
Rt End >>>>6/45 7.5 ave 14, 9, 9, 8, 5 0
Total: 22 for 125 and a 5.68 average.

The middle wasn't as bad as my immediate perception, Mojo, but the 2 yd run was on 2nd and 1 and thus was a first down, and the 3 yarder was on 2nd and 5 (more than 50% of the needed yardage), so those wouldn't be considered wins for the defense. There were no wins for the defense on runs up the middle. The ends, particularly right end, were the killers.

Razer's picture

Glad that you outlined the matchup dilemma faced by Capers. Going into this game we knew it was going to be a pick your poison scenario. We had all hands on deck for their running attack and that forced our secondary to man up in numerous mismatches. Not much you can do when your talent is your talent and injury robs you of what little you have. Kudos to Capers for getting enough of them to slow an excellent Dallas offense.

fthisJack's picture

the one thing i question about Capers are his 3rd and long 3 man rushes and soft coverage that allow teams to pick up the first down in so many critical situations like yesterday. when will he learn to keep the heat on the QB in those situations?

Razer's picture

I hear you but Dallas's Oline didn't let many blitzes through in the second half. Dak has the luxury of multiple reads before he needs to get rid of it.

We need a healthy secondary and better coverage from our LBs if we are going to better handle the 3rd and long.

Packer_Pete's picture

The Outstanding: Crosby.

The Good: Rodgers, Cook, Hyde, OLine

The Bad: Not catching INTs, Christine Michael, Matthews, Peppers, Datone Jones

The Ugly: Refs, especially not seeing blatant holds, Randall, Jerry Jones

The Clueless: Skip Bayless

lecko's picture

One more for the Good:
Jordy after the game just politely shaking hands. That is a good thing that he wasnt hugging, we will need him!

WinUSA's picture

The Good:

The stickum that EVERY receiver had on their hands, uniforms, and anything else they could put it on..they were awesome...they nearly caught everything...draped, double covered, it made no never mind...just unbelievable.... reminded me of the receivers on the first game after Favre's father died in Oakland.

The Bad: The ref who didn't help put the shirt back the packer receiver when he didn't call the obvious pass interference.

The Ugly:

Jerry Jones!

carlbs's picture

For Pete's sake, people. There's a lot of whining going on about the D coordinator who basically has been given a group of NFL-Europe caliber D-backs, on the team WHO JUST BEAT THE NUMBER ONE SEED to go to the NFC Championship Game.
If you ask me, I think he's making the best wine he can from dishwater.

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