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Packers: 24 Vikings: 10

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Packers: 24 Vikings: 10

Aaron Rodgers, Charles Woodson, DuJuan Harris

The Bad

The Bad

Offensive playcalling and execution in the second half

The Bad

The Bad

Defensive breakdown in the 4th quarter



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Jamie's picture

Absolutely cannot post this without giving Walden some love.

djbonney138's picture

I thought of Walden first thing. Dude was menacing at times.

davyjones's picture

Walden got sucked in a few times on the first coupla drives, but after that stayed put and contained cutback lanes pretty well.

The first series, I thought,"Holy shit, here we go again", but he turned it around pretty quickly.

packeraaron's picture

Loved Walden's effort. If I'd put any other individual in there it would probably be Burnett. Dude was unafraid.

Jamie's picture

I can agree with that also. Burnett is likely the most under-appreciated player on our defense.

Just thought Walden was quite possibly our most impressive defender last night is all...even considering getting sucked in once or twice trying to defend against the cutback by AP.

BorderDefender's picture

I agree Walden's effort was good, but holy shit, use your shoulder pads and stick the guy! One TFL of AP he looked like he was trying to remove AP's helmet and twice with Webb he let sacks get away because of arm tackling.

zeke's picture

Sam Shields. Granted that he was covering JV receivers (not to mention that Webb is a better kick returner than QB), but he was physical in run support and showed up big.

Idiot Fan's picture

Totally agree.

Steven's picture

Think everyone forgetting how well the tackles played. Harris eliminates rb for a draft need. What do you guys want for the 32 pick? Finleys playing good, like our wr potential. Maybe tackle, or DE

Rich Beckman's picture

I think they are in great shape to just take the best available player.

Jamie's picture

Yes, sir.

Hard to imagine we are playing and playing well without our last three 1st rd picks...bonus picks of sorts going into next season.

Not to mention a damn good MLB back in Bishop.

PackersRS's picture

A defensive stud at DL, LB or S would elevate the defense to another level.

I know that Bishop is coming back, Perry will be healthy, the young DBs, specially Burnett, will have another season under their belt...

But a Watt/Miller/Berry* would make this the best defense in football. I know, all top 10 picks, chances are really slim someone like that will be available at #32, but one can dream, right?

*could've listed all 49ers players...

lebowski's picture

Still have hope for Sherrod, Bulaga will be back, Newhouse is MUCH improved, Barclay is playing well and still have Datko developing. Think we're okay at tackle, at least not to draft in first round. Defensive line, we really need another stud up there. Worthy is just okay, he'll improve hopefully. Can't trust Neal, unfortunately. Pickett's getting real close to the end. Can't have enough of those guys.

MarkinMadison's picture

There are three high quality guards that could all be there at the end of the first round. No offense to TJ Lang, but if the evaluations come back that one of these guys is a real mauler, then I think you have to look there. Rodgers cannot keep taking 51 sacks a year. Age will catch up with him very quickly if he does. Anything to beef up the line a little more is a good thing.

Tundraboy's picture

I agree. Farve took a lot of brutal hits. With Rodgers why risk things more. Fortunate to have him. Got to protect him better. Run game will improve even more with a few monster OL men Then a DE or S and we are set. No sense upgrading D if Aaron ever went down anyway.

Ruppert's picture

Center, ILB, OLB, Safety, DL

sam's picture

Ealm from Florida

Devil Doc's picture

I like Harris and what he brings, but he absolutely does NOT eliminate a draft need. In today's game, you need a complimentary player for what seems each position. Harris will need the same. Explosive yes, but hes a small guy to be a feature back for an entire year.

razor's picture

Good win but this game puts no fear in any playoff opponent. I hope that 2nd half play calling was designed to not show opponents anything.

What gets me is that on offense packers have "tons of weapons" which makes me think they should be able to get more consistent offense going. Like 3rd and one for example.

Finally played the kind of defense needed to beat Vikings. Announcers specifically mentioned Clay Matthews as not flying up the field - great & correct observation.

Gonna have to raise the toughness meter to beat SF.

djbonney138's picture

My humble thoughts on the 2nd half were, those guys looked cold and just wanted to go home. Everyone knew the Packers had won they were just going through the motions.

Rich Beckman's picture

I agree that everyone looked cold in the 2nd half. In the first half I did not even think about what the weather was, but 2nd half it was obviously cold.

Kevin VG's picture

I have to agree with djbonney138 but what I didn't like was so many series in a row where it was run in between the tackles on first and second down and then have Rodgers throw for third and long where it seemed like he took too many hits. We can be conservative without getting the QB killed. If we can't then throw in Harrell and let him earn some of his paycheck!

Idiot Fan's picture

I've been telling myself all year that they've been saving the cover-two beating plays for the playoffs. Now I'm telling myself that, once the game was in hand, they didn't want to show any more than they had to.

BorderDefender's picture

Did you hear Hines Ward at halftime saying how the Viqueens needed to play more man because AR was tearing apart the Cover 2? Bring it!

mark's picture

Mike Neal was beasting all game.

MarkinMadison's picture

Pickett and Raji had some really nice plays as well. Especially Raji, I thought.

Mr.Bigg's picture

The second half was almost all about killing time and showing as little as possible. I felt they were practicing basic run plays. Working on technique.

The defense is better with Woody back. He is fresh and living for the moment.

This is about the journey. I am enjoying this season so much. Last year was difficult because the defense was so bad, the offense so good- everyone worrying about going undefeated etc etc etc.

JJ's picture

Steven I would like the TE from ND to team up with Finley or a faster LB to replace Hawk. His contract is too much

darrin's picture

I'll take Matthews, Smith, Bishop, Perry as the LBs. Pretty solid group there and maybe draft another middle.

Tundraboy's picture

Yeah that would be great. Just want to see all those guys together for a full season. Even settle for half, as long as it was the second

RON's picture

Agree with KEVIN VG but also add that giving the other team second and third chances to come back will not work against the better teams.

MLecl0001's picture

I think its safe to say that if Ponder were playing, or we were playing any other team McCarthy wouldnt have stopped until it was well out of hand. It was pretty obvious to every one involved and watching that Minnesota wasnt going to win, even with a series of fluky one shot incidents.

Evan's picture


MarkinMadison's picture

Agreed. Webb looked pathetic in the first half. If the Vikings want a QB to throw the ball up for grabs when the pass rush is coming and passes that skip off the ground five yards in front of the receiver, I can do it for half what they paid Webb. The miracle was the TD pass in garbage time. No reason to show much with a 21 point lead on that crew.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Except you'd piss your pants when the pass rush came.No one wants to see that

OrangeCrush's picture

Joe Webb's absence from The Ugly is absurd!

BrianD's picture

Raji and Matthews also had great games. Raji was either in Webb's face or plugging the inside gaps all night. Matthews stripped the ball and recovered it himself which is much more than Woodson contributed IMO.

Tramon had a few good passes defensed but he looked bad in coverage at times (especially on the blown coverage garbage time TD) and appears to be as much of a liability as an asset to the team. Fortunately Shields is playing CB at a level I haven't seen since 2010 playoffs Tramon.

Evan's picture

" and appears to be as much of a liability as an asset to the team"

That's total nonsense.

That said, Shields has been great. I hope TT can get him resigned. He's going to be a very attractive RFA.

KennyPayne's picture

Good entire D. No ugly for Pack. Only bad was the dive play to Kuhn near the goal line - the play never works.

Point Packer's picture

I really have no idea why that play is still in the play book. It worked like twice in 09.

hayward4president's picture

Sam u can't steal the safety from Florida from me...I said his name a few days ago!

GBPDAN's picture

MM better be on top of his play calling game for the niners. we need to have a good coaching performance out of this guy, including a good game plan

RC Packer Fan's picture

Can we finally once and for all get rid of the Fullback run. That play never works. I was non stop bitchen when that play happened.
I don't mind running the ball that close to the goal line, but give it to Harris or at the very least spread the team out and run it.
I would rather run it against 5 defenders then 11.

Joe's picture

I was at the game. There was way too much purple in the seats..

Bad: Packers season ticket holders looking to make a quick buck.

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