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Packers 27 Browns 21 (OT): Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Packers 27 Browns 21 (OT): Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Packers needed overtime for a second-straight week to get a win but, as they say, a win is a win.  

On to the day's best and worst.

Game Balls

Davante Adams

Have yourself a day, Mr. Adams.  A game-high 10 catches including two touchdowns in a span of a few minutes.  Adams caught the game-tying touchdown on a nicely thrown ball by Brett Hundley.  In overtime, Adams took a screen, made the first defender miss and spun his way to freedom, scampering into the end zone for the win.

Adams is this team's MVP this season, even if Aaron Rodgers returns and takes the team to the playoffs.  The Packers need to re-sign him and they now need to put away the checkbook and open up the vault.

Jamaal Williams

Williams is on this side of the list nearly every week, it seems.  His numbers weren't flashy but he caught a long touchdown to open the game and added a goal line run to bring the Packers within one score in the second half.

With Aaron Jones still not seemingly ready to return to full time action, Williams has obliged well since the game in Chicago.  His hard-running style has kept drives alive and kept games alive for Green Bay over the last few months.

Josh Jones

Three passes defended, including an interception in overtime to give the Packers the ball and a short field.  Not a bad day and perhaps Jones steps up and helps overcome the losses of Kevin King and Davon House at cornerback.  With Damarious Randall the top corner with the likes of Josh Hawkins, Lenzy Pipkins, Donatello Brown and Demetri Goodson behind him, Green Bay needs some reinforcement in their pass defense, stat.

Mike McCarthy

A fake punt conversion that kept a touchdown drive alive and two fourth down conversions in three tries deserves some mention.  A successful challenge with three minutes left also forced a Browns punt that Trevor Davis promptly took 65 yards to set up excellent field position and eventually, the tying score.  

McCarthy has taken a lot of heat for the offense's lack of production and Hundley's rough stretches but the head man put his team in good spots in this game.

Clay Matthews

Matthews had a sack in this game but what landed him here was his disrupting Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer's pass attempt in overtime that resulted in the Jones interception.  Matthews had just two tackles on the day but it was a play that doesn't show up on the stat sheet that may have saved the day for the Packers.

Brett Hundley

Brett Hundley threw 46 times on the day and had no turnovers.  That wasn't likely the game plan coming in but 36 minutes with the ball will result in a lot of touches for everyone.  The touchdown at the end to Adams was very dime-like and Hundley also had a big third down run to help set up Green Bay's second touchdown.

If this was Hundley's last start of the season or as a Packer, he deserves a nod for doing his part to help the Packers stay competitive and alive in a playoff race.  He wasn't great but the Packers had a chance in at least five of the seven games he appeared in.  That's about what was realistic when Rodgers went down.

Lame Calls

Run Defense

Browns running back Isaiah Crowell ran for 121 yards, his first game over 100 yards all season.  The Packers defense was worn down by Cleveland's ability to run the ball and fortunately, were able to make a big play at the end of the game to put themselves in position to win.

As the weather turns, teams are going to run more and the Packers can't afford to let offenses march up and down the field at will.

What Else. . Injuries

Davon House was lost to an apparent back injury, an injury that this team absolutely cannot afford.  House didn't practice this week but was active in this game.  His loss would be huge with a final three must-win games against good quarterbacks.

Rodgers may return and help cover some deficiencies on defense, but to expect some of the young defensive backs to play over their head is asking a lot.  A playoff run with the current depth chart at cornerback is something only Hollywood could make a reality.

Injuries are once again a storyline in another Packers season.


Others to mention

  • Continue to put Blake Martinez down for 10 tackles and the team lead in that stat.  Always very active
  • Ha Ha Clinton-Dix had the interception on a badly thrown ball by Kizer but otherwise he looked slow and took some really bad angles in pursuit.  I have to hope that the rumors of his dealing with some sort of ailment are true.  The Packers are still waiting, 14 weeks later, for Clinton-Dix to revert to 2016 form.  It's not looking good
  • Jermaine Whitehead looked awfully good running with the ball in his hands.  Maybe he's on the wrong side of the ball?  (A little Monday humor)
  • Trevor Davis showed why he's still the punt returner.  When he doesn't have to think and he can just run, he does good things.  Let's just hope there isn't a ball landing inside the 10 yard line that Davis decides to screw up somehow for the next two months
  • Now we wait for the update on Rodgers this week with another playoff-like game looming on the road against the Carolina Panthers

-- Jason is a freelance writer and has been on staff since 2012.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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cpabandit's picture

Good post Jason. You seem to have it all covered. Nothing more to add. Good job (as always)!

Nick Perry's picture

Game Balls...

Davante Adams....WHY this guy isn't signed yet is beyond me. It makes me wonder if Adams is either going to wait until the Packers offer him SO much money he can't refuse or he'll actually not sign and hit the market to see what a team like the 49ers with over $100 million in cap space might offer forcing the Packers to REALLY overpay. Would really like to see this guy locked up.

Williams...This kid is fun to watch. It's obvious he loves the game and is a hell of a lot better than I originally thought at the beginning of the year. At first I saw Alex Green but now maybe a little Ryan Grant. The dude DOES fall forward for that extra yard or two every time.

Matthews...I'm happy as hell for Matthews these last few weeks. The guy has made plays the last few weeks when the defense absolutely needed them.

Lame Calls....

Myself..... I'm a Packers fan and I ALWAYS want to see my team win. But for the last few weeks I've been conflicted. Do I really want to see this TEAM in the playoffs losing valuable draft spots by making it? Or would I just as soon get the inevitable over now and avoid losing draft spots and disappointment. I mean needing OT to beat the Bengals, Bucs, and Browns ( 9-30 combined record ) doesn't exactly give me a boost in confidence with or without Rodgers.

Just being real guys.

HankScorpio's picture

"Davante Adams....WHY this guy isn't signed yet is beyond me."

I think I can help. It's one of two things.

1. When signing a deal, both sides must agree to the terms. With the season Adams is having and UFA so close, he'd be crazy to go into that period having sacrificed his ability to listen to offers.

2. Or maybe it is because the Packers just don't want him enough to make an offer. After all, they like nothing better than to let their own get away. Comp picks are great!!

It's definitely one of those two things. I suppose each of us can decide which one is more likely in "Keeping it Realsville".

stockholder's picture

N0- 1. Because TT is smart, when it comes to saving the Packers money. 2. Because money wrecks players and teams. 3. No other player has been up and down more than Adams. He's not been a easy player to coach. Public Relations mess. Projection. Insurance.

Spud Rapids's picture

You're just an Adams hater and are blatantly wrong on him.... he had one bad injury plagued season in his sophomore campaign, that's it. He had a huge year last year and this year he has proven that he can get open and makes plays regardless of who is playing QB. Adams has been the only consistent receiving threat over the past 2 years so I don't know what you are talking about. Saying he is not an easy player to coach is just a dig out of left field that has no basis along with saying he is a PR mess. What exactly has he done to gain bad PR?

stockholder's picture

$$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ You don't know what I'm talking about, because Love is blind. Glad your not the GM. OK Sign him! 20 million. And when he gets to be Cobb, Nelson, Mathews, perry, and gets older or Hurt. You'll be the first on the bandwagon that wants another. How fast you forgot the coach screaming at him on tv. Why did A-rod tell him to sit the bench? Why, the PR when Janis, and Jared wanted their chance. Peripheral treatment was blatant. Compare him to other great Wrs. Driver, Sharpe , Sterling, Jennings, I'm not trying to put anyone in a fix of despondency. But really hate has nothing to do with this. Adams has responded with some great games. He's worked hard. He's deserved to be the starter. But does he deserve the money you and others want to GIVE HIM? Just trying to be that voice of reason, reality, team first. Will Adams put team first , after you make him rich and famous ? Or a cancer?

Finwiz's picture

I wouldn't give him huge money because ultimately he's a great number 2 receiver, and doesn't really consistently stretch the field and come up with huge long distance plays. I think you pay him as TOP TIER number 2 receiver, but I certainly wouldn't pay him as a TOP TIER number ONE.
I'd draft a guy, move up if you have to, if you think you need a number one receiver, a dynamic "stretch the field" type of guy.
But they don't, and they won't!
Rodgers makes ALL the receivers better than what they are, and he KNOWS how to spread the ball around..

Spud Rapids's picture

I never said anything about paying $20 million nor am I blind to anything. He'll get offered the fair market value by TT and Thompson won't budge on that number. It'll be in Adams hands to choose whether he wants to stay with Arodge/Pack or go elsewhere for more. There is always another team willing to overpay a player like him. I just don't see why you are spewing all this bogus stuff about PR and Adams being selfish and so on. I also don't understand half your post because it doesn't make any sense.

HankScorpio's picture

"He'll get offered the fair market value by TT and Thompson won't budge on that number. It'll be in Adams hands to choose whether he wants to stay with Arodge/Pack or go elsewhere for more."

Hopefully, he'll take a look at how Greg Jennings fared in taking the money.

stockholder's picture

Who said Adams was selfish? You want to make it out my posts hate Adams. You want me to say I love him, and I was wrong. But I didn't give him the name DROP VANTE. We don't know what goes on inside Adams mind, or TT. I just pointed out that Adams is not the player that you make him out to be. By history and by comparison. You hire, and pay someone because of their RESUME. (Highly skilled and great talent. ) You want him paid because you consider him the #1 WR on this team now. I do not! (20 million is the bonus numbers that will be thrown at him. ) But you are right about it being in Adams hands. I see them out for a Gift.

dobber's picture

"But I didn't give him the name DROP VANTE."

My brother wasn't the first one to give me the nickname "dipshit", either. That doesn't mean that it really applies anymore, nor does it mean that there are many people using it anymore, either.

Nick Perry's picture

You just hate Adams and it's f'ing killing you he's the best WR on the Packers right now and it's NOT EVEN CLOSE!

lou's picture

I think the opposite is true, he is an easy player to coach. What we now know is he did have and tried to play through a high ankle sprain and i believe his abnormal number of drops two years ago were due to an over aggressiveness to be "the guy", what coach would not want a player who not only will play through injury but want to be the best as his position. In addition as far as PR goes, when interviewed he appears very bright and engaging compared to most young NFL players. In addition, people get caught up in the proto-type #1 receiver measureables just like defining a "shut down corner" and say Adams does not have the speed to be the #1 receiver. They said the same thing about Steve Largent his entire career and he is a Hall of Famer and Adams can be compared to him trait for trait. Pay Adams as a #1, restructure Cobb's contract, Jordy's production will be back to the same level with Rodgers at QB and draft a tight end that can run the seam high and that receiving group will be as good as any in the NFL.

dobber's picture

People forget that Jerry Rice ran a 40 around 4.7. I'm not saying that Adams is the next Jerry Rice, but 40-time isn't everything. I'll point out Anquan Boldin. Another 4.7-40 time who had another outstanding career playing with top-flite QBs. I actually think Boldin isn't a bad comparison for Adams.

stockholder's picture

Really? Any win is just all about Adams now! Such comparisons are just hilarious.

dobber's picture

"Any win is just all about Adams now! "

I don't even know how to respond to that. My point was that 40 times only mean so much.

You're making much more out of his early career material than is really there. He's by all accounts a model citizen, hard-working, humble, and a good locker room guy. The bottom line is that he's playing very well....better than any other WR on the roster ATM. Someone is going to pay him. We'll find out what he's worth to someone when he inks a contract, but the bottom line is that his making it to free agency means he likely doesn't return to GB. You're the one throwing out the $20M number, not us, and by your rationale the Packers should never sign anyone to a second contract.

All I was saying is that Anquan Boldin (an All-Pro many times over) situation is a good comparison for Adams. Boldin almost always played with other good WRs and good QBs, just like Adams. Both had a nose for the end zone. Boldin was extremely productive through most of his career and well into his 30s. Adams is faster, quicker. Boldin was a beast. Strong, physical.

Nick Perry's picture

"1. When signing a deal, both sides must agree to the terms."

Responding to this point would just be kinda stupid. Really? Pretty obvious don't you think?

"Or maybe it is because the Packers just don't want him enough to make an offer. After all, they like nothing better than to let their own get away. Comp picks are great!!"

Well if the Packers "Don't want him" then you best be ready for one crappy season next year. Who's the BEST QB in the NFL going to throw to then? Cobb? Nelson?? Michael Clark???....LOL!!!!

I think you need to visit Realsville.

stockholder's picture

It's interesting to see so much support for Adams. You guys want him signed. Your hearts are made up. Realsville? Saying somebody is hateful of a packer, is non-sense. My opinion differs from yours is all. Take Care and I will Address Adams later.

HankScorpio's picture

"Responding to this point would just be kinda stupid. Really? Pretty obvious don't you think?"

You'd think it was obvious. It certainly was to me.

But I wasn't the one saying that I had no idea why he wasn't re-signed.

stockholder's picture

Lame Calls- Yes I want them to make the playoffs. The packers will be picking #20 or later. TT has proven that the higher the pick, There is NO guarantee. The players come and go in Green Bay. Every player on that field needs to win. OT or not. Winning shows the fruits of their labor. Regardless of the odds. The draft was for building a team. Players get hurt. Free Agents get signed to find the missing pieces. This team has the talent to win. And now they just need their leader back. A-ROD!!!

Turophile's picture

Totally agree with the conflicted comment. I (almost) wanted the Packers to lose to end the playoff hopes and look toward a good draft pick, because even if the Packers produce a miracle and get in, they won't go far with the current team.

While draft picks are important, avoiding at least some of the injuries is even more important. The Packers seem to be buried in them, year after year. No injuries is a pipedream for any team, but I wish for the Packers to at least be one of the healthier teams next year, with injuries happening more to depth players than above average starters.

cpheph1's picture

I thought Randall played good too. Great comeback win.

HankScorpio's picture

Randall is starting to give me a little bit of confidence in him. It's been a long road to respectability with a lot of potholes along the way. But I think I'm good with him and King as the 2018 starters.

dobber's picture

He's starting to earn that 5th year option.

Given how thin the Packers are at CB, he might have received it, anyway.

croatpackfan's picture

Be honest. Gordon had only one catch after Randall take over him. Davon was busted every pas he needed to cover Gordon...

HankScorpio's picture

Randall pointing out Gordon's catch total struck a nerve with Gordon.

Finwiz's picture

Randall looks like the Packers best CB to me.
He's really progressed over the 2nd half of the season.
I see a starting CB in 23. He even tackled pretty good for the most part.
He's the least of their defensive problems, I'll tell you that.
If they could just get some pressure on a consistent basis it would solve so many of their problems.
I wonder why Biegel isn't playing at all, particularly when you had Perry down yesterday. I don't think I saw the guy out there, other than special teams. Any reports on how many snaps 45 played?

HankScorpio's picture

"Any reports on how many snaps 45 played?"

15 of 58 defensive snaps.

cpheph1's picture

I agree QB pressure & more specifically sacks is arguably the biggest defensive need, I wouldn’t mind if they draft three each @ Edge/PR/DE & DB / cover CB, 6’1 or 6’2 with speed would be nice. Need more speed.

stockholder's picture

The MVP is Martinez. So many huge stops. The man has been a tackling machine. Adams hard work is paying off. But saying MVP is premature. Adams did have a day. But it was the 4th Quarter. Now he must show why he's worth millions. Against the good teams in the play-offs.

HankScorpio's picture

"Now he (Adams) must show why he's worth millions"

I have a feeling a bunch of NFL teams, including the Packers, think he already has.

cpheph1's picture

Concur 100% on Davante Adams, I think he’ll remain the #1 WR in 2017 and will resign with GB & get a very significant $ contract.

marpag1's picture

Stockholder, my man... you've been blind to Adams from the beginning and you're still blind to Adams now. Maybe he's not Julio, but I'd say he's not quite the "shitty diaper" that you said he would be.

It's OK, it happens to the best of us. Heck, I thought Datone Jones would be a stud...

stockholder's picture

It's where they end up that counts. I said Adams was a Bust. He isn't. I just won't put him in that great category. Adams has A-Rod behind him. That has made up the difference. Which more people on draft day said had to happen. Datone Jones was wrecked. Raji was wrecked. I hate the fact that defensive players are forced into different positions.

HankScorpio's picture

"I hate the fact that defensive players are forced into different positions."

Get over it. It would be silly to limit the pool of defensive players on the draft board to ones that played in a 3-4.

stockholder's picture

Hank, We hear every draft, which player would be best for a certain Scheme. That players that would fit a certain program. Work out warriors at the combine. Draft them because of their times etc. Get over What? Your still trying to pick up on the Adams debate. { It would be silly to limit players based on a 3-4. } Agreed. But when you have a DE, and try to make him a LB. It's stupid if he doesn't have the BODY for it. ( Especially in his contract year. ) Especially when the reports out of camp said he was going to be good. Especially when you Have an ALL-PRO NT and Make him into a DE. So no one is talking about the draft here. Were talking about players that are already at the top of their game, or can't handle change. A player that the packers drafted #1 and switched.

dobber's picture


Every team projects every player they scout into their systems. Can this player fill a role we need and what would it be?

Sometimes it's about trying to put your best players on the field. I think this is the case with Raji and Big Grease. Raji was not the better NT, but he might have been the best DE prospect they had AT THE TIME.

Finwiz's picture

"It would be silly to limit the pool of defensive players on the draft board to ones that played in a 3-4."

Sorry, but this is just wrong, and a big part of the Packers problem.
They try to fit a square peg in a round hole, because they're arrogantly "smarter" than the rest of the league. Whether that's the GM or the HC is debatable, but my guess is MM would rather have players that have experience at a given position than try to convert someone.

dobber's picture

I don't think anyone here thinks Adams is "great"--that's just you injecting more into the discussion--but he's a starting caliber WR in the NFL (based on his performance and, well, the fact that he's starting) which means he's going to make a lot of $$. How much depends on whether teams view him as a true #1 or a very good #2.

HankScorpio's picture

Adams is 17th in yards and 12th in catches in 2017. He was 26th & 28th in those categories in 2016. He's not an elite WR but he is an ascending one.

He was smart to bet on himself and take things to the open market. I hope it works out for the Packers like it did with Cobb, where in the end he took a little bit less to re-sign---and stay in a good situation with Rodgers as his QB.

dobber's picture

There are a couple posters here who only care about players who run really fast and jump really high. That's all...

marpag1's picture

You mean the ghost of Al Davis is a member of this board??

dobber's picture

I don't know if anyone actually saw a body...

marpag1's picture

Dupe - three posts for the price of one! Cool!

marpag1's picture

Dupe - three posts for the price of one! Cool!

GBPDAN1's picture

A Packers win always feels good, no matter what the situation is.

nigrivasilayesrej's picture

Game balls

Lame Calls -
Dom Capers
Pass Rush

cpheph1's picture

I’d like to add Kenny Clark.

Big T2's picture

Rodgers should sit the rest of the season and demand a trade to a team that will give him an O-line and a chance at a superbowl... With TT and MM there will never be another superbowl. Anyone not drinking the TT and MM koolaid know this to be true...

dobber's picture

"Rodgers should sit the rest of the season and demand a trade to a team that will give him an O-line and a chance at a superbowl."

That's fine. If I'm the Packers' GM, I tell him he has three options: sit and lose two of his remaining prime years, sign an extension and get paid, or play and leave when his contract is up. Ball is in his court, but it's in his best interest to play and play well.

If he decides to sit, then that's on him. Could seriously taint his image and damage his ability to function in media after his career is all done. Packers hold the cards and should never give the impression that they let the inmates run the asylum.

HankScorpio's picture

"sit and lose two of his remaining prime years"

If he sits, doesn't the contract goes on "pause"?

Either way, Rodgers is smart enough to know the score. He know he can't opt out and requesting a trade is a monumentally bad idea.

Besides, when you take a peek at the Packer playoff losses with Rodgers taking the snaps, you'll see the dirty little secret is that he's not exactly covered himself in glory in those games. I bet that bothers him more than the fact that there were worse performances that contributed more to the defeats.

dobber's picture

"If he sits, doesn't the contract goes on "pause"?"

I think there's a non-reporting status or something they can put on him that would put his contract on hold, yes. ARod is savvy enough to know that all this season did was solidify just how good he really is. He's revered in GB and saw what happened to #4 when he turned up his nose at the green and gold.

Another good call: there have been many around here who have been digging at #12 for being a great regular season QB but not so great in the playoffs since the SB win. If he's the perfectionist people make him out to be, I can't believe this doesn't eat him up inside.

al bundy's picture

Rogers has an ego as big as a semi. He will play next week if they let him. If he sucks they can say, oh he was rusty. If he gets hurt again they can say, Oh, he should have taken it easy and not come back so soon, but for sure they will not blame him.
My take is the packers have played two piss poor coached teams the past two weeks. Yes they won and thats all that matters on the scoreboard but in reality, they now play a good team running on all cylinders. If this team is playoff bound they should make a game of it with its king back and if this is a mediocre team, they should get their assess kicked. Very interesting.

dobber's picture

Carolina is an up-and-down offensive team that relies on big plays to win football games. Cam Newton is more of a runner than a passer: he hasn't gotten his mojo back since his MVP season. I worry more about Carolina's defense knocking out #12. I don't know if the Packer OL can protect him. If the Packers can contain Jonathan Stewart and Cam Newton on the ground, and force Carolina to throw the ball, they might get an INT or two that would make a big difference. In the end, when #12 trots out onto the field, he changes everything on both sides of the ball.

RCPackerFan's picture

Game Balls-

Adams - Adams has emerged as our number 1 WR. When Rodgers comes back Nelson may still be Rodgers favorite target because of how in sync they are, Adams is the guy teams will fear the most.

Mathews - Mathews is still our biggest play maker on defense. While he doesn't get the stats, he is a guy that still causes the most disruption. He just needs someone else to help him rush the QB.

Williams - Williams is truly just impressive. He didn't have gaudy numbers but he runs hard, and rarely loses any yards.

Hundley - Just for his 4th quarter performance. Down by 14, he helped lead them to a TD drive to bring it to within 7. The next drive starting at the 3 they got the ball to near midfield but had to punt. But the key was getting it to midfield and changing field position. The defense got the stop, then Davis's huge PR, and then he led them to the TD drive to tie it up. Then in OT, he made the plays he had to.

McCarthy - The guy has stones and keeps the team in it. No one gives up under McCarthy. Well minus the diaper wearing candy ass baby that left us. McCarthy was aggressive all day. On the opening drive they had the fake punt which kept the drive alive which resulted in 7 points. Later in the game he had the 4th and 1 call that Hundley blew. But it looked like a good call. I loved in OT how he threw the ball and didn't try settling for a long FG. But the call of the day was the challenge. If he doesn't challenge that they likely don't win.

Martinez - He is simply our tackling machine on defense. He rarely misses tackles. He just needs an upgrade next to him.

Lame Calls -
Hundley - After first drive until 4th Quarter. He has to learn to be more consistent. He has been great in 4th quarter come backs and when the game is on the line. But he has to play better earlier.

Capers - They came up big in the 4th quarter and OT. But the first few drives they had Mathews dropping in coverage way to much. He had Brooks covering a RB. His top 2 pass rushers right now, he had dropping into coverage way to much. And again has the safety's dropping 35+ yards off the LOS.
I get he is handicapped with a beat up House, and missing King, but his defense is way to predictable.

Jake Ryan - He makes some plays, but he gets out of position way to much and can't get off of blockers. They need to find an upgrade over Ryan.

HankScorpio's picture

It's a little strange to see Hundley with a game ball and lame call.

But I completely agree with you on it. The 4th Qs in Chicago, Pitts and Cleveland have been fantastic. Maybe add vs TB in GB to that list. I wonder if the 4th Q of Detroit game should be on this list. He was better but it was absolute garbage time.

Either way, if that guy would have showed up for the NO game and stayed around ever since, they would have at least one more win, maybe 2. But unfortunately, he's been the guy that played the Ravens all too often.

dobber's picture

"But I completely agree with you on it. The 4th Qs in Chicago, Pitts and Cleveland have been fantastic. Maybe add vs TB in GB to that list. I wonder if the 4th Q of Detroit game should be on this list. He was better but it was absolute garbage time."

It's possible that it's just too much pressure for him to manage a whole game plan. Hundley just seems to be mostly a one-trick pony as a passer: plays best in the gun, spread the field, play fast. His resume is there. It's also possible that he benefitted in those cases from defenses starting to play soft, too. It's easy to put this on the coaching staff for not understanding what they needed to do to put #7 in the best position to succeed, but they still need to game plan for their opponent. With #12, you can be more stubborn in your calls because he's going to dictate what happens on the field. Not so with #7.

RCPackerFan's picture

yeah, I had to mention Hundley in the lame calls. I forgot to mention it but his mess up on that 4th and 1 was terrible. If he tosses it to Jones like he is supposed to, Jones has a chance to score. It was blocked well and Jones has the speed to get to the corner.
But as bad as he was from mid 1st quarter to 4th quarter, he was that good in the 4th quarter.

In the end Hundley has led the Packers to a 3-4 record since Rodgers has been out. He has kept the team in 2 of the 4 losses. But simply wasn't good enough in those to get the W's. Had he been more consistent perhaps the Packers win 1 or 2 of those. Saints and Steelers they had a chance in, but blew it.
I do wonder that if Hundley maybe better next year after having this experience. He has something to work on during the offseason. He should have gained some confidence throughout his time playing, and knows what he has to improve on.

cpheph1's picture

Agree 100% would give you more likes if I could.

fthisJack's picture

Pack is not making the playoffs even if rodgers returns. Dont want to see him get injured again. Play hundley and let the chips fall where they may. Be nice to have a mid gern draft pick for achange.

dobber's picture

I'll be honest: I don't expect that #12 will be cleared this week. Sure, his 2013 injury was a 7-week injury, but that doesn't mean anything with this injury. He's older, it's on his throwing side. I'm just not getting my hopes up.

Even if he's cleared, Carolina and Minnesota are coming up and you can bet they're going to hit him. Packers will not be throwing 45 times unless they're down 20 at halftime. He'll be throwing the ball away a lot. They'll have to run and run effectively to keep the rush off ARod. If Spriggs is still manning the RT spot, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Finwiz's picture

I agree, there's no guarantee he's cleared. They just designated him as the player to return from IR. That could be any one of the next 3 games, or not at all. I will be very surprised if he actually plays next Sunday, and think that MN or Detroit are more likely.

Finwiz's picture


egbertsouse's picture

Game balls: The Browns. They gave us the game on a silver platter.

dobber's picture

Packers still had to take it.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

CM3 hit Kizer's hand on the INT, so he will get a line in the stats for a QB hit. He had two QB hits with one being a sack.

Kizer was 6/7 for 94 yards between 10 and 20 yds past the LOS, per Zach Kruse. Those are nice numbers. Nothing completed over 20.

I agree with Silverstein: it is hard to run with 5 blockers (sometimes 6 with a TE) against 8 in the box.

I don't know how good of a football player BH will become, but he seems like a good guy to have on your team.

dobber's picture

"I don't know how good of a football player BH will become, but he seems like a good guy to have on your team."

As long as the coaches have finally figured out what to do with #7 to put him in position to be competitive, I think he can be an average NFL backup. If we have to go through this kind of in-game player evaluation every time he comes on in a relief role? Ugh, no thanks...but that will be on the coaches, not on him. I think this audition has quashed any enthusiasm anyone will have for him as a potential starter and he'll always be someone we'll remember for his failings and wonder if they Packers couldn't do better.

Christopher Rohe's picture

Everyone seems to be blaming Hundley for that 4th down play but I was at the game and we all thought Jones screwed that up. All the blocking was the the right and who is more likely to botch a run play? 3rd year quarterback or rookie running back. Plus Jones didn't play after that. But being in cleveland was awesome at least half the stadium was packer fans. Go pack go

Slim11's picture

" A successful challenge with three minutes left also forced a Browns punt that Trevor Davis promptly took 65 yards for a score."

A slight correction here...Davis didn't score on his punt return. He returned the punt to about the Cleveland 25 and that set up the tying TD.

Some were saying the momentum swung to GB when they tied the game on the ensuing Hundley-Adams TD. IMO, Davis' long return was the momentum changer.

C.'re right about that play. Jones was supposed to follow Ripkowski but went left. Hundley took some of the blame for that but doesn't need too.

Jason Perone's picture

Slim that is a major correction. Updated with what my brain was thinking that clearly did not translate to the keyboard. This also shows me how much everyone actually reads! Thanks

4thand10's picture

Hundley is Improving. No INTs. I also had seen check downs. About 7 check down passes I believe. Both Jones and Williams have been open for check downs in previous games. This game Hundley got through his first read and the check down to Williams was there.

Williams... Game Ball. The Browns are the toughest team to run against in the NFL and he was running hard and catching balls.

Adams .. Game Ball. Came up big today. He would have had an even bigger day had he not been overthrown on 2-3 deep balls.

Lame Calls....Capers. Once again, playing a team known for just running the ball and not really facing a stellar QB, he still refuses to play base. It's just exhausting to watch.

It was nice to watch another Win though.Honestly.

And I still don't know how I feel about the whole draft pick thing. I think even with higher draft picks, Teddy would just find a way to screw em up. I'm also tired of seeing draft picks going to Capers system. Even if Rodgers returns, I'm not confident our beloved Packers are going anywhere with the Capers defense.

al bundy's picture

1. First game ball to McCourtney. He was the gift to the packers that just kept giving. Told wife, now that they know the weak link they will be picking on this guy till the team makes a change or he learns to play corner. Sadly he reminded me of how the packers play pass d.
2. Second game ball to MM for finally after 7 games making the offense easier on Hundley. Hey he has only been her three years take it easy on him.
3. Trevor Davis whose run at the end saved the day by putting the team in scoring position.

Good job pack. Now get ready for the Panthers

TXCHEESE's picture

Is it just my imagination, or does Ahmad Brooks come up with an off-side penalty every game he plays in? For being a veteran, he sure makes some really dumb errors. If Rodgers get back next week, hopefully the Packers can start feeding the tight ends some. That has been sorely missing in this stretch with QB2 out there. I too say, pay Adams. Not over pay, but realize he was good before and after Rodgers got hurt.

Finwiz's picture

To feed the TE's, you've got to have one that can get open.
Kendricks has been a disappointment, but if you watch these guys, they just run the required pattern and stop. It's like they aren't aware of the separation between them and the QB. Some of the receivers do this too.
You have to create separation, because no QB will, nor should throw you the ball if the defender is standing 1 yard away.

4zone's picture

If Adams makes it to FA, some team is going to offer him Stupid Money and off he goes. We need to make a top end offer now and not wait for the FA trolls to come a calling. I think the past two years he has shown that he can be a #1 and with Jordy in decline and Cobb almost invisible, we can't wait another 2-3 years to develop another draft pick to replace him. We're just gonna have to cough up the dough.

Hundley, is kind of an odd creature. He can't throw a deep ball accurately but when he finally gets it going, he can run a good short to medium game. His performance under pressure is head scratching. Why can't he do this all game long, it is just because teams go into prevent? He needs more development but what team will want him to be their starter? Giants will probably draft theirs this year along with the Browns so who does that leave?

It's been different watching the team with no expectations. Even if AR comes back, we are a long shot for the playoffs so I still have not expectations going forward. Its weird just watching for the fun of watching it instead of getting all warped out of shape when we mess up (which is a lot these days). And when we pull one out like we just did, it's neat to watch in awe.

dobber's picture

"If Adams makes it to FA, some team is going to offer him Stupid Money and off he goes. We need to make a top end offer now and not wait for the FA trolls to come a calling."

I agree. TT never seems to get into bidding wars, which is why he passed on Cook and ended up with Bennett (which is my assessment). If Adams hits the market, he's long gone.

Problem is, if they want to keep him from hitting the open market, they have to buy that out at this stage. His agent will be milking that for all it's worth, knowing that he'll be giving up a little bit of earning power to sign early. I think we all know that if they'd extended him in August he'd have come much cheaper than the will now, but now they know more about what they've got in him.

mrtundra's picture

I don't think we can afford to let Davante Adams walk. I think he has been our most productive receiver since Rodgers has been out. Are Allison and Janis even in this conversation? Not really. Jordy and Cobb haven't really been on the same page with Hundley as much as Adams has been, of late. If Adams does leave via FA, do we draft a receiver in one of the early rounds? I'd love to see the Packers draft some offense early, for a change, but our DB situation and inability to stop the run and screen passes may lead to drafting defense early, once again. Signing and paying Adams now would seem to be a good move.

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