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Packers: 31 Jets: 24

By Category

Packers: 31 Jets: 24

Jordy Nelson, Mike Daniels, Aaron Rodgers

TJ Lang, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Clay Matthews

Mike McCarthy's Challenge Flag



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Proudly Served at Lambeau Field

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Idiot Fan's picture

Tough week to hand out these awards, as most players did some good and some bad. Even Jordy had a critical drop on third down. I still don't think QB1 is all that sharp on his throws yet either.

Just curious, what specifically earned the "Bad" crew the designation?

DrealynWilliams's picture

Dropped a TD pass (if you can touch it [both hands] - you can catch it) and there was a communication error on his part down in the goal-line. 2 potential TDs. He put up 200+ receiving yard so - blah. He gets a pass.

Damn,just imagine.......

Amanofthenorth's picture

I do not understand when they run no huddle so often that when they convert a third and one they let the D take their lineman off the field. To me, that is exactly the time to hurry up, no huddle.
Also, when they make a play down near the goal line..another perfect time to run hurry up, no huddle Lacy never happens..

FInally, the downed punt by the Jets appeared to be touched by a guy who had his foot in the end zone. Can coaches not buy a tv with a DVR and back it up during a commercial?

Also the spot on that play was a head scratcher. Dix fields to the five and the ball is moved back to the three... small things..but it's a game of inches.

Tundraboy's picture

Great points. Just does not make sense. I think they over think and should let Rodgers run the plays.

Bearmeat's picture

ARod does not deserve to be in the good today. He was off on many throws, he held the ball WAY too long and he fumbled the opening snap.

I'm ok with the rest. Maybe add MM's lack of staying with the running game to the bad in place of Lang.

KEMDog's picture

Rogers hardly deserves a good. Held the ball too long, took unnecessary sack and hits. Granted some great throws, but he has to okay smarter.

McCarthys play calling...Bad

xuyee's picture

Either Aaron isn't in midsession form yet or he's missing Finley. Check out what Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates did to Seattle today and tell me ARod is "the best player in the NFL". Hopefully Bostick can be that missing piece.

Evan's picture

I don't see what utilizing one's TE specifically has to do with being the "best player in the NFL."

"Only" 25/42, 346 yards. 3 TDs. 109.8 rating.

That said, TEs were noticeably absent today.

xuyee's picture

It doesn't. The point is that the Vic Ketchmans of the world want to believe that ARod looked bad against Seattle because the Legion of Boom is invincible. They clearly aren't.

I'm glad Aaron looked better today. I guess I'm hoping that whatever ailed the offense the first 6 quarters of this season is fixable. Like having a better tight end or needing a couple games to get in the groove of things.

Evan's picture

Oh...I didn't realize you were talking about Seattle. I wasn't able to watch that game but will be very curious to read some analysis of it this week.

As for the offense. I definitely think it's fixable and I think they're starting to gel. Playing probably the #1 and #2 run defenses to start out doesn't make things easy. I expect to see a lot more balance in the coming weeks.

Tundraboy's picture

Definitely miss another tall target. Hope Bostic is healthy.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree, in general. GB kept a TE or a RB in to help Sherrod on many passing plays. And they didn't just chip and then go out on a route, but stayed in to pass block. This eliminates a safety valve for Rodgers. Also, GB misses the TE threatening the seam, as that pulls a LB and/or S out of the middle, allowing Cobb or Nelson to run crossing patterns over the middle, which have been big plays for GB, particularly to Cobb, over the years. So I agree that if Bostick can be that player, and if he can block a bit, that should really help GB. I did think that Lacey did a nice job helping Sherrod, and noticed Lacey pick up some stunts without any problem.

Nerd's picture

If they wanna slow down that pass rush, they could think about running some screens too. I mean to the RBs, not out to the WRs.

DuJuan would be dangerous on those.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

I still personally believe they should have kept James Jones. I don't believe Boykin has replaced him. And yes, as much as I blasted Finley, I wish he were here as well. This Receiving Core of Nelson & Cobb is No Where what it used to be. Rodgers always did hold the ball too long, but eventually one of his receivers would get open. He has no where's near the Receivers he used to have. I could have easily cut a player, to at least keep James Jones. He was the Senior member of the group. his leaving has hurt our Offense, & Boykin has not filled the gap, as I heard all of last year. LVT

jbromusic's picture

it looks like adams will be the guy that will take jones' place as the #3 receiver. he just needs to get more experience

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I would've liked Jones back for another year, but not 3. Given that this draft was loaded at WR, I think TT got it right.

HankScorpio's picture

It's hard to match the top to bottom strength of the pass catching group that included Jennings, Driver, Jones, Nelson, Finley, et al. We may never see a group as deep and talented again.

But this group doesn't take a back seat to many groups in the NFL, IMO. Boykin, Adams, Richard Rodgers and Bostick are short on experience but they have plenty of talent, IMO. As they play and gain experience, they will only improve. I don't think anyone will be pining for James Jones by the end of the year.

saltandpeppers's picture

Besides the sacks, I thought Rodgers was really really good today. I counted about 4 drops where he put it right on the receiver's hands in tight coverage. He's ready for a big year.

Evan's picture

True. But on the flip side, about 4-5 of Nelson's catches were off to way-off target. 59% completion is an off day for him.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Nelson did make him look better than he was today. Some of his catches were incredible.

Tundraboy's picture

Ugly. McCarthy. WTF was Starks. . Did he play

Jim Karow's picture

Lacy was kept in for his blitz pickup ability, but I think Starks should have been in for his running ability, if he cant block he shouldn't be on the team.

Tundraboy's picture

BAD.McCatthy. A great comeback win. They still are the Kings of bending and breaking on 3 and long and 4th and anything.

Mojo's picture

Good: Aaron Rodgers overall performance, especially with Jordy. Nice running on Rodgers part too.

Bad: Aaron Rodgers holding the ball too long. And don't use the "sure, but do you complain when he makes a play" defense.

Ugly: Aaron Rodgers getting sacked after having a vampires life span to throw the ball. What was that?

4thand1's picture

Agreed, on the last point completely. He WILL NOT force a throw. The int went off of Jordy's hands last week. Also not running for the 1st down in the Seattle game. 1 really costly play in each game that didn't have to happen. He'll clean that up.

Mario Willis's picture

Jordy Nelson makes you look good he catches anything and everything and after a career day he still was frustrated by a late drop. Cobb does his best Donald Driver impression. When did we start using Cobb at Running Back?
Who is calling plays? Sherrod and Linsley have to calm down, early in games. The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to run early.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Cobb has lined up in the backfield occasionally since he was a rookie.

CMIII has been crashing down towards the inside quite a bit, sometimes losing contain, but he also made some nice plays, running down Vick, and in coverage. I wouldn't put him in the bad column. Surely the LB coaches are aware of this. Not sure what the coaches are telling CMIII. He has the reputation of being a complete LB who plays the run well, and keeps contain.

thebeast431's picture

I love the fact that when our QB has a great stats game, he is still our "bad" category from some posters.

I can't imagine what other teams would say, if Rodgers stats were on their team.

We (posters) have just been so spoiled over the last few decades, with our QB play that anything below perfect is considered "bad".

Nick Perry's picture

Agreed, it seems if he's not at 67% or better completion rate he's in the bad category. At times I wish he'd just take the check down, 4 or 5 yards is better than nothing. I'm really starting to wonder about MM. That challenge flag and onside kick? Common Man!

Idiot Fan's picture

Very true. Rodgers was not bad, he was just Rodgers-bad at times. One of his greatest strengths over the years has been his pin-point accuracy, and so far this year he hasn't shown that consistently. We are definitely spoiled compared to average QB play. We just know that Rodgers can be better than he currently is playing.

Evan's picture

Exactly. It's not a matter of him playing"bad," just not as incredible as we all know he is capable of being.

Evan's picture

All-time greats are graded on a curve.

4thand1's picture

The challenge is supposed to come from the booth, no? Blame the coach.

RCPackerFan's picture

Good - Nelson, Daniels, Crosby.

I am not sure if we put Rodgers in the good or bad because he was both. When he was good he was really good (300+ passing yards 2 TD's). When he was bad, he was bad (holding the ball to long, fumbling the first snap to start the game).

Bad - Shields getting burned by Decker, Sherrod early, Boykin dropping a catch that would have put the ball inside the 5 yard line.

Ugly - The start of the game both offensively and defensively. Fumbling first snap, and allowing the Jets offense to move up and down the field with ease.

I'm sensing a theme with Clinton-Dix being put in the bad 2 times in a row.... (I still don't feel he was that bad)

C's picture

Two core players observations:
1). Cobb doesn't create separation without motion, pick plays or being left uncovered. So much lateral quickness and acceleration, why is he so inconsistent creating space? Is this, along with his health, why they're sitting on an extension?

2). Matthews spends too much time looking extremely ordinary rushing the passer. Turned into a great run defender (when he stays disciplined), regularly ordinary against the pass.

Nick Perry's picture

Sorry to bring up last week but I guess it carries over to this weeks ugly. Rodgers was 8-12 for 194 and 1 TD when throwing to the outside of the hash marks on the right side. Mike McCarthy DOES coach SCARED.

Evan's picture

If Rivers and Keenan Allen can complete passes on Sherman, Rodgers and Jordy damn well better be able to as well.

Nick Perry's picture

THANK YOU EVAN!!!! I still can't believe that Seattle game, to not even have tried. A guy like Sherman, because he's so tall doesn't adjust really well to sharp cuts. Would have like to see some bunch formations that form a nice legal pick. Like Denver, San Diego, even San Fransisco run at times. We have the receivers, Just Do It Mike!

davy jones's picture

Perhaps the REALLY good---not one mention of an injury to a single Packer.

Evan's picture

Micah Hyde?

C's picture


Patrick Sherwood's picture

Ugly: Mike McCarthy's play calling and Dom Caper's Defensive Scheme....both are outdated and everyone in the league knows it.

Tundraboy's picture

Well that's it in a nutshell. Too much talent to play a game like yesterday. Beyond frustrating

cpitt's picture

Agreed, they win in spite of McCarthy. Just let Rodgers call the plays.

C's picture

Rodgers has the latitude to audible with so many packaged plays. Game planning is in the coaching staff, Rodgers gets some portion of blame on a series by series basis for the play called. He's making the decision once the defense declares itself. Rodgers can't skate on this one.

Bohj's picture

Think what you like but we played two teams that are very unique defensively. Seattle declares nothing. They just beat you with a base defense that executes well. They win their one on ones.

The jets disguise everything. I looked at their defensive formations..... They basically line up everyone on the line of scrimmage ....again...not much to declare. Tough to ball against those looks when you're trying to declare protections at the line and looking for matchups.

Rip on play calling all you want. Players need to get it right. The running game needs work. The oline needs to grind like last year... Bottom line. Run opens everything else. A lot of that is on rodgers and audibles and no huddle adjustments.

C's picture

You can disguise your pressure but they can't disguise their personnel. Both players and coaches admitted they clearly watched Rex Ryan march out his base defensive personnel. That means you have at least one receiver in trips drawing a safety or linebacker, same for your TE. You don't run the ball into base personnel with 7-8 in the box. Why didn't that 3rd receiver and slot we beat coverage? Perhaps that's why Boykin was yanked. Still, Rodgers isn't seeing the whole field yet and the TE can't run a route in max pass pro. Rodgers still refuses the check down too often. Short passing game is as good as the running game. They get greedy.

Bohj's picture

That's exactly true C. My reply was to those ripping on play calling and MM. Which obviously there was some great play calling to put up 31 points. And they did exploit them loading the box. I would agree with the masses that check downs and screens would be a warm welcome. Seemed like we ran more of them last year.

So what is the issue? Are we too worried about our young oline getting exploited, so we're rolling extra protections constantly? Blitz heavy teams and good overly aggressive pass rush teams seem to get burned more on screens. calling/game planning? I would agree with that one. Perhaps everyone here just wants a more balanced attack because we finally found a running back or three. I can agree with that too. But don't rip on the play calling in the last two and a half quarters, because I'm pretty sure it won us the game. Your last two sentences are spot on......that is how San Diego beat the Hawks.

Charlie M's picture

C asked a question I've been wondering about. The jets ran their base defense against out 3 wr a lot. Why wasn't the 3rd wr able to get open more? Cobb was being covered by a linebacker for much of the game and he had 5 catches for 34 yards. I was shocked that they didn't try to exploit this matchup more.

Bohj's picture

Keep drinking from the well until the well runs dry? Jordy kept working. Feed the hot man the ball. One stat I really enjoyed: 98 yard drive using six receivers.....not one pass to jordy on that drive. Sick.

4thand1's picture

WTF? Who won the game? lmao.

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