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Packers 22 Bills 0: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Packers 22 Bills 0: Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Green Bay Packers pitched a shutout and took down the Buffalo Bills by a score of 22-0.  It wasn't the prettiest win for the Packers, but anytime a team keeps the opponent off the scoreboard, it's worth noting and celebrating.

Let's take a look at the best and worst from Sunday's game.

Game Balls

The Defense

The entire unit and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine get a game ball for keeping the Bills off the scoreboard for their first shutout in nearly eight seasons.  

The defense had seven sacks and two interceptions on the day to go along with holding the Bills to just three conversions on third down in 16 tries.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen helped the defense with some of his throws and decision-making but still credit the defense for making the plays put in front of them.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix made a highlight-reel interception on a 50-50 ball that he grabbed by stepping into the receiver's path and holding his ground.  It was a much more physical play than we're used to seeing from Clinton-Dix but the capability is there.  I'll stop short of saying he's on his way to greatness, but a sight for sore eyes as far as Clinton-Dix goes.

Reggie Gilbert, Blake Martinez, Jermaine Whitehead, Clay Matthews and Nick Perry all had individual sack efforts and Kyler Fackrell went hog wild and racked up three on the day.  Kudos to Mike Pettine for getting his rushers free and in position to get to the quarterback.  Kudos to the referees for letting it happen.

Jaire Alexander finally got his first interception on a badly-thrown ball by Allen into the end zone.  The young corner played most of the day with Kevin King missing another game.  He's quickly becoming a key piece of the pass defense, something that had to happen with his being this year's first-round draft pick.

A great day for the defense and one to build on as the Packers move forward.

David Bakhtiari

Bakhtiari won't show up in the box score at all.  Left tackles never do unless they log a tackle, score a touchdown or fumble the ball.  But he stifled Bills linebacker Jerry Hughes on Sunday, and mostly one-on-one.  Hughes had 10 pressures and a strip sack last week against the Vikings.  He didn't touch Aaron Rodgers once in this game.  

A huge kudos to Bakhtiari for another All-Pro effort against an elite talent to keep his quarterback clean.

Aaron Jones

Jones has had to work his way onto the field after returning from suspension last week.  After this game, Jones is clearly the team's best running back.  Give. Him. The. Ball, Mike McCarthy.

Jones carried 11 times for 65 yards, an average of 5.9 yards per carry, and a touchdown.  Not a bad day at the office.

Jones creates so much more than counterparts Jamaal Williams and Ty Montgomery.  It's almost negligent if the Packers don't find a way to get the ball in Jones's hands more in the coming weeks.

Lame Calls

For the first time since I took over this piece, I have no lame calls to hand out.  

Were there some bad moments by individual players?  Yes.  

Blake Martinez was flagged for taking off his helmet after an altercation on the field and was given an unsportsmanlike penalty for it.  In a closer and more meaningful game, I'm not giving him a pass.  Martinez also had the sack on the day, so he wasn't awful.  As steady as he's been, he needs to continue to mature and learn to keep his cool when things get chippy.

Rookie Marquez Valdes-Scantling, for example, saw a few snaps and a miss on one of his routes nearly led to a Bills interception.  But on a day when the Packers got a convincing win, I'm not going to blast the young receiver.

Lance Kendricks had another drop, but also covered Rodgers' fumble and kept the ball in Green Bay's hands.

So overall, no one stunk it up completely.  Enjoy an empty Lame Calls section.


Others to mention

  • Mason Crosby missed an extra point try but had three field goals, including one over 50 yards.  When the offense can't punch it in, Crosby has been able to salvage some points on the board
  • Despite a few tough drops, Geronimo Allison made a few nice catches and then exited the game with a potential concussion.  Hopefully it's not a long-term injury and he can return before long.  He's had a great start to his season and stepped in well as a full-time part of this offense
  • We knew it would happen and it certainly is: Kenny Clark is the ace on the defensive line and has assumed that role from Mike Daniels.  Clark had a fumble recovery in this game and seems to have a big play each week
  • Again, Kyler Fackrell ladies and gentlemen.  I'll be absolutely SHOCKED if we're talking about this type of day from #51 ever again


Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Pulse of the Pack podcast.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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RCPackerFan's picture

Game Balls -

Agreed on defense, Bakhtiari and Jones.

Defense played its best game so far. Some of that was due to the rookie QB, but they still made plays and forced him to be unsettled most of the game.
They also brought blitzes and had free rushers a lot. They had 7 sacks, and put some good pressure on the QB.

Bakhtiari doesn't get talked about enough. He deserves a lot of credit.

Jones - SPECIAL!
I think they used him in about the right amount of snaps yesterday. He had the most snaps of the 3 RB's. He could have had more but I want to see him make it the rest of the season. Split up the snaps between the 3.

Lame Calls -
Yeah not to many lame calls to show.

One would be the amount of incompletions. Whether it was drops or off throws. Rodgers had more incompletions then Josh Allen. Allison had 3 drops himself. While a couple of those were tougher catches they still were in his hands.

It didn't hurt them against the Bills but against better teams these drops and missed throws likely will be costly.

CJ Bauckham's picture

Agreed on Jones' usage. No reason to pound him in a game that was in hand.

Skip greenBayless's picture

At least for now it appears the Packers are using Aaron Jones and Kyler Fackrell almost the same with limited but effective snaps. Fackrell did all his damage in 14 snaps. Pretty good. Pretty pretty pretty good. It will be interesting to see what Pettine does with his snap count next week against Detroit. He almost has to increase it just to see if his production continues upward. The question is, who is going to sit? I guarantee you Fackrell will be the most watched player by the fans next week. Talk about pressure.

Savage57's picture

Kyler Fackrell is the new Jeff Janis.

Bag on the guy non-stop, then when he shows, label it a one-time fluke, just luck, not to be repeated.

I thought of what the reaction from writers and fans would be if Perry, Matthews, Gilbert or anyone else would have stacked three sacks in a game?

The best word I could come up with was 'different'.

egbertsouse's picture

We must be reading different media outlets because my experience has been just the opposite. The guy has one good game against one of the shittiest teams in football and the homer writers and fanboys are putting him in the HOF and declaring Uncle Ted a genius. It’s one game people, pump the brakes.

Savage57's picture

I see reading comprehension isn't a strength area for you.

dobber's picture

Yep. Most outlets I'm reading are saying, "3 sacks? Great! I'm not getting used to it or raising my expectations any."

marpag1's picture

Jeff Janis was released by the mighty Cleveland Browns during training camp, and I believe is currently out of football.

If anyone ever said that Jeff Janis would have one good game and that his production would never be repeated afterwards, that would be.... um.... almost entirely correct.

Packer Dave's picture

Good to see Alexander break the ice. If only King could get healthy now, maybe he'll be there for a late season drive.

i hope Lowry and especially Adams can do some good things soon. Kenny is a beast, but he needs more help than just Daniels.

dobber's picture

There's talk about not burning out Jones by giving him too much play, but I'm more concerned about wearing out Daniels and Clark.

CJ Bauckham's picture

That's a good pt, dobber

Tundraboy's picture

Now thats a real concern.

Nick Perry's picture

Game Balls....Pettine did EXACTLY what we were hoping when GB hired him. He schemes pressure and sacks come from unexpected players. BUT I have to give extra kudos to Kyle Frackrell. He seemed to have a little more speed and a bit more bend around the edge.

The Defense also didn't let Josh Allen break off any long runs. They were disciplined the entire game.

The Bills net yards per pass play was 2.2...2.2! When I saw that I was shocked. Buffalo or not that was impressive. Equally impressive was Pettines play calling in the 4th quarter. Not only did he help preserve the shutout, but he didn't go into a Capers soft zone and give up 14 points in the lat 5 minutes of the game, Nice Job to all the coaches and players on defense.

Lame Calls

Yesterday I was peeved off at McCarthy's play calling but after further review the execution was just as atrocious which started and ends with Rodgers. Rodgers gets a semi pass because he's not practicing. EVERYBODY needs practice and he hasn't been able to. After watching the way Rodgers was moving I'd hope he begins to start to practice more this week...He NEEDS to.
Rodgers is definitely off so far this year. His 3rd down percentage is the worst in the NFL for a QB who's started 4 games. The others are Allen, Tyrod Taylor, and Nick Foles.

Make sure your own back yard is clean before blaming others because it gets a little old, especially when your cap hit is what it is. From where I'm standing you've only been worth $134 million for one half of football in week 1.

RCPackerFan's picture

'Rodgers is definitely off so far this year. His 3rd down percentage is the worst in the NFL for a QB who's started 4 games. The others are Allen, Tyrod Taylor, and Nick Foles.'

I saw a stat that the Packers were last in the league with an average of 9+ yards to go on 3rd down. That explains why his 3rd down percentage has been bad.

There are many issues with their 3rd downs. There are many explanations to why they didn't convert as many. They have had at least 4 plays off the top of my head that they converted the 3rd down and had a penalty to wipe it out. They have also had a lot of dropped passes on 3rd down.

I wouldn't read to much into that right now honestly.

dobber's picture

Even with #12 looking a bit off and ending up moody after yesterday's game (shades of 2015? Geez, I hope not), they still converted at about a 60% clip yesterday. Finish one or maybe two of those FG drives with TDs--even if the quality of play doesn't change--and I don't think the vibe here would be nearly the same.

RCPackerFan's picture

I need to see his post game press conference. I haven't seen it but keep hearing about it.
The first few games the 3rd downs i think were more mistake driven. Their conversion rate would be a lot higher if not for penalties. And how many dropped passes have they had on 3rd down?

I'm not concerned at all with the offense. There is a lot of young guys playing. And new players in the offense. It takes some time for Rodgers to get in rhythm with those guys.
And yesterday they were without Cobb and lost Allison in the game. There will be some growing pains with young WR's.

Tundraboy's picture

Hence, the saltiness.

fthisJack's picture

nick...right on on pettine's defense. they didn't do much blitzing the first 3 quarters and i was thinking...where are the corner or safety blitzes. mostly rushed 4. but then i was ecstatic in the fourth when he blitzed countless times where Capers would have gone 3 or even 2 man rush and let the QB have 5 minutes to find an open receiver.

Tundraboy's picture

Yes that was wonderful. None of that prevent defense nonsense.

Spud Rapids's picture

The offense is still trying to find itself. I'm not concerned about this yet... What I'd like to see is getting through the next two games and doing enough on offense to win. Then they can make adjustments via the bye week.

The biggest positive for me was seeing the defense put 4 full quarters together. Up until this game they hadn't had a complete game. I don't care if the Bills suck or anything like that. It's the NFL and a shutout does wonders for a defense's confidence. This D under Capers didn't have a shutout since 2010 so that says something about Pettine. The D's arrow is pointing up.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Pettine got 6 sacks out of Aaron Maybin, Fackrell is no worse than him.

Nick Perry's picture

My point exactly...Thanks JB.

BoCallahan's picture

Game Balls:
Matthews creating havoc.
Rodgers gaining mobility.
Fackrell - Now stack successes!
Lame Calls:
Crosby’s miss was due to a bad snap.
Martinez penalty came on a 3rd down stop by the D which kept the drive alive (Bill’s player was swatting at the ball, not the head).
Rodgers looks rusty from lack of practice. I bet Andrew gives him a negative grade. How many of his throws should have been intercepted?

nostradanus's picture

Game Ball
It was great to see an attacking, swarming, "take no prisoners" Defense out there!
Fackrell 3 Sacks? It's about time laddie!

Lame Call
Aaron Rodgers, why so salty after the game Mr. Rodgers? While I appreciate you playing injured Aaron, you missed way too many throws and basically calling out your Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator after the game was unnecessary.
I am no fan of McCarthy's play calling but I don't think you should call out your boss like that, especially after a win.

marpag1's picture

Totally agree about Rodgers. That's terrible leadership. If ARod wants to get all peevish and snarky about poor performance and play calling, perhaps he should remember that for the past two games or so he's been more of a "B-Rod" or maybe even a B-minus.

Having said that, let me reiterate ... what is this team's love affair with the kinda-sorta-maybe wide receiver screens that are guaranteed to gain 2 yards on 3rd and 9? Just stop it, already.

sonomaca's picture

Since Rodgers isn’t practicing, why doesn’t he spend some time scripting a couple of plays.

Tundraboy's picture

" ... what is this team's love affair with the kinda-sorta-maybe wide receiver screens that are guaranteed to gain 2 yards on 3rd and 9? Just stop it, already"

Yes. Other than the drops, is there any greater reason why our 3rd down and long percentages are atrocious.

badaxed's picture

MM has always loved the wide receiver screen. only receiver who excelled at this is gone (Jordy). he found ways to fight through the tackle most times.

sonomaca's picture

Listen, Rodgers watched the Rams game just like everyone else. That’s play calling as fine art. Either McCarthy can keep up with the young geniuses, or he can’t.

sonomaca's picture

I’m seeing more and more great play calling, and it makes a difference. Ravens, Bears, Saints, Rams, all taking it to a new level.

sonomaca's picture

The tight end lining up next to the center last night. Mornhinweig has reinvented himself as a boy genius.

Packatron's picture


When Mr. "Highly Successful" McCarthy is getting outshown by Marty Friggin Mornhinweig, you've got serious problems. The complacency is real.

The TKstinator's picture

At the risk of violating the restrictions on the restraining order, I'd like to share with everyone that I served as OC to the Dallas Cowboys back in the 90's. My brilliant play calling was often, "Hand it to Emmitt."

You're welcome.

4thand10's picture

Rodgers is injured, playing in pain and still probably dealing with no Jordy I’m going to give him a pass. More of a pass than I’m going to give to McCarthy for running on 3rd and long...that’s not playing to win.

The D is playing well, but I still think they need to find another DL this year to spell Clark and Daniels. They did an awesome job stopping Chris Ivory. He is a tough running back. That kind of made the rest of it click.

mrtundra's picture

About Martinez's helmet. It looked, to me that it was half off after the play, due to a Bills Lineman shoving it up over Martinez's face. Maybe? If he would not have gotten the flag, Alexander would have for shoving the QB late.

Rebecca's picture

I viewed the end of that play the same way. I thought the flag was against Alexander. Then they replayed the helmet incident and explained the call. It’s good to see the D showing up with some fire even if it’s heat of the moment sometimes.

Curt's picture

Had he taken it off, arranged it properly and put back on there would have been no penalty.....but he started yapping.

dobber's picture

I agreed with the commentator: if you're going to get in a scrum, why would you ever take your helmet off?

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I was initially pissed at Alexander, but once I saw it was Martinez with the penalty I actually like Alexander dumping their QB on his butt for getting in his face.

Pierre's picture

Failure to convert 3rd downs & TD’s and to settle for FGs by the Packers’ offense is now evident in both the Redskins and Bills games. Rodgers has got to do more vertical passing and less throws to the sides that even their backups can be out there throwing. Probably from a lack of practice, but so far Rodgers has just been an average NFL QB out there and has been easy for defenses to stop.
On defense, nice to get a shutout, but let’s face it, Allen is a rookie QB who just held the ball way too long. A better test of the D will be against a veteran QB like Stafford, next week, who will release the ball a lot quicker after the snap and hit receivers in stride downfield and out of the backfield.

dobber's picture

TDs, yes, I'm right there with you, but this team was 11-19--a shade under 60%--on third downs yesterday.

Putting the ball in the end zone will cure a lot of woes for this offense.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Our special teams and defense needs to start scoring more points.

4thand1's picture

You're a mental case.

Tundraboy's picture

Offense is a different animal altogether when Jones and Montgomery are on the field, the opposing team has something much more to contend with. After that MVS catch,all the more.

Best they have looked in a long while. Without the drops this woud have been a blowout.

I have zero concern about burning Jones out, yeah it's only the fourth game but he missed two, he's young and in good shape. And it's not like McCarthy would ever give him 25 carries in a single game, let alone 14.

Keeping players fresh is one thing, but doing it at the expense of putting your best lineup on the field is absurd. Likewise, giving Lewis and other player's like that minimal snaps, and then not playing them after a mistake, is equally ridiculous. Players need reps and with Rodgers not practicing, those reps are left to game time for the most part. I like enough of what we've seen from some of the young guys,so keep bringing the other ones along.

Matt Gonzales's picture

The Packers look deep enough in certain positions to last the full year. MVS getting more snaps takes pressure off Cobb and Geronimo. Jones and Monty spell each other well. We have a great stable of TEs with similar, but complimenting, skill sets.

LB and DL depth could be worrisome down the stretch but the backups shined and showed they can make an impact. The D is starting to gel, and if the offense can grow each week, look out.

EdsLaces's picture

If you aren't excited about 23 and 37 at this point ..get excited. Kevin King who?

Tarynfor12's picture

Game Ball-
Getting a win against a very bad team....popping the corks on the seltzer water.

Lame Call-
Everyone acting like some great accomplishment was achieved against a bad team,a very raw rookie QB with an offense that can be thought as being part of the opponents defense.

Last week most here were screeching how Min gave the Bills great field position and turnovers and how could they to lose to a crappy team like Buf. This week,you screech like the Packers just beat the world and are now a real top defense....perspective people...please get some. : )

NitschkeFan's picture

Your comment unsurprisingly shows how you are truly emotionally/psychologically damaged. A calm look at the comments over the two blog post about this game shows no trend towards "screeching" and no "world" beating comments. Quite the opposite really with many prefacing their game balls with a mention of rookie QB and how poor the Bills are. Also plenty of criticism or concern about the offence this week.

But somehow you read those and see something entirely different than reality. Sad, please get some professional help.

blue eyes's picture

Oh come on after watching the Bills dismantle the Vikings d last week at Minnesota and the Packers horrible game in Washington nobody expected the outcome of this game. The Vikings have a probowler/borderline probowler at every position on defense.
It was a shutout.
"Winning is winning, it doesn't matter if it's an inch or a quarter mile"

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Too bad your too lame to enjoy a shutout. You only cheat yourself

Samson's picture

Best part of this win is that the Vikes are already fading early and play Philly next at Philly. --- It's unlikely that da Bears will maintain their winning ways. --- And the Lions are still the Lions.

The North is definitely in play for the Pack as long as injuries don't derail them as in the past (especially to AR).---- Thanks -- Since '60

dobber's picture

Vikes have a tough game this week at Philly, but their schedule is marshmallowy soft for a while after.

Lphill's picture

Lame calls, Mike McCarthy's play calling its like pee wee
football please spice it up a little, Rodgers is correct and growing frustrated with the play calling.

Barnacle's picture

MM has a “pee wee” brain.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Nit picky, but Crosby had 2 kicks over 50...52 each. Call him Mason Currency because he’s money. Also it’s a pleasure to watch Kyler Fackrell quietly making his inexorable march to the HOF.

Curt's picture

all except to win the game against the Viqueens....

dobber's picture

He had, what, five makes to get them to that point?

packergal's picture

AROD being called out for Offense sandlot strategy/slow start is no longer heresy because the truth is finally being told.

I suggest AROD and MM are equally to blame here. Note to MM—Yes… even Superman needs to practice his skills to stay sharp! C’mon MM… ARE YOU ACTUALLY in charge and would Belichick ever allow this? Read what CTV Readers painfully admitted throughout this blog over a few days:

“…Rodgers is definitely off so far this year. His 3rd down percentage is the worst in the NFL for a QB who's started 4 games. The others are Allen, Tyrod Taylor, and Nick Foles. Make sure your own back yard is clean before blaming others because it gets a little old, especially when your cap hit is what it is….”

“…Aaron Rodgers, why so salty after the game Mr. Rodgers? While I appreciate you playing injured Aaron, you missed way too many throws and basically calling out your Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator after the game was unnecessary.
I am no fan of McCarthy's play calling but I don't think you should call out your boss like that, especially after a win….”

"Aaron, you missed way too many throws and basically calling out your Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator after the game was unnecessary."...

"But so far Rodgers has just been an average NFL QB out there and has been easy for defenses to stop..."

"Rodgers had more incompletions then Josh Allen. It didn't hurt them against the Bills but against better teams these drops and missed throws likely will be costly..."

“…Rodgers looks rusty from lack of practice. I bet Andrew gives him a negative grade. How many of his throws should have been intercepted?...”

“…Totally agree about Rodgers. That's terrible leadership. If ARod wants to get all peevish and snarky about poor performance and play calling, perhaps he should remember that for the past two games or so he's been more of a "B-Rod" or maybe even a B-minus”…

NWPackersfan's picture

Agreed, with the lack of practice during the week Arod looks off on his throws for the first quarter or so....

He threw a few really high and i don't believe he was trying to throw them away.

It looks like he should be able to practice a little more this week. He ran the ball well and i didn't notice any limping after the run.

It was good to get a solid win but i feel the Defense made that happen more than the offense this game. Actually glad about that too!!!

ILPackerBacker's picture

10 drops in two games.

EASY drops, not tough catches missed. Not sidelines catches by a true # 1 like the plays NOT made by the packers. Or the td pass adams did not fail to make v mn leading to a shot in his head.

10 drops of easy catches in 2 games, yes the stats show Rodgers is the problem. 14 sacks in 4 games.....Rodgers is the problem

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Wow, end the article with more Kyler Fackrell hate. I sure hope he makes you eat crow. I for one am happy to finally see some OLBs stepping up!

Jonathan Spader's picture

It's sad for the NFL when your game ball is for the officials not making the game borderline unwatchable. After the game was over I was thinking Wow the refs didn't ruin that. Hope we can return to letting football players play and I don't have to feel pleasantly surprised when the field isn't covered in yellow flags over nothing.

4thand10's picture

You are so right on this one JS. I was thinking the same thing. Every time there was a sack...I was holding my breath. Then on the HaHa INT...I thought for sure there would be a flag. The only thing is I feel bad for Buffalo because that ball was not a QB fumble...his knee was totally down and he had the ball....they got robbed on that one.

packergal's picture

For those who appreciate data, an interesting view of AROD performance from years past to recent years does not look pretty. The stats come from Jason Hirschhorn column and I summarized them here for all to reread:

Look at AROD Yards Per Attempt (YPA) for years from 2009-2014 and then from years 2015-2017--for assorted scenarios.

A. For first down YPA:
8.4 yds from 2009-2014
7.2 yds from 2015-2017

B. For Play Action YPA:
10.80 yds from 2009-2014
6.4 yds from 2015-2017

C. Against Blitz YPA:
8.58 yds from 2009-2014
6.7 yds from 2015-2017 a result, for these YPA scenarios, AROD metrics ranked him 31st, 40th and 29th.

It would be interesting for CTV to analyze the Play Action/Blitz YPA over the first three games to determine if these trends continue or is something else has caused the slow start.

Since '61's picture

All that matters for a QB are Wins - losses and TDs/Int ratios.

Rodgers has double digit winning seasons in every season when he did not miss games dues to injuries (2013 and 2017) plus his first season as a starter in 2008.

YPA stats are a factor of the team's execution not just the QB. It's a factor of dumping off to a safety valve when the pass rush beats the OL, it's a factor of route running, and of the receiver making YAC. It is also a factor of down and distance and the opposing defense.

Also Rodgers played hurt in 2015 and without Jordy. In 2016 he also played hurt for much of the second half of the season.
Rodgers played without an effective running game except for Lacy's first 2 seasons in 2013 and 2014. Beyond that through every season after 2010 he played without a decent defense which also impacts how your opponent plays against your offense.

There are too many variables to just focus on one stat when you are analyzing any team or any player. Tell me about win, losses, TD/Int ratio and I'll know how well any QB is playing. The rest is just fodder for the media airheads, FFLs and as we all know statistics are for losers. "Just win baby." Thanks, Since '61

packergal's picture

Completely disagree.

Fixing an issue begins with understanding the root cause and comparing metrics, against which everyone can be measured. is the insight to help render the diagnosis and the best practice(s) to make the required improvements.

We've had plenty of wins but not in the games that really mattered.

packergal's picture

Also, MM has a great WL record.
Does he design innovative creative new formations?
Does he formulate exceptional game plans?
How do you rate his clock management?

Every organization runs on metrics and Football management is no exception.

Since '61's picture

Metrics are a factor in organizational management but not the only factor.
I don't have the space here to list all the factors that are involved in organizational management including football. Thanks, Since '61

Since '61's picture

Since I have made a very good living over the last 40 years understanding metrics and root causes I agree that they are a critical piece in developing a diagnosis and making corrective recommendations. It is also why I understand that viewing a specific metric in a silo by itself is an inadequate approach and needs to be taken as a piece of a larger picture which was the point of my post.

Rodgers YPA numbers are a factor of team execution and not necessarily a result of only Rodger's preformance. Maybe the OL the receivers and RBs need to improve or actually be better players to begin with. As I have posted many times long before you arrived here, if all of our players played their positions as well as Rodgers plays QB we would be 19-0 Super Bowl winners. Rodgers is the last player that we need to worry about.

Regrettably, as I pointed out in my post Rodgers has played alone for most of his career since 2011. But why confuse the topic with facts? BTW, now that you have identified the YPA stat as an issue what would you recommend should be done to improve it? Thanks, Since '61

packergal's picture

Since 61,

FYI...I also made a living at managing thousands and applying data to understand the successes and failure of each Fortune 50 Operation I managed.

And just so you understand, I have been reading here for many, many years but started posting recently.

To answer your question, IN ORDER TO IMPROVE YPA IMPACT ON OFFENSE, I would begin by looking at the plays categorized under each scenario to apply a score based on where each falls on the bell curve.

Then, discard the 10% that consistently fall into "fail" category, do more of the 10% that fall into "success" category and identify how to tweek the middle 80%. Then compare everything to opposing team's strengths/weaknesses and personnel packages.

Didn't Brady say AROD would be more successful with "Patriots' offensive scheme & institutional knowledge".

I suspect institutional knowledge may be defined by some of above.

Packatron's picture

W and L as a metric for measuring a QB?
Last I checked football is a team game.

Since '61's picture

Yes, it is a team game, but in this era it is a QB driven game. Check the Packers record when Aaron Rodgers doesn't play. Not to mention who gets the blame or the credit when the Packers win or lose a game. Thanks, Since '61

Packatron's picture

No doubt QB1 tilts the field, but W/L as a metric is a lazy take. Just sayin.

Since '61's picture

I didn't say win/losses by themselves. I also included TD/Int ratio.
In this era a team with a good W/L record will usually (not always) be the result of good QB play, which is usually (again not always), a QB with a good TD/Int ratio.

A great defensive team, which is rare in this era, can mitigate poor QB play to an extent, but that defense will end up becoming tired and injured as the season progresses because they will spend too much time on the field.

The rules have been arranged to facilitate the passing game to accommodate high scoring games to attract more fans (equals money for the league and owners). Therefore QBs are throwing the ball all over the place. If they make good decisions with the football they are likely to win, if not more likely to lose. It's a different era and a different game.
Not better or worse, just different. But I didn't start the fire, just happen to see the smoke. Just sayin'. Thanks, Since '61

Lare's picture

Pretty easy to overthink things. As it's been for many years, control the line of scrimmage and win the turnover battle and you'll probably win.

Since '61's picture

Exactly, I agree completely. Thanks, Since '61

4thand10's picture

Having a running game effects everyone of those play actions. Play action worked when Lacy was good...cause he could do the drag defenders down the field type damage. When starks was health...he was good. Now I’m hoping those numbers improve because Jones is going to make teams bite on the play action. I think he can neutralize some of the blitzing as well because if there is a screen or a quick pass....jones is gone and ain’t nobody catch him

Since '61's picture

No question about the game balls for Pettine and the defense. Finally after far too many seasons our defense is contributing to victories.

Also a game ball to Aaron Jones. He was the Packers second scoring drive which effectively ended the game and a game ball to Crosby who put the game out of reach with his excellent kicking.

No lame calls. I'll take 22-0 every week right up and through the Super Bowl. Thanks, Since '61

stockholder's picture

I would give a game ball to everyone. Even MM. But I was so impressed by Martinez. He made some great tackles! Also Jones made some unbelievable runs. My lame call goes to A-Rod after the Game. Common man, your team just won, and you didn't want to join in the celebration. Bury your personal feelings and party with the guys. It's not about you, but the team. In your own words; RELAX!!!Gel man.

Lare's picture

Aaron may also want to look in the mirror before he starts blaming everyone else for things not going exactly as he thinks they should. His job is to play the game, not coach or manage the team.

Tundraboy's picture

But he is our leader, as it should be. All great quarterbacks are.

4thand1's picture

I'll take Fackrell and 3 sacks all day. We should all want him to succeed and be productive the rest of the season. Shutting out any team isn't easy so it was great to see the defense play this good to win the game by itself. This offense isn't creative like a lot of teams, looks like vanilla pre season. The weather is going to get worse and we can run the ball, but have to catch it too. To many drops and out of sync. The press is going to play the AR MM fued, I don't blame AR for being a little frustrated. But AR, voice your oipnions in the film room and practice.

Duneslick's picture

Packer Greg says strike while the iron is hot get a 1st round pick for Fackrell

Lare's picture

If they get two, that means they'll have four next year!

Demon's picture

Lame call MM for making Jones the #3 tail back.

The common theme this year is the Pack have been notoriously slow starters. Wouldnt it make more sense to start your best back early , even if you do intend to limit his snaps?

Tundraboy's picture

Waiting for Right Moment, element of surprise I guess.

Packatron's picture

Bottom line on this game: It was Buffalo.

dobber's picture

Minnesota is saying the same thing.

Packatron's picture

It's too early to tell, but MN may have more problems than people realize.

dobber's picture

After Philly, they've got a cushy-soft schedule for the next 4 weeks...toughest game is Saints at home. They might be 1-3-1 after Philly, but I think they'll be 5-3-1 in 5 weeks if they're not too beat up.

4thand10's picture

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this. That same Vikings team let Buffalo come into their bird killing glass house and put up like what?? 27 points....I’m like really ? How does that work

dobber's picture

In honor of farts after wins...


Since '61's picture

Dobber - perfect as usual. Thanks, Since '61

dobber's picture

I've been practicing...

croatpackfan's picture

Jasone I have to correct you on several points:

1. Mason Crosby scored FG from 52, 38 & 52 yards. So, not only one, but two FG over 50 yards...

2. "Blake Martinez was flagged for taking off his helmet after an altercation on the field and was given an unsportsmanlike penalty for it." If you did not pay attention, you might take that claim you wrote as truth. But that call was absolute mistake. Blake Martinez helmet was already ripped of his position and was staying on his head only because Blake hold him. Strike to Blake's helmet from Bills defender and Blake falling to the ground make that helmet holding on the head even harder... I understand that referees had to throw the flag because of the helmet, but that strike also deserves same penalty at least.

3. MVS had nice catch for 38 yards late in the game on the side line that helped Packers to move sticks. So not just "...a miss on one of his routes nearly led to a Bills interception."

4. I decide that "Lame call" this week goes to you Jasone, for incorrect presentation of the facts!

jasonperone's picture

You're a tough crowd, Croat. The only fact miss was the 2 FG's by Crosby from 50+.

You take exception to the Martinez penalty due to the semantics of the situation, but he was flagged for exactly that. Agree with the call or not, that was the call. Accurate

You also don't like that I didn't laud MVS for his 1 catch. It was 1 catch and while it was a long one, it was one catch. No mention. Call stands

Thank you for reading, as always

croatpackfan's picture

Oh, that was a little joke, I hope you understand that...

No hard feelings...

GBFaninCA's picture

For what it's worth, I was/am totally fine with the Blake penalty. Our defense could use a mean streak, it was a welcomed penalty. I would be singing a different tune if this were a closer game, but it wasn't and I'm not.

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