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Packers 2018 NFL Draft – 10 Last-Minute Whispers, Predictions and Opinions

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Packers 2018 NFL Draft – 10 Last-Minute Whispers, Predictions and Opinions

Once again, we resume our annual tradition of draft day pontification on what may happen or should happen for the Packers in this year's draft.  

Of course, all is dependent on who is available when, but over the last seven years, the Draft Whisperer correctly identified these players as being of great interest to the Packers: Derrick Sherrod, Randall Cobb, Casey Hayward, Terrell Manning, BJ Coleman, Johnathan Franklin. Brett Hundley, Jason Spriggs, Blake Martinez, Kevin King, Jamal Williams, and probably some others I don't remember.

So when he whispers, I listen.

Here's my list:

1) Whisper: Not sure what to make of this, but the player the Packers have done a ton of research on is Leighton Vander Esch. Now we all know Ted never valued ILBs very much, and I also highly doubt Gutey would use pick 14 on Vander Esch. Maybe though, just maybe, the Packers are looking to package some of their 12 picks and make a move similar to when they traded up to grab Clay Matthews. A first-round pick in the mid to late 20s is likely what it will take to land Vander Esch (unless the rumors of a bad medical report on one of his knees are true).

2) Prediction: Based on probable positions of value at the time, my predictions for the first four picks are EDGE, CB, WR, OT/OG

3) Opinion: A starting corner can be had in Round two, whereas edge rusher is not that deep this year. Unless Denzel Ward somehow drops, I'd be looking at an edge rusher with pick 14.

4) Whisper: Packers are in love with OG Austin Corbett as a three-position OL to start out, with an eventual full-time move to guard or center.

5) Prediction: Look for an OG/OT to be taken in round four. I personally like Joseph Noteboom of TCU for the Packers. I think he could be another 4th round steal for the Packers ala DBak, but this time as Bulaga's eventual replacement at RT or at worst, move inside and take over the RG spot.

6) Opinion: Under no circumstances should the Packers be tempted to draft another running back. I think they are very deep at that position, with Aaron Jones being my favorite since the day he was drafted.

7) Whisper: Packers did an inordinate amount of pre-draft research on QB Kurt Benkert of Virginia.

8) Prediction: I just have this gut feeling that Gutey will do what his mentor did when the Packers had a pick not in the 20s or 30s; trade up into late Round One to grab the object of their desire. He certainly has plenty of picks to work with.

9) Whisper: Cornerbacks that the Packers are focusing on are Josh Jackson and Mike Hughes. 

10) Whisper: If the Packers go for a cornerback in Round One, look for them to do what it takes to nab Lorenzo Carter with their next pick. A trade-up to early Round Two would likely be necessary.

Bonus Whisper: Other players to watch for the Packers: DL PJ Hall, WR Dante Pettis, WR Courtland Sutton, OL Timon Parris

Late-Breaking Bonus Whisper: Packers are actively looking to trade up to grab one of the big 3 DBs (James, Ward, Fitzpatrick). Miami's pick is one possibility getting a lot of run...

Let the Draft Begin!



"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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dobber's picture

Thanks, Al. My favorite part of the pre-draft work-up!

sonomaca's picture

Ward is a hot commodity. Will be too costly to trade up for him. I think will come down to Landry or Vander Esch (or trade down).

EddieLeeIvory's picture

What are your odds we pick at 14?

Better odds we trade UP, or DOWN from 14?

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Yep, correct, a trade down.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

U can say that again!

Harold Landry & Jaire Alexander work for me tonight. Trade down from 14 to gain some ammo, trade up into Rd 1 again like 2009.

Give Pettine 2 gems like Theodore gave The Dominatrix Raji & Clay in 2009 his first year as iur DC 9 years ago.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Whisper: Yawning. This really sounds like TT’s usual, boring draft strategy for the team that is ok with 9-10 wins without home field advantage. As a fans you should demand more.

LOUD YELL: First three picks RIDLEY, CB, OL/TE/CB. Let’s not be so lame team. Packers aim should be superior offense with 13-14 wins and home field advantage in playoffs.

stockholder's picture

TT on the Brain.

worztik's picture

Not only that, consistently, the most obtuse comments on this site!!!

The TKstinator's picture

I used to be obtuse, but then I started watching what I eat and working out.

Oppy's picture

I see what you did there.
What acute sense of humor you have

Jersey Al's picture

So who's lame now? Sorry our "defensive agenda" won out over your blind man crush on Ridley.

The TKstinator's picture

Wait...are you saying blind men shouldn’t have crushes??

Lare's picture

If the Packers trade up, my prediction is that it'll be for Tremaine Edmunds. If they stay put at 14 it will be James, Ward or Fitzpatrick. If they trade back a few spots it will be McGlinchey and if they trade back into the middle 20's it will be Landry.

Of course, what do I know?

Tundraboy's picture

I think your onto something

Dzehren's picture

This is a good strategy

Matt Wayne's picture

Well I hope..... if the packers trade up I hope it’s for Ward. If not for him and one of the safeties I’ll be pretty pissed. If we stay at 14 I hope Harold Landry is there. The packers have three kids, Evan,Brice, and Jones that all can play. Brice can play both free and strong safety. Evans is a free safety and jones is a strong safety. GB just drafted these kids and need to let them develop. Haha gave up on the team last year and I don’t think Green Bay will resign him next year. But 2019 is when u go after another safety not now. Ugh so many unknowns with our GM. Either way GO PACK GO!

MarkinMadison's picture

Landry interests me the rest of the Edge players.

Ward has the best combo of speed, proven position competency and height at CB. Everyone else is lacking in one of those three. If he slips past seven I think the Packers should go get him.

4zone's picture

I say trade back with Dallas or Buffalo and grab Vander Esch, Landry or Davenport, then we have 3 picks on day 2. CB, WR and TE/OT. Grab Leon Jacobs in Rd 4 and we have the makings of a special draft folks. Three immediate impact guys and two prospects that have a year to develop under great mentors.

I'm feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Am Gute!

MarkinMadison's picture

I am Gute! Now that is the best.

4thand1's picture

We gotta start calling him Grute. love it.

MarkinMadison's picture

Hey Al are the days of Aaron and Corey doing podcasts in-season officially over?

Jersey Al's picture

I hope they can bring it back one day - likely Aaron would need to get permission and I can't speak for him as to if that would be possible or if he even wants to.

Community Guy's picture

# of draft picks does not equal draft capital. early in the draft, a team's ability to trade up requires significant draft capital. it doesn't matter how many picks the team has.

later in the draft, the comp picks in the 4th, 5th and 6th can be more realistically traded for a move up.

4zone's picture

Very little power value in our Comp Picks this year. Only worth a few spot jumps in the mid to late rounds.

4zone's picture

Noise Voice says: Bills trade up with Colts or Broncos for their shot at QB, Browns take Barkley at #1 and Chubb at #4 leaving an all out scrum for QB #4.

If its the Colts that Buffalo trades with, McGlinchey will be gone at #14 and probably Hernandez at #22.. Hmmmmm

4zone's picture

I think we trade our pick tonight. (80% chance or better) In a trade I think its 30% up, 70% down. I just see too much cost to get Chubb or Smith.

4thand1's picture

Hey Cubby, 2 HOURS 33 MINUTES !

Cubbygold's picture

This i can handle! Finally!

Colin_C's picture

My gut says we move up 2-4 spots and get Ward, Fitz, or James. If we stay put and those three are off the board, I see LVE as the pick. If we trade back, I have absolutely no idea.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

If we trade up, let it be for Edmunds, Vea, Ward, or James.

If we stick at 14, I like Davenport, Vander Esch, or maybe Landry.

No other CB except Ward is in my top 20.

stockholder's picture

Andrew your so right. I made the case for Vea. I would much rather the packers give away picks. Then get a player who can't succeed. We "Need" PERIOD. The packers made such a case for Mandrich, Terrel Buckley,Datone Jones , and many more. Need became - Music to the EARS. This is the start of a NFL player. The small percentage will be all-Pros. That % Ratio decreases with every lower pick. It's essential that the packers get starters. The player with "Hopeful on his back", is a BUST!

Dzehren's picture

History of first-year GMs from TT & Wolf tree suggests a LT will be taken with 1st pick. SCHNEIDER McKenzie & Dorsey all took a LT with first draft pick.

SCHNEIDER Russell Okung
Dorsey Eric Fisher -
McKenziie Tony Bergstromm

If Fitzpatrick, Ward & James are off the board it could happen again with a trade back and then trade back in to first road and select a CB or OLB

Richard Smith's picture

For the love of God, do not pick up Vander...whatever his name is. We need football players, not workout warriors. He has no bend on the edge, and we do not need an inside linebacker that early unless its Smith or Edmonds.

ricky's picture

Leighton van der Esch. The real question is whether he has issues with his neck. Something Packers fans are all too familiar. Now, the teams have done their due diligence (DUH!), and the combine cleared him physically, giving his health a 4 of a possible 5. So, should the Packers move back into the first and draft him? If they do, will anyone throw something at their TV?

4thand1's picture

Holy crap, the draft is turning into the Oscars.

Cubbygold's picture

Seriously, heaven forbid it just be a show about football and analysis.

John Kirk's picture

The unpredictability of this draft is off the charts not only for the Packers but for most of the teams. Only a handful, if that, consensus top talent. Anyone could go about anywhere.

I expect this to be a night where the majority of what we've been led to believe about who is going where is made to look really off. I think that goes for the Packers, also. I would not be shocked to see an OT, QB, WR, CB, EDGE, DT, ILB or G if Nelson is there at 14. All those are in play. QB at 14 would send the biggest shockwaves through not only Packer Nation but the entire NFL.

Never been a draft that I recall going into it where it made more sense to trade down. A trade up would baffle me and I've wanted that for years. I hope we stay put and this thing holds and we get another 3rd for a few spots back.

No Landry...No Vea...No Josh Jackson...give me Minkah, if there, or trade us down and take my guy Sutton.

Cubbygold's picture

I hope you're right and there's multiple upset picks early.

John Kirk's picture

No surprise. This draft has been all over the map. Draftniks way off as expected.

Disappointed with the big trade down and then back up for Jaire? Wow. Just wow.

Not sure we don't sneak back into Round 1 or another swing in Round 2, tomorrow.

jh9's picture

Walking away from Derwin James and Tremaine Edmonds is a mistake. This trade sucks. BG blew it!

frank the fork's picture

Too many needs and now the ammo to trade up at less an owner buy stock and believe. Thanks Gute.

Lare's picture

So it's confirmed, Ted Thompson is still make the draft decisions for Green Bay.

John Kirk's picture

Big smile that neither Josh Jackson nor Harold Landry went Day 1.

Both guys were so overrated and I'm happy seeing the NFL saw what I saw and had the concerns I had about both of those players.

Big frown on a trade down only to trade up for Jaire Alexander? Another in a long line of very questionable CB picks up high. My guess is CB will be the #1 need next year...still.

More reason to be incredibly leery of Brian and what he's going to be as GM.

Did anyone see Ted tonight?

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