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Packers: 21 Bears: 13

By Category

Packers: 21 Bears: 13

James Jones, B.J. Raji, Clay Matthews

The Bad

The Bad

Morgan Burnett, Ryan Grant, Mike McCarthy

The Bad

The Bad

Mason Crosby



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Denver's picture

I would almost be tempted to put Barclay in The Good as well. He's been a pleasant and needed surprise.

The only thing I have to say about the horrible trick play is that I've waited all year for Cobb to throw a pass and THAT'S when and how they decided to do it?!?!

Mike's picture

Yeah...that play was crap. Actually, that's the second trick play that started with a Cobb throwback that resulted in a turnover - the pick against Minn started with a toss to Cobb...

Denver's picture

Oh yeah, I guess I managed to purge the first one from my memory. Don't think I'll be as lucky with this one....

lover lover's picture

it was a perfect pass only to be blown by ross. if he catches the pass and makes a nice return, we wouldn't complain, but agreed that the call could go down as one of the worst by MM in a long time.

Tundraboy's picture

Exactly. Let's hope it was a live practice for him throwing in a different situation, like when they try to blitz Rogers. If they play Seattle it would be sweet.

Chris Davis's picture

Morgan Burnett is Bad every Week! He has got to go! Missed tackles, missed coverage, and just plain not knowing where he is is a problem that has been on-going.

Crosby has got to go...It is playoff time, and to not have a kicker is going to be our downfall. They are even talking about replacing Ackers at the 49'ers because of his recent misses...I was at the game where he hit a 60 plus on us...but he is now on the table!

What a difference Matthews Makes. He makes everybody better.


Oppy's picture

Burnett is having a very good year, IMO
In fact, I'd say he's having a very under rated season.

Are we watching the same guy?

ted, of bill and ted's picture

I agree with Oppy

Tim's picture

I think MB was pretty good against the Vikings - as I recall.

David's picture

I think it's just a mixture of big plays where he comes up with the stop and missing tackles he should have easily executed. I'm somewhat reminded of Al Harris with that kind of blend.

Walty's picture

He does miss tackles, but other than that he's played great.

Oppy's picture

He may miss a tackle here and there, but up until recently he was the Packers leading tackler.. He's still #2 in tackles.

Keep in mind, this isn't like last year's defense where DB's had high tackle numbers because they were chasing down WR's from behind. Burnett has made his fair share of tackles at the LOS this season as well.

He's playing at a pretty high level all around. The only thing really lacking from his game has been the big splash plays- I would like to see him haul in more picks when he has the opportunity. He does make the occaasional mistake, but it seems to be within reason. I believe I just read he's the only Packer this season with at least one sack, interception, forced fumble, fumble recovery. Not too shabby.

If he develops in the same type of time frame that Nick Collins did, next year we could start seeing Burnett making some big plays and see his athleticism take over as the defense becomes second nature to him.

PackersRS's picture

We're seeing different games I guess. He didn't play well against the Bears, but IMHO he's been one of the best players on defense. And the defense has been the best side of the ball this year.

Ruppert's picture

We could do a lot worse than Burnett. See: Charlie Peprah.

John's picture

yes Chris wake up Burnett is doing well

Wagszilla's picture

That PI on Morgan was terrible but he did also force a fumble.

I'm pretty critical of the guy but I think the "Bad" is a stretch.

Ray's picture

Err? This isn't fantasy football. Burnett is having a solid year bro.

denniseckersly's picture

Cobb's thrown in twice this year. Both times, the play resulted in a turnover. Both times, Cobb executed his end of the bargain.

cheesy4's picture

Also in the Good:
Casey Hayward
Tramon Williams

Missing Crosby should be in an all new category:
He will hurt us in playoffs with that hitch in his swing.I am sure he not only has physically lost it but I am sure he has mentally lost it by now.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I would add Sam Shields to that list as well.

He was all over Jeffery, (legally). He drew 3 offensive pass interference penalty's. 2 were legit, and i think the other one was more based on the game Jeffery was having and the officials were watching him alot from there on.
Also Jeffery got away with one when he grabbed Shields' face mask and threw him down.

Shields has played really, really good since coming back from his injury. He deserves to be in the Good category.

PackerBacker's picture

It would be interesting to know if the ref saw the replay of the facemask on the big screen and thought to himself "Damn, well ... enough of that today" and started cracking down on Jeffery.

California Cheesehead's picture

Agreed about the Claymaker making everyone else better. The defensive front looked good, and seemed fired up. Granted the Bears have a horrible line, but Gang Green definitely looked better with Clay leading the way. Nice to see Neal and Raji get good pressures.

Tundraboy's picture

Please no Jet like references!!!!

lmills's picture

Brad Jones and Sam Shields could be in the good this week. Both played a good game.

Derek's picture

Brad Jones played well, but LBs simply CANNOT miss tackles on WRs, even if they are 6'4".

PackerBacker's picture

I have been a Crosby apologist for a number of weeks now, thinking that he'd break out of his funk. I also can appreciate that MM is standing behind his guy.
However, he's had his chance. They need a new guy back there. How can you let him kick in the playoffs. It's irresponsible. We can't rely on him to win us a close game. If he loses a playoff or, God forbid, the SuperBowl because he misses one, McCarthy will always be blamed for not replacing him when he had the chance.

MarkinMadison's picture

I'll guess I will have to re-watch the game. The stat lines do not justify Raji being in the "Good" over his line mates at all. I felt like Neal created more for the defense, and that is without the 1.5 sacks.

Derek's picture

Raji was in the backfield alot, blowing up plays, or completely rerouting them. Pickett was good too. Neal just got more stats.

Jamie's picture

If you're looking for stats from NT/DT pluggers in a 3-4, you may want to look elsewhere. They rarely dent the stat sheet.

Gotta watch the game to appreciate those guys.

Raji was blowing stuff up and disruptive throughout the game.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Completely agree. Raji had what i felt was his best game this year. He was constanly in the backfield making Forte have to run elsewhere. He played a really good game. The goal line stands don't happen without him in there. He played really, really well.

John's picture

open your eyes Raji had a great game and has been doing well as of late

Walty's picture

Dude, are you serious? Raji was BLOWING UP that line all day long.

HR_kevinmc's picture

Best list 'Ever'...Aaron!

Derek's picture

Agreed, Crosby should get a new category, one previously unseen by human eyes.

bomdad's picture

Is Tim Masthay ever eligible for "good" consideration in this column? Another game with no Hester.

razor's picture


hayward4president's picture

Entire D line in the good category. And Casey..well he should just set up shop in good categor minus the Bmarsh stiffarm Ofcourse.

Tommyboy's picture

I'll throw Cobb in the Good, even though my ugly is, without question, that special teams play-call he was involved in. I would rather the Packers have called a Kuhn play up the middle than that. That made NO! SENSE! The ONE thing at that point that could bring the Bears within reach was a dumb fumble. Even if Cobb had caught the ball, and we had just run it three times would have set us up just fine. THAT was ridiculously unnecessary.

Tim's picture

Agreed, that might have been the dumbest play call I have ever seen - and I'm old.

jim's picture

that special teams play involving cobb may have backfired this time, but opposing coaches will be looking at that, and you have to bet that they will have to coach for it.. slow the pursuit, cover the entire field rather than just the returner, and, as a result, cobb will burn them. in every adversity lies the seed of an equal or greater achievement.

John's picture

OK , yes was dumb get over it guys

Ruppert's picture

Can't argue with anything in this week's list.

Aaron, do you think there's any chance that the ridiculous trick punt return was Slocum's idea and he didn't get McCarthy's OK first?

I realize that's hard to believe, and the head coach is ultimately on the hook. But when Fox showed a sideline shot afterwards, it looked an awful lot like McCarthy was looking at Slocum and Cobb and saying, "okay, which one of you two morons did THAT????"

Darrin's picture

Grant lost a fumble so he deserves in the Bad category I suppose. But Tillman has done that to a lot to backs way better than Grant, and he had a nice run until then.

hayward4president's picture

If you are runnin against the bears n ol peanut u should have the ball protected better than that.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Woodson... Is that you?

Kevin's picture

Everyone ridicules the trick punt return, but what if Ross sees the ball in and turns up field. Only packer jerseys in front of him. Scoring a TD would have crushed the Bears and their lackluster offense. MM looks like a genius. Instead it was a fumble deep in our territory and only a one score game. I personally would have never called it, but I will say MM has big balls for taking a shot at that point in the game

razor's picture

They were up by 14 points. Too risky. Major bonehead play call.

Tommyboy's picture

A couple things:

1) Even if Ross caught it, he was screwed. It was anything but Packer jerseys in front of him. That's why he got leveled moments after not catching it.

2) Even if the play had worked, I still would have called it a bonehead play. The ONLY thing that was bringing the Bears back into the game was the Packers shooting themselves in the foot with a turnover. Trick plays are high-risk/high reward. At that point in the game, the risk GREATLY outweighed the need for a reward.

Mojo's picture

No Arod in the good? What does the guy have to do?

hayward4president's picture

Ya Fitz......thought i had to show Casey the respect he deserved.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I can dig it!

hayward4president's picture

With our D right now. I almost feel bad for Locker.....almost.

PackerBacker's picture

Did you see that game last night? After that performance they don't deserve our pity.

Steven's picture

Finley looked really good. And cobb well he looked like our next star in the recieving corps. Clay is ridiculous. Whole d line played well. And casey=woodson

mark's picture

Fair question, was McCarthy's trick play decision the worst play call in Packers history?

Up 11, 7 minutes to go in the 4th, important game, you're getting the ball back, and you do THAT deep in your own territory??

The call was so bad nobody even really spoke about the draw to Kuhn on the critical 3rd down--also awful.

cheesy4's picture

At this point I kind of liked the special teams call, thats what Packer /Bears games are all about.If it would have worked it would help us forget about the Refrigerator touchdown plunge.
I would take that call any day over a decision to hand the ball off to Kuhn ever again or worse yet have Mason Jar Crosby attempt another field goal outside the 15

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