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Packers: 28 Cowboys: 7

By Category

Packers: 28 Cowboys: 7

Mike McCarthy, Eddie Lacy, Offensive line

Defensive line, Penalties

Greg Hardy



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Proudly Served at Lambeau Field

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RCPackerFan's picture

Good/Bad/Ugly - player edition:

Good - Lacy/Starks, Randall Cobb, Damarious Randall

Bad - Neal, Daniels, Peppers

Ugly - Dez Bryant!

Packer_Pete's picture

Good - Lacy/Starks, Jeff Janis, Damarious Randall

Bad - Daniels, Peppers, Hyde

Ugly - Cow's football "knowledge" (if one can call it that)

porupack's picture

Thanks P_Pete, Glad you called out JJanis.
Considering how GB Special teams have been for years, this is so awesome. Janis drilled a shifty return man 2-3 times, but seemed like more, and 2 for negative return yards IIRC. Finally the PR'er started calling fair catches. How awesome is that? JJanis is def on the Good category.

RCPackerFan's picture

Good/Bad/Ugly - everything else edition:

Good - McCarthy taking over play calling, Screen Game is back, Running game, Changing the focal point of the passing game to Randall Cobb, Defense, Special Teams.

Bad - Penalty's/Refs, Defense on 1 drive and 1 running play.

Ugly - NFC East. Cowboys still technically are not the race for the NFC East with a 4-9 record.

D.D. Driver's picture

Janis was outstanding.

WinUSA's picture

Talk about smothering returners...pretty damn impressive, I bet Dallas's returners are second guessing themselves as why the hell they didn't call fair catches with the blurr heading at 30 mph toward them...wish Janis could run routes better.... he could be a great addition to the team's receiving corps.

I wonder what he did on the Wonderlic test?

Mojo's picture

I think Janis got something in the 30's on the Wonderlic.

To me it's not so much the route running with Janis, but more he doesn't seem to have the coordination, twisting, highpointing and flexibilty attributes the top receivers have. Just a limited sample size, but he doesn't go get the ball, instead needs it in the basket. Might be wrong on that since the sample size is so small, but in the few throws his way he seems awkward. Hard to explain. With his size he should have a large catch radius.

WinUSA's picture

Thanks Mojo, I confirmed the wonderlic score...yes, he is a puzzle... great college results at a small school....maybe the pressure of big time crowds...Wolf always use to day that he would pick a big time school ball player who was use to 70,000 ranting fans over a small school man because of that....obviously there were exceptions.....

dasnogs52's picture

Jordy is an exception

Dan Stodola's picture

Route running took 3 yrs for Jordy, its a science. Heard alot of drops in practice. Agree about the others to some degree but hard to tell w small sample size.

4thand1's picture

He made a circus catch in a pre-season game.

Dan Stodola's picture

This was 2-3 wks ago. Heard/read a Packers source that Janis had like 3 or more bad drops in practice and its a fairly regular occurrence. Prob explains why he's not getting snaps at WR.

Oppy's picture

There is zero comparison between the route running of Jeff Janis as a rookie or second year player and the route running of Nelson, Cobb, James Jones, Greg Jennings, etc etc in their rookie or second seasons.

You keep comparing Janis' learning curve to the other receivers that have been brought through this program, but they are not comparable. Janis did not start his journey with anywhere near the technical polish that these other WR's did, and second, he is not progressing at the same clip either.

Janis will make the Packers' roster throughout his rookie contract, and he may even be extended or re-signed to a second contract, even if he doesn't pan out as one of the packers top 4 or 5 WRs, simply for his ST play (ala Jarret Bush). That prowess alone will afford Janis, and indeed the Packers, all the time in the world for him to hopefully develop into a NFL caliber WR.. but don't kid yourself, he's nowhere near tracking on the same development arc as the previous corps of WR's green bay has produced over the last several years.

Heck, Abberderris is a more NFL-ready WR right now, he just can't stay healthy.

Dan Stodola's picture

I didn't make a comparison. Just mentioned that it took Jordy nearly 3 yrs and its a science really. Alot more to it than most people realize. We don't really know how far along Janis is w/ his route running, but just remember it did take Jordy close to 3 yrs. Jordy played like 2 yrs of WR at K St, but had no experience at WR prior to that. He had alot of work technically speaking also.

Janis might be less or more, hard to say. But I would say both probably had alot to learn. I'm not saying when Janis will be ready in that aspect. Again maybe more maybe less. But coming into the NFL, like you mentioned he was not at all polished. So likely as long.

Completely argee Abbrederis is much further along than Janis is, and Adams for that matter.

I'm just trying to get people that are begging for him at WR, that he has a long learning curve. That's the reason I mention it. Lets hope he can get there next year.

John Galt III's picture

Good analysis. When you watch his college highlight reel, you see a WR going 100 mph past the DB's and catching the ball with his body and then a long gain or TD. Worked At Saginaw Valley State but in NFL?

Someone earlier said get the fastest guy on your team the ball. In the SD game he a great long catch but his biggest advantage is one we don't think about much. He blows by corner's and safety's and gets a lot of defensive pass interference calls. When you are 40 to 50 yards downfield that is a huge paly setting up a FG at least.

Bugeater's picture

Good - the secondary: now and for the next five years. The running game against a very good defense.

zoellner25's picture

Ugly: Cassel's ability to throw a wet ball. Sheesh.

Guion made a great stop on that 3rd and 1 I think it was. Nice to see him make a play. Our run D got shredded but at least we didn't give up the points.

Bearmeat's picture

I thought the DL went to sleep on 4 plays - but that's a great OL Dallas has. Rest of the time the DL played really well. BUT when you win by 3 TDs, you've got little to complain about.

Overall, I'm very very satisfied.

WKUPackFan's picture

117 of the Cowboys 171 rush yards came on three plays, 3.18 yards per carry otherwise.

Meanwhile, GB had 29 1st downs to Dallas's 11, ran 81 plays to the Cowboys 51, and dominated TOP 37.48 to 22.12.

This was a beat down.

Ima fubar's picture

Good: Janis. Starks. Pennel. Eliot

Bad: A Rogers (passing accuracy) . Raji. Neal. Jones

Ugly: O line penalties; run defense, outside linebacking

Bearmeat's picture

lol. I love how the trolls come out in December....

Go away Vikings fan. Your team is an embarrassment.

mrtundra's picture

I would have to put Dez Bryant's performance in The Good category. 1 catch for 9 yards. Add that he was hit with his Lambeau curse again, too!

murphy's picture

"Press: Who called all those running plays today?
McCarthy (smirking): The line, they checked them all, they were all passes. "

For some reason this really made me laugh.

zoellner25's picture

That was funny

Jason Moe's picture

Still a long ways to go. What is the deal with Aaron Rodgers. He sounded like a QB that lost yesterday after the game. I think him and MM have some beef with each other!

brewers_rule's picture

I woulda thought Dez Bryant would've gotten the Ugly with all those NON-REFEREE-RELATED drops of his?

WinUSA's picture

The good: The screen to Starks with Sitton and company leading the way 15 yards down field.

More Good: The look in Dallas's defensives back wide eyes when they saw Sitton and company with a full head of steam stampeding toward them. A thing of beauty.

More Good: McCarthy's play calling. The fake reverse and the quick slant handoff to Starks to the left side...that left the Dallas D wearing cement boots.

More Good: Randalls covering of Dez...with the help of the other two backs they converged and they just wouldn't let cry baby Dez catch that ball.

The Bad:
Where was Peppers? Was this one of his take the day off games?

The Ugly:
The beer blowing out of my nose as I was trying to drink a brew and cheer at the same time as I watched Lacy's 2nd to last run, bowling over, carrying hanging D backs, and bulldozing over all of Dallas's D (Wish that run was a TD for all the effort Eddie put into it. I need more practice drinking? :9)

Awesome display of running all day long.


porupack's picture

Agreed on Dez getting smothered. So satisfying to see a whiney talent like Dez get handed the stats of a bench warmer.

Since '61's picture

The Good: OL, Eddie Lacy, Aaron Rodgers, MMs play calling, J. Janis, D. Randall
The Bad: Penalties, Q. Rollins trying to tackle RBs,
The Ugly: QB sneak on 4th and goal. The execution, not the call.

Thanks, Since '61

WinUSA's picture

Nuts right on..nice to see fellow old timers on this sight (the best Packer site on the web!!!!) with good football observations! Happy Holidays! :9)

Since '61's picture

Thank you Win and Happy Holidays to you as well. Since '61

RCPackerFan's picture

The more I think about it the more I would have liked to have seen the QB sneak had they spread them out.
Whatever the reason, our OL doesn't seem to power guys over when they are bunched up tight. We seem to have a lot more success when we spread teams out.

I think I would have preferred to put 3-4 WR's out there to make it less crowded in the middle of the d-line.

WinUSA's picture

All good options.... all that I can say is I loved McCarthy for going for it...even though Rodgers got stuffed like a sardine in a can.

Since '61's picture

I would prefer to spread them out as well and go with a QB rollout or a QB draw with Rodgers having the option to throw if someone comes open quickly. The other approach is give it to Lacy. If you're going to get stopped at the goal line on a running play let them stop your best RB. Lacy has a better chance of moving a pile than Rodgers. Thanks, Since '61

4thand1's picture

I think MM was trying to prove a point. We're going to stuff it down your throats, and you can't stop us. I wish they would've put Raji in the backfield and blocked for Lacy.

WinUSA's picture

Hell Yeah....brings back horrible memories of Chicago's Fridge running over
George Cumby..... would be a great play at an appropriate point in the game... the least result would the opposing team would quickly call a time out....while the opposing teams figures out where the spatula is for the poor linebacker who is going to get pancaked!!!!! :+)

Will Tippet's picture

For the Good you have to include Janis. With the pathetic QB on the other side a punt return would have been very valuable. Also the Crowd was very good for a dreary rainy day.

lou's picture

Most surprising thing I saw at Lambeau yesterday was Mike Daniels being neutralized by Fredericks, the center from Wisconsin. Jerry Jones took a ton of flak making him the their #1 pick a couple years ago, he played great against our best D-Lineman, his prior trips to the Pro Bowl were no fluke. In addition, Nick Perry being inactive hurt in the run game, he holds that edge better than any of our LB's, he needs to get healthy and back on the field.

WKUPackFan's picture

So true. Fredericks was considered at best a 3rd round pick, and Jones did take a lot of grief. Jones defied the conventional wisdom of center being a non-priority position. However, the lost value of a 1st round pick has to be considered when Fredericks certainly would have been available to Jones later.

Dan Stodola's picture

Actually Fredericks was rated as a solid 2nd rd pick. NFL draft scout put him #53 overall. And NFL had him in the top 75 w/o giving a specific number, so likely a 2nd. IT was a bit of a reach at 31, but might have been worth it to Dallas since he stabilized the entire OL for them. I think he's had a big impact for Dallas.

WKUPackFan's picture

Pardon me, I bow to your statistics. The main points were that Frederick was not considered a 1st round pick by anyone to my knowledge, and that jones did take a lot of grief for the pick.

Since '61's picture

Lou - Excellent points about Fredericks and Nick Perry. Thanks, Since '61

4thand1's picture

Ws seems to put out good o-linemen.

Spud Rapids's picture

No cow... funny

4thand1's picture

The dick will be here in a day or two, telling us how bad the Raiders will kick the Packers ass.

ray nichkee's picture

No invites please.

Lphill's picture

Ugly= COW saying Cassel was equal to Rodgers.

Tundraboy's picture

Any word on Shields?

Oppy's picture

Great question. I haven't heard a thing. Kinda important

Oppy's picture

I'm not saying this is the way it is, but one could read between the lines of MM's and AR's pressers and come to the conclusion...

... that Mike McCarthy not only took over play calling duties from Tom Clements, but also clipped Aaron Rodger's wings a bit and intentionally took away some of Aaron's power to check out of the called play as freely as he has enjoyed in the past.

We saw a dedication to the run we haven't seen in a long time. We saw a dedication to the screen game and the shorter stuff... And we saw a seemingly somewhat disgruntled, or least unenthusiastic- Aaron Rodgers in the post game of the strongest Packers performance we've seen in almost two months, even taking a pot shot at MM in the process.

..Just sayin'.

Dan Stodola's picture

" but also clipped Aaron Rodger's wings a bit and intentionally took away some of Aaron's power to check out of the called play."

I didn't get that impression listening to Rodgers or McCarthy. I think Rodgers has almost complete freedom to change plays whenever he wants, as long as he can justify the call he made.

Oppy's picture

Rodgers clearly stated that one of the differences in the way Sunday's game was called was that a bunch of plays that were called in did not have as many checks and/or optional plays to switch out to.

I believe MM also commented that during the prep for the week, that was one of the things they did- cut down the number of available checks to keep things cleaner.

Dan Stodola's picture

Yeah I heard that too. I just don't think it necessarily equates that much to Rodgers being able to get the Packers in a better play or the best play possible. Some maybe, but that's not clipping Rodgers wings IMO.

Instead of a play called having as many as 4 or more checks, maybe it was just 2 checks he could go to. That's cutting down the checks, but not necessarily clipping Rodgers wings. At least not IMO.

I think we're just interpretting that statement differently.

Oppy's picture

A little bit of mixed messaging from Rodgers again, but here's an excerpt from JSO:

"Rodgers admitted there were more plays called Sunday that didn't feature check-offs at the line of scrimmage that allow him to change from a run to a pass or a pass to run. It's an indication McCarthy has taken more control of the offense and wants his plays run.

Asked if he feels like he can still check out of plays, Rodgers said, "I still have the opportunity to get us in the best situation possible when I see it.""

There's audio and I believe video of Rodgers talking about the cut down in plays with pass/run options as well.

This is something that a number of posters here have been curious about- our lack of running plays even when the run seems productive- was Clements ignoring the run, or was Rodgers checking out of it? We all understand that sometimes the defense is showing a bad look for a particular call, but at times there have been post game pressers by MM where he has hinted that they don't want really want to be throwing the ball 50 times a game...

Dan Stodola's picture

Rodgers said, "I still have the opportunity to get us in the best situation possible when I see it.""

Seems to make my point for me. I don't doubt that late in the season, in the winter, w/ weather a bigger factor, McCarthy might put more restrictions on the checks to keep the run/pass ratio more balanced. I've maintained that McCarthy always throws Alot more early in the season and then starts placing more of a premium on a consistent running attack later, especially starting by mid Nov. So some runs earlier in the year Rodgers might be able to ckeck to a pass are no longer quite as open to him.

I just don't see any of this as clipping Rodgers wings. Its mostly just smart football going into late season and relatively poor weather games.

Have to remember that so much of the offense is built around Rodgers and his abilities, that its counter-productive to take too much away from him. But saying its clipping Rodgers wings is IMO going quite a bit overboard.

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