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Packers: 27 Bengals: 13

By Category

Packers: 27 Bengals: 13

Aaron Rodgers, Nick Perry, Greg Jennings

The Bad

The Bad

T.J. Lang, Graham Harrell, Diondre Borel

The Bad

The Bad

Bengals fans disguised as empty seats



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djprotege's picture

I think, Cedric Benson should be in the Good, just my thoughts

murphy's picture

Jennings making a CB biff it in the open field and Jordy stiff arm pancaking a CB: delicious.

I only watched the first half, but based on that Cedric Benson seemed eligible for the Good.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Agree on Benson...some reason for excitement there. Also thought Dezman Moses could have been a good. He has a good chance of sticking.

I think we can all agree to pray that AR stays healthy.

Brooklyn81's picture

yes pray, pray and then pray some more. Harrell is awful his last chance is next week and should see some pretty extensive time with the 1's. So we'll see

some guy's picture

Moses is the real deal. what a find. the kid can play.

Also impressed by Benson. Lattimore and Manning were decent also.

Shields is struggling. kid needs some confidence and time. too much talent to give up on him.

Tommy boy's picture

My fear is that Shields has too much confidence.

PadLevel's picture

Josh Sitton should be in the Bad. He is no where close to the player he was two years ago. His decline was clear last year and I am afraid it is going to be worse this year. He appears to be much more slow & lethargic in making contact and sustaining the blocks

Oppy's picture

Sitton did not perform up to the standard he has set for himself last season.

be fair, Sitton had a knee injury he was nursing all last season.

Sitton will be fine.

I thought Bulaga had a very concerning performance last night, though. Did NOT look like the dominant RT we've come to know. His performance was very underwhelming, IMO

aussiepacker's picture

How come we have two players in the no.54 jersey?

Fish/Crane's picture

Benson runs like Brockington- change that number to 42 Ced B.
Watched the game with Cinncy announcers: they were full of praise for Benson and think him being with the Pack is going to be a powerful thing.

aussiepacker's picture

Benson looked good. Perry looks strong. Defense looks like they will be better this year. Arod should have spiked the ball first before he did the belt on his first touchdown. No way Borel or Gurley make this team before DD. That hit on Crabtree was fair and legit. But there was a shit load of flags not thrown tonight. I do not know how Graham Harrell is sleeping at night at the moment? There is a massive drop from our no.1 oline to the no.2's. Why is Mike neal and Hargrove not in till late in the game? Is it becouse of the suspensions or becouse they are not up to it? Marc tyler will make the practice squid. lawerance guy will not make either. C.J Wilson makes the 53. As does Muir. Seems to be a log jam for MLB dont know if Manning will make it? Francoise have a good pre season.

aussiepacker's picture

I meant squad not squid and Francoise is having a good pre season. Bloody beers.

Mojo's picture

Have to agree with just about everything you wrote in your stream of consciousness Aussie. Regarding Neal and Hargrove, yes they aren't getting a lot of reps because of their suspensions. The brass figures the non-suspended D-lineman need to get ready for SF.

I especially agree with the Crabtree hit. Nice play by Crabs to hang on, but it was a fair and legitimate hit by Mays. If he wanted to, he could have really laid out Crabtree.

Benson should be on the "Good" list. Nothing spectacular, but the "vision" other posters have mentioned was evident.

I could see the Pack cutting Harrell and bringing on a veteran QB. Harrell looks like a deer in the headlights, and it shouldn't be that way after how many years in the system?

Nerdmann's picture

As to the Crabtree hit, the dude didn't lead with his helmet, BUT Crabtree was a "defenseless" receiver in that position.

woodson4president's picture

I am 100% more impressed with moses than perry. Benson looked really quick. Worthy showed amazing power he is the real deal! And mcmillian impressed me again!

Tobey's picture

Moses was malicious! I thought the pressure up the middle was better too. Walden played a nice game, as did Bulaga.
Wasn't watchn Lang and Sitton much; what was the beef with these two guys?

Bohj's picture

Neal and Hargrove won't be playing right away so it's best to let the guys who will be playing get more reps.

Why is there no shout out for Walden? The guy gets a huge run stuffer followed by one of the few sacks (a clutch goal line sack). That to me shows quality depth for sure.

Personally, I like Harrell running around and trying to keep calm with a weak o-line. It will make for better decisions when he gets more protection later.

Also. Benson. The guy makes smart cuts based on what the D is giving him. These single back spread formations are thinning out the box. He got 1,000 on a team that had crap for passing last year where D's just loaded the box. This is new territory for him. He's loving it. Years experience will show his skills more this year than any other. Think it doesn't matter? Look at how that play action to Jennings was money.

Bohj's picture

Edit: hargrove wont playing right away...... And not at all for the packers

CSS's picture

Nick Perry has really abused opposing tight-ends in pass-pro. Teams will have to commit a tackle, or chip with a running back. No matter how you slice it, there's enough tape out there of Perry beating up TE's that you can't slide right tackle protection to the interior and double.

Perry's presence is already paying dividends because the interior will get plenty of one-on-ones. Now they just need to win individual match-ups.

Mojo's picture

I would put the defense as a whole in the "Good" category. For the first time this preseason, it appeared they were bringing consistent pressure both up the middle and from the sides. Plus the Kitties were pretty piss-poor on 3rd downs.

Cole's picture

I think Moses, Perry, and Walden have all looked very good. Matthews looked faster than everyone else out there! I'm lookin for him to burst out the gate like 2010. This D will be better. The only thing concerning me is the hole at SS

PackerFan4Life's picture

I thought that Walden looked pretty good a few plays one of which he wasn't even accounted for and burst around the side and tackles dalton for a huge sack and loss

Jim Hurly's picture

Agreed, Erik Walden played very well. He looks like a whole new man.

Shavager's picture

Have to say the defense looked far better than all preseason, offensive line looked porous and out of sync. BEST performances last nite go to LB's Walden, Moses, Lattimore and Matthews, Benson at RB-Kuhn had one excellent run as FB but the fumbled handoff from Harrel hurts. On D-line, Worthy and Muir looked good, secondary players Tramon Williams and McMillion had some nice production. Shields got an INT but let receivers get open a couple of times for potential big plays. Rodgers still looks a little rusty, missing Jennings several times but Harrell as backup looked like a freshman at college level at times. Starting team looks close but it's evident Packers second teams leave plenty to desire.

James Meyer's picture

I agree that Benson should be in the good. Really excited about him as a Packer!

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