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Packers: 27 Eagles: 20

By Category

Packers: 27 Eagles: 20

Clay Matthews, BJ Raji, Brandon Jackson

The Bad

The Bad

Aaron Rodgers, Mark Tauscher, Chad Clifton

The Bad

The Bad

Sam Shields



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supersoul's picture

Sam Shields was far from ugly. He had the one bad play, but was invisible for the rest of the game. A quality that is a good thing for a cornerback.

AK26's picture

Totally agree, supersoul. The Packers were in nickel the entire game, too, so he wasn't just some subpackage utility guy. Very impressive for an undrafted rookie.

Ruppert's picture

I have yet to review the TiVo, but I will say that I didn't think Sam Shields was "ugly" just from watching the game the first time through.

Tauscher was U-G-L-Y.

Adam Czech's picture

Replace Jackson w/ Jordy Nelson/kick return blocking.

SpiderPack's picture

Jordy. Jordy. Jordy!!! In some ways he's more amazing than a speed guy cause he's so damn smart when he reads the field. BJack needs to be in the Good as well tho.

Ryeguy812's picture

Hopefully, thats the last team we see AR12 in the bad category.
CM3 was an absolute beast and come on Aaron, no love for Jordy Nelson??

Ryeguy812's picture

And what about Crosby?! For all the crap we have him last year, a 56 yarder outdoors in a different stadium is nothing to sneer at.

SpiderPack's picture


foundinidaho's picture

Yep. Jordy and Crosby. Solid play, kids. Even if I don't believe I saw it, it happened.

Tony Wilson's picture

Crosby DEFINITELY should be in the "Good" category. He broke the team-record for longest FG. Comon!!

NoWayJose's picture

Jordy could defintely be in the good here. I think KR is settled until further notice. Way to make the most of his strengths - good vision and decisive runs.

Clay Matthews was beyond good. Stunning that after missing preseason, he has that game. So impressive.

dgtalmn's picture

One more Good...27 to 20

gbpf127's picture

Agree with others on here about Jordy and Crosby. Great outing for them.

Bogmon's picture

Never would have predicted Rodgers in the Bad after week one but he surely was deserving.

The real "Bad" is the prevent defense that allows Mike Vick to run all over and bring the Eagles back in a game that should have been over before the start of the 4th quarter.

I will NEVER understand why teams don't play aggressive defense for 4 quarters. This preventative defense never seems to work out well.

Jayme's picture

If I remember correctly, on Vick's longest run play the Packers completely blew up the backfield and had a ton of pressure. But Vick being Vick was able to scramble out of it. He is easily the most talented scrambler in the history of the game, and because of that it is very hard to play him aggressively.

God I hate that guy.

SpiderPack's picture

Dude. They were TOO aggressive, and that is why Vick ran like that. The pass rush got way up on him and big things opened up. Actually, they weren't TOO aggressive, its just that they didn't game play/practice for a running QB very much. Kolb was supposed to be the man.

Tarynfor12's picture

With a QB competion in Philly whether all recognize it or not,Vick is going to get more play time and he needs to be planned for or the team that don't will get burned as we almost did.

jeremy's picture

How was Shields ugly? He's a rookie corner playing in his first game who had to cover DeSean Jackson for half of the game in which no Eagle had over 50 yards receiving. He had 2.5 tackles and even stopped what would have been a very long run by Vick. He took some small lumps and kept on covering.

Add Packers Special teams to the good. The Eagles are a dangerous ST group and the Packers ST contributed to the victory for a change. Throw Colledge in too, he looks like a different guy from last season.

MDPackFan's picture

The upshot of the "Ugly" trio? Two of them weren't whistled for false starts and holding every other down.

Hat tip to Crosby.

bomdad's picture

Did not look like prevent defense to me, just missed tackles when they got close to catching Vick. I would call the same defenses, make Vick throw it into coverage on a rainy night, or run out the clock trying to play catch up (Which is what happened)

Crosby's 56 yarder came just as it started raining, too.

Kuhn deserved the good for this game.

Doug in Sandpoint's picture

Not really enough of Kuhn to give him a good, but thought he was a nice change from BJAX. Should have gotten a few more carries.

Shields was OK, not an ugly. Jordy was a good. And Crosby.

Anita's picture

Maybe Rodgers was bad BECAUSE Tausch was so UGLY. Plus, he did something that no other GB QB ever has. He won in Philly. So that's not so bad. God knows, his predecessor was much worse in the City of Brotherly Hate.

And not including Nelson and Crosby in the Good category...especially after all the bitching, moaning, and whining about Crosby the past year? Come on, maaaaan.

bomdad's picture

Bart Starr won in Philly, they showed the highlights.

Tommyboy's picture

Wow - definitely disagree about Shields. The play calling and o-line, maybe go ugly. Overall, the Packers actually did a nice job defensively getting pressure. The problem was obviously when Vick came in. The pressure almost became a problem as it opened up the field.

Aaron Rodgers played one of his worst games as a Packer, in my opinion. I don't expect that to continue. It was an ugly win, but honestly, I feel good about where we're at.

...gotta feel bad for Harrell, too :(

NoWayJose's picture

Let's not forget to give the Defensive Player of the Year some love. Just yet another game where he finds a way to force a crucial turnover (nearly two).

Plus, his coverage of anyone in the slot is just relentless. That physical play just takes guys completely out of their game.

packeraaron's picture

Totally agree. I had him in there but had to give Brandon Jackson his due.

PackersRS's picture

Only 3 possible in each category?

PackRat's picture

No one has commented on WHY AR12 was shaky--post traumatic stress disorder having flashbacks to last year's early season OLE offensive line. AR12 was overly conscious about the rush and getting the ball out quickly. His timing was very un-Rodgers-like.

To me it looked like we dodged a bullet showing no "command" of the game. CM3 was a beautiful thing to watch, the most dominant person on the field today. Nick Barnett also played well.

AJ Hawk was a DNP-oh, no wait, a no show. Jones (and often times Chillar) was easily consumed by blocks and was pushing piles--not tackling.

OL missed not dressing TJ to spell Tauscher and Neal's injury made Harrel critical... I'll leave that alone so as not to get called for a late hit/piling on.

ZOMBO!!!!! Going to be dynamite with both Zzzzzz and CM3 crunching pass protection.

PackersRS's picture

He's supposedly an elite QB. He doesn't have the luxury to get rattled on the pocket. Adapt to your OL being shitty, ask for draws and screens, use 3 step drops.

He needs to mantain the poise in the pocket, despite them doing a piss-poor job. And he knows it. He said it was the worst game of his life, and I agree. He's gonna adapt, he's gonna play much better.

NickGBP's picture

Agree. Anyone who thinks this isn't Arod's fault has blinders on. He was rattled the entire game even before he got sacked so thats no excuse. Wasn't "seeing the field" well at all.

bomdad's picture

The refs need to give him respect and call the damn headshots and facemasks. I would take the team off the field if that happened in a peewee game. If you ask me, the Eagles got karma when the lost two guys to concussions (they should get fined for putting them back in knowing they were rung), and Weaver bent over backwards, and Jackson out for the year with a torn arm. Oh yeah Peters too.

FITZCORE1252's picture

That non-facemask call was infuriating!

PackersRS's picture

If you were in the live chat, you know how I feel about the refs. But it's still Rodgers' fault.

jack's picture

i'm going to have to watch the game again but did hawk play at all? they showed him on the sideline once but that's all i saw of him

packeraaron's picture

He did not play one snap from scrimmage because they never played base defense - it was nickel and dime all the way. (Chillar comes in for him in Nickel)


You should start a new category called excellent or flawless performance --because that is what the claymaker had. That dude is insane.

All the DB's had a decent game. They covered very well. Vick obviously creates a match up problem with anybody.

That was a huge win.

PackersRS's picture

Change the bad with the ugly and we're in agreement.

packeraaron's picture

That's probably right.

NickGBP's picture

Anyone else see the inside pass rush ALL game long? Most exciting aspect of the game. It was a beautiful sight. Trgovac deserves a Good just for that.

I agree that Vick's success came mostly because we hadn't gameplanned for him. Have to admit he made a few great throws, but I don't think he'd do half as well as a starter.

jeremy's picture

That Hook inside blitz by Matthews is awesome!

PackersRS's picture

Agreed. Man, we're gonna dominate. Raji, Jenkins and Neal fresh and healthy, our D is gonna be great.

LACheez's picture

anyone think that we saw Harrell play his last game as a Packer today? (hope not, but got a feeling...)

bomdad's picture

Yeah, a blown knee is the end for him.

alfredomartinez's picture

buh bye harrell, hello...who?

jeremy's picture

Probably Talley or maybe Wynn.

DAWG's picture

NOT what I was expecting, O=line and offense outta sink, Grant's injury looks to be serious, bad sprain. But I think as a whole,(offense) correctable!
On the D, Jones,Burnett, looked pedestrian, did Burnett even make a tackle? NOT good! Try Zombo!And D-line pass rush not playoff caliber. CM3-Woodson- Barnett, they saved the game!WOW! Aikman and crew missed what happened to J Harrell. ST played decent.

andrew harman's picture

burnett did make tackles and i wouldnt call his play stellar.. but considering he is a rookie it was solid.? what on earth are you expecting from him? they didnt throw any deep passes really and the ones they did throw were not completed.. burnett came up and made a few plays against the run. i dunno what u could really ask for from him.. jones.. had pressure on the qb a few times at the start of teh game.. again wouldnt call it great but it wasnt terrible either again dunno why every player needs a interception or a sack in order to play well.. zombo came untouched on a blitz to get teh sack.. if he didnt get that sack he would have been benched for the rest of the year.. again.. a sack or an int doesnt mean you played well it was 1 play i wouldnt call barnetts play game saving.. he played a solid game what is expected of him as a long time starter and leader on the defense..

dilligaff's picture

Excellent bad, a combination of A-rod holding onto the ball too long and Clifton and Tauscher looking like they have lost a step.

IMO Bulaga and Lang could have played as well and need the reps. Both IMO are better run blockers and after watching the two old veterans against the Eagles, could be better in pass protection.

Hawk needs to be shopped around, get what we can for him. Did he even get a snap on defense??

andrew harman's picture

hawk did not play a single snap on defense.. and im actually pretty positive you could get a lot for him if you went to a team that needed a middle linebacker in a 3-4 or a outside linebacker in a 4-3 he is a very solid option in both.. packer fans are just blinded by the fact that they wanted him to be a god like CM3 when hawk just isnt that kind of player.. im sure another team would LOVE to have him.. im sure the lions would take him and they would love having him make 10 tackles twice a year against us.. but i think every packer fan that thinks chillar is the answer at linebacker is in fact insane... and that most people cant actually give good reasons other than "he isnt as good as we wanted him to be" as a reason to why they dont want him to be on our team..

as for the offensive line.. clifton and tauscher are old dudes.. playing against an eagles defense that is built around speed.. first game of the season.. they hadnt played a full game at all... clifton is ALWAYS rusty out of the gate now that he has gotten old.. last year he was having mental lapses at the start of the season.. so overall i am not really suprised about how they played.. and if u put bulaga and lang in that is showin u dont have confidence in your two leaders on the line... which would not be a good thing to do week 1 of your season.. it should not be a suprise that clifton and tausch struggled against a speed rush week 1 of the year.. after going against vanilla packages in the preseason.. what was suprising was arods inability to cope with the rush and find any sort of rhythm

MarkinMadison's picture

It wasn't even all speed. Clifton was totally bull-rushed on at least one play. No way you can let that happen to you when pass blocking. I'd have like to have seen Bulaga in for a series just to see how he stacked up, but the Packers couldn't quite put it out of reach to try.

DAWG's picture

Mmmmm, Burnett, B Jones, two tackles apiece, young guys that need to pick it up-they played most entire game. Chiller-6 tackles- sorry andy. I do like Zombo, 1 sack, didn't play much, has great energy- he replaces Jones if Jones doesn't figure it out down the road, watch the tape= just sayin!

FITZCORE1252's picture

The worst thing that could have happened to us in that game (aside from injuries) did happen. Had we not knocked Kolb out we win by 20 or 30. We just weren't ready for that much Vick. A QB like that scares me every bit as much as Peyton or Brees, you just can't practice improvisation like he brings to the table. Glad to get out of there with a W.


DAWG's picture

Yep, and if he ( Vick) ran into the end zone on that play, instead of passing into the middle of e-zone, might be a different out come- we squeaked one out-Whew!

jack's picture

i would put grant in the good category too. he had a few great runs before he was injured. it's nice to know that we still have somewhat of a running game without him but we really need him back soon

Keith's picture

You could throw McCarthy in the Bad category as well. It seemed like the Packers were stubbornly trying to show off their explosive offense early on and Philly seemed determined to disrupt the rhythm of the passing game. Once Grant, Jackson, and Kuhn started picking up huge chunks of yardage it slowed down the rush a bit. Also, it might have been a nice idea to throw a screen. To anybody. Somebody. RB, TE, FB, bubble to a WR. Anything.

andrew harman's picture

hawk needs to be given a shot at playing nickle or capers needs to start running the base package.. the fact that we are always in the nickle drives me insane quite literally i cant understand why we never run the base defense.. adn chillar looked TERRIBLE!!!!! i dunno how he wasnt added to the bad.. he was consumed whenever they ran the ball and did nothing in pass coverage.. the first touchdown the eagles scored.. go watch it.. chllar DOES NOT EVEN LOOK AT THE QB! how do you not check to see whether or not it is a run.. he gets blocked completly out of the play by a WR! a WR! not even a TE.. they run the ball to his side and they blow him up.. whenever they run towards chillar they gain 4-6 yards he is SO TERRIBLE at stopping the run hawk is a much better option.. when vick throws that incompletion on 3rd down near the end of the game if vick had tucked it and ran vick would have scored.. because instead of chllar doing what he should do.. adn stepping up to stop vick from running he drops back?!?! WHY? i was suprised vick didnt run when he saw chillar drop back further into the endzone it was maddening.. i am a defensive coach in high school and if i had a linebacker doing that i would tell him to cut weight and play safety cause the ILB IS NOT A PRIMARY PASS COVERAGE PLAYER he is there for run support first.. RUN SUPPORT! which chillar never gives barnett can not cover both sides... hawk can run with tes and rbs.. just game plan around the fact that he cant cover wide recievers.. its not even hard.. im ranting because all game i saw chillar making mistakes in run support i dont care if he can run with a WR and tackle them after they make the catch.. and i dunno why everyone loves chillar so much cause he makes no big plays.. none.. isnt that what people didnt like about hawk??.. i think chillar is a scrub it drives me wild chillar had 6 tackles today.. all were made either 6 yards down field on the run or after a WR made a catch and he would bring them down.. cool chillar.. your just as good as hawk was in coverage.. WHOOHOO we really improved in that department and lost help in run support.. great decision

MLecl0001's picture

Actually I heard the reason why they played so much nickel ended up being because of injuries to the DL. I believe that Capers would have switched to more of a base with Vick as QB. However since we only had 2 DL, and 1 with only 1 hand, they played nickel where you only have 2 DL. That way they could play 2 while giving the 3rd a rest. Those DL were winded by the end of the game.

MarkinMadison's picture

Sounds exactly right to me.

jeremy's picture

Exactly. After Harrell was hurt they were down to three guys, which would mean no rotation at all in the base. I feel bad for the guy, but Harrell was a huge injury risk and should never have been active as the fourth guy. Harrell is a nice guy but he has no business being on an NFL field.

Brooklyn81's picture

The ugly should have been either Michael Vick or the Run Defense

bucky's picture

First, that's a good win on the road against a quality opponent. The Eagles may not be Super Bowl bound this season, but they will play you tough, and as Packer fans know, getting out of Philly with a W is a very rare event. So take some satisfaction in that.

I'm especially impressed by the way the Packers were able to tough out a win like that. It wasn't pretty; in fact, there were a lot of ugly plays (and that's not counting the gruesome injury to Leonard Weaver. I could not watch that replay). In a sense, though, I like that too, because I don't think anyone will come out of this win thinking they just need to show up in order to win. I like the grittiness the Packers displayed.

I will say this, though; the improvement of the Packer run game in the second half seemed to have a lot more to do with Omar Gaither replacing Stewart Bradley than anything else. There's a reason Bradley's the starter, and we saw it in the 3rd quarter yesterday. There's still a lot of work to do in that department, and it starts up front.

lebowski's picture

So with all the talk now about the Vikings going out and getting one holdout from the Chargers, wouldn't it be nice if Thompson was on the phone asking what it would take to get their other holdout, a top young tackle? They seem intent on moving on without either player, and Clifton and Tauscher SUCKED in this game. Rodgers is gonna get killed. Okay, I need to take my unicorn for another spin around fantasy land.

MarkinMadison's picture

The defense as a whole was a big question mark to me coming into the game, and they played quite well. They will take their lumps with Sam Shields being so raw and playing the nickel. Fortunately for the Packers, Kolb was awful, and picking apart a defense from the pocket has never been Vick's calling card. The Packers will pay against a better QB. Shields needs to get a lot better in a hurry, or McNabb, Farve and Romo will pick on him all day. Cutler and even Henne are probably also capable of slicing him up.

Williams failed to come up with interceptions, but he had his hands all over the ball all day. Just a good day all around for him.

hoogus's picture

Thought Shields (and Burnett) were OK. "Ugly" seems way too harsh.

Jersey Al's picture

I think you're being too harsh on Shields, but I'll know better when I rewatch. Every DB gets beat.

On that note, I think you needed to give Corey's boy Tramon his due. One of the better games I've seen him play. Would have been a great game for him if he had caught one of those 2 possible INTs.

packeraaron's picture

Totally agree on Tramon. And I think I agree on Shields as well. I was probably still steaming about that touchdown play, which truly was Ugly. Other than that, I think he probably played fine.

JerseyAl's picture

Well, upon further review, Shields was fine for 3 quarters because the Eagles inexplicably totally ignored him. I'd be pretty pissed if I were an Eagles fan.

keeley2's picture

How about Packers Special Teams in the Good category? What an amazing display considering all the fretting we've done over the past few months!

keeley2's picture

Lebowski -

No way the Vikings sign Jackson. By the time Jackson is off suspension, they'll have Rice back and with Rice due for a contract extension, even the spendthrift Wilf brothers will find it hard to swallow both contracts. Vikings are bringing in some street free agents (remember Ruvell Martin?) this week as a stopgap.

lebowski's picture

Jackson more than likely will only be suspended three games, not 6. Vikes are 'all in' this year, supposedly Favre's last. Rice back at 6 weeks is best case scenario. Vikes are known for going hog-wild with big-name players, so don't be quite so quick to dismiss this. And as Peter King pointed out this morning, if they do get him, trying to cover Jackson, Rice, and Harvin heading into the last half of the season is nasty. Just sayin'.

jerseypackfan's picture

The Ugly should have been that field! It was like watching a horror movie. The second quarter began, the skies darken and then the injuries began and they didn't stop.

Wiscokid's picture

Isn't Vick in a contract year? It wouldn't surprise me to see him in purple next year. That would be great, the second coming of Fran Trakington. Favre can't play forever no matter what he thinks, or doesn't think, or thinks,or doesn't think etc, etc. etc. They just got rid of Sage Rosenfels and that only leaves T-Jack. After all there is a president. Randal Cunningham made the same jump to the dark side of football.

dgtalmn's picture

Did anyone else notice that AJ Hawk never played a down?

hoogus's picture

Wasn't Hawk was on the kickoff team?

The defense did fine without him.

andrew harman's picture

i wouldnt call letting up 20 points doing fine... coming off of a #2 ranked defense last year. we should not be letting up that many points..

CSS's picture

You only had two healthy defensive lineman that played 20 more snaps than they're accustomed to and two rookies starting in your backfield. Capers was limited in the number of looks he could give considering the personnel forced him to play in almost exclusively nickle and virtually nothing else.

I would say giving up ONLY 20, on the road against a playoff team is pretty damn impressive.

Steve in Mpls's picture

There are only a handful of players in the
NFL that play angry. Clay tops the list.
Can you guys imagine a 20 yard run into your
solar plexus? He is a true monster, so glad
he is a PackAttacker.

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