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Packers: 30 Rams: 20

By Category

Packers: 30 Rams: 20

Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb, Casey Hayward

The Bad

The Bad

T.J. Lang, A.J. Hawk, Marshall Newhouse

The Bad

The Bad

Crosby's Knuckleball Kick



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Mojo's picture

I think the Packers offensive tackles are going to have trouble against speed rushers all season long, especially on artifical turf. More reason to go to Cobb on the quick passes.

I just hope the season doesn't depend on a long Crosby field goal. Can you imagine? ...

Cobb is quickly moving up to being among the top five most valuable Packers. Not only the TD's against the Rams, but the YAC on third downs to keep drives alive.

The D is improving, but is still a work in progress. Especially over the middle. There's still too many times opponents move the ball downfield too easily. The new DB's show great promise however.

Barutan Seijin's picture

I disagree with the Newhouse rating. I don't think Rodgers would have gone 30 of 37 with 3 TDs had Newhouse been bad. Yes, there was that atrocious play with the sack & holding penalty in the first quarter, but there were 50 or so plays after that.

Fish . Crane's picture


Evan's picture

I feel like he was at his worst in terms of the running game.

Mike's picture

Unfortunately, that was Lang. He who spent nearly half the running plays in Green's lap.

Mojo's picture

I know there's only room for three but Jordy deserves to be in the "Good" also.

Also, another positive ARod attribute is how seldom he throws a receiver into harms way. The receiving corp has to love playing for a QB like Aaron (you hear that Finley).

pooch's picture

Is Lang playing party boy again?His play this year has been terrible.

zeke's picture

Add a special "good" category for the on-side kick call. Man, do I love Mike McCarthy (in a healthy, masculine way that only makes me a little uncomfortable).

denniseckersley's picture


I'm gonna write-in Slocum on my ballot in November; Oh how the times have changed......

Beep's picture

I was ready to help pack Slocum's bags the past few seasons but I'm sure glad I was wrong there. SS and MM are looking like geniuses with their calculated risks this year based on some great scouting and film review.

Its been an interesting pattern, all 3 big ST plays are on the second attempt of that play in the game. The coaches must see the tendency coming into the game, confirm it after the first time the Packers try the play, and then BOOM!

Fake FG against the Bears to Crabtree, 2nd FG attempt.
Fake Punt against the Saints to Kuhn, 2nd punt attempt.
Onside Kick against the Rams, 2nd kickoff...

Let's hope the opponents don't catch on.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

What, you don't think that other teams read this blog? Darn you!

Mel's picture

Bush should be good for making the on-side kick happen. He flat out leveled the blocker going for the ball!!!

Bugeater's picture

I'm so glad that was legal!

pooch's picture

Whats with Neal?

jack in jersey city's picture

is he hurt again?

Mike's picture

He got dinged up but returned to the game. I think the front 7 as a whole was gassed due to the fact Rams running early and often and Green Bay didn't have BJ.

Nerdmann's picture

Here's another issue.

MM almost always seems completely indifferent to TIME OF POSSESSION. I always joke that ToP is a "WCO" concept, not a "Run and Shoot" concept.

But with a banged up DL, to say nothing of a third string ILB, it would behoove us to go out of our way to cultivate that.

In fairness, the Packers did hot the clock in the second half. Not coincidentally, we also won the game.

Chad Toporski's picture

The defense has as much to do with time of possession as the offense.

T's picture

Poor Crosby, the sun was in his eyes, and the wind blew the ball away, again.

Damn Dome's.

Fish . Crane's picture

Interesting article in Chi. Trib. Sunday about the new wave of kickers. Like that kid from St. Louis. They are robotrons- been kicking 365 for 18 years, attending camps, training, etc.. and, sorry to say- they ain't hitting balls in domes like we've seen lately.

cincypackfan's picture

Is it me, or does even the set-up of our running plays jinx us? slow to develop: draw plays, stretch (!!) plays: the only quick-hitters i see is Kuhn's 1 or 2 carries a game. It seems like they are doomed before they begin. its like the explosive 'bam' type of runs between the tackles aren't even in the playbook. Anybody else notice this?

Mike's picture

That's what happens when your run game is based on the zone scheme and your o-line can't get at least a stalemate...

davyjones's picture

Another Good--

The sheer number of Packer fans at the Edward Jones, the streets were a sea of green and gold. The Stadium seemed at least half Packer fans. It was a beautiful thing to behold.

MarkinMadison's picture

Was House "good" by team standards, or merely "great for his first start?" He looked "good" to me until the last series.

Evan's picture

Both, I'd say.

From the PFF thread: "Davon House was targeted seven times, but allowed just three catches for 22 yards and a garbage-time touchdown."

PackersRS's picture

He was awful on that garbage time TD, though.

THEMichaelRose's picture

Exactly. He got schooled.
But, I still like him a lot.
In the history of my fanhood I don't remember ever having this many young, promising DBs that actually appear to be developing as we would have hoped. Memories are made of a lot more disappoints.
I always think back to the year we drafted Antuan Edwards, Fred Vinson, and Mike McKenzie back-to-back-to-back just to stop Moss, and went 1-for-3. It's really hard to hit on secondary talent in the draft, just ask Bill Belichick.

Mike's picture

I think that was mostly due to being out of game shape, as the Rams were in semi no huddle on that final garbage time drive. House looked good when the plays mattered though! None better than his pass break up on that 4th down.

Sam's picture

Ahmad Carroll...

Oppy's picture

...Can't talk about Ahmad Carrol without bringing up Joey Thomas- that's like talking about Peanut Butter and neglecting to mention the Jelly.. Except, PB&J is awesome, and Carrol and Thomas was utter shit.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I am not sure that AJ Hawk needs to be in the bad category. I didn't see him make many bad plays. I know he missed an open field tackle on a receiver that just ran by him. But other then that i didn't see him miss many plays. I could be wrong, but I didn't see it.

To me BAD needs to be whole offensive line. The left side just can't seem to hold up. I saw TJ Lang's guy come free way to much. Newhouse struggled, and just about every run play Green had absolutely no where to go. All the guy needs is an opening and they couldn't provide that.

It might just be me, but it seems like Lang has regressed this year. He has had a number of missed blocks and any interior penetration on passing plays seems to come from his guy. I would like to know the stats of how many pressures he has allowed compared to last year.

Mike's picture

I believe Lang's issues are due to new/lack of familiarity with center and playing next to Newhouse. When Newhouse gets beat out wide, it gives the DT over Lang almost a two way go on the pass rush, like he's playing OT instead of OG. I will agree that Lang stunk it up in the run game, but some of those I feel like Saturday either doesn't know to double team or can't get to the double team fast enough.

woodson4president's picture

I saw hawk clean up a woodson missed tackle.

Fish . Crane's picture

j. Bush on special teams minus the penalty. good

Mike's picture

Even that penalty was somewhat questionable because the one time he tried to come back inbounds, one of the guys double teaming him blocked him back out of bounds.

Mike's picture

Crosby is anti-clutch. He is terrible in the clutch. He has only made 2 last second kicks in his career out of like 13 or 14 tries. His first NFL game ever vs the Eagles and last year against the Giants. Every other one he has missed and some he missed pretty bad (yesterday). I have no confidence in him with the game in the line. BUM. Punch it in for 6 Aaron cause Missin Crosby has proven he can't be counted on!

PackersRS's picture

No, Crosby is terrible kicking out of the right hashmark.

Lou's picture

Heyward, House, Shields, McMillon that is so encouraging for the defense and our WR's are playing as advertised before the start of the season. Rodgers continues to make a FOOL of Skip Bayliss (the Eddie Haskell of commentators) who disses him every week.For their years of experience both Newhouse and Bulaga stack up good with Clifton and Taucher at the same stage in their careers, both will be solid for a long time. Only negative is Crosby who has and will continue to CHOCK, he "is what we thought he was".

Mike's picture

I can't wait for Sherrod to be healthy though.

dat der Packer backer's picture

UGLY: Living in northern Wisconsin and not being able to see the game on television because the Vikings are playing at the same time. Absolutely tired of this.

GOOD: Having the best radio announcers in the NFL calling our games. I love Wayne and Larry. I'm gonna miss them when I move to Cali next month. I'll have to try out this new "internet" thing to get 'em.

Fish/Crane's picture

Move out of Superior to Ashland- that's livin!

jackietreehorn's picture

I think you should have a new category for Rodgers. When he's great there is nothing like it.

SoTxPhil's picture

Why does MM continue to want to butt heads with an obvious stronger Def line on running plays. They played in GB's BF all day and Geen didn't stand a chance. Just let him flare out or go thru the line and flip it to him in space and see who wins those matchups. Woodson and Clay Matthews shouldn't have even been in the game with less than 3 mins to go in a blowout situation. Maybe MM learned something from this disaster, but I doubt it, he seems pretty set in his ways.

PackersRS's picture

No, the running game doesn't need to be great, but if you abandon the running game altogether you automatically allow the D to play pass all day and negate all PA plays.

I do get mad when runs to the left are called, though.

Some draws would be nice.

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