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Packers 21 Chiefs 33: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Packers 21 Chiefs 33: Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Green Bay Packers fell to the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 33-21 and dropped to 2-2 on the preseason.

More importantly, Green Bay got a good final look at the young players and got final clarity needed when roster cut downs begin this weekend.  Unfortunately, there was more clarity on who shouldn't be on this team versus who should.

Let's look at who made a nice final push and who set themselves back in the battle for a roster spot.

Game Balls

Aaron Jones

Jones turned in a nice night on his final tune up before he goes on a two-game hiatus.  A reminder of what the Packers offense will be missing in games one and two.

On the night, nine carries for 34 yards and a touchdown along with three catches for 21 yards.  Nice to see Jones catching balls and contributing in that area.

We haven't seen or heard much from the running backs this preseason so it was nice to see an exclamation point from Jones.

JK Scott

When it's preseason game four, punters sometimes get game balls.  Scott only punted four times but averaged over 50 yards per kick and had a nice 56-yarder out of his own end zone.  

It's clear Scott can flip the field and brings that aspect that the punt game has been missing for the past several seasons. 

He still may have been drafted earlier than he needed to be, but Scott is proving worthy of being over-valued.

Robert Tonyan

Tonyan may still be the odd man out at a crowded tight end position, but he didn't hurt his chances in this game.

He had a team-high four catches and a touchdown on the night.  With the tight ends at the bottom of the depth chart often being special teams contributors, I don't see how you can't want a guy like Tonyan playing that role.

If he doesn't make the final roster, the Packers will try to add Tonyan to the practice squad.  If they don't, I'll eat an entire sheet of paper with this piece printed on it.

Lame Calls

J'Mon Moore

Two catches in seven targets was not the way to follow up a decent game three.  Moore needed another solid outing to solidify himself as the fourth receiver on the depth chart but this game didn't accomplish that.

He wasn't awful and this game was full of awful moments, but the numbers land Moore here.  He's capable of more and has a large learning curve ahead of him this season.  Hopefully he's a quick study.

The Entire Second Half

Some very ugly football by the Packers in half number two.  It's like the tunnel proved to be kryptonite as the team took the field.

Tim Boyle regressed and made some really bad throws.  He mixed in some good ones as well but he doesn't look like a quarterback who belongs on the active roster.

The defensive backs were awful from start to finish.  The bottom of the cornerback and safety positions are not encouraging at all.

There may not have been a single player whose second half did them enough favor to get them a roster spot.  

Thank God the preseason is over and the real games begin soon!


Others to mention

  • Jason Spriggs turned in another game that wasn't awful.  It wasn't "Game Ball" good, but with the uphill climb he seemed to have after some major struggles, Spriggs is at least looking like a better option than we thought just a month ago
  • DeShone Kizer was equally hot and cold.  The early interception was ugly but he atoned for it and had a nice touchdown throw.  He's not ready to be the team's primary back up but he showed enough that we shouldn't be any more concerned than had Brett Hundley been that guy
  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling looked good, but not "game ball" good.  Of the three rookie receivers, he seems to have separated himself most.  It will be interesting to see how the final roster shakes out and how playing time is shared among the first-year guys
  • Greer Martini was active and had a pass defended.  He was also beat on a touchdown.  Coverage was never his strength so it's curious how the coaching staff will view his final performance
  • Trevor Davis.  I just don't know about this guy.  He wasn't flashy at all.  Will the Packers value his two years on this team over the upside of one of the rookies?  If he stays, that would be a good guess as to why.  His actual play did nothing for that argument.
  • Jake Kumerow may end up a victim of his shoulder roll in preseason game two.  If he's healthy, he could still get the nod but he may have needed this game to put himself over

Cut downs begin Saturday and we'll be tracking them as they come in right here at Cheesehead TV.  Be sure to check in often!


Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Cheesehead TV Live, Pulse of the Pack and Pack A Day podcasts.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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Klincker's picture

Boyle surprised me. Started good in the first half, then got worse in the second half, as the talent surrounding him was not as good. Fatigue? Seemed like he was throwing for throwing sake?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Boyle did some good things in the first half but also underthrew two deep passes, was late on an out and ended up throwing that pass to the bench, forced a throw to Byrd up the seam (the LB dropped the INT despite getting both hands on it), and that also was in that first half. Timing on the out might have been off. Then he got ugly in the second half. All passes to the first read, never looked anyone off, stopped stepping into his throws despite generally pretty decent pass protection, started looking down at the rush, and footwork, which I thought had been good, seemed to crumble.

Boyle's got good arm strength, good size, decent athleticism, but he looks like a guy who needs at least one year, maybe two, and thus should not make the 53. I do like him enough to have some worries about a waiver claim, but then I liked the looks of one of the backup QBs we played earlier this preseason.

Coldworld's picture

I’ve looked at some backup QBS playing and have the opposite reaction. Boyle is not ready to be a number 2, but he could eventually be a number 1 potentially. That alone is enough for many teams.

Now I accept that there is no guarantee he will reach that potential, but he seems to have the physical and mental tools necessary for the possibility to be plausible.

Look around the league and how many teams have a young QB on minimum pay of which they can say that? I think some teams would jump on him in the hope he could help them in the future. We have had great QBs for so long that it is easy to forget that players with the potential to be real passers of quality are few and far between.

That is why Boyle may be different and unlikely to clear waivers or stay on a PS.

porupack's picture

I don't see how anyone could elect to put Boyle on their 53 after last night, if even it was unlikely before. All teams have a version of Boyle (potential, but raw), so what team would clear a spot on their 53 roster. I agree, he needs a year or two.

Duke Divine's picture

Kumerow may start on IR and return later.

Trade Cobb and cut Mathews and sign Mack!!!

porupack's picture

Looks like Mack should now have his eyes set around the new rate, which seems based on reports; $22m per year with half of that guaranteed. You still want him, and give up 2 1st rounders as well?? I'd like to see how you would then manage the cap with pending players; Daniels, Clark, HHCD, Bulaga, just something to consider.

MITM's picture

Its not impossible. Keep in mind Donald got paid and the Rams are going to have to pay Goff which will be at the least more than Cousins got. They are also payin Gurley already. Paid Joyner top safety money. Barron makes alot for a LB. They traded for an elite young corner in Marcus Peters who I would imagine they are certainly gonna keep if he keeps performing and that will be top CB money.

Look at how much money the Vikings have thrown out for contracts and extensions, seriously just take a look if you arent familiar with just how many guys they paid top dollar to within the past 2 years. We could pay Mack.

Duke Divine's picture

This team needs a safety! This position group is by leaps and bounds the weakest on the roster! I have not seen one flash from a safety all preseason starter or reserve. They suck!

cheesehead1's picture

Agree, any idea as to what it would take to get Earl Thomas?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Eric Reid would be an upgrade and would be cheap. Thomas would be an expensive and risky addition.

I am getting worried about my draft crush, Josh Jones. But for his draft status, well he might have made the 53 based on STs.

Duke Divine's picture

Josh Jones must be really struggle with the mental part of the game. He looks lost a lot. The fact that Brice is ahead on the depth chart speaks volumes about Jones picking it up. Brice is a great tackler and good in the box and I loved when they kept him a few years back but starting safety in the NFL is a stretch...Why can't Jones take hold of that spot?? This position group is going to kill them this year...

Coldworld's picture

Greene impressed me.

porupack's picture

Agreed. Seems like Eric Reid should be gettin a call.

real some guy's picture

I'm going on record now - J'mon Moore will be a good WR 3 by next year

All this complaining about "drops" is dumb. Sure he hasn't pulled in some tough catches but they aren't flat drops and he's getting open.

WE have some really good young receivers that are going to have growing pains. a year from now, we'll look back and be glad we kept them. Including Kumerow

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

He gets separation and would make my 53, but without any doubt, he has had multiple flat-out drops, including one last night.

Coldworld's picture

Reminds me of a certain Mr Nelson and many others. Typical rookie issue. Honestly, both he and EQS are at least on the normal WR development curve, if not a little above it. If MVS can beat it, we just won the lottery.

Very very few rookie WRs contribute much, even first round draft picks. Even fewer do so from the outset of their rookie season. For this reason we will go into the season with Alison as #3, with Cobb still on the books and should have Kumerow, if close to fitness, on the opening day roster on my opinion.

porupack's picture

I don't know what everyone sees in JmMoore. Put him on PS. There are a lot of WRs on the bubble across the league with as much talent. Keep MVS, ESB and Kumerow on 53. I can't see any team picking up Moore on their 53. He clearly isn't ready to take a seat on anyone's 53. No big loss even if someone does pick him up.

Now that KC potato chip receiver last night Pringle, flying down the field catching stuff would be worth pursuit if he ends up on PS. Way better than JmMoore.

Lare's picture

Tough to judge 3rd string players when they're playing with and against other 3rd stringers. Most will be much more productive if they have 1st string players around them.

That said, I'm guessing all the roster decisions other than one or two were made long before this game. It will be interesting to see if Gutekunst makes a couple last minute trades to add depth to some backup positions.

Since '61's picture

Game Ball: No major injuries to our starting players or to most of our backups.

Get serious for the regular season. Thanks, Since ‘61

PatrickGB's picture

Aaron Jones did ok. But the whole run game, both offense and defense pretty much sucked. Is this going to be another year where the team has to win with the air game and depend on interceptions for the defense? If so, how is that different with the new coordinators?
On a positive note, we DO have a punter and will probably need him a lot.
And yes it’s good not to have many injuries after this game. Thumbs up on that.

kevgk's picture

the bottom of the roster played yesterday. you can't draw anything meaningful from the game except for individual performances. Read some of the names out there, like 5 players max are making the team in the 4th quarter.

Coldworld's picture

We were particularly vanilla on both offense and defense most of the time and equally sparing of most established players.

Let’s see what happens when it’s real. I would also expect the D to take time to reach its potential. A new system and lots of new players starting.

tm_inter's picture

"He still may have been drafted earlier than he needed to be, but Scott is proving worthy of being over-valued."

People who think Scott was over-valued, don't they know that 3 punters were selected in the 5th round of the 2018 draft: Michael Dickson at 5.12, Scott at 5.35, and Johnny Townsend at 5.36?

If the Packers did not select Scott at 5.35, would he be around later?

Coldworld's picture

So far, he looks to me like really good value. He could be with us for 20 years. Worth a 5th if he continues to do what he is doing.

4thand10's picture

Special teams can huge impact on games. The leg, the hang time....potential for game changing turnovers as a result.....I can’t complain with that pick.

Duke Divine's picture

Keep Tonyan over Kendricks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MITM's picture


4thand10's picture


Holecrap's picture

Thanks again for the info. I dont get the pre season games but now that the season is starting I have DTV Sunday Ticket and can watch all the Pack games.

Just curious. As much as I'm reading I get this feeling that there is a lack of speed on our receivers aka Jordy? Just seems like no one is a spectacular surprise from the three draft picks. No one is standing out?

Coldworld's picture

No lack of speed or separation from the rookies. Consistency is their issue. All 3 look so have real potential, but MVS appears the furthest along in terms of reliability catching. MVS is flat out fast too.
Big issue is that, Kumerow aside, there is no truly versatile reliable route runner and catcher in the group behind Adams, Cobb and Alison.

4thand10's picture

We have slot guys....I feel we needed down the field 45 yard bombs from Rodgers type potential. Diverse routes are great for slot guys or guys that are more polished like Adams. But guys like MVS can just run straight down the field with about 5 yards of separation and catch it in the end zone. The big question is.... can they catch it after they take the top of the defense off? That remains to be seen.

Rodney Phend's picture

Its great that we can get young players and make thim great. But i hope things change , meaning that we get these youngsters and trane them to be great. And when there at the top of there game they get let go . It makes no sense. Trane them and keep them an win a ring . Dont put all your money one one or two guys . It is a team !!! Not one player can win the game . Not even Roger s .

Oppy's picture

As the resident unapologetic Davis supporter..

Trevor Davis underwhelmed last night. In his first action in the entire training camp.

It's rust. Pure and simple. He should be on the 53.

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